"A Separation" Wins Golden Globe

Asghar Farhadi one step closer to Oscar glory

HOLLYWOOD (Hollywood Today) 2012/1/15 – Madonna announced the winner was from Iran, A Separation. “I want to thank Michael Barker,” says director Asgar Farhadi. “I think you love the separation more than me.” He thanked Sony Picture Classics. As I was coming up on stage I thought what should I say…,” says Iranian director Farhadi. “I prefer to say something about my people. They are a truly loving people.” >>>

Receives award from Madonna:

Answers questions after winning award:


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by yolanda on

OMG! Both Israeli and Iranian movies are nominated for Oscars:

Foreign Language Film
• "Bullhead" Belgium
• "Footnote" Israel
• "In Darkness" Poland
• "Monsieur Lazhar" Canada
• "A Separation" Iran

I was wondering if Iran will send people to the ceremony or boycott the Oscars!

Banafsheh Zolfaghari

Sadly, the director mumbled and fumbled upon the stage

by Banafsheh Zolfaghari on

What a thrill to practice -- with my girls watching -- my freedom of expression!  

I am cautiously pleased that most of the responses to my oppinion were by and large on the civil side.  This was rare to see and I must admit quite pleasing.  

I appreciate, and clearly 'get,' the variety of views expressed in support of and in explanation of why the fine director was unable, unwilling or lacked the desire to step beyong the few mumbling words he uttered.  But I can't say I am convinced nor am I impressed!

The current state of affairs in my homeland (to which I travel as much as I can, although with less frequency these years as my girls growing) is so unbearably trajic that anyone and everyone given the opportunity should and must engage the broader issue of liberty and what the regime has done with it.

Indeed this is my personal view, albeit twisted in some of your views!  

I was hoping to be moved by some of the 'oposing arguments,' but quite sadly none were credible enough to convince me a centilla.  

Courage is expected of the few who are blessed with opportunities.  And a global stage is not to be wasted!  

Not to take anything away from the body of work the Director presented, but his 'win' was just as much a political award or decision as was Madame Ebadi's Nobel Prize few years ago!  (Lets not kid ourserves.)

Just as Madame Ebadi lost her chance to stand apart, so did our fine director.  

Broken are many hearts that heard him mumble and fumble upon the stage the other night.  Lets see what he does at the Academy Awards.  No guts, not glory.

(Dont forget civility, if you must respond.)       


I feel sorry for my nation

by ali_aaa on

Everytime we get a podium we either attack or defend. Why do we have to annouce to the world that we are peace loving people? why they have put us in a situation that everytime we have to defend ourselves?

 You never see a Japanese, Canadian, Italian winner at the podium to say we are peace loving people. I wish we could be normal like the rest of people in the planet, and talk normal too.



Iranians are a truly peace loving people.

by Farfromheaven2002 on

I admire Souri for her strong power of analysis, which is in sharp contrast with a superficial mind.  We all need to have an even distribution of weight enabling us to remain upright and steady.


Farhadi came across as a good man

by Mehrban on

What he said was brief and to the point.   In a nice and round about way, he put his people ahead of his close loved ones while thanking them too. The win is his I am very happy for him and congratulate him and his crew.


Souri Khanoom, what you ask needs a separate thread.  I certainly hope that discussions on IC have some degree of effect on the fate of Iran.  


shahin najafi poem

by mehrdadm on

برای قبیله ام که در انتظار آزادی ست
ودر عطش جرعه ای آبِ خوش در آبادی ست
به تلخی خونی که از تو بر زمین می رفت
چقدر شیرین است،اصغری که فرهادی ست

Jeesh Daram

"truly Peace-loving People"

by Jeesh Daram on

خانم ذوالفقاری سلام: مراسم اهدای جوایز سینما اگر صحنه سیاست  بشود، آنوقت همان حکایت بازیهای المپیک خواهد بود که یک ورزشکار ایرانی که تمام عمرش را صرف ورزش کرده که شاید جایزه ای ببرد، از بالا دستور میگیرد که با ورزشکار اسرائیلی کشتی نگیرد و حتی در استخری که اسرائیلی در آن شنا میکند شنا نکند.  بله اگر مارلون براندو از گرفتن جایزه اسکار بخاطر پامال شدن حقوق سرخ پوستان خود داری میکند (1973)، اثر آن فراموش نشدنی خواهد بود،  چون او در مقامی بود که علاقه شدید مردم به او موجب استقبال از پیام او گردید.  ولی اگر اصغر چنین حرکتی بکند و یا مسائل سیاسی را پیش بکشد خود را تا سطح احمدی نژاد پائین خواهد آورد.  بهترین پیامی که میتوانست بدهد آنبود که ارائه داد "مردم من بطور واقعی مردم صلحدوستی هستند" و همه از این جمله کوتاه او استقبال کردند و همه میدانستند که بیش از این لازم نبود

مارلون براندو از دریافت اسکار امتناع میکند 



2008 اسکار 



Thank you dear Mehrban for the clarification

by Souri on

But honestly though, who is lying in your opinion  ? Who is trying to fool the people at IC ? and Why? What will be the gain?

Maybe you are right. I don't know.  Although,  believe in the power of the Media, but   I just can't figure out how much the IC can play a big role in the political scene of Iran?


Souri Khanoom, when I said sophisticated friends

by Mehrban on

I didn't mean you.


More Congratulat'ns to Farhadi & Thanks to Jenab Souri

by All-Iranians on

Jenab Souri  Thank you for your correction. Our source was the link provided in the text by this blog. We did a Google search and we found the right one confirming your suggestion: https://plus.google.com/107682748671253717847/posts/1ZjgvuK873j#107682748671253717847/posts/1ZjgvuK873j

So more congratulations go to Farhadi who said that, "I prefer to say something about my people. They are a truly peace-loving people"

PS: AI's comment below should be also corrected. Thank you again Jenab Souri.


"A Separation", A Masterpiece.

by CallmeRed on

به راستی که ملت پرتوقعی هستیم. انگار همیشه ازهمدیگر طلب معوقه داریم. جدایی نادرازسیمین یک فیلم خوب نیست، یک شاهکارسینمایی ست.

why on earth should we expect him use the stage to speak more about people? he may have 1000  personal reasons- not to speak MORE about people or politics- or, simply, he just didn't want to! who says we are supposed to EXPECT him anything? isn't it too much?






Thank you Souri khanom

by آشنا on

and all the rest of people defending this great down to
earth artist, his speech and the fabulous movie that he made. Congratulations to him, all the actresses, actors and the rest of the cru. 


dear All-Iranians

by Souri on

If I am not mistaken, Asghar Farhadi's statement was :

They (the Iranians) are a truly peace loving people.

Though, I might be mistaken.



Dear doctor Ala, Mehrban is right

by Souri on

You should learn from your more sophisticated friends (like myself) to hide your real agenda. Learn to fool the people here, because at the end of the day, here at IC, they will distribute Halva!

If you don't play your game safely, you will be missing the Halva. Be careful. Play it safe ! Learn from me!

BTW, Mehrban : FYW, admin never remove a statemen by himself, if it is not flagged. Maybe that comment has been flagged by someone else than you.


Many Many Congratulations go to Asghar Farhadi

by All-Iranians on

who said that, “I prefer to say something about my people (IRANIANS). They are a truly loving people.”

See also: //iranian.com/main/blog/all-iranians-49


WOW! one of the best films,

by Arthimis on

WOW! one of the best films, I have ever seen. The story line, acting and directing were captivating on all levels! I watched the whole movie on Youtube (the one with Arabic subtitles) and couldn't stop watching! Asgar Farhadi and all the actors deserve a major praise and award for this film! It truly expressed today's Iranian Culture and people's challenges and struggles... It showed true Iranian culture, honor and human decency... I personally was amazed and left in tears (in a good way...).

As far as the film's multiple messages, I just wonder if "Nader" (the accused husband...) was a "Hezbolahi, Basiji, Aghazadeh..." , he would have never been accused and convicted in the first place! But then again, you can not expect that the director (Asghar Farhadi) could even make a film that would link anything about the Islamic Injustice that has been carried out in the past 33 years in Iran... I was happy though that it showed "Nader" and his family, despite all the (Islamic Regime) disadvantages for honest and regular Iranian people, was not giving up and was not surrendering!!! Perhaps this was the biggest (secret) message in this film for me, That Iranian people like 'Nader" will resist & will NOT surrender or abandon their beloved country no matter what... 



what do you want from the guy?

by MRX1 on

The so called nobel prize winner Ms. Ebaid didn't mention anything, not even a word about political prisioners and violation of human rights in Iran when she had an open platform and a chance to do so, instead she talked about palestine , gitmo and the usuall crap you hear from liberal idiots in US and Europe. Now you want a film maker who makes a living over there to risk everything,  so you feel good about yourself! If he said some thing heavy he either has to pack his bags and live in exile among the dopey greens or face a prison term when he returns home and by the time they are done with himand he will be working as mosafer kesh in streets of Tehran!


Mr Ala, you should learn from your more sophisticated friends

by Mehrban on

who can better hide their agenda, removing your fear mongering blog had nothing to do with me.  Admin must have recognized its blatantly false and sensationalist nature.  

Tiger Lily

Banafsheh Zolfaghari

by Tiger Lily on

Of course,you are perfectly entitled to express your comment,but then so am I to contradict its many a fallacies, not only for your benefit, but those reading my opinion, and it is just that, an opinion, but a thought-out one.


First of all, it is amazing that he has gotten round the many ridiculous government stipulations to even make a film in Iran, in essence criticising one major law, let alone win a Globen Gold Award, bearing in mind so many factors, including the comparitively tiny budgets.

What he says in an acceptance speech is his business.
He is not an elected representative of the Iranian nation.


There is a lot wrong with your post, but this is truly annoying, what you say:

"Proud and dissapointed were my feelings at the end of Farhadi's sterile
and unemotional 'speech!'  Particularly despiriting, the very fact that
this 'sterility' came from a man who must have an emotional core driving
his very creativity.  Is that not the essense of his profession?  "

a) it isn't for you to feel any pride whatsoever, unless you have directly contributed to the film in any way or at least made tax payments towards such enterprise indirectly


b) you've hit on my Iranian pet-peeves of mostly fake, to me totally disgusting and revolting, displays of emotions: how the hell do you know that the man wasn't in a total state of stagefright, but pulled himself together, precisely in order NOT to give the perpetuating impression of an Iranian nation of emotion-driven (rather than rational)histrionic hysterics, as otherwise shown in almost all newsreels?

How do you know that he didn't spend days on end practising, trying to keep calm? 

Do you know? How so? Because I certainly don't know.


c) emotions don't primarily drive creativity. Don't believe me? Look it up. It's a very complex part of the brain with a multitude factors. It's totally ridiculous to expect someone who has directed a film to suddenly go into floods of emotions in front of an audience of millions. 

He's already made/created an entire film about a very touchy subject, full of emotions!


P.S. As a general comment about this feature.

Is this film any good or is it , as often happens in a lot of International award ceremonies, a political stunt? 

I haven't seen it yet.

However, congratulations to the director and everyone else involved.And especially to the director for giving a speech in a foreign language to him, obviously aware of the heated current crisis.

Tiger Lily

seconding nitemustfall's comment:

by Tiger Lily on


khanome Banafshe, I am sorry but you have no idea what this guy going
through. If you think he is a coward, i suggest you go back to Iran and
express yourself in the streets loud and clear and prove that YOU're
not a coward.

It is always easy to live a comfortable life in a safe environment and tell others "Lengesh Kon".


Banafshe's comment is enticing, but not realistic

by Siavash300 on

".......use the global stage to make a point to the word about the 70+ million (half of them woman. who's "peace loving' sentiments are crushed every single day by the thugs of the I.R....."Banafshe Zolfaghari

Yes, only if Mr. Farhadi would have decided not to go back to Iran, talking the same manner as Ms. Zolfaghari is suggesting would have been an option. On the other hand, changing the art scene to to the political scene wouldn't have changed the course of Iran's history. If it did, I wouldn't have hesistation to support that idea. That kind of speech would have made him get arrested and not be albe to make another good movie. He will also would have lost another opportunity to introduce Iranian people in the international community. Mr. Farhadi is more useful to be alive, outside of the prison than to be behind the bar in Evin prison.  

  Once the daughter of Mohsen Makhmalbaf, who is an Iranian director, used the same kind of scenary in Can festival(France) to bash George W. Bush. The audiance who were listening to her speech looked at each other with puzzle expression on their faces as if they were telling each other "what an idiot !!!

iraj khan


by iraj khan on

discreditig Mr Farhadi in spite of his great achievement for the winning of The Golden Globe Award. 


For not saying what they want to hear.


Lynching Mr Farhadi

For being a filmmaker who made his movie in Iran and most probably wants to make more movies there. 

Brought to IC by the same %3 Pro War, Pro Terror group who celebrated the killing of Mr Roshan, the Iranian scientist.

PS. I hope they are not wishing for his death already?


to Banafsheh

by nitemustfall on

khanome Banafshe, I am sorry but you have no idea what this guy going through. If you think he is a coward, i suggest you go back to Iran and express yourself in the streets loud and clear and prove that YOU're not a coward.

It is always easy to live a comfortable life in a safe environment and tell others "Lengesh Kon".



Angelina Jolie's Statement @ Golden Globe

by Faramarz on

I wish Mr. Farhadi could have been more forthcoming like Angelina Jolie who had this to say.

When asked what she was most looking forward to from the evening, AP reports she winked and whispered: "Getting into bed with Brad."


I'm delighted with Banafsheh Zolfaghari' comment.......

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

A very educated, yet sincere & timely comment, which needs to be read as many times as required till understood by the bah bah , chah chah , no questions asked, just follow mob ...... 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Where were

by statira on

Laila Hatami, Sareh Biat and Sarina Farhadi? Did they even go to the Golden Globe?

Mohammad Ala

If Iranians have problems....

by Mohammad Ala on

Mehrban, after you complained the summary of my post on Texas poster was removed.  You were the first one to nag on that post.  To your credit, you are not the only one who nags on IC.

Banafsheh Zolfaghari khanom, I give you credit for using your name and making a statement.  This is necessary towards a better and accountable Iran.  In my view, you answered your own request. If Iranians have problems, we, the people are at fault too. 

Bookstores close instead Cosmetic stores open in their place.  Iran has the highest cosmetic products consumption in the region.  Only E-Tude products produced in South Korea sells a million dollar a month in Iran.  A meager 1% of this amount goes to publishing books inside of Iran.  There are other similar problems which I will try to write about them when I get a chance.


I will educate you :)

by Souri on

Dear Banafsheh,

Per your own request, I will try to give you an answer to the question you raised.

It is not a duty for Mr Farhadi to speak for you. Maybe he just doesn't share your opinion. Maybe he doesn't want to get involved. Maybe he is afraid (as you said, lack of courage) or just he doesn't believe in this kind of "international stage" to give a speech of that kind.

Why don't you try to be a little bit more open minded?

Not everybody Should think like  yourself. Not everybody, must be courageous. Not everybody wants to get involved with the politics.

Why do we expect from all  our artists, to sacrify thier future for us?

If they want to do, then okay, they are courageous artists.

If they don't want to do it, let it be! Just be proud of them as a great artist who is recognized internatinally , and move on!



by Fair on

To Mr. Farhadi and crew, and to the people of Iran.  Iranian culture 1, IR and western anti Iranian propaganda machines, 0!


I agree it would have been nice to use this stage to speak up on behalf of fellow Iranians in chains, but everyone should find their own path for progressing Iran and Iranians in the most effective way they see fit.  IMHO, I will not judge someone who cannot find it in him or her to do something that I would like.  It is a tough call to stay quiet and fight through indirect means, or speak up and join the ones in chains.  But by now, we Iranians are used to tough choices.

I am so proud of this accomplishment, and of our people.  We will overcome darkness, it is inevitable.  

Banafsheh Zolfaghari

Sir, courage is what it is

by Banafsheh Zolfaghari on

Sir, courage is what it is all about.  

Our film industry's achievments not withstanding, courage is expected of people when given the chance to say a word or two.  

Everyone and their uncles knows we are a 'peace-loving' people but it would be nice to see courage in someone saying, but we (especially our 36 million woman) are being crushed by a thugary called the I.R.I.