"A Separation" Wins Golden Globe

Asghar Farhadi one step closer to Oscar glory

HOLLYWOOD (Hollywood Today) 2012/1/15 – Madonna announced the winner was from Iran, A Separation. “I want to thank Michael Barker,” says director Asgar Farhadi. “I think you love the separation more than me.” He thanked Sony Picture Classics. As I was coming up on stage I thought what should I say…,” says Iranian director Farhadi. “I prefer to say something about my people. They are a truly loving people.” >>>

Receives award from Madonna:

Answers questions after winning award:


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Banafsheh Zolfaghari

Quite pleased but dissapointed

by Banafsheh Zolfaghari on

I was quite very pleased with the recognition and award, but personally dissapointed in Direcetor Farhadi's decision NOT to use the global stage to make a point to the word about the 70+ million (half of them woman), who's "peace loving' sentiments are crushed every single day by the thugs of the I.R.

Sure, he must be concerned about his return and what-ever collateral control the regime placed on him prior to his exit from Iran, but courage is what our people expect and deserve.

Sure, Director Farhadi like many have a variety of issues he needs to be sensative about, but courage is what has led to the imprisonment, rape, torture and death of thousands who anguish every day within the regime's prsions.

Sure, Director Farhadi may believe there is a bigger message hidden within the movie, but courage on an international stage is often the difference between good and great.

Proud and dissapointed were my feelings at the end of Farhadi's sterile and unemotional 'speech!'  Particularly despiriting, the very fact that this 'sterility' came from a man who must have an emotional core driving his very creativity.  Is that not the essense of his profession?  

What happened, where did it go?  

Shame on the lost opportunity, courage is instictive.  In my eyes Farhadi's cowardace was a grand let-down.

Please educate me, with civility, on where I may be wrong.


No dice Mr. Ala, another false statement by you!

by Mehrban on

I never flag or ask for anything to be removed.  Your sly propaganda statements should stay always, they are great sources of amusement.


Mohammad Ala

Mehrban, I see you are nagging again!!!!

by Mohammad Ala on

Mehrban, I see your nagging continues, but to your credit, you did not ask Admin. to remove my comment as you did when I posted a poster from Texas and you disagreed with its summary.  Rather than nagging, write your own and let others also express their views.  Okay?


We are happy....

by Siavash300 on


Thanks for promoting Iranian people in international community. You're a great Iranian man and we appreciate your contribution.



Mr Ala, always a political agenda, aye?

by Mehrban on

You say,  "Although some family values might be hard to understand in Western countries, people in Asia can relate to these values,"

and I say what a sly statement woven in. 

Mohammad Ala

The success of this film raises the bar ....

by Mohammad Ala on

The success of this film raises the bar for both its cast and other film makers in Iran. No Iranian film has won so many top prizes both inside and outside of Iran.  Given many limitations, Iranian film makers have become creative.  Although some family values might be hard to understand in Western countries, people in Asia can relate to these values, for example, the separation is not about divorce.

In Iran people are happy about the success of this movie.

Esfand Aashena

Jafar Panahi has made a film about himself.

by Esfand Aashena on

 This is not a film. is a film by Panahi with great "credits".  I recommend it 4 stars.  It has English subtitles and I think you can watch it on youtube as well. 

Panahi himself said in the film that he does not want his colleagues to get in trouble for him though many do it anyway, such as Rakhshan Bani-Etemad who did so in his film.

Everything is sacred



by yolanda on

I have a feeling that he won't mention Panahi at Oscar. Here is WSJ excerpt:


When Iranian director Asghar Farhadi was directing "A Separation" in late 2010, he got into hot water when he made remarks in support of some banned colleagues at a local film festival. The government blocked production. But two weeks later, he was allowed to resume filming "after the reaction of newspapers and my colleagues in cinema," Mr. Farhadi said, explaining that he prefers to focus on the film itself, not its back story.

Babak K.

Congratultions to him. I

by Babak K. on

Congratultions to him.

I do not believe he will say anything about Jafar Panahi or other prisoners of Vojdan in Iran, if he wins the Oscar.  Iranian artists during last 75 years rarely stood for freedom and democracy.  They know how to justify their indifference about the suffering of our people by saying few junk in order to keep themselves out of "Dardsar".  Saeed Soltanpour was different and a rarity, he was from us. 

Jahanshah Javid

Congrats and...

by Jahanshah Javid on

This is a wonderful achievement. When he wins the Oscar, I hope he says a word about Jafar Panahi, at the very least.


Ari not the people

by choghok on

I guess golden globe is not given by people through voting. If that would be the case the winners in most cathegories would be different,

It is actually Foreign Press Association, mostly European hollywood journalists that choose the nominees and the winners.




هنوز مراسم تموم نشده دارن تخريب شخصيتش مي كنند: 

غلط كرده با يك زن دست داده! اونهم انجلينا جولي ! محارب! ريختن خونش حكم خداست!



خوشم مياد


دنيا سينماي مستقل ايران را ارج مي نهد

و حكومت ايران خانه سينماي خود را تخته ميكند و فيلمسازان خود را محبوس و مجازات.

اين است ثمره ي حكومت ضد بشري اسلام! 

Maryam Hojjat


by Maryam Hojjat on

Iranians Truly PEACE LOVING People But we must try to remove ISLAMIC Culture from IRAN> 


I havnt seen the movie or

by alx1711 on

I havnt seen the movie or the trailor yet. I hope it is not one of those movies baging Iranian people and showing the poverty in Iran and how islam is really a tru Iranian religion.

Othe than that Yes! Iranian are trully peacefull and kind people with the exeption of Mullahs and Islamic invadaders.



by Simorgh5555 on

For the Golden Globe and for finally deciding to wear a tie appropriate for the occasiin.


Yes "Iranians are peace loving people"

by Fesenjoon2 on

but their government is a blood thirsty killing machine that loves war and celebrates death.


Iraj Khan you forgot to add, as usual. It's a rich culture, but

by Hooshang Tarreh-Gol on

inside Iran it gets crushed. Outside Iran it's used by IR to show how 'tolerant" it is.


"Iranians are peace loving people"

Islamic Republic of Hell is a WAR LOVING STATE.


Mohammad Ala

This will make Iranian people happy

by Mohammad Ala on

This Award will make Iranian people happy.  Yes, Iranians are PEACE loving people.

iraj khan

"Iranians are peace loving people"

by iraj khan on

It's a proud night for Iranians all over the world.

It's a great night to be an Iranian whose country man has received one of the highest prizes in the arena of art and culture.

It shows the depth of a reach culture that can use film language to communicate with the rest of the world.


چه خوب ولی ...


ایکاش جدایی دین از سیاست برنده میشد

Ari Siletz


by Ari Siletz on

...with the American people for recognizing excellence in art, wherever it comes from.


Peace in Iran

by Sialashgar on

No War



Peace in Iran

by Sialashgar on

No War




by yolanda on

When he gave the acceptance speech, I clearly heard him saying "Peace-loving people", not just "loving people!"

I watched the video twice, I still heard the word "peace" there...

"Hollywood Today" omitted the word "peace", why?