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Photo essay: My trip to Vietnam

by Abarmard
I can’t write a report about Vietnam as I did for Malaysia. As soon as I landed in Vietnam, I was greatly attracted to that place. The city Ho Chi Minh (aka Saigon), the country Vietnam. I made a mistake and tried to take a picture from the immigration officer. He got mad at me and said something in broken English. I put the camera in my pocket as the guy behind me said “don’t you know that you are in a communist country and can’t take pictures from officials or government buildings?” I didn’t believe him, and he thought that I was crazy >>> more

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Dear Abarmard

by Monda on

Good enough reason, no further explanations necessary  Thank you, I try to keep it healthy :o)  Same to you.


Dear Monda

by Abarmard on

The city looked warm and inviting. I felt at home :)

Have a great and healthy weekend :) 


Your feeling attracted?

by Monda on

I saw some similarities with the rural regions of Northern Iran. But I'm curious about what (else) immediately took you in?  

The food looks really good! (vaghteh shaameh injaa)  I wonder if the unsanitary food handling practices are an issue among the tourists?  

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

No sign of Agent Orange

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Hopefully they will have some left over for Iran?


ناتور دشت


You are correct. In Malaysia and Vietnam they have been able to attract more businesses just because they have latin script.

ناتور دشت

Great blog, thanks

by ناتور دشت on

One of their biggest achievements is their Latin script. Have they lost a piece of history, or an iota of their identity because of that smart move? NO.


Dear Peter Pan

by Abarmard on

In their local shops you could find many things. I wasn't sure what they were. I mostly ate at my hotel or our hosts would take us to fancy restaurants with exotic foods. I am not a good eater, very choosey but many people would appreciate their healthy sea foods.

The interesting thing was that people sit in small chairs, eat, play cards and drink. Very relaxed life style.  

My best part of food experience was when I went to Hard Rock cafe. Sad I know. 

Peter Pan

Racial ingredient

by Peter Pan on

Did you eat dogs, and rats there? A Vietnamese guy here goes to great lengths explaining to me  how to pick a clean rat from a farmland which would not carry the kind of diseases that a "city rat" usually carries. Sometimes I have to ask him stop drooling over his memories from "back home" of how to roast a "spider", or barbeque a snake.

Thanks God, I say, those people eat everything, otherwise the price of "our food" would have skyrocketed.


Dear Maziar

by Abarmard on

Those are Cu Chi tunnels, some 128 miles if put together tunnels that were used to fight the American military during the war. The American generals could not see where they were getting fired at. It was one of the toughest battles that any military could experience. In the tunnels they had schools, kitchens, clinics and everything else needed to live below the ground. 

When American bombers would flatten their villages, these people were unharmed and would fight when the ground forces arrived. It was an amazing tour. 

You may check this // 

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

indeed a nice place to visit and enjoy.

BTW those phot# 60 and up... was it a hide out or prison ? you know !