The Killing of Sattar Beheshti

As the Disbelief Subsides, We Are Left Angry


The Killing of Sattar Beheshti
by Reza Mohajerinejad

Sattar Beheshti died sometime in the last few days. I never met him in person. What I know of him from the times we talked over the phone was that he was a simple young man, a hard worker, a son to a mother to whom he was devoted. I also know that he loved his country.

By all accounts Sattar was brutally tortured to death. Word has been trickling out from Iran, and apparently other political prisoners saw him in the week he was in Evin Prison. They said he was badly beaten, that barely a square inch of his body was untouched by the monsters who interrogated him.

Sattar was arrested by the government thugs who investigate any online activity on Facebook and Twitter that they deem to be against the Islamic Republic of Iran.

What is curious is how quickly they killed Sattar. He was only arrested on October 30, 2012, and by November 6, his mother received a call to buy a plot in which to bury her son. I have to wonder if he had been more famous  if they might not have been so fast to end his life. Was he someone the “cyber police” were using as an example to warn other young people against sending Tweets and Facebook postings? Did he hold out on giving them the information they were seeking to the point that his torturers lost control?

We’ll never know the answers to these questions.

What we know is that Sattar’s love of country made him a target. We know that he was brave and raised his voice in protest. In one of our conversations I cautioned him to take care, and Sattar responded that he saw the faces of the people in his country, how difficult their lives were and how poor they were, and that he couldn’t be quiet as long as they suffered.

Sattar’s life is just one more that has been cut short by a regime that places no value on human life. Unlike any of the current events in the Middle East that get airtime from international media outlets, Sattar’s death will be a blip that a few of us will write and talk about. He didn’t die out in the streets where the world would see, but instead Sattar died in the shadows where cowards kill innocent people behind closed doors.

For those of us who knew Sattar, as the disbelief subsides, we are left angry.  How long will we watch this regime take the lives of our young people? How long will we wait? When will they pay for the lives of the innocent brothers and sisters of our country that they have taken?

They will remain until we unite. Sattar knew this. He didn’t live to see it, but he understood that once we join together against the evil that has controlled out country since 1979, we will see its end.  Until then, we will remember Sattar…his face etched in our mind just as the faces of Neda, Sohrab, Akbar, and the thousands of others are.

Reza Mohajerinejad
is one of the student activists and organizers of the 1999 Student Movement in Iran known as 18 Tir. His book, Live Generation, is available on


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Dear Rea, now I get it!

by Mehrban on

I think you have misunderstood the description on the first entry on the list. The dicription on Morteza Tajzadeh reads as follows,

"Member of the  Mojahedin of the Islamic Revolutionary Political Organization, member of the Iran Islamic Participation Front- deputy of the Interior Ministry during Khatami’s presidency." 

The organization he belongs to is called ''Mojahedin  of the Islamic Revolutionary Political Organization '' (I guess we have all sorts of Mojaheds)  also please note he was the deputy of the Interior Ministry during Khatami presidency, no member of MEK would have had that position.

To be honest I very much doubt there would be any member of MEK alive in IR's prisons.  


Afshin Shafai political activist in Evin prison arrested 2009

Mehdi Samadi political activist in Evin prison arrested 2009 




Huh! Rea I did not realize it was an MEK site

by Mehrban on

How did you find that out?  But MEK or not it provides names and status of the prisoners of conscience (across the spectrum).  Of course dear Rea you (and everyone else) should do what they can and are comfortable with.  

I picked the two names at the end of my posts totally at random and I think they are Reformists (?).  I still can not update my Signature field so I am copy/pasting everytime.  


Afshin Shafai political activist in Evin prison arrested 2009

Mehdi Samadi political activist in Evin prison arrested 2009 



by Rea on

Your link took me straight to an MKO member, lol. Not exactly the kind of people I'd like to spread a word about.

Anyway, in my case, would be preposterous to have anything in my IC signature. I'll leave it to Iranians.

Cela dit, I'll continue to do what I've been doing ever since I joined IC. Reading and then sharing with other people (ex-Yugoslavia) what I find to be reliable and credible information on Iran's political prisoners.

Soosan Khanoom

NIAC has been quiet so far but Trita twitted this yesterday,

by Soosan Khanoom on


RM, MM, Rea & all others- 1900 Iranian political prisoners

by Mehrban on

This is what I found -

It is a great site with names of Prisoners of Conscience, their status, region, and the prison they are in.   

Also about 400 photos.  I thought maybe for starters here at IC each one of us (all bloggers and commentators) could display the name of two or three Prisoners from this list as our "Signature".  Such as below

I wanted to edit my profile to add two names from the list but my Signature field was inactive, if it worked it would be something like below and would appear as my Signature at the end of all my comments.


Afshin Shafei - افشین شفئی   Political activist arrested 2009   Evin

Mehdi Samadi- مهدی صمدی Political activist arrested 2009  Evin



Reza Mohajerinejad

To MM, Mehrban and others

by Reza Mohajerinejad on

Mehrban, MM, and others, Yes! This is exactly the direction we need
to go. I agree that the Prisoner of the Week on IC is very valuable, but also
with MM’s comment that we need to keep track of political prisoners in an
ordered way so that we “keep their names alive.” We are in the process of
forming a nonprofit to do this exact thing—give voice to political prisoners
and provide whatever  support we can to
their families. For now, starting an Excel spreadsheet would be a great first
step. MM or Mehrban or anyone else reading this, if you are interested in
helping with this project, contact me at


Not a bad idea, Mehrban

by MM on

However, we tried Facebook sites and other venues to advertise the injustices of the IRI. At first, everyone said "yes", "hoora".......but then the sites were either ignored, taken over by folks with different agendas, or infiltrated by a groups' agents and deleted out of existance. There are other site that are run by human rights organizations such as the Boroumand sisters, but their sites are more for documenting the calamities for future reference.

Here on IC, there is already a "prisoner of the day" blog, and I would like to see another running blog where the status of all political prisoners are updated daily (in an excel ??? format with pictures to make it real), from the day they are captured to the day freed, by the admin and the IC commenters, especially folks like Roozbeh. The IC community, on the other hand has to commit to visit the "prisoner" sites (numbers matter) as well as comment.

Again, it is important to note that, as Shadi Sadr said "WE NEED TO KEEP THEIR NAMES ALIVE TO KEEP THEM ALIVE".


Non-Iranians do spread a word

by Rea on

We are not an organization but we get the word out wherever and whenever we can. And that is how other non-Iranians learn. Particularly those hailing Ahmadinejad as one of the very few remaining independent politicians (whatever that means).



by Mehrban on

I agree with your basic idea.  As a word of advice (if I may), if you lay off the Jab at other blogs and stay focussed on your valuable point it would be a lot more effective.  You are right, prisoners without outside support are a lot more in danger.    As much as I think the Prisoner of the day on IC is important, but there is something else missing.  maybe an organization that consistently advertises the names of the prisoners and their status in the international media and Iranian publications and radio and TV channels.

I think demonstartions with spacific names of the prisoners will be effective too.  I am sure there are other effective ways to keep the focus on the prisoners plight.

Rest in peace Sattar.


tale of 2 Evin prisoners: forgotten one / with outside support

by MM on

Sattar Beheshti first got the support of the diaspora, but gradually was put behind us.  Meanwhile, Maziar Bahari was on the news almost daily w/ the support of his employer and the diaspora --> Maziar lived to write about his ordeal while Sattar was tortured and killed.

That is one of the reasons why "The Prisoner of the Day" blog on IC is so important, and the prisoners have to be re-visited from time to time.  Instead of visiting the soft porn blogs on IC or having pissing/spitting contests, support the Iranian political prisoners - keep them alive by keeping their name alive.

Down with IRI.


Few Iranians are as brain washed as Iranian100

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Just Basij believe IRI govt has been good, and very very few else.  I consider Basiji extremists based on their views of the goodness of IRI after their crimes on Iranians children, the Neda's and now Sattar, the ayatollahs who sell multitonne of hard drugs and the multibillion usd of corruption we see appear when the chief khameneii squeezes AN and AN's team expose his supremenesses filth.   None of this is propaganda, but reality a basij seeks to deny.  The scale of the evidence and its regularity shows a regime of extremism of a type that really has never existed in Iran, that was so bad.  Be cautious fellow Iranians, this fake support for IRI is not an indication of peoples feelings within Iran, but reason to pursue Freedom and Justice above personal desires and political wishes. 

The pursuit of Freedom and Justice must be the basis of our Unity, secular democracy, free of mullahs is the only option and this time the people must know what this means so they can withdraw support for any leadership that works against these.


Barbaric regime of mollahs

by Rebecca on

Another evidence of mollah's brutality. I agree with Fred. All of them are murderous thugs-no exception.

 We have to get united to stand up for injustice and freedom or the mollahs will destroy Iran and all Iranians. I hope we will see them all go to hell soon!


یک شهروند اهوازی تحت شکنجه کشته شد


جمیل سویدی(45 ساله) شهروند عرب اهوازی ساکن در منطقه لشکر آباد این شهر تحت شکنجه نیروهای امنیتی کشته شد.

به گزارش فعالان حقوق بشری از اهواز جمیل سویدی کارگر یک کارگاه جوشکاری است و حدود یک ماه گذشته به دست نیروهای امنیتی بازداشت شده بود. هنوز از چگونگی و دلایل بازداشت این شهروند عرب گزارشی در دست نیست. بنا به گزارش های رسیده، خانواده جمیل سویدی طی یک ماه گذشته مراجعات مکرر اما بی نتیجه  به مراکز امنیتی وانتظامی در اهواز داشته اند.

گزارشگران حقوق بشری می گویند جنازه جمیل سویدی به شکل کاملا اتفاقی توسط یکی از آشنایان او در سردخانه پزشکی قانونی دیده شده و به خانواده او اطلاع داده می شود. جنازه جمیل سویدی هنوز به خانواده او تحویل داده نشده  وپیگیری خانواده او برای کشف دلایل بازداشت ، شگنجه وچگونگی مرگ او تا به حال به نتیجه نرسیده است.

Alborz Irani

Islamic Republic of Iran HAS TO GO

by Alborz Irani on

No one here support US government, this article is about a young man who was killed by Islamic Republic of Iran as thousands others. ISLAMIC REPUBLIC HAS TO GO!


I support the Iranian government 100%.

by Iranian100 on

what about all the people suffering and dying in the hands of American government? Oh yeah , American puts their torture chambers in other countries.Guatemala Bay and Abu Ghraib prison. NOT To mention 100 of people of Persian Desent in Bahrain are being tortued by Americans and Saudi Arabians. UN is a joke. is runned by MKO and the Americans.  EVER since 1979 the Persian empire has risen , and FULL FORCE to get all Iranians the right to be free from Wahabism and American Imperialism.  Bahrain and Eastern Arabistan WILL BE FREE from tyranny of America and Saudis


I support the Iranian government 100%.

by Iranian100 on

what about all the people suffering and dying in the hands of American government? Oh yeah , American puts their torture chambers in other countries.Guatemala Bay and Abu Ghraib prison. NOT To mention 100 of people of Persian Desent in Bahrain are being tortued by Americans and Saudi Arabians. UN is a joke. is runned by MKO and the Americans.  EVER since 1979 the Persian empire has risen , and FULL FORCE to get all Iranians the right to be free from Wahabism and American Imperialism.  Bahrain and Eastern Arabistan WILL BE FREE from tyranny of America and Saudis


I agree and Disagree with you.

by Iranian100 on

The iranian government has been Good, I do not buy into the propaganda. These iranian government has been doing everything to bring back the Persian empire. The Persian Empire is at it's best position , than EVER. That is why America is ... their pants. Hezbollah won the war aganist Israel in 2006, Israel is pissed off. There IS NO corruption at high levels In iran, only American propaganda. America LOVES To remove Iranian government and put a puppet in iran who will divide up Iran and make iranians suffer. Watch this video and see why the revolution that happend in 1979 has been a major problem for the Globalists ,and their New world Order. I'm proud of the Iranian government for resisting this NWO. And yes I spent most of my like in tehran. Do NOT BUY American propaganda, considering America spends billions of dollars tyring to bad mouth Iran and break it from inside. I SUPPORT the iranian government 100%, specially now that it's clear Americans are racist and DO NOT LIKE iranains. , BC Persia is rising again!!!!! WATCH



by oktaby on

et al won't be forgotten. They live. Dead are most of us who talk & write but won't walk and rise.




by divaneh on

What happened to Sattar is outrageous and will not be forgotten. I am just about to finish the Maziar Bahari's book "Then they came for me" that tells the story of his arrest and subsequent torture and interrogation in the Evin. Reading the book one can see that how easily someone can die in the hand of these animals and how little respect exists for the human life. If they have treated a well known person such as him in such cruel manner then it is horrifying to think what they would do to a little known activist like Sattar.

May Sattar rest in peace.


Iranian100 you are right, some USA allies do have a

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

very poor human rights record on the scale of the IRI, but that is because the USA doesn't care about human rights of others in the first place and truth is it never did, especially no desire to see the human rights of Iranians prevail who were deceived into thinking the USA wanted their good when they supported Khmomeini.  Its why they helped IRI come to power, they had studied and knew about him perfectly well.

What is the Iranian Governments Excuse For being such a Tyranny and imposing the worst quality of life, rights, freedom and justice on Iranians? Who are we Kidding the IRI are not even Pro Iranian, to call them the Iranian Government is a joke, they are the Hezbollah extremist Government of corrupt extremist thieves, who are ruining Iran.  If based on your own experiences in Iran and results happening in Iran to all iranians you have not figured this out, who on this earth are you to talk about American Brain Washing?  You are the exactly the same for mullahs and your views are loaded with too much Hypocrissy.

No one here supports USA war with Iran, not even anti-IRI, because it will be a massive disaster for iranians, just look at iraq.  There is nothing there and not even 50% of the children have a single parent alive, few people here are that stupid.  Unlike You the people here care for the lives of Iranians and are not supporting a government that doesn't give a damn about the peoples lives, are you so blind you can not see the massive lack of care for Iranians? 

The people within iran still need to take matters into their own hands and bring the criminal system down and make way for UN monitored election to decide the future. The IRI stays in power because of people with views like yours as shown below.  Its no use, using nationalism to defend an anti Iran religous extremist group.  It won't work.  The only danger if you IRI supporters don't solve this in Iran, is wave after wave of unrest from within that will leave iran in pieces.  Don't assume Iranians will not kill one another.  If the USA gives sepratists and mek 500,000 free machine guns and artillary the blood shed could go on for a decade after IRI is gone.    


I support the Iranian government 100%.

by Iranian100 on

I support the Iranian Government 100%, Stop being brainwashed by the American Media. Here's why Americans are soo scared of Iran right now and want war. It has nohting to do with Nuclear energy or Iran's human right issues. BAHRAIN and Saudi Arabia have worse human right issues, yet they never ever get called out.  Watch the video before going aganist the GREAT PERSIAN EMPIRE.

Alborz Irani

Good Job

by Alborz Irani on

Good Job Mr. Mohajerinejad.



I keep telling the appeasers.....

by shushtari on

you need to drop a 1000lb buker buster bomb on khayenei's head, sepah HQs, and'l see how fast iran will be free of these murdering thieves


yeah, but let's keep talking about Israel....

by Cost-of-Progress on

that smoke screen has worked for them to this point...

This regime believes it could torture and kill its way into staying in power. So far that has been true!


His parents were denied their right to see their sons body.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

That is because when torture really happens, it is actually
impossible to cover up, even psycological torture leaves scars which
affect the behavior of victims that are impossible to cover up.  By
Having No family to see the body, likely means no family to witness a
crime, otherwise it is an injustice to punish a family even more, that
after their son has died, they can not even have closure and say good
bye to their sons body.

2 things need to be addressed if we care
about Freedom and Justice For Iranians, like many of us say we do, they
are both very important in realizing Freedom and Justice. 

lets be clear it is not enough for Iranians to want this regime removed,
like the UK, France and USA would also want while supporting sepratists
and MeK.  The Goal Needs to be Down with IRI and restoration of Freedom
and Justice, in whatever form the people inside Iran decide. (even if
imperfect and human, Freedom and Justice are essential goals that are
possible to achieve).

For the sake of Freedom and Justice, 

for the dignity and character of all who have been harmed and perished
unjustly, in particular it also means rebelling for the character of
hundreds of SAVAKI's who were and still are being misrepresented and the
many hundreds of the armed forces of Iran that were executed with out
trial, despite not ordering the firing of a shot and being totally
neutral in the political turmoil of 1978/79.

1) How come
every single group who used their influence to massively expose Savak as
an organization that commited widespread Torture (a misrepresentation),
whether the IRI/mullahs, the USA, The UK, France, MeK,
Mossadeghollahis. Tudehi's/ commies etc both in the physical and
psycological types of torture(which shows proof later on from symptoms) can
not bring forward evidence whether by Savaki's within the system or
from victims that were listed as having been held by savak?
  How come in contrast for those
who criticised Savak for torture themselves have masses of evidence
against them of multiple cases of using torture with proof from the
victim they held
, both physical and psycological proof as well as individuals that took part.  including IRI/mullahs, the USA, The UK, France, MeK, Tudehi's/ commies??????

2)  Can those people who say they want freedom and Justice for Iranians, explain to one another the values that the system of shah-han-shahi created for Iran up to 1979, even against the arabization of Iran after the occupation, and can they genuinely value the values that the iranian institution of shah-han-shahi did create for Iranians,
before they come forward to defend the freedom and justice for
iranians.  Because if they can't either realize the values created or
value them, then clearly they are not about what they say they are
whether freedom of expression, freedom or justice.

Please watch out for both these questions, if people are not an example of that which they profess to support,

if they say they want democracy, yet they make you feel less than for your views (provided the views are not extremist),

if they say they want freedom and yet can't see/explain the value created or value that value (a major point of having freedom)

they say they want justice and will give you a better future, yet make
accusations with no evidence and they participate in crimes that have
ample evidence and dead bodies showing a different reality.

If we
wish to unite, I say it needs to be at the minimum around the idea of
Freedom and Justice, while it may be harder to do at the beginning at
least the end result won't be something that only extremists and foreign
interests would produce, but something the people of Iran would
appreciate and value on the whole.


Shameful and barbaric!

by PArviz on


This is how this regime stays in power by ruthlessly eliminating its opponents. They treat people anyway they like and the worst thing is that most people are not aware of these atrocities and if they are then most of them stay quite or indifferent.

I am not familiar with international law and such but I am sure it is possible to set up a committee/organization in defence of Iranian citizens who fall victim to this vicious regime. Every time they arrest, torture or murder a citizen for political reasons this committee should file for the arrest of the culprits (the leaders of the ruling mafia in Iran). With an international warrant issued for their arrest I am sure their movements around the world will become more limited and they might even think twice before they carry out their crimes. International community should be pressured to hold anybody representing this regime (mainly it's so called diplomats) responsible for this regime's crimes and order the closure of the Islamic Republic's embassies.

We should make as much noise as possible for every single arrest and keep the regime under constant pressure. I think this is the duty of those of us who live in democratic and free societies.


Down with the ENTIRE Islamic Republic!


"Thy will remain, until we unite"

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Could not agree more.Thank you. 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

Shazde Asdola Mirza

He died under torture & we're torturing ourselves & our friends

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

We need to understand what is important and what is not.

Let's concentrate on common issues and common grounds, instead of tormenting our fellow Iranians with harsh and insulting attacks.


On Your Comment, in the article

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

We’ll never know the answers to these questions.

Based on what the USA, the UK and France have been doing for the last 33 years, from imposing these extremists to keeping them for "our human rights" and working desperately for the last 10 years to do anything possible to secure them and "work a comprehensive deal to keep the IRI" you can be forgiven for saying that.  After all the idea that Iranians see justice one day isn't a hope ordinary Iranians can hold because it is not true hope based on their experiences, it is cruel hope to think that anything will change from the side causing this.

Where are we, well because of Iranians lack of wisdom in the past, in 1979, we will see many more thousands of real
cases like this.   The ongoing terror of thought and daily brutality
towards innocent people from the mullahs who were installed after an
orgy of foreign funded extremism has been the USA/UK/Frances Mission
Accomplished for iran.  Having learned how the German
foreign secretary brought Lenin to power in Russia to defeat Russia from the outside, the west used the identical approach for Iran.  

What is worse during these dark days of Iran, after all these future
crimes are committed, Iranians need to be prepared to realize that the
result of all this will not be to bring Iranians any closer to being
able to have a hope for change.  Not after what the average person thinks about Savak and its leadership, who never acted to harm Irans Human rights, but actually helped to expand it massively.  In some circles you can not even suggest that everything that was said of Savak was pure lies and propaganda by extremist anti-monarchists for self centered gains and not for the love of Iran or Iranians, but out of ignorance, extremist views and vindictive aims.

And so the story goes, that with out Iranians having a Head who's heart cares loves and gives for Iranians and is solely focussed on serving
the people, like the shah was doing and his father was doing and clearly
neither khomeini and khameini are doing, Iranians will wallow in loss,
depression, division and more than anything the cruel hope they bought
in 1979 for dreams that are impossible to bring about from Irans current

It's a pity Iranians understanding is so weak among many of the older generation
that even after seeing what has happened to Iran, after participating in the character assasinatations of the late shah, after savaks role and activities were lied about by the USA/UK that have participated in widespread torture themselves and not to mention the mullahs that torture on a massive scale and spread the same lies and after the shah was murdered/given cancer/ like his pm and personal doctor, Iranians of the older generation still with a straight face believe that the Shahs teams Idea of creating Rastkhiz was a bad idea, instead of seeing the wisdom of the late shahs team and wishing it to be a stepping stone towards democracy,
due to and based on what Iranians were really capable of to the best of their knowledge.  This is why his death is
more tragic and more cruel because of 79 and the people who bear some responsibility for his death.

The real people of goodness and conscience Sattar should have stood up for and given his life for, those people would never allow him to lose his life or be harmed in anyway.  The Beliefs and Views of the Generation of 1979 and their malevolent influence on Iran tragically harmed another person trying to live and let live. God Bless him and I pray he, his family and Iranians do get justice one day, though so many who have so much to say about the past, mostly deceivers, extremists and anti-monarchists should never be listend to.  And should just be watched.  For King And Country.



باید متحد شویم



بحرتوفانی و ما در کشتی سرگشته ایم

دوستان آن ناخدای زبده و بیدار کیست؟

ما ز نادانی دراین دام بلا افتاده ایم فکرما گر نیست ایران، نارواست

ایرانیم، زِ یادِ من ایران نمی رود