Trita Parsi interview on Daily Show

Discusses U.S.-Iranian diplomacy during the Bush and the Obama administrations


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Soosan Khanoom

by Faramarz on

We are just stray cats walking on the ledges, going from one house to another looking for a little mouse to play with!

G. Rahmanian

Come on, SK!

by G. Rahmanian on

Purple shirts? At least you could've said purple underpants!

Soosan Khanoom

Faramarz, the profiling master .. lol

by Soosan Khanoom on

Now that you figured out how the NIAC groupie look like. Could you also please start profiling the Anti_NIAC ones for us? 

Do they wear purple shirts? 

What they eat?

What they think about the tomatoes?  Fruit or vegetable ? 

Do they have teeth? 

Do they comb their hair?

Do they even have any hair to comb?

Are they tall enough to ride the roller coasters in the park?

Do they call home like ET?  
















by Faramarz on

You owe me this.

You told me how you don't fit the profile that I described. But please tell me if there are any similarities. We will keep that as our secret!


Thanks Faramarz

by IranFirst on

Very good Summary. I will buy your book any time. But just remember that NIAC claims to represent all/most Iranians in US (with no proff off course), so be careful exposing/explaining the people who represent you. Their (and yours, if we accept their claim) supreme leadre may get upset :-)


good for your friends, Faramarz

by MM on

On the other hand, I do not own anything in Iran and have not been back in Iran in decades.  As the Persian expression would say, they will shoot my shadow.  Furthermore, I have been an stunch INDEPENDENT all my life and proud of it,

Now you see that we are a direse group and you cannot beat everyone with the same stick, so to say.


An Insight into the NIACie Mind!

by Faramarz on

I have a few NIACie friends and have been analyzing them for quite a while. Here is what I have learned about them.

First of all, they are all well-educated and generally nice people, but they are stubborn as a mule and very self-righteous. They visit Iran every other year and do the usual Caspian Sea, Yazd, Kashan and Esfahan. Two of them married younger Iranian wives in Iran, the ones with highlighted hair and pulled back scarf.

They were all involved in Anjoman (Society of Iranian Professionals) in the late 80’s, mainly to check out the young Iranian chicks who were coming to the market and were looking for Doctor/Mohandes husbands; nothing wrong with that!

In the early 90’s, they became Republicans because of Bush’s (the father) attitude towards Israel and Newt Gingrich’s policies. They could not stand Clinton, specially his Camp David accord.

In the late 90’s, they all became Khatami-chi and just loved him. He was the face of Iran that they adored, notwithstanding all the killings and detentions that took place under him. George W was the one that became the catalyst to make these guys anti-US and anti-West. Deep down, while they despise the Regime, they accept it as an answer and a punch-in-the-face of the US.

Finally, Mousavi was their last hope. Nowadays, they cling to the war-talk and “nuclear energy is our right”, but they are generally very conflicted. On the one hand they have nothing in common with Rahbar/Sepah/Basij, one the other hand they want to portray the US as a land of rednecks, nothing like the neighborhoods that they live in.

Oh yeah, there is also the Hafez and Rumi classes to make them feel superior to the rest of us un-sophisticated types!



by MM on

I do not claim that NIAC has done enough for this and this cause, but I would put their overall activism against any Iranian-American organization.  NO COMPARISON. period

Of course activism on issues dear to the Iranian-Americans, that is!

PS, AIPAC does not stand for American-Iranian Political Action Committee

G. Rahmanian

Speaking of making a career!

by G. Rahmanian on

Funny, Trita Parsi was telling Jon Stewart something like, there are people who are making careers out of tensions in the Middle East/world problems.

I wonder if he also included himself in that category!

Siamak Asadian

On Great Expectations and Disappointments!

by Siamak Asadian on

MM jan I get this feeling that Iranian community's expectation from any self proclaimed "community based" group outside of Iran, is much much higher than what we've seen from NIAC, AIPPA,...

Just imagine if you will that just on this site, which is by all definitions and standardsa commercial website, how much work on a daily basis gets done for our political prisoners in Iran.

Now lets do a little comparison between this "non-political" commercial website, and the "politically sophisticated," "community based" groups, such as NIAC, AIPPA,..

After such a simple comparison, do you apprecite the extent of our deep disappintment with all such phony groups?


Siamak Jaan

by MM on

I just found it ironic (maybe even Iranic) that all these folks came out here poo-pooing this book without even reading it, and the effect has been the opposite. 

Siamak Asadian

On genealogy of NIAC & its real agenda.Did anyone say Oil mafia?

by Siamak Asadian on

G. Rahmanian

Imperialism showing its gentle face!

by G. Rahmanian on

American Imperialism is showing its gentle and humane face to Iranians. So, let's rest assured we will not be bombed, any time soon!

Siamak Asadian

MM jan,it's really great that his book is doing so well. Too bad

by Siamak Asadian on

he'll never have the testicles or the moral integrity and courage to also write a book on IR's more than three decades of Human Rights violations, and take it to Daily show to promote it.

Oh, silly me, I keep forgetting NIAC was founded by four non-Iranians as a lobbying tool for the Oil industry.

Oh well, life goes on.


Soosan Khanoom

OK ... this is what I guess

by Soosan Khanoom on

NIAC is supported by the left-wing Israelis 

AiPAC is supported by the Right-wing Israelis

I am against war and tight sanctions so I will support any voice that roots for that.    Without trusting anyone cause these days no one can be trusted neither friends nor foes ... 

But NIAC is not just a foreign policy decision making in this country or an Insider. This organization can also be used as a voice for the Iranian Americans that aren't nuts. For the nut ones there is " Shah of Sunsets" .. 






sorry - the book has jumped to #82 in Amazon best-seller list

by MM on

and it has been on the top 100 for 2 days.


G. Rahmanian

Free At Last!

by G. Rahmanian on

Iranians are free at last. All their problems solved and they will live happily ever after.


thanks 2 show & this blog, TP's book is #124 in Amazon best-list

by MM on

thanks to the Daily Show and this blog, T. Parsi's book, The Single role of Dice,...... is #124 on the Amazon best-seller list!

G. Rahmanian

Roozbeh Jaan: I was kidding!

by G. Rahmanian on

Trita's fans? Each single one of them is there for personal gain. It's like saying Khomeini was charismatic! Was he, really? You know how NIAC was created. They do, too. What counts for them most is Trita's position and his "closeness" to the inner circles in Washington!


DK I am new to

by Kingreza3 on

DK I am new to you clearly see hypocrisy and point it out (we are on same boat, that khalkhali son of a bitch was the worst and he was a reformist before he died, what a joke). I do also undrestand the attention that NIAC is getting and for those of you who know their background and motives is hard to jump on the bandwagon (i dont know much about them). Now here where we differ or I lose you, you understand that revolution ended up being bad for civil liberty but yet you agree with drastic change and regime change before writing whole bunch and risking doing all that on misunderstanding I really would like to know your stance on few things.
Do want a drastic regime change?
If yes how do you think it should be done? Be specific (10 pts. ) 
If no then do you like slow change 
To give you a glimpse into my kingly mind obviously beside making me life long king and pray me as a best king ever ever and I am willing to kill my brother for that (stolen from which is much better than paraziT)
The revolution is random and in recent history it seems it's extremely hard to predict the outcome or have a productive one when the outside world has some interest in the issue. as it's clearly the fact in Iran. I am no supporter of IRI but a believer of a lesser evil is the better one and I do think we can make something good from what we have in Iran that is primarily good for iranians (I don't know about Israel and united state's interests in the region)   

iraj khan


by iraj khan on

reaction to war mongers:

"When I see the casualness with which some of these folks talk about war, I'm reminded of the costs involved in war," Obama said Tuesday in a reference to tough talk by Republican leaders.

"This is not a game," Obama continued, speaking a day after holding talks in Washington with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. "And there's nothing casual about it."


Mr. TP

by Kingreza3 on

Damn, you kids are too literall. I think khamenei is too old for Mr. tantan and i dont think he could be convinced even with two handle of jack dani to marry him and run away with him. What I was hoping to convince this crowed that no matter where we have got Mr. Tortilla makes no difference as you have to admire/support what he is saying. (if you drowning and a shark saves you in the last minute, that shark looks hotter than shakira) This day and age a talking monkey on YouTube can advocate for your cause quite successfully. unless you are supporting military action against Iranian soil by forign entity there is no reason for taking stand agains Mr. Tomtom and his NIAC as what ever their motive is, they have been very successful for turning public opinion against military action against Iran. This is call being nationalistic (supporting his views) and every body is doing it. Israel doesn't really think Iran will wipe them off of face of map and they know their nuke would tell IRI otherwise but in election year they will cry wolf as they feel Obama would do something about Palestinian if he has no reelection to worry about.
So military action in Iran is the wife and abdulqadir baghdadi is Mr. Tictac obviously not litterally as I don't know how Mr TP (boom the best one so far) eats or treats his ladies


Thank you G. Rahmanian :)

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

I read Siamak's first because his link was highlighted.

The question is if any Trita joon's fans read the link, understood the true nature and motives of this money hungry charlatan......

I think that a couple  of NIAC supporters on this site are  are good people, but sadly  "farib khordeh". We should help and educate them. The rest we should use for their entrertainment value, because frankly this whole gang is quite a bit of a joke..

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


DDPH: I wonder if you even know…

by Bavafa on

What an honest discussion is?


Feel free to respond and along with it use any and all accusation you like to throw, but don’t expect me to take you serious till you are willing to take your own words serious.


This concludes my dialogue.

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 


Doost daaram pas hastam


by Doost daaram pas hastam on

You have stopped having a healthy and honest discussion and are resorting to name calling. I offered you evidence. There is a whole book worth of evidence if you bother to read it. As I mentioned before the book is Trita Parsi's "

Treacherous Alliance: The Secret Dealings of Israel, Iran, and the United States"


Although I have my doubts that any evidence would be good enough for you. Because just like the Bangkok terrorism despite overwhelming evidence you can not accept something that runs against NIAC's talking points.


Darius Kadivar

choghok Dunno Why don't you show your Primary Colors First ?

by Darius Kadivar on

Show me your Primary Colors and I'll tell you who You Are ...


PRIMARY COLORS: Reza Pahlavi and Trita Parsi Take a Stroll Down The Political Lane ;0) 


Since you self righteously think Iran doesn't Support Assad for the good of his own Interests ? 


Anderson Cooper: "Iran stands firm behind Assad" (CNN, VIDEO)



Blame Israel all you want just like your Revolutionary Peers who brought upon our nation the damagable,useless and counterproductive antagonism of the past 33 years:


SOURCES OF FURY:Nader Naderpour on origins of IRI's "Death Slogans" towards US and Israel


BROKEN RECORD: Woman on IRI TV “We're Only good at shouting slogans since Shah Left”



We didn't need to embrace the "Palestinians" and their extremists leadership to defend their rights:


pictory: (SURPRISE) Shah and Sadat Pro Palestine Statement (1975)


Whilst constructively criticizing the American Jewish Lobby:


GOVERNANCE & RELIABILITY: Abbas Milani On Nuclear Crisis, Shah’s FP, Jewish Lobby


That's what the Shah did without turning them into downright enemies but you folks chose to betray Your Sovereign in the name of vague understandings of notions like "democracy" and "human rights":


Mashallah Ajoudani on Intellectuals and the '79 Revolution


Israelis had nothing against us before Your Republic's President denied the Holocaust and put Iran's Nuclear Right in the Balance of Wiping Israel off the Map even going as far as inviting Well Known Neo Nazis at their Conference in Tehran yet presenting them as 'Human Rights' Activists:


HOLOCAUST A MYTH: Michelle Renouf on Iranian SAHAR TV


The Lessons of Which have been put to very useful effect by the Syrian Security forces today:


WANTED: Did Nazi Criminal Alois Brunner train Syria’s Security Forces ?


Never did I read anything pertient from NIAC or it's members denouncing that conference no more than the reformists in Iran quite the contrary. Hamid Dabashi ( Also NIAC Advisor) and his young anc clueless wife even went as far as blaming the Pahlavis for the Holocaust in order to Justify the holding of the Conference which he welcomed at the time. To which Only Abbas Milani ( himself a former opponent to the Shah and imprisoned during his rule) had the decency and intellectual honesty to dismiss in a bold article for the San Fransico Chronical as early as 2006:


Iran, Jews and the Holocaust / The beneficent legacy of Persia




My Problem is Not Israel or AIPAC you folks seem so obsssessed with more than you ever cared about Iran's plight and loss of credibility of our nation on the international arena.

It's the Legitimization of the Islamic Republic born from YOUR Revolution and endorsed by NIAC and it's loyal members under the disguise of being 'anti war', "Pro Mossadegh" and believing in a "democratic transition" of the Religious Theocracy of Iran.

Otherwise you would all be what you should have been 33 years ago: Constitutionalists:


VOCAL MINORITY: Pro Shah and Pro Bakhtiar Demos amidst 1979 Revolution 



and NOT 'Revolutionaries ... 


pictory: Khomeiny Comments on Referendum (1979)


Let Alone "Reformists" ...


Khatami, Democracy, & Islamic Republic


Still seeking to safeguard under various pretexts your  Joon Joony Republic 33 years on ...


If not then Israel is as illegitimate as YOUR Republic was From DAY ONE:


pictory: Bakhtiar Denounces Bazargan's Provisionary Government in exile (1979)


So Don't count on me to Join Your Jomhurykhah Organization disguised as an Iranian American Community organization with no political agenda when in fact it does have a very clear Agenda in my Book: Safeguarding your Revolution and the Republic born from it's womb.


I Don't need to 'roll the dice' to know where I stand:


REZA's CALL: "Don't Bomb My Country" say's Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi


Iranian Diaspora Intelligentsia Unite Against Islamic Republic's Holocaust Revisionism By Darius KADIVAR



Not sure I can say the same for you NIAC aficianados and other Media Consumer 'Fashion'  Victims:


CLUELESS JON STEWART: "Ebrahim Yazdi Such a Lovely Man"










DK so you mean niac supports assad?

by choghok on

what has been said by niac to make you say so, or do you think niac should start putting its efforts on everything possible in the middle east? Should they be also talk about women harrasments in SA recently and yemen and Bahrain? The situation of christian minoritis in Iraq and Egypt? The case of Christian woman being in jail for blasphemy in Pakistan.

Of course AIPAC supports anti Assad, not for good of Syrian people but for good of Israel, 

AIPAC was a big supporter of apartheid of south Africa and lobbied to vote against armenian genocide acceptance in USA. Is that values that your favourite organisations should also endorse? 

Darius Kadivar

AIPAC Officially supports Syrian Uprising What about NIAC ?

by Darius Kadivar on

It seems that AIPAC and even Israeli Officials notably Shimon Perez have recently dismissed fears of a recuperation of the uprising in Syria by Islamists despite evidence of Al Quaeda threats as well as influence of the Muslim Brotherhood in the uprising. 


Syria Uprising Gets A Hearty Embrace At Pro-Israel AIPAC Conference (FRANCE 24)


This is all the more remarkeable that both Al Quaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood are known for their desire to Wipe Israeli off the Map.


Given Trita's claims that Iran is willing to cooperated with the West on it's Nuclear issue. My Question is whether Iran is willing to give evidence of it's good will by abandoning it's Syrian Ally in exchange for the West abandoning it's politics of sactions ?  


Clearly the "Peace Loving" leaders of the Islamic Republic's staunch support for the Syrian Crackdown seems to suggest the contrary:


Anderson Cooper: "Iran stands firm behind Assad" (CNN, VIDEO)



So my Question is Does Trita Parsi share the views of one of his new recruit Majid Rafizadeh who believes in Regime Change in Syria and foreign intervention to oust the Syrian tyranny ? 


NIAC Ambassador Majid Rafizadeh: Appeasement with Iran But Sanctions & intervention on Syria? 


If Not then I suppsed the National Iranian American Council should probably drop the word "American" and replace it with "Russian" instead given that it seems to share more in common with Kremlin's New Tzar:


PUTIN ON THE RITZ: Putin Replaces 'Buddy' Medvedev as new 'elected tzar'


than with his equally clueless Fellow IRANICAN NIAC'ers ... 



SATIRE: The Burqa Republic of Our IRANICAN Dreams ;0)



Recommended Reading:


Hamas denies being Iran's proxy (bbc)



Related Blogs:


LITTLE PERSIA : Portrait of Shah and Crown Prince Reza in Tel-Aviv Iranian Restaurant


Jordan’s king Abdullah receives Hamas chief after 12-year rupture




kingreza what do you mean?

by choghok on

Do you mean that for some niac is like abdulqader that will come and remove IRI and save us and marry it? Or that those who want war are abdulqader?

Just curious? 


Don’t expect others to take your word serious…

by Bavafa on

If you don’t take your own word serious.   


When you make charges, better be prepared to show some evidence for it as you may get called on that and will look only like a fool not having an answer for it.


Also don’t tarof with willingness to engage and to answer questions as Tarof amad o naimad dareh



'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory