An apostate Pakistani girl: Let me speak


An apostate Pakistani girl: Let me speak
by AmirAshkan Pishroo

The following is a letter written by a young Pakistani woman on my post entitled “Do Muslim women believe and desire what Western women believe and desire?.” The letter, though provocative, is a good read:

There is no thing as a ‘liberal Muslim’. Is he liberal for his sisters, to live freely? No, a ‘liberal Muslim’- is a male, westernized, immoral, bad but smooth approach to women, ultimately a porn addict and a pest, sexually starved and with no political or moral integrity- simply a young Muslim guy looking for a fuck. Older liberal Muslims are similarly concerned only with sex, they pester and abuse and propositoion in the work place, in the name of their ‘liberalism’.

Islam has destroyed your minds and your psyhco sexual pathology, Muslim women suffer under this. I am a murthad, I left Islam, avoid Muslims, and see ALL Muslim men as a sexual threat, which is indeed the case. Given this reality, Muslim women are forced to be hijabi (I was both hijabi and niqabi-by the way), or if not, they will walk around, in the eyes of Muslim men-as if inviting rape. Muslim women are therefor complicit in their own victimization- but still, it’s better than being abused.

The problem is Muslim men are now so sex starved, so sick, so desperate for sex, because they are also VICTIMS OF ISLAM, the hijab means nothing anyway. Only in Muslim countries where Islam has reduced you to the level of sex obsessed dogs is this possible.

I am happy I am an apostate of Islam and I am happy I am far from Muslims. Muslim women want only to be treated with dignity when they leave their house, go to the shop, or go on a bus, as we all know, YOUR MINDS are so sick- this is impossible.

In fact, Muslim women only want the minimum mostly, radical feminists like me are a very very small group- but even the minimum- it’s impossible, Islam is a system of oppression and constant sexual intimidation.

I am just so happy it’s all behind me.


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AmirAshkan Pishroo

Nazy xaanoom-e geraami

by AmirAshkan Pishroo on

How little must be thought of men, believing them to be incapable of controlling their urges and attractions, wrapping women up so that men would not have to be left in charge of those urges and attractions.

And so it is, as you nicely put.

Our culture is, from one point of view, a male homosexual culture. When men prefer not to see Bi-Hejab women, when they wan to be separated from women, and in close contact with other men, they are, psychologically speaking, homosexual men.

These men are cheated cheaters, who evade our cognitive scanners and turn up as dudes with Ta'asob.

Thank you so much for the comment and video clip. True, ridiculous yet sad.


All religiions restrict

by barrister (not verified) on

All religiions restrict their followers and push feelings of guilt and fear on them. Islam is no different. Many Catholics and Jews tell horror stories about their upbringing within strict religious beliefs, having to abstain, confess and repent.

Nazy Kaviani

Dear Amir Ashkan

by Nazy Kaviani on

I had read your original post and you are right this comment does provoke thought in me. Her anger is so palpable and real to me. I have always believed that though forced Hejab is a major imposition on Moslem women only, it is a direct insult to both Moslem men and women. How little must be thought of men, believing them to be incapable of controlling their urges and attractions, wrapping women up so that men would not have to be left in charge of those urges and attractions.

Take a look at this short clip below. This was taken at the UN Human Rights Council meeting in Geneva last week.

This woman who is representing the Islamic Republic of Iran is talking about "remedies to the severe challenges women and girl children are facing in today's world."

She sites those remedies to be: "emphasizing the role of chastity on strengthening crime prevention to eliminate violence against women and girl children."

In other words, women's chastity as manifested in their clothing and demeanor is her stated position on how to prevent rape, child molestation, sexual harrassment, and violence against women.

If this weren't the saddest thing I heard recently, I would laugh.