Will Israel attack Iran?

Aljazeera Inside Story

Has the countdown to attack Iran begun already? Would Israel go it alone? And what would the regional implications be? Guests: Yaakov Katz, defence analyst and author; Mohammad Marandi, professor of political science at the University of Tehran.


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Well said G.R.

by IranFirst on

Well said G.R., keep up with your good posts exposing IRI and its appologists . Thanks

G. Rahmanian

Dear IranFirst:

by G. Rahmanian on

The ruling Islamists in Tehran lack the emotional intelligence which capacitates individuals to understand human feelings.

They know only one language and that is the language of force, belligerence, intimidation, coercion and terror. Modern-day traits and features common to the civilized world such as human rights, democracy, peaceful coexistence, good neighborly relations, diplomatic protocol, decency, respect, etc. are foreign to the this group of self-declared future managers of the world.

Their only objectives are to rule the hapless people of Iran with an iron fist, cause regional tensions and intensify hostilities as means of self-preservation.  

iraj khan


by iraj khan on

Have we just waken up 

and witnessed what pasdars and basijis

were doing in Iran?

The undemocratic treatment of Iranians by the Iranian regime has been documented and condemned over and over by all.

The subject here is the War Crimes against Iranian people that is about to happen by Israel.

The subject here is the reaction of Iranian Americans who are against this aggression and are expressing their dismay.  

The subject here is the Lynching Party on IC that gathers information about commentators to discredit them or threaten them by repeating comments such as "We Know Where You Live" or "We Know Where You Work".

How democratic is it when one of the Lynching Party members gives a 'Fetwa' for the death of a U.S. citizen for not supporting Israel?


Dear G.R., One Word "Islam"

by IranFirst on

Dear G.R., One Word "Islam". Islamists have NO country (Bee-mihan) and don't care if innocent Iranains, Egyptians, Nigerians, Americans... die.., its all to spread the cult of hate , Islam

G. Rahmanian

The Islamist Regime Must Go!

by G. Rahmanian on

Why are some Iranians so concerned about the Palestinian "cause" and ignore the Iranian cause?

Why are they so adamant to spill the blood of Iranians for the Palestinian "cause?"

Marandi and his ilk lie shamelessly only to justify the atrocities of the murderous regime in Tehran.

The criminal Islamist regime has used every pretext to suppress Iranians domestically while trying to export its backward ideology to other countries and dreaming to "manage" the world, some day.

Regime's interventionist-adventurist policies have only brought misery, death and destruction to the people of Iran!

Iranians must overthrow the regime before it provokes another war.


Shazde Asdola Mirza

by IranFirst on

 Dear Shazdeh did you mean Cologne or Colon?, just wondering :-)

gitdoun ver.2.0

i think israel will attack

by gitdoun ver.2.0 on

I know I know it makes no sense. When has Israel ever given the bad guys a heads up before they attacked ??? " Yah hey ummm bad guys we're going to attack you sometime this year so if you don't mind try to be ready for us alright ?? We wouldn't want to come out of this without having some of our own fatalities. so you be ready and get your share of killing our soldiers too. Ok ?? Great. See you in the Spring and yah try to put your heart into it. Thanks !! " Buuuut when Netanyahu begins to say the joomhooriyeh Akhundi is Nazi Germany or compares this endeavor to the 1967 war politically he really has put himself and his entire government into a corner to deliver. In Israel a politician can't just throw those metaphors around without making good on his threats or else it's political suicide. Not to mention IF the akhunds do infact get the bomb without Israel firing a shot Netanyahu will go down in Israeli history as the biggest clown, liar , traitor, wuss ( take your pick ) . And I really don't think Netanyahu wants to have that legacy in Israeli history text books.


Iraj Khan

by divaneh on

You did a good job of that deconstruction. Now let’s see if you can deconstruct a lynching on the street that unlike the online version does real harm to people. I am sure you will do well. Let me help you by starting a couple of different scenarios.

1. A girl with a bit of her hair showing is walking in the street.

2. A backward lynch mob basiji sees her.

 ... please continue from here


1. Some people with grievances about the elections or a group of workers who have not received their wage hold a demonstration.

2. A group of lynch mob basijis come on their bikes.

 ... please continue

Jeesh Daram

سوری خانم

Jeesh Daram

چقدر جالب مسئله را توجیح کردید و واقعا هم همین است.  من چندین نفر دیگر را هم در این وبسایت دیده ام که که یکدیگر را توده ای میخوانند و این بطور کلی بر میگردد به عدم آگاهی و نداشتن مطالعه صحیح و عدم شرکت در کلاسهای رایگان اکابر است.  جالب اینجاست که بسیاری از آن کشورهای ماهواره کمونیست مجاور روسیه اکنون از ما که شاه معزولمان خود را دربست در اختیار انگلیس و آمریکا گذاشته بود آزادتر زندگی میکنند.  شما اگر به ارمنسان، آذر بائیجان، اوکراین، لهستان، مجارستان و غیره و غیره بروید خواهید دید که زنهایشان در آزادی کامل هستند و بطورکلی با آنکه کشورهایشان از نظر منابع ملی بسیار فقیر هستند ولی مردم آن از آزادی بیشتری با مقایسه با ایران برخوردارند.  بنابراین ما ایرانیان حامی دمکراسی غربی، از هر طرف باختیم


جی‌ دی جان


شما مثل اینکه اصلا متوجه نیستید: هر ایرانی که از ایران و ملت ایران
دفاع کنه ولی‌ طرفدار و پاچه خوار اسرائیل و آمریکا نباشه، حتما طرفدار
روسیه هست (هر چند که دیگه روسیه ، شوروی نیست، ولی باشه هیچ عیبی نداره)
پس طبیعتاً تودهی می‌شه دیگه. حساب سر راسته‌، چطور شما تاحالا این موضوع
رو نگرفتید؟

Shazde Asdola Mirza

Stench of Tudeh Party

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

It is not easy to describe, but the stench of Tudeh Party is very difficult to hide.

You can put a lot of colon on. You can hide behind labels like NIAC, PAAIA or CASMII.

Still the stench comes right through.

Must be all the dead squirrels in Uncle Stalin's attic!

G. Rahmanian

Where's The Iranian Cause?

by G. Rahmanian on

Detaching IR's domestic politics from its foreign policy is what its supporters, paid agents and apologists have been doing for the past 33 years.

Regime's propaganda apparatus is busy 24/7 distorting facts, fabricating false accusations and presenting issues that have nothing or very little to do with Iranians.

The regime in Tehran uses the Palestinian cause as an excuse to suppress Iranians at home and commit or support acts of terrorism abroad.

Iranians have been held hostage to the Palestinian cause while we have our own refugees in the millions. Many have not been able to return home for more than three decades.

We have had our own war provoked by IR with a million losses and millions of families ruined.

After nearly two and a half decades while the pains of the 8-year war are still fresh in our minds and its wounds have not healed, the regime is hard at work trying to provoke yet another war.

We have had our own "Sabra and Shatila." Tens of thousands of our compatriots have been massacred in cold blood, over the past 33 years.

The livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of Iranians were damaged or completely ruined as a result of the so-called "Cultural Revolution." styled after the ill-famed Maoist cultural revolution.

More than 50% of Iran's population lives under poverty line.

Prostitution and drug abuse by millions of Iranians have become the cultural hallmarks of the Islamist rule.

The list goes on.

With all the problems that Iranians are facing on a daily basis, why are the regime, its supporters and paid apologists so worried about the Palestinian "cause?"

Jeesh Daram

بقول دیگران: لاااااااااااااااااااااااااال

Jeesh Daram

تو چگونه حزب توده را در من پیدا کردی، هرکس از رضا خان میرپنج بد گویی میکند که توده ای نیست.  حرب توده و اون یارو دوست تو ان ای ای سی و بی بی سی و رادیو اسرائیل و خود دولت اسرائیل در مقابل دلیران ایران هیچ زردآلو انکی نمیتوانند بخورند.  حتما یکسفر برو ایران و درون ایران مسافرت کن و آن مردم شریف و مهربان و ساده را از نزدیک ببین نا بفهمی ما چه ملت شریقی هستیم و چگونه دست نشانده بیسوادان داخل و خارج و وطنفروشان شده ایم.  رفتن به ایران شرم نیست و افتخار است.  ایران و ایرانی را از دریچه احمدی نژاد نگاه نکن،  کلاه را بردار و بزمین بگذار و چشمهایت را باز کن و گوش کن


If Israel Desires "Suicide" .....

by R2-D2 on

Then It Should Most Definitely Follow Through With Its Threats On Attacking Our Beloved Iran :)

P.S. Unfortunately, Jews In General, And Israelis In Particular, Never Learn Certain Lessons - Maybe This Time They Will ..... !



Shazde Asdola Mirza

Marandi's position is 100% aligned with NIAC

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on



by yolanda on

 Marandi was born in US and he was a Dallas Cowboy fan. Yes, he hates America, but he does not plan to give up his American citizenship. Here is his own words:

Seyed Mohammad Marandi: I was born in the U.S. Why should anyone who has an unfavorable view of the American government renounce his or her citizenship? Why don't its supporters relinquish their citizenship first?


Shazde Asdola Mirza

اینجا کمیته انظباتی حزب توده‌ نیست، که هی‌ تو دهنی بزنی‌

Shazde Asdola Mirza

امام راحل هم عاشق تو دهنی زدن بود.

رفیقت کیانوری هم واسش دست میزد.

رفیق طبری هم واسش مقاله می‌نوشت.

ولی‌ کار تو بیچاره به این رسیده که فقط عجز و ناله کنی‌ که: "جیش دارم".

Jeesh Daram

آقای محمد علا

Jeesh Daram

 با سپاس از لینک در یوتیوب،  کوین مکدونالد فی الواقع مسایل را بسیار خوب تجزیه و تحلیل میکند و نتیجه ای که من از سخنان او گرفتم همانستکه بارها ذکر کرده ام که بروی کار آوردن جمهوری اسلامی و حمایت بی چون و چرای اسرائیل برای روی کار آمدن احمدی نژاد درست هدف غرب بود برای کوبیدن آنچه اتنوسنتریزم ایرانی خوانده میشود و تبدیل گرایش آرامانهای میهنی در ایران به گرایش های مذهبی و نتیجه آن امروز دارد به شرق و غرب پاداش میدهد 

Jeesh Daram

پاسخ تو دهنی به شازده

Jeesh Daram

شازده، تو اون کلاه دلال محبتی را به سر کرده ای و  در این وبسایت کارت نوشتن یکمشت جملات کثیف و توهین آمیز است و طبیعتا بخاطر بی سوادی  و عقب افتادگی فکری چیزی بهتر از آن نمیتوانی بنویسی. متوجه هستی که من هیچگاه به فضولات ترشح شده از قلم شکسته تو پاسخی نمیدهم،   چون نظافت فاضلاب با دیگران است و متاسفانه این وبسایت فضولات تو را همینطور در کنار پیاده رو ها قرار میدهد.  من افتخار میکنم که در چهار سال گذشته دو بار به ایران رفته ام و بتو با تمام جهل و عدم آگاهیت به مسایل ایران و ایرانی پیشنهاد میکنم آن کلاه دلال محبت را کنار بگذاری و سری به ایران بزنی تا بفهمی ایرانی کیست و چیست.  تو  در قالب نوشته هایت همیشه روی توهینت به زنان بی گناه ایران است و توهین به مقدسات مذهبی و انچه برای ایرانیان عزیز است.  تو در بچه گی زیر زور و آزار زیادی بوده ای و این از نوشته هایت آشکار است.  بهرصورت در مورد ایران و ایرانی تو اصولا صلاحیت بحث نداری و این دو سه جمله را هم برای خیرات و مبرات نوشتم که شاید بروی و خودت را تصحیح کنی.  در پاسخ این را هم اضافه کنم که اسرائیل هیچ زردآلو انکی در مقابل ایران نمیتواند بخورد 


 "سپاه جهل و


 "سپاه جهل و سیاهی و مرگ و خون :

جانشین فرمانده سپاه: هر کشوری که به ما حمله کند را می زنیم

جانشین فرمانده سپاه پاسداران روز یکشنبه هشدار داد هر کشوری را که از آنجا به ایران حمله شود مورد حمله متقابل قرار می دهیم و تاکید کرد، تنگه هرمز از جمله ظرفیت‌هایی است که ایران می‌تواند برای پاسخ به تهدیدها از آن بهره بگیرد.
حسین سلامی در سخنانی که خبرگزاری فارس آن را بازتاب داد اظهار داشت: «هر نقطه‌ای که مبدا عملیات تهاجمی دشمن علیه جمهوری اسلامی ایران باشد، مورد تهاجم و تازش متقابل واحدهای رزمی سپاه قرار خواهد گرفت.»"

A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny.--Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.


Re:If both are crazy loons,...

by aynak on


 Dear vildemose,

Unfortunately I do not see a good ending to this.   You have losers running Iran, with little brain in their fkcing heads, and you have arrogant fckers running Israel who never think of their own policies as having anything to do with what is going on there.   I am affraid, people in both countries will pay heavy price.   In the case of Iran, the majority have no say in IR's policiy anyway.

Everytime I think of 50+ sites all over Iran that is part of nuke program and the possibility of things going wrong (even without exteranl help) given the screwed up management, I shake to the bone, very helpless ...






No, Marandi is not the same as Goebbles....

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Nor is he anything like any of Saddam's ministers. Goeblles, and saddam Ministers, as Evil as they were, had enough courage and belief in the system they were backing , to stay put in face of enemy attack and die in their country for what they -wrongly- believed in. This character, at the first signs of trouble will be on a plane for the good old US of A to join his fan club here.

Make no mistake; The price of war will be paid by defenceless Iranian women and children. the islamist regime leadership and their fat cats will be flying out of Iran at first signs of trouble on their money laden planes.

 This is why we all need to actively oppose the War and the main source of it, the Islamist regime.

iraj khan

Deconstruction of a

by iraj khan on

Lynching on Iranian dotcom. 

Victim's name is Marandi,

a forty something male University teacher speaking his mind about imminent Israel's Plan to attack Iran on Aljazeera TV, what is Aljazeera but a news source.

The Lynching Party has already

1. Published Mr Marandi's date of birth, his place of birth, his citizenship and where he works. 

2. The next step is to discredit him. 

3. A member gets very aggressive and gives a 'Fatva' for Mr Marandi's 'Death'

4. Lynching Party members show their support for the Fatva Giver and cheer him on.

G. Rahmanian

Psychological Warfare!

by G. Rahmanian on

Psychological warfare. That's what this is about. This is simple verbal tit for tat. Israel will not attack Iran, period. At least, not any time soon.

Thanks to the sanctions, the regime in Tehran is on its knees, so Israelis and others are hitting it, that is verbally, as hard as they can. And they seem to be enjoying it, too.

IR's mullahs and its goons are threatening the world on a regular basis. They have backed their threats with terrorist acts or support for small powerless groups for more than three decades. These days, they say they even want to "manage" the world.

Ahmadinejad has used the same kind of rhetoric to divert Iranians' attention from the real problems Iranians are facing at home. IR stood by and watched Lebanon's infrastructure being destroyed, Gaza occupied and Syria bombed.

Ahmadinejad has also threatened to blow the whistle on his opponents within the regime both to silence them and to cover up the thievery committed by his corrupt friends and relatives.

The language of threat is part and parcel of IR's and IR officials' policy of self-preservation.

For Khomeini it was more ideological than political, though. To him, annihilation of Israel or as he put it, the Zionist entity, was a religious mission, a jihadist duty, so to speak. For the likes of Ahmadinejad it is essentially for political gains.

After years of war with Iraq and no victory, perhaps Khomeini had become more realistic or perhaps it was due to his failing health when he criticized those who had all the intentions to continue the war with Iraq, at any cost.

He had already given up on his life-long dream of liberating Jerusalem when he signed the letter that helped put an end to the 8-year war.

So let's not get bent out of shape, if after 33 years of perpetual threats and acts of terrorism by the regime in Tehran the favor is being returned.

As others have noted, the government of Israel is not in the habit of announcing its intentions before acting upon them or launching such attacks.

Tel Aviv and Washington are worlds apart when it comes to keeping secrets. However, Isn't it odd to hear US Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta, who has been praised for his discretion, openly discuss the possibility of an Israeli military attack against Iran?


 Dear aynak: If both are

by vildemose on

 Dear aynak: If both are crazy loons, how can we stop them?

A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny.--Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.

G. Rahmanian

Palestine Is Only An Excuse!

by G. Rahmanian on

Palestine is only an excuse. Those who kill Iranians with no qualms will kill Palestinians, as well.

Most Palestinians know that well and don't even trust IR's criminals. They have, more than once, told IR criminals to mind their own business.


Re:Is Marandi

by aynak on

" Is Marandi grandstanding or he and his bosses really
want war?? Either they want a war or don't comprehend  the the price
Iranian have to pay for their adventurism. Marandi et al are so out of
touch with reality...how could they make the right decision?


Sadly Marandi reminds me of Saddam's info minister Muhmad Saeed.   Of course the Israeli dude is no less charlatan.   Amazing when he tries to portray Israel as vicitim.





G. Rahmanian

Marandi Is A Bad Liar!

by G. Rahmanian on

From minute 19:30 on, he shamelessly claims no Iranian leader has ever said they want Israel off the map of the world.

Also, at 19:05 he talks about unity among Iranians. I wonder which Iranians he has in mind!!!

Marandi talks about Palestinians in exile and hypocritically defends IR's terrorists' support for "Palestinians." but shuts up about millions of Iranians in exile.

Of course, he also ignores the fact that millions of Palestians do not want IR's "help," but again, he'd prefer not to mention such facts!


Is Marandi

by vildemose on

Is Marandi grandstanding or he and his bosses really want war?? Either they want a war or don't comprehend  the the price Iranian have to pay for their adventurism. Marandi et al are so out of touch with reality...how could they make the right decision?

 A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny.--Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.


Here We Go Again

by Faramarz on

Another western-born-and-raised Iranian that is against the west, but at some point will end up living in the west again.

Somebody should really look into this phenomenon and come up with the psychological explanation of this. Seriously.