Will Israel attack Iran?

Aljazeera Inside Story

Has the countdown to attack Iran begun already? Would Israel go it alone? And what would the regional implications be? Guests: Yaakov Katz, defence analyst and author; Mohammad Marandi, professor of political science at the University of Tehran.


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Mohammad Ala

Bogus people say:... report them, deport them, harass them.

by Mohammad Ala on

The comments here have proved several points that the majority of bogus people are dishonest and do not tolerate varying views.  Phony members are resorting to harassment to stop others, especially “real” people from posting different views.

Simorgh5555 or whatever your name is, publish or reference the IRI handbook which you mentioned (Either you or others compare it to what Dr. MacDonald mentioned in his speech.  Tell us what Dr. MacDonald said that you disagree).   You lied by referencing my students’ comments for courses which all are in business field and have nothing to do with the subject of this thread.  (The course numbers are listed next to their comments)

Please criticize the work of Professor MacDonald and tell us which of his statements you disagree with.  In his books/chapters he has many references, go ahead dispute them with your references.

Mentally lazy people compare every new thing with some idea that they already have, because they don't want to learn anything new.

My neighbor in Tehran is a Jewish family and we get along fine while having heated but fun discussions.  My best friend in the USA was a Jewish faculty who also carried Israeli passport and we communicate on weekly basis.  He has watched Professor MacDonald’s speech and is less apprehensive than coward bogus people on IC site.

When bogus members disagree with what is posted, they start harassments by lying and saying deport them, report them, call their place of employment, check their identity and post negative comments about them.  “Real” members are at disadvantage to judge bogus people, therefore cowards should be ignored.  Democracy is not to express yourself while hiding and wanting to shut “real” people up when they post something different or express a different view than you.      


Prof Ala

by Simorgh5555 on

Have the courage to say your anti-semetic nonsense regarding MacCarthy to your students. What are you afriad of.
You have recycled anti-semetic nonsense.on this thread and on another which comes exactly from the IR Terrorist racist Hollocaust denying handbook. That is the reason why Iran is not progressing and the reason why Iran is undet the threat of nuclear strike because of this JEW HATE descended from.father to son and mother to daughter.
If you had any moral scruple you would apologise.


JJ etc. all

by Simorgh5555 on

Nothing falls below that a professor who approves of anti-semetic vile nonsense. Imagine if our good professor would tell his students to read Macarthy's vile anti-semetic nonsense. No one asked Prof Ala to disclose his public profile. He done this of hisown accord and the link was nothing but an honest comment made by students and in full public domain. It reflects not only is Prof Ala wrong and misguided by embracing a racist 'expert' who hates Jews but the students also seem to comment on him as well. If Prof Ala, who boasts that he comes under his full identity and has nothing to hide then he should accept all consequences of what he says. This was not an attack on Prof Alam or his private life but his capacity as a scholar.


Unity of Israel and Iranian people is crucial for regime change

by Siavash300 on

At this critical moment of our country the unity between people of Israel and Iranians are essential to overthrow the regime of stinky mullahs in Iran. Dr. Ala is making stereotyping about Hollywood people which is not scientific and comes out of emotions. I personally met a lots of hollywood people who are not jews. I am surprised to see someone like Dr. ala with all of those scientific credential makes such a generalization and stereotyping which is the root of racism.


Mohammad Ala

Bogus people Iran will NOT change for better unless you change.

by Mohammad Ala on

Simorgh5555, whatever your name is, you, vildemose, and few others such as Amir1973 have proved WHY Iran will not change for better any time soon.  


Simorgh5555, being a coward also you are a dishonest person.  In the link which you provided people can easily visit other pages.  My average was the highest students’ evaluation due to the subjects that I thought and I received Outstanding Professor Award.  (I did NOT flag your comment, someone else did).  


The first comment in page 1 in my student evaluation was done by someone from Iranian.com.  After I criticized him, few minutes later that comment was posted which the site removed the written part but his evaluation stays AFTER I retired.  What does that tell you?  I mentioned this behavior to JJ of IC in 2006, he ignored this comment.  Yes, JJ, you, and others want a better Iran.  It won’t happen. 

Read Iraj Khan’s comment in this blog.... report them, deport them, attack them if they disagree with you...

 When I used to work in the USA, every week several would call my place of employment and complain about my teaching.  When they were questioned I was told they would hang up…. Very funny. 

I am NOT bothered by criticisms, what bothers me are dishonest cowards who hide and attack “real people.”  Bogus people call the place of employment of “real” people. Report them, deport them, ... LOL.

CONCLUSION:  Iran WILL NOT change for better until our people learn to be honest, accountable, and accept responsibility.  Simorgh5555 you’re a proof WHY Iran will NOT change for better.  I have been with Iranian.com since 1996 using my real name, picture, and expressed my opinions openly even about religion in public.

G. Rahmanian

Dear Vildemose: You Expect Too Much!

by G. Rahmanian on

The same entities shut up when anti-regime Iranian opposition forces are slandered and their personal lives are "exposed." Ignore them.

They have no idea what they're talking about. One of the entities here, wrote Shapour Bakhtiar smoked opium. A slanderous lie and personal attack which they are criticizing, now!

Also, did you see any criticism by these people of Max Blumenthal's personal attacks on Gingrich? Look under "current events videos" and you'll know!


Bibi yahoo: shhhh! don't put Israel on front line of war!

by Disenchanted on

Modus operandi of Israel in action again: "Screw up the world but portray others are behind it"! Israel knows it is so despised in the world (think Europe, South America, Arab world & Turkey & China and India and you name it...) that any association of it by sanctions or actions against Iran spoils the show! That's why their boss telling them shut up and don't make too much noise! As usual pull the strings behind the scene as we have done it for ....how many years now? Here is from BBC Persian:

بنیامین نتانیاهو، نخست وزیر اسرائیل به مقامات کشورش هشدار داده است که از "وراجی" در مورد احتمال حمله به سایتهای هسته ای ایران خودداری کنند.

هشدار' نتانیاهو در مورد 'وراجی' درباره حمله به ایران

به روز شده:  17:33 گرينويچ - دوشنبه 06 فوريه 2012 - 1بهمن 1390

خبرگزاری فرانسه به نقل از روزنامه معاریو گزارش داده که آقای نتانیاهو این هشدار را به شماری از مقامات نظامی و وزرای دولت اسرائیل داده است که به عقیده او بیش از حد آزادانه در مورد احتمال حمله اسرائیل به تاسیسات اتمی ایران صحبت می کنند.

روزنامه معاریو این خبر را به نقل از مقامات بلندپایه ای گزارش داده که نامشان را فاش نکرده است.

این مقامات می گویند آقای نتانیاهو این اظهارات را روز یکشنبه در جریان نشست وزرای حزب لیکود در دولت ائتلافی اسرائیل مطرح کرده است.

بر اساس این گزارش آقای نتانیاهو به مقامات اسرائیلی گفته که " چنین صحبتهایی به شدت زیانبار است و علاوه بر قرار دادن اسرائیل در خط مقدم ماجرا، به تحریمها هم ضرب 


I beg you, for once stop asking

by darius on

Would you really consider  a person  as your ally or  friend ?


Aceept all your  high tech weapons (sort of free)never say no and if doesn't get it steal the techonlogy .

Accept billions all the time , supposedly to return the money but usually you end up forgiving it and also pay them isomething for paying the forgiven debt  .

Feel free  to spy on you and then expect the spies to be freed.

Claim you as the  only friend but you usually find out , he/she sleeping with everybody.

Most of the time  end up  using your resources   to clean up thier mess otherwise you will be the one you get the blame.

Finally, they  are expecting you ( don't like the no answer)  to share every thing  you know and you got but when  you expect the same thing from  them

The answer is  F... you, I do not trust you  and I am not going to tell you a thing.

Wouldn't you wish one day this good friend of yours stop asking,lamenting ?


 Iraj khan:

by vildemose on

 Iraj khan: Yawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwn. Consider yourself ignored.

I have seen your comments too....

A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny.--Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.


And this is how the warmongers discredit anti-war movement...

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

By first getting a known traitor to Iran and USA to become the "anti-war spokesman" on a TV interview , and then a bunch of known crazed anti-semite cyber warriers to support him and site a known Neo-Nazi as proof of their arguement, and then attack anyone who dares to stand up against them!

Shameless warmongers. They will be sitting in their comfortable English, US and canadian houses when and if people of Iran get bombed to pieces....

iraj khan


by iraj khan on


Ms vildemose

you are one of the ring leaders of the Lynching Party.

I have seen your comments over the last couple of years 

Threatening the ones who don't agree with your viewpoints

To be explelled from IC,

To be harressed at their jobs,

To be reported, 

To be deported, etc.  

Do you deny it? 

My question is:

Who gives you this authority? 


Mr. Ala: Preach what you

by vildemose on

Mr. Ala: Preach what you practice.  I did not attack you. I pointed out your hypocrisy and dangerous display of your anti-semetic sentiments. I actually am trying to help you not to get in trouble.

You are not exactly the brightest crayon in the box for me to engage with anyway.

A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny.--Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.

Mohammad Ala

Bogus people

by Mohammad Ala on

Vildemouse, whatever your name is… you have no right to lecture others full-time.  You have no right to twist other people’s words and attack them.  You are disregarded!.


 Mr. Ala: I suggest before

by vildemose on

 Mr. Ala: I suggest before you incriminate yourself further, just leave the subject alone. You have discredit yourself and those you associate with enough.  Are you on NIAC's board??

You are digging your own grave. Not a very smart move. I would remove my comment and anti-semitic link immediately, if I were you.

Your anti-semitism is on full display. Not that you don't have the right to be one, but think about your zionists/likudnick radical jewish counterparts. They hate as fiercefully as you hate them..

How could this much hatred on both part lead to peace?? How could you call yourself anti-war??

A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny.--Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.

Mohammad Ala


by Mohammad Ala on

Thanks for replies.  I am not alone in criticizing people who use bogus names and attack “real” people personally. Many others on IC have written about this too.  There are IC members who dig personal information and cowardly attack real people.

Back to Wikipedia.  This source is not credible and you must check the background of its founders to find out what is tolerated or posted.  There are professionals who change real people’s information and/or attack them on Wikipedia.  Many of the attackers use bogus names such as Marmoulak who lives in Toronto Canada.  Check the history section to find out who is changing the real people’s information.

Univ. Senate is a political organization but faculty union (CFA) is not.  CFA has supported Dr. MacDonald.  All the faculty (over 1800 professors) are members of CFA whereas senate has 3-4 members from each college (about 70 people make up the senate).

People who control the USA media and Hollywood have destroyed the black race in America and White race has been in decline and yes other races will be attacked too except the race or people who control the Hollywood.  (We need another thread for Dr. MacDonald’s entire speech).


Yaakov was aggressive then was just cute

by Abarmard on

As the commercial goes:

Make 7 up Yours mr. Yaakov Kaatz. Good interview. Good answers by Marandi.



Giveth & taketh credit

by maghshoosh on

Dr. Mohammad Ala,

As far as your statement that "Blacks have been destroyed in America and white race is next in line to
be destroyed through lies of media and junky Hollywood culture," I find it to be grammatically sound, yet can make as much sense of it as if all its words were randomly rearranged.

As far as your claim that "Dr. MacDonald knows his subject(s) and is respected among academicians,
but he is not respected by those who control the media and Hollywood.  Therefore, people such as Maghshoosh assume he must be wrong or not worthy of paying any attention to," did I not link to the sources of info that I'd used for MacDonald?  According to the Wikipedia entry for him that I linked to, "The university's psychology department, as well as the Cal State Long
Beach academic senate, have formally disassociated themselves from his
work. The academic senate described his views as antisemitic and white ethnocentric."  So are his own university department and senate part of "the media and Hollywood," and not made up of "academicians"?  Is the Wikipedia entry inaccurate? 

The entry further says, "MacDonald's most controversial claim is that a suite of traits that he attributes to Jews, including higher-than-average verbal intelligence and ethnocentricism, have eugenically evolved to enhance the ability of Jews to conspire to out-compete non-Jews for resources while undermining the power and self-confidence of the white majorities in Europe and America whom he insists Jews seek to disposess."  In other words, MacDonald believes that Jews are genetically devious, deceptive and self-centered, and enemies of the whites of Europe and N. America.  Do you also subscribe to the view that anyone born to a Muslim family, whether practicing or not, whether IRI or Al Qaeda supporter or not, is genetically a terrorist bent on destroying the Western civilization?

The other Wikipedia entry I linked to says that MacDonald is Director of "The American Third Position Party which promotes white supremacism ... and defines its principal mission as representing the political interests of white Americans."  So which part of this Wikipedia article should be corrected?  An example of white supremacism would be Apartheid S. Africa, where blacks were at the bottom of the ladder, whites at the top and the "coloureds" in between.  I think Iranians would have been considered "coloureds" by them, but since you understand their ideology better, maybe you can correct the record.

As far as giving credit where it's due, since Dr. MacDonald has had a faculty position at an acredited university, he must have done respectable work at some point.  But the topic was his statements in the video of him that you linked to.  Furthermore, you're right in suggesting that openly espousing highly unpopular racist views, as MacDonald does, does take some courage.  But I didn't call him a coward to begin with.

G. Rahmanian

Crime & Punishment!

by G. Rahmanian on

Iranians who are arrested buying dollars in the black market will be hanged publicly. This is at a time when US$12 billion have disappeared without a trace.

The moral of it all: The bigger the crime, the easier to escape punishment!


صلوات بلند بفرستید لطفاً


روبوسی، رفاقت و هم میهنی. به جای دعوا و بحث و جنجال، یقه همدیگه را ول کنید و لطفاً همه پاشیم بریم تو صف چند تا سکه طلا بخریم! بعدش هم یه توک پا تا میدون فردوسی بریم ببینیم میشه دو سه هزار دلار بخریم بذاریم تو بالش!

صلوات. صلوات!


Artificial Intelligence

Very revealing posts by our Dear Professor Ala

by Artificial Intelligence on

Our Dear Prof. Ala States the following in defense of another  crackpot professor:

"Blacks have been destroyed in America and white race is
next in line to be destroyed through lies of media and junky Hollywood
culture.  Guess who is controlling the media and Hollywood?  Please at least give credit to Dr. MacDonald for using his real name. "

Our Dear Professor, who openly insults everyone who does not use their "real names" miraculously agrees with "ferdowsi" below. I guess real names matter only if you are attacking the IRI and its cyber apologists. 

Very revealing Prof! Very revealing!



Mohammad Marandi is lying

by Siavash300 on

Iranian people do not support the government. Mohammad Marandi is lying. All world was witnessed in june 2009 that Iranian people were against Iran Islamic government.

   Islamization of whole world had been agenda of Islamic government since 1979 when Islamic group unlawfully took power in Iran. First, they wanted to take over Iraq and going toward Ghodes through Iraq. Everybody knows that. It was at the begining of news hours on state control Iranian T.V back in 80's to take over Iraq and then Israel. For sure if Islamic government  will strike Israel if they have such a capability. At the same time,  No Iranian is willing to give up his/her live for Islamic government.Marandi is either idiot or he is trying to close his eyes to the reality. Marandi and his Islamic comrade's time is up and soon all of them will go to the dumpster of history.

Payandeh Iran. 

Mohammad Ala

Giving credit.

by Mohammad Ala on

Ferdowsi, good points you raised.

Maghshoosh, you are really maghshoosh because you are wrong in your views.  Blacks have been destroyed in America and white race is next in line to be destroyed through lies of media and junky Hollywood culture.  Guess who is controlling the media and Hollywood?  Please at least give credit to Dr. MacDonald for using his real name. 

General comment: If someone doesn't bother to even address the issues being discussed, and simply wants to dismiss a person by calling him names and association-through-guilt, the efforts required to make them understand the subject is a lot, and the reward - convincing someone who can't even think or doubt themselves - is too little.

Dr. MacDonald knows his subject(s) and is respected among academicians, but he is not respected by those who control the media and Hollywood.  Therefore, people such as Maghshoosh assume he must be wrong or not worthy of paying any attention to. 

So much for "freedom of expression" and those who think they can bring this freedom to Iran.


Damn Israel! Behind all these wars! Has no respect for lives ..

by Ferdowsi on

of non-jews! Was behind the 8 year war of iran-iraq (and making money too!), Persian Gulf,  Iraq war... and now so despearate, is openly going after Iran. She wouldn't dare talking about Iran, if it wasn't for the AIPAC. They want to drag the US into this.

Israel wants to rule the region freely and dominate it economically. Iran has the potential to be her fiece competition, therfore it should be weakend first. Nuclear is only an alibi. If it wasn't this, they would use another excuse. all about money and control! Israel always uses the scare tactic getting people panic to achieve her goals! Psychological wars! 

Israel uses Iran to divert attention from his apartheid policies, and collect more money from the zionists abroad by perceivng Iran as an existential threat, helping her badly managed economy.

Israel wants WWlll. I guess, WWl and ll wasn't enough.

Yes, as much as I hate this regime, I hate Israel even more. This kind of rhetoric only helps the regime to suck more of iranian blood. Since when Israel cares about Iranian people? Is that why they push for sanctions against people? This Katz is really full of propaganda crap. Do they think that we cannot see what they are up to? KHAR KHODETI!

The sanctions are all done by the zionists who claim to be americans.  I don't care for IRI mouth, however, he should give up his US citizenship when all those zionist americans give up theirs. Their loyalties are to Israel, not the US. So, don't be hypocite!


Read the very wise comment from maghshoosh.....

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

And learn to think for yourselves, outside the box of propaganda... 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


It is a shame..

by Bavafa on

For so much attention on personalities and little on content.

Here we have a regime who has been occupying their neighbors for the longest time in the recent history of mankind, armed with 100s of nuclear bombs and threatening war and military attack on another nation in their neighborhood.

There is only one acknowledgement that was made here that has the most sense of truth in it and that any attack on Iran will only result in Iranian people circling their wagon around their regime which they currently despise.   This will only result in prolonging IRI, weakening Iranian opposition and destroying many innocent lives of Iranians and Israelis alike.  We also learned where Fred has got the term “crippling sanction”.         


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



Very unwise choice of colleague

by maghshoosh on

Mohammad Ala @ 11:25AM,

Couldn't you find video of someone a bit less ridiculous than your "colleague at CSULB" Kevin MacDonald that you linked to?  Dr. MacDonald is a crackpot racist who is Director of the American Third Position party, which is a white supremacist party.  In the video you linked to, the ideas he espouses sound along the lines of the "Jewish Science" theories of the Nazis.  The foolishness of Iranians being attracted to such characters is that once these whitey supramicists get rid of the Jews & Blacks in their midst, their next target would be the "Browns" in their lily white Jew-free society, and that would include Iranians.


As far as the video subject of this blog, Katz & Marandi aren't saying anything that we haven't heard many times before.  They're both propagandists & apologists for their respective regimes, and are simply repeating the more extremist right-wing views of their societies.


It's amazing to see how

by jirandoust on

It's amazing to see how many people on this site are actually willing to cut off their noses just to spite their faces. Their hatred of IR is so much that they actually rooting for Isreal to bomb Iran...


Do you realy think Isreali or US bombs will liberate Iranians? Do you really think these countries care about Iran and Iranians? Think people...think for god sake!!! Look at Iraq and the number of civilians killed as the result of "US liberation of Iraq" for a second and then open your mouths and comment. 


Shazde Asdola Mirza

به روباه گفتند: شاهدت کیه؟

Shazde Asdola Mirza

گفت: قمر خانم!


"Psychological warfare"

by Joubin on

... that is applied is (somewhat) clever but you should be able to see through it.

It is entirely irrelevant whether the zionist project known as "Israel" is good or evil; whether it is legitimate or not; whether it has nuclear weapons or not; whether Hebrew is pleasing to the ear or not.

It is entirely irrelevant if IRI is or is not in compliance with NPT obligations; whether it should or should not build under ground; whether its intentions are peaceful or not; whether it harbors "moderates" or not.

It is entirely irrelevant if the "West" is hypocritical or not; whether the victors of World War II have the right to be biased or not. 

It is entirely irrelevant if Mr. Marandi is a duplicitous liar or not.  

It is entirely irrelevant if Mr. Katz is a duplicitous liar or not.  

The only thing that should be of concern to Iranians is that "The Islamic Republic of" Iran has and continues to oppress the Iranian people; is subverting their clearly stated demand for a free and representative society for more than 3 decades; has shat on Islam and sanctities and "paak" Iranians; and that IRI must be sent to the dustbin of Iranian history before it delivers the final mortal blow to the nation of Iran. 

That is the only thing that matters, and it should not under any circumstances be subject to a relative moral analysis.

Psychological operations such the ongoing story of enmity between West and IRI -- regularly conveyed by barely disguised propaganda organs and talking heads -- are designed to create moral ambiguity, and to cast doubt in your mind and heart.  All of the "content" pushed 24/7 on the corporate and state media are designed to divide Iranians, Jews, the citizens of the West and concerned people elsewhere.  

See through the transparent devices of the original authors of the historic tragedy that befell the Iranian nation and put aside irrational and tangential concerns.

A free and sovereign Iran not subject to internal tyranny is the only thing that should matter to an Iranian, first and foremost. Unity of purpose is a must and for that you will need a heart and mind free from all doubt and subject to no ambiguity regarding the urgent matter at hand.

Think Clearly, Speak Straight, and Act Decisively.  Only then will you be an Iranian.


Thanks Iraj Khan

by divaneh on

I thought it was about lynching.