London Calling

Photo essay: Looks like I'm going to become a Londoner

by Jahanshah Javid
There's a good chance I may move to London for six months at the end of March. I went there for an interview for a part-time job and got myself re-acquainted with the city. I had the best time hanging-out with friends.

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Lucky You Birthday Boy! :o)

by Monda on


(Clash's "London Calling" was too morbid for this joyous occasion) 


Red Wine

فال نیک

Red Wine

به مهد تمدن، اروپای کهن خوش آمدید...

ما این امر خطیر را به فال نیک گیریم و به شما خوش آمد میگوئیم


Dear Jahanshah, Happy Birth Day

by Souri on

I wish you the best for your new job and a new life.

Although I feel like by going to London, you won't be so close to us.

Nevertheless, I'm happy for you if this is what make you happy.

Good luck!

Safarat be kheir amaa...............


Good for you!

by Jaleho on

Wow, the city of best Indian food and that, for the IDEAL length of time--6 months! How lucky. Six months is just the right time to live like a native not a traveler, yet not long enough to become a cold fish ;-) Then you can move to Paris or Barcelona or...6 months each next! Now, wouldn't that be fantastic living?!


Best of luck and enjoy it to the max.


Job? what job? A six months Job? For BBC?! doing what?!

by Anonymouse on

JJJ at the beginning of the photo blog you looked like you had lost some weight but then towards the end after eating all that wonderful food you gained it all back!

Wish you good luck and hope the new job works out.  Are you going to work from home or an office like the rest of us?! Tell us a little more cause we thought you'd never "work" again! 

Everything is sacred.


never without

by Mahvash Shahegh on

Dear Jahanshah,

I wish you good luck in all your endeavors. I hope you continue publishing my favorite online journal-


Look Right!

by Peykan on

Be careful when crossing the takes a while to get used to the cars and buses, approaching you the wrong way!

Darius Kadivar

Danny JJ Send my Regards to Lord Brett and Her Majesty ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Orang Gholikhani

Good Idea

by Orang Gholikhani on

JJ jan,

You should arrange an European Event during your stay in London. I would be yours.

You know who much Eurostar is convenient ;-)





جهان شاه اروپایی‌ میشود.


برات آرزوی پیروزی می‌کنم جهان شاه جان. واقعا که جزو عشایر
بین المللی و از انسان‌های همیشه در کوچ و سفر هستی‌. اما نکنه یه موقع
واسه این انگلیسی‌‌ها بری کار کنی‌، دایی جان ناپلئون یادت نره ؛)


Welcome to London and good luck!

by Datis on

Dear JJ,

I recognised the Turkish restaurant near my house; do they not have the best food? I religiously make my weekly visits to them and always take my guests there.

I am sure you will have a great time in London; it has a lot to discover and you can easily become a permanent Londoner! As you might have noticed, it is indeed the capital of the world!

It appears that you have a lot of friends here; some of them famous, at least among the Iranians. However, you can never have too many; so if you need anything, just give us a shout (this is not a Shabdolazimi Taarof!).

All the best.



by Nur-i-Azal on

Obviously, this IRI supporter offers more than a "Good Luck, Great city" from my political adversaries..


What is this, the PR relations department of the IR propaganda and intelligence ministry clueing in to the fact that they're seriously losing the hearts and minds campaign?

Khejalat bekeshid!

Niki Tehranchi

How fun!

by Niki Tehranchi on

It will certainly be a change from sunny Mexico.  As I have said before, keep a journal and share with the rest of us, you international nomad you :-)


Best of Luck JJ, and I am the first POSTER

by yahoo_yabo on

Best of Luck , Mr JJ aka my never disappointing account blocker.

I think you should cheer up a bit in the pictures.  Dont wear your heart and mind on your sleeve.

I think change is very good.  I am not sure how much fun London is going to be.  Many of us who lived in some not so big cities feel that perhaps the big city will somehow fill that emptyness.  Maybe if I move to NYC, I will constantly be in "touch" with cultural and intelligent folks. Maybe if I move to LA, I will be surrounded by more Persians.  Maybe if I move to San Francisco, my life will be so exciting.

So you perhaps have also thought, maybe London is where its at.  Maybe it is where finally exiled home will be. 

I really hope otherwise, but I think in 2 years you will feel the same.  Somewhat bored, at times depressed by early sunset and cloudy weather.

If you take my advise, I hope you follow it because I genuinly want the best for people, if though I am a strong IRI defender.

What is lacking in your life JJ, are friends and associates of the same degree of intellect.  People that can talk about things ather than making money.  Plus you feel you have great potential and creativity that you have not been given the right venue to express it.

I think city change will do little help, if you stay single for one.  Work on it man.

BUT MOST IMPORTANT, MR JJ you will find your greatest happiness in something that only I know- something that you may not have even told your closest friends because you don't know what there reaction will be....

Your happiness will be in becoming a member of the ACADEMIA.  I don't care what university, but if it is in a cultural city - even better.

You need to start part time and strive for full time and hopefully one day full tenure at a university.  This is where your heart is at.  This is where you will engage, debate and push the mind level of young kids.  Obviously, London would be a great city for that.  I think the City College of London would be a good start.  Your friends will be people doing the same.  You will publish and write essays in university journals.  Then would then be a launchpad for a part time off/on work in the TV media as a reporting journalist from hot zones like post election violence in Kenya  or maybe travel shows like the Discovery/ national Geographic type channels where you would report about the customs and culture of the Tutsi and Httios in Rwanda or maybe the Suri tribe in Ethiopia or maybe the Aboriginies or Amazonians...list goes on

That shuld be your GOAL because it is where you will be intellectually stimulated and will actually deal with frsh student minds-- go in ACADEMIA- nice constant income, with stints during your "leave of absence" as a reporting journalist....

Obviously, this IRI supporter offers more than a "Good Luck, Great city" from my political adversaries..