"Iranians Have Liberal Society, Values"

Israeli Study Says

Iran Research: Within Iranian society, alongside conservative values, there is strong support for pro-liberal values. In comparison to 64 countries surveyed by WVS and the ESS, Iranian society's potential to foster liberal democracy was found to be higher than Arab countries, such as Egypt, Morocco and Jordan, Asian countries, such as South Korea, India and Thailand and European countries, such as Russia, Ukraine and Romania. Furthermore, an abnormal gap was found between the societal potential for liberal democracy and the actual level of democracy >>>


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Darius Kadivar

spatima Joony Not my fault if you have no stomach for Greatness

by Darius Kadivar on

spatima Koochooloo Not my fault if you have no stomach for Greatness ...




But before even attempting to Educate me on film history Let alone English or Persian history  ... 


PERSIAN MAGNA CARTA: UK Foreign Office Spokesman on Cyrus The Great's Charter


Your generation has yet to prove that they can offer better than the British you seem to hate so much:


RESTORATION: Britain's 'Glorious Revolution' of 1688 and the 'Bill of Rights'


MONARCHICAL REPUBLIC: Political Participation in Elizabethan England


HISTORY OF IDEAS: Ian Davidson on Voltaire's "English Exile"


And definitively more than the empty Slogans of your Jomhurykhah peers:


BROKEN RECORD: Woman on IRI TV “We're Only good at shouting slogans since Shah Left” 


For May I remind you that before achieving your "ideal Republic" you still have a few obstacles to overcome on your way  ... 


Mainly Uprooting the current one : 


Kharizak: Persian Troy  


Hope you will achieve it before growing as "old" and "dumb" as your humble servitor ...


Good Luck kiddo !





Explaining the Concept of a Constitutional Monarchy to a Staunch Republican



"A Country that Loses it's Poetic Vision is a Country that faces death" -Saul Bellow.




DK thank you for quoting the mob

by spatima on

I thought the character ( btw. have you actually seen the movie ? its called the third man, id suggest you watch it, the screen play would actually make sense then) is a well deserved personification of yourself :D though i must say he doesnt require medical attention.

  p.s stop making logical fallacies,  read xenophon's cyrus.  you dont own the patent on cyrus just because your arbab was a british puppet.

20 more years and then we are good =) where is my fast forward button?




In hope of a Free, Democratic, Independent and Secular Iran


about the 29%

by divaneh on

According to this survey
71% believe in being tolerant towards other, and it means that 29% of Iranians
are intolerant towards other people. That is 24 million intolerant Khomeinis who have no choice but to tolerate each other out of necessity.


And soon it will have a liberal government as well!


With the help of Israel and America, Iran will be free from IRR and its thugs!

Free at last, thank you Moses AL mighty, Iran will be free at last!

Dr. Love, Ph.D., M.D., J.D., Member Free Iran Association.

Darius Kadivar

Koochooloo Generations Pass ... Reality Remains ...

by Darius Kadivar on

You will Grow Old too ... So Spare me the arrogance of your ignorant youth ...

Your Avatar is that of the Founder of the Persian Empire ... Hence a Monarch ...  




"A Country that Loses it's Poetic Vision is a Country that faces death" -Saul Bellow.



The new generation: Yes!

by spatima on

Any word on whether they included the age  of each correspondent?

I have strong hopes for the youth, people around my age got democratic potential. as for the old timers, a good example is the posts below, they are willing to rip each other's hearts out over cholo kabab, coupon e bargh and the Pahlavis.   (obviously i dont want to make a generalization here, but i believe the previous generation in iran for the most part has been an UTTER failure.)

Thank god they are gradually dying out!


p.s the shah has rotten in his grave and the berlin wall is no more :/

In hope of a Free, Democratic, Independent and Secular Iran

Darius Kadivar

Never Trusted You Jomhurykhahs (secular or not) and Never Will

by Darius Kadivar on

Unlike you folks and those who protect you on and offline I don't belong to a Hezbeh Baad ...

Jacques Dutronc L'opportuniste 1968

I know where my Loyalties are ... 

Javid Shah ! 

"A Country that Loses it's Poetic Vision is a Country that faces death" -Saul Bellow.

payam s


by payam s on

Everything you've laid out sounds much better than "conservative" alternatives of sanctions and war (which weakens civil society in relation to the IRI). At least this way, you and your fellow puppet monarchist, zionist, and foreign capitalists will have to keep your corrupt hands off what happens in Iran and let folks in Iran handle their own situation without external influence and foreign intervention. Reform or regime change are internal matters. So yeah, good analysis.

Darius Kadivar

This survey is not aimed at 'Regime Change' but 'Reform' ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Contrary to what it claims ...

With Sarkozy out of the picture and soon Germany's Merkel and UK's Cameron, (that is virtually anyone who has advocated Sanctions over dialogue with the Islamic Republic) you will see, that Obama, Once re elected, will try to break a deal with the Islamic Republic on the long run and prepare for his "Nixon Style" Visit in acknowledging the Islamic Republic as a "reformable" system like seems to be the case in Burma ...

That's what He Thinks or is brought to think by the same "Liberal" Think Tanks on Capitol Hill ...

Sooner or later the same Khamenei will bring back Khatami or Moussavi by ousting Ahmadinejad and then claim he is a "liberal" too ...

Contrary to the impression they are giving Obama would actually hit it well with Khamenei ...

Ayatollah Khamenei praises Obama — RT

I wouldn't be surprised that once re elected Obama will oust Hillary Clinton too and replace her with someone who shares his "liberal" vision of the world ...

That way the Inter Galactic Super Star and Nobel Peace Laureate can claim in front of a star studded audience gathered by George Clooney, John Stewart and other "overpaid", "Liberals" who sponsored his campaign : "See Folks I made History" ...

Fool me Once ... Fool Me Twice ...

How YOUR "Green" Color Was Chosen & By WHOME !


An Un apologetic Constitutional Monarchist



COMPLAINING JOMHURYKHAH: What Have the Pahlavis EVER Done For Us ? ;0)

SATIRE: TheBurqa Republic of Our IRANICAN Dreams ;0)

Darius Kadivar

That's because Iranians are "Fashion Victims" ...

by Darius Kadivar on