Earthquakes kills hundreds in Tabriz region

Magnitude 6.4

AP: In a change of heart, Iran said Tuesday it now welcomes foreign aid for victims of the deadly twin earthquakes that hit the country's northwest over the weekend. "We would welcome help by any country," said Iran's parliament speaker, Ali Larijani, during his visit to the earthquake-stricken area on Tuesday. >>>

Minutes after earthquake:

Complaining of government's rescue efforts:

Manoto TV: Iran will accept foreign assistance:

Al Jazeera: Two more survivors found

More donation drive images on state tv:

Al Jazeera report:

Donation drive:

State TV report on people donating essential goods:

Long line of people at blood donation center in Tajrish/Tehran>

Press TV report:

Latest report from state tv:

Al Jazeera: Hospitals struggling to cope after quake

People made homeless:

Photos from quake one (3):

Interview with Shargh newspaper reporter eyewitness:

State TV: People need tents and blankets

Manoto TV report:

Majles MP from Ahar Gholm Hossein Masoudi:

20 hours after first quakke:

Quake Zone Photos (2):

News report:

Quake Zone Photos (1):

Home shaking in Tabriz:

Initial report:


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Arash Kamangir

Typical IR

by Arash Kamangir on

every time ever since 1979 when the regime came under pressure the regime changed thier policies and decisions. I bet soon when the first israeli bombs are dropped IR will change thier nuclear policies as well.



by yolanda on

I am glad that Ali Daei is visiting his home province and the afflicted areas! I recall he had a car accident and cracked his head not long ago!


When The "Bam" Earthquake Happened Several Years Ago ...

by R2-D2 on

There was a large group of Iranians living in London who collected substantial funds, and many of them actually went back to Bam, Iran to make sure that the funds were spent properly and wisely - 

I believe that these organizations that are cropping up left and right, are nothing but scams - Groups that "Know-One-Another" Is Perhaps The Best Way To Go - 



Anonymous Observer

"Havaar," another anonymous, website only, "anti-sanction"

by Anonymous Observer on



Boy, they are sprouting up like mushrooms.  Here's another one:


The common thread of all these so-called organizations:

1- no information about who their "boards" are.  (I actually asked the "Divest" thing once, but s/he responded by personal attacks, saying that I'm anonymous also.  True, but I don't call myself an organization and don't ask for endorsements.)

2- all anti-sanction and "anti [non-existent]-war.

To first step toward being a credible organization is transparency and honesty.  And none of those will be achieved by setting up an anonymous website.  

The funniest thing is that when you go to these websites' contact page, they ask for your name and email.  Hilarious! 

Darius Kadivar

choghok don't change the subject again PROVE IT or SHUT UP !

by Darius Kadivar on

When and Where did I advocate Bombing Iran anywhere or on a Satellite TV ?




سپاه از کمک‌رسانی مردم به زلزله‌زدگان جلوگیری می‌کند


بعد از سه روز بی‌تفاوتی حاکمیت در برابر زلزله آذربایجان، سپاه پاسداران وارد میدان شده است؛ تا فضا را امنیتی کند، تا نگذارد مردم از نزدیک ابعاد فاجعه را ببینند، به هموطنان خود کمک کنند و روزنامه‌نگاران نتوانند اطلاع‌رسانی کنند. سپاه می‌خواهد کمک‌ها را خودش دپو و توزیع کند. تمام کمک‌های ارسالی از بخش‌های مختلف، حتی کمک‌هایی که گفته می‌شود از ترکیه رسیده، را سپاه می‌گیرد و انبار می‌کند. حتی نمایندگان هلال احمر هم می‌نشینند نگاه می‌کنند و وقتی به آنها گفته می‌شود شما چرا کاری نمی‌کنید، می‌گویند سپاه نمی‌گذارد.


Hafez for Beginners

Signed ! (by 10 Iranian-American Organizations)

by Hafez for Beginners on

10 Iranian-American organizations have signed. Wow !!!!!!!!!! IABA (Iranian American Bar Association) drafted the letter that 10 organizations co-signed  and below is a passage:

"The IABA, along with

Child Foundation

Children of Persia

Havaar-Iranian Initiative Against War, Sanctions, and State Repression

Iranian Alliances Across Borders (IAAB)

Moms Against Poverty

National Iranian American Council (NIAC)

Pars Equality Center

Public Affairs Alliance of Iranian Americans (PAAIA)

United For Iran

are concerned that the current United States sanctions imposed on Iran will hinder efforts to provide immediate humanitarian relief to assist these victims."


Go to IABA's website for a proper draft of the letter click on below.


10 Iranian-American organizations - probably the most prominent in the coutnry - coming together despite differences. That is wonderful and encouraging.


Choghok I thought you were cleverer than this

by anglophile on

Every movement or political/social ideology have their various shades. They may have certain commonalities but there are distinct differenes between them. Ture, some extreme monarchist groups may support bombing of Iran but to suggest that all of them do is simply crass. 

As for Ebadi for her Islam comes before Iran or when it suits her, they are the same. This is not misinformation. 




What is the matter DK?

by choghok on

Mr DK why so upset? I did not know you are so sensetive.

Fred's motives are quiet known here and you and him have each others
back in the forum.  Also the monrachists on Satellite TV are not known for being pacifists. They are all screaming for bombing Iran. So when you choose your allies one can assume that you share each others
sentiments. You have for sure never talked about diplomacy and talks.

And as for suing, sue for what? If someone could be sued you would have been sued many times for spreading lies and misinformation about many here, for example mrs Ebadi, or anybody that does not worships the ground Reza Pahlavi walks on like Iranian republicans.


Darius Kadivar

choghok Keep your cowardly ad hominem Attacks to Yourself !

by Darius Kadivar on

I've Had Enough of your recurrent ad hominem attacks against my person under your Coward Anonymous Avatar !

I Belong to Fred's Organization or one of my Own ? 


Where did you see me advocate Bombing IRan on a Satellite TV ?




Deem yourself lucky I did not flag you. If You were writing under your own Name I would Sue you Little Man !


You are Pathetic ! 




MM regarding Fred and DK organization

by choghok on

They just talk on satellite TV all day on bombing Iran and saving Iran by miracle of changing Khamenei with Reza Pahlavi, if that would have worked then the revolution 33 years a go would have worked.


Yes, you don't need to go thru NIAC, iranfirst

by MM on


The death toll could be more than 1000!

by yolanda on

Very bad news according to LA Times:


"Despite the relatively small population of the region, Naser Zagar, who heads the coroner's office in the town of Ahar, near the two epicenters, toldIran'sofficial Islamic Republic News Agency on Saturday that the death count could be more than 1,000.

The mayor of Varzaqan, one of the hardest-hit towns, said 12 villages in the region had been destroyed. Each of those villages had up to 1,000 residents and as many as a third of those people may have been killed, he told the news service.

Many of the dead were women and children killed under the rubble of falling homes as the quakes struck 11 minutes apart in late afternoon, a time when most men were still outdoors working in this agricultural region."


Iran has a deadly history of earthquakes. In 2003, more than 25,000 people were killed when a magnitude 6.6 quake struck the southeast part of the country.

"Nowhere in the world does a 6 Richter scale earthquake kill so many people," Iran's leading seismologist, Bahram Akasheh, told a local news agency Sunday. "The maximum number of the casualties should have been 10 injured. Due to the inappropriate constructions, our cities and villages are heavily damaged. It shows our crisis management has failed to strengthen the foundation of buildings.


Sad Day

by aziz on

Condolences to all who lost their loved one. While earthquake is a natural disaster that human being faces, it is possible to limit its damage by building appropriate infrastructure/homes and better care specially provisions for aftershocks!


No need to go through NIAC, do it direct, once IRI allows

by IranFirst on

There is no need to go through NIAC, CASMII, or other pro IRI groups to get help to Iran.

First, IRI has NOT asked for help from International organizations yet. until they do so, help can not be sent.

Once/if they aske for it , help through Canadian Red Cross . They are monitoring the situation and getting ready


Their phone number is: 1-800-418-1111



These are Dark Days within Dark days for Iranians

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on


Ever wondered where Iran would be had the USA/UK/France and Iranian Opposition groups not lied about the late shah and his team in order to deceive Iranians with the aim of thwarting them and causing regression?  Awareness is a process, unlocking your mind is a click away //



FA - I agree

by MM on

But, some folks here have to divert any subject to NIAC for any reason!


Pavlovian Reaction of NIAC and its Supporters!

by Faramarz on



No matter what happens in Iran, good or bad, NIAC's reaction, very much like Pavlov's dog is predictably a call to remove the sanctions and do business as usual with the Regime of Sepah and Basij.

It won't happen.

Iranian-Americans should channel their donations through reputable international organizations such as International Red Cross who have the skills and the know-how to deliver aids to Iran effectively.

It is also noteworthy that NIAC on its site mentions that it is LEGAL to send food and medicine to Iran, but as usual the NIACies on this site, for whatever reason fail to mention that in their humanitarian copy and paste efforts!

"Under current U.S. sanctions it is legal to donate food and medicine directly to Iran under an existing humanitarian exemption.  Efforts to send these goods have been obstructed due to confusion about the law and over enforcement of the sanctions.  Banks, drug companies, and reportedly even the U.S. Postal Service have been unwilling to facilitate and send such items.  However, in our discussions with Treasury it has been made explicit that such transactions are indeed legal and we are urging Treasury to take additional steps necessary to ensure private and public entities are not blocking legal transactions."


First Amendment


by First Amendment on

I find any debates for and against any political organizations on this thread, quite cynical, selfish and counterproductive..................



NIAC lobby cyber response team 2

by Fred on

sightseeing and getting report  by NIAC lobby DOES not qualify.

Where is the report detailing all the MONEY, and HANDS on activity that NIAC lobby claims it has done for Bam?



Oh, please - self indulge and self-glorify your organization!

by MM on



Here is a 2004 report by NIAC on Bam and what they did.

by MM on

WTH did your organization do?




از صمیم قلب به هموطنان آذری خود



از صمیم قلب به هموطنان آذری خود تسلیت می گوییم و خود را در غم
و دردشان شریک می دانیم



NIAC lobby cyber response team

by Fred on

Talk and self glorifying press releases does not qualify for hands on humanitarian activities.

How much money, how many homes, hospitals, roads, or even a latrine did NIAC lobby build?

Where is the complete report with details for every cent that was gotten from the “fund raising” for Bam?

Details, details and details. 

iraj khan


by iraj khan on

has slowed down a speedy response to this disaster by Iranian Americans.

Here is why:

"Given current U.S. sanctions on Iran, there are serious concerns that humanitarian relief will be hindered.  NIAC is in direct contact with officials in the White House, Treasury Department, and State Department and is urging for a general license to be issued to exempt relief efforts from current U.S. sanctions.  Officials have provided assurances that the U.S. Government is actively looking into and preparing for the most appropriate response.

In 2003, following the earthquake in Bam, the Bush Administration issued a general license to enable relief organizations to provide services in Iran.  NIAC strongly supports a similar and hopefully more robust effort by the Obama Administration today.  The Obama Administration should take all steps necessary to ensure that relief efforts are not obstructed due to the dispute between the U.S. and Iranian governments." 



Here is Part of NIAC/Bam search - what did your organization do?

by MM on

Except, of course, to bitch and moan and blame!!!!

My heart goes to the victims and their families.




... unique Boston-based relief organization that aids Iran's orphaned children

as a result of earthquakes. On December 26, the Bam earthquakewith a ... - 50k


National Iranian American Council (NIAC): NIAC ...

... DC—The NIAC team also met with Relief International (RI) officials while in

Bam. In the immediate aftermath of the earthquake, RI helped with the ... - 61k


National Iranian American Council (NIAC): Relief International ...

... Relief International, an Iranian-American aid organization that provided

humanitarian relief to Iran after the Bam earthquake, is now offering four ... - 47k


National Iranian American Council (NIAC): Tragedy in Haiti ...

... be reminded of the devastating Bam earthquake in 2003 ... go to the Haitian

Earthquake relief operation. ... aid survivors of earthquakes with immediate ... - 48k


National Iranian American Council (NIAC): Want to Adopt an ...

... Want to Adopt an Orphaned Child from Bam? Friday, January 2, 2004 By: NIAC

Staff - News. The Earthquake Relief Funds for Orphans is an ... - 45k


National Iranian American Council (NIAC): Children of Persia ...

... the future vulnerabilities of the area in the event of futureearthquakes... and

blanket collection drive for victims of the Bam, Iran earthquake... - 49k


National Iranian American Council (NIAC): Center for ...

... disaster relief, has published their guidelines to Persian to be used by

Iranian-American organizations working with the Bam earthquake.... - 45k


National Iranian American Council (NIAC): Bam 6.6 Highlights ...

... time since the 1970s, carrying food and water, medicine, andrelief supplies. ...

Americans and Iranians is due to events like the earthquake in Bam.... - 48k


National Iranian American Council (NIAC): Fundraiser for Bam ...

... Fundraiser for Bam in Santa Clara on Feb 6 Monday, January 12... 100% of

proceeds will go to the Earthquake Relief Fund for Orphans through NIAC ... - 45k


National Iranian American Council (NIAC): Iranian-American ...

... Red Cross, Mercy Corps, and Relief International which in partnership with

NIAC were also instrumental in the Bam earthquake relief effort that took ... - 47k


از صمیم قلب به هموطنان آذری خود



صمیم قلب به هموطنان آذری خود تسلیت می گوییم و خود را در غم و دردشان شریک می

Darius Kadivar

NIAC's prayers Heard: Putin offers aid to Iran after earthquake

by Darius Kadivar on

Russia offers aid to Iran after earthquake: Voice of Russia



Russia is prepared to help Iran to overcome the consequences of a powerful earthquake, reads the telegram of condolences sent by Vladimir Putin to Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.


Anonymous Observer

On the bright side of things

by Anonymous Observer on

The $50 million park that Iran paid for in South Lebanon is completely earthquake proof.  So are all the housing projects in South Lebanon that Iran has paid for.  All are earthquake proof and state of the art.


NIAC or whoever

by Rea on

... people must be helped. 

It is the only thing that should matter right now, regardless of political convictions. Politics can be discussed later, once the injured and homeless have been taken care of.