WoW! Trita Parsi Makes Sense!

Brilliant. Bloody Brilliant.


WoW! Trita Parsi Makes Sense!
by bahmani

While I have had my disagreement with NIAC's mission and tactics, I have always liked Trita Parsi personally, and as well intellectually. Honestly, I think it might be the suit. It always seems 2 sizes too big. And maybe the hair. I think outside of 1977 (which in fairness he is too young to relate) a slicked back Tony Manero is completely uncalled for. In case he agrees, and to head that off in advance, so is a Tony Montana.

Personally, I have met Trita many times and found him to be genuine, polite, caring, and just an all around nice guy to talk to. When he does, he has a warm smile.

Intellectually, I think he's a genius. I think the correct technical term would be "Freaking Genius". I've read all his books and listened to him speak, and there is little doubt in my mind that this is anything other than a great man and mind, trapped in a little body, in a bad suit, with a bad choice of hairstyle.

Really. NO, Really.

Case in point, on an extremely well rounded discussion with Neil Conan on NPR's "Talk of the Nation", Trita perfectly exemplified everything I just said, sans the negative visual metaphor, given it was a radio program.

The topic? That which is currently on everyone's minds (save the folks in EVIN), namely "Can Sanctions End Iran's Nuclear Ambitions?"

I mean this is the perfect question, No? If well analyzed and better answered, this is like the Holy Grail of the greater US-Iran question that, let's face it, commands the attention of those of us obsessively gnawing at the water drip of sanity this site affords us, like Hamsters hydrating just enough so we can get back on that wheel.

And Trita, the Trita I know personally and intellectually did not disappoint.

Here are just a few quotes that I think best explain why I at once love him, and get so frustrated with the lack of results from NIAC so far.

On what the US and Iran need to do:

"...I think the least bad option is to actually give diplomacy a real chance. The diplomacy that was pursued by the Obama administration in 2009, I think, was genuine, but it was very limited, and Obama administration did not have the patience and stamina to stick with it, partly because there was so much pressure, both from Saudi Arabia, from Israel and from Congress, to abandon diplomacy before it even had had a chance to show any results.

"That's the least costly option, and that's also the only option that we have been able to use in other cases successfully, preventing states from pursuing nuclear weapons."

Brilliant. Bloody Brilliant. It gets better.

"... There's very limited political will, certainly right now in Washington, mindful of the elections that are upcoming. There isn't any interest in giving diplomacy a chance. Rather, we see the Obama administration almost trying to position itself to the right of the Republicans on this issue.

"In Iran we have a similar issue, not necessarily for the same reasons but because of their very factional politics and infighting that currently takes place in Iran; it's very difficult to see them in the short run having the political will to sustain diplomacy.

"But when the question is which one is the least bad option, then this clearly is the least bad option. In fact, I would say it's a pretty decent option."

On why sanctions don't work (my point too)

"... I think it's very important to note that if there's anything that has delayed and made sure that the Iranians actually progress with their program, it's the sanctions policy. We're talking now again about additional sanctions, and we see that the IAEA report says that the Iranian program actually is continuing.

"After more than 15, 20 years of sanctions, we have absolutely no indications that the sanctions are affecting their nuclear program in such a way that it would change its trajectory or in such a way that the regime would change its calculation. Yet that's the option that we will be going forward with in the next 12 months or so because not - not because it has any significant chances of a result but because it's the least costly option from a political standpoint.

"It takes the least amount of political capital and the least amount of political risk, but when it comes to actually doing anything about the issue at hand, it really doesn't do much at all."


On whether Iran should have the right to get a Nuke (Those of you who have suggested "things" take note of this exact quote carefully):

"... I absolutely don't think that the Iranians should be getting a weapon. The non-proliferation treaty, which they have signed, essentially means that they're foresworn weapons. The problem is that it's not necessarily weaponization that we're focusing on right now.

"For the last decade or so, the United States' position has been to not permit the Iranians to have enrichment, which is a very preliminary step, but is also a step that is used to produce fuel for peaceful purposes.

"I think that we should proceed and through diplomacy, make sure that we get maximum amount of inspections and verification and insight to the program to make it next to impossible for the Iranians to diverge anything that they're doing toward a military direction. And by that, also ensure that we limit the amount of enrichment that they're doing.

"I think that remains a possibility, but if we continue to waste time by just going forward with sanctions, unfortunately, that opportunity may also be lost."

Satisfied? I am.

On who's fault the current lack of US-Iran diplomacy is:

"... The Iranians have in no way, in my view, been particularly helpful when it comes to diplomacy, for various reasons, and it is not an uncommon thing. In every negotiation at some point, one of the parties, including the United States, will, for tactical reasons, try to waste some time.

"That's always the case, and we shouldn't be surprised by that. But the thing is if we want to succeed with this, we have to go in with the level of political will necessary to sustain diplomacy for the amount of time that it usually takes. And in a negotiation like this, it usually takes more than four years to actually get to a final settlement.

"That's the case when the United States negotiated with Libya, for instance. But if we are in a situation in which we believe that it is actually politically easier, less costly, to send off young American women and men off to war than it is to send our diplomats to go and negotiate, then I think we're faced with a much, much greater problem than the nuclear issue of Iran, per se."

Fair enough.

On what the real effects of sanctions are and why they aren't working:

"... the Iranian government is extremely unpopular as it is. I mean, we all saw what happened in 2009, when they stole an election, and there was massive human rights abuses taking places in front - the entire world could see what the regime was up to.

"But the problem with the current sanctions is that they're putting a lot of pressure on the economy as a whole, and the government itself usually has far better tools to be able to circumvent the sanctions and shift the cost of these sanctions and this pressure onto the population, and that has now taken place extensively, particularly when it comes to these financial sanctions that the Obama administration and the Bush administration also pursued.

"It's not really differentiating between an activity undertaken by the revolutionary guard or an activity taking place by an ordinary citizen. So everyone is being hit by it. And it's not led to the type of situation in which people will say oh, we have to rise up against the regime because these sanctions are so difficult. On the contrary, the effect that you're starting to see is that people are saying you all know, the entire world know that we're not happy with this government, so why are you putting pressure on the people? You should be putting pressure on the regime. Instead, the people are being punished, and now you're starting to increasingly see that they're starting to vent some of their frustrations towards the United States and not just towards the regime."

Is everyone Sheerfahm on Trita now? Will all the conspiracy theories about him stop? In my opinion no, mostly because of the suit and hairstyle. But quotes are quotes, and facts is facts, and what people say when asked difficult questions in a public, media amplified forum is telling.

Am I satisfied with NIAC's existing policy, mission, goal, objective, or pattern of ONLY talking to US politicians about effecting change in Iran? Of course not. It still baffles me, and doesn't make the slightest sense why you would not engage Iran, as directly, and more importantly as politely and within the bounds of shall we call it, "Lobbying", as you so easily and passionately do with the US.

I do not for the life of me understand why NIAC won't fax the same letters, email the same petitioned emails, and craft the same form letters for us to sign, and send them to the GODDAMNED GOVERNMENT OF IRAN AT THE SAME TIME!!!

To me there are 2 brats. 2 culprits. Certainly, it can be argued that historically at least, the US is one of them. But to pretend that Iran does not exist in the discussion, and that bi-lateral dialogue by NIAC is not possible is like novocaine. It makes me drool and mumble.

Funny enough though, talking to both sides? It's the very kind of diplomacy that you advocate in every 3rd sentence of your books, and speeches, and interviews for CHRISSAKES!!!

Again, I call for NIAC to shift gears in to 3rd please. Enough "Neem-Kelatching". You don't have to take it to 4th gear, but we're over the hill, we've been around the block, and there isn't much we can't handle around the curves. So stop acting like a teenage girl with a learner's permit, and open her up.

Let's see what the old girl can do while we're still breathing.

Oh and, Please.


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Reply to: choghok

by bahmani on

Your comment is the kind of comment that we often point to as the typical negative, pointless, bitter, and ultimately useless kind of comment that stirs up the most amount of ire on this site.

Not one comment has so far mentioned, or supported the MEK in the slightest way and to slyly suggest that, is merely starting the smallest fire and then pouring some symbolic gasoline on it with the inflammatory MEK remark, and then running away to laugh in the shadows.

The degree of self loathing and self destructive cynicism that this kind of childish prank shows is merely a classic sad example of your inability to sit, like a man (Iranian women don't seem to do this as much), make your case, and if proven right certainly become our HERO, BUT if proven wrong, even if it is publicly, become our BIGGER HERO by accepting your mistaken position, refining it, and becoming a better Iranian first and and ultimately a better person in the process.

Look, we are all injured, and damaged. Why do you think we come here?

Do you think if we were a healthy people we would do anything except post pictures of beautiful birds, and travel shots from a road trip to Chile?

NO, we are ALL in pain.

Pouring salt on all our wounds for fun and with a gleefully big shit eating grin on your face is not the kind thing to do. It is certainly not compassionate, caring, or for that matter, Iranian.

Re-think, re-group, and re-post something better than this right now. Or as soon as you possibly can.


(I know you can do it, I've read your other stuff, thanks in advance.)

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Reply to: Mullahkosh

by bahmani on

I'm checking into your post to find out why it was not included or removed. It was not done by me. I don't do that.

Please review the posting policy and editorial police and make sure you follow it when you post a response. In case what you posted violated those terms.

Thanks and sorry for your exclusion in the discussion.

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Reply to: Ramin J

by bahmani on

Well said.

But, who ever said that NIAC has to send Iran the names and addresses of Iranians living in the US who signed a NIAC petition. Since when does Iran buy the rules of the game played here? Iran does not respect things like signatures, name rolls, you know, on things like election lists and such. So to suggest that NIAC can't do this or that because it has to use names on a list before Iran will listen is complete horseshit.

I'm talking about just talking. You need that first in order to negotiate behavior change, or a deal.

I hope I do not come across as being "against Trita", because I most certainly am not in the ridiculous conspiracy "agent of Iran" camp. I'm merely trying to make the best case for turning his and NIAC's longing gaze towards Iran with the same schoolgirl crush they seems to have on the US.

To me it is naive and ridiculous to focus on only the US and not give Iran equal attention.

I know, baba jan, I know, it is hard and possibly impossible to talk to the Iranians from the US , and so on and so on and blah blah blah. But can we hive it a try at least before shooting it down?

Also how in the hell will anything positive ever get done if NIAC is able to only get the US to back down from this or that?

For, all of NIAC's "victories" or successes on Capitol Hill haven't really worked now have they? The US and UK have added even more sanctions, mysterious explosions are happening in Iran and the Basijis are back to hostage taking embassy take overs once again!

My argument is, that this is partially because NIAC did not follow up a successful US campaign with an equivalent Iranian one.

Am I suggesting that NIAC become the defacto negotiating medium for US-Iran relations?

If by defacto we mean we have "no better choice", then yes, I am happy for NIAC and Trita to be the go between between the US and Iran.

Because we have no better choice.

If anyone wants to blame NIAC for this that or the other, they should first blame themselves for standing by their Lexus and watching it happen, as well as everyone else for NOT doing anything, and instead complaining about NIAC for doing something!

Am I happy with NIAC's governance system, operational plans, and lack of representative membership, and wasted focus on what I think are non-issues like naive Hollywood movies and Texas bar room joke posters? NO.

But is there a better "defacto" option right now than for NIAC and Trita to go up against the far more ridiculous, insulting, and ethnically prejudiced moral arguments and slurs that the Iranian government throws at ALL Iranians on a daily basis, and try to politely get them to back down a bit? Not in my book. And my book is vast.

We just need to get NIAC and Trita to understand and accept this. Then get going and get up and go do it. Enough chit chat!

I really think we would finally start getting somewhere.

NIAC and Trita already know how to do all of this in the US. I'm betting and buying drinks to prove that this same tactic and focus, will yield as good as, if not the same results as it has in the US, with the Iranian government.

This is my whole argument. Nothing personal.

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Great work Trita

by choghok on

Nice to see So many MEK members gathered in Iranian. They must be really filtering for niac articles since they are not so active otherwise.


I knew my last comment would be deleted

by Mullahkosh on

But I hope to hear the latest sales pitch from him on the invasion of the UK embassy in Tehran. How will this degenerate act chime with Mr. Tazi's (oh I am sorry, a freudian slip there, Mr Parsi's ) theory of a "rational, and calculative IR foreign policy" that he is been claiming in the last 10 years? If Islamist Rapist are incapable of abiding with the simplest of international norms, and treaties, how can they be trusted with Nukes? Now they are claiming it was the students who did this! What would prevent the Khamaneis, and temsah yazdis of the world to provide a dirty bombs to hezbollah, have it go off in Israel, and later deny accountability?

I will write more on NIAC later, but suffice to say that no organization has done more damage to Iranians, and what had been left of our reputation than NIAC. To lift a term from our salesman's book, what a treacherous alliance NIAC, Hezbollah, and IR are in to destory Iran!  

Ramin J


by Ramin J on

A few observations on this unhealthy obsession with Trita Parsi that we see here on IC:

1. Bahmani - your point about daring to send letters in your name to the Iranian government was kinda disproven by the fake Irandoost guy. Yes, YOU may dare, but the vast majority of people even on this blog dont even dare to use their own names. So not fair to blame NIAC for the gutlessness of the average Iranian on the internet!

2. Seems like the forces out to destroy Trita Parsi first tunred him into some superhuman that was behind everything they didnt like. But then they realised that by potraying Parsi as powerful, they were doing themselves a disfavor. So now, suddely, you have a lot of blog posts saying "Dont midn Trita, no one listens to him anyways!" Oh really?? After spending 95% of their time blasting Parsi, now they say he isnt important...

3. Boy are we an unhealthy culture! Instead of discussing the ideas or arguments of Parsi and others, we have turned it into a personality conversation. And then we wonder why so many Iranian movements have a cultish streak!

I support NIAC not because of Parsi but because they are the best organized and most pragmatic organization in our community. They give us a voice. Now whether Parsi is this or that, or if his hairstyle is out of date, who gives a _____?



Long Live Iran: the individual known as…

by Bavafa on

Arash Irandoost has long been discredited here by all sides.  [in]famously he has once claimed to have polled Iranians and found that some think like 99% of Iranians disapprove of NIAC. 

He has missed the fact that it is difficult to get 99% of Iranians to agree on chelo-kabab, never mind NIAC

The obsession of some with this organization is truly mind boggling.

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



Reply to: Arash Irandoost

by bahmani on

I personally don't care if you don't happen to like the NIAC meeting rules. Those are the rules of the meeting. You can attend the meeting and in your piece, write about how bad the rules of the meeting were. But if those are the rules, those are the rules. Join NIAC, and from the inside, work to change them! I'll even pay the $70!!!

To expect perfection without your express participation is the height of arrogance, and I would include, possibly a lack of intelligence.

Since you are obviously bright, it must be arrogance then. Or, you like everyone it seems is simply waiting for perfection to come along, do all of the hard work, and hand you the keys to the city. And thank you too!!

No such thing has ever happened to any people, and certainly historically, congenitally, and possibly genetically lazy Iranians won't ever get such a gift with this attitude. Stop being such a victim!

To change things, we all have to first put aside our LooLoo fear of the IRI, and fear itself, and actually get involved. For once. I am trying to change things by writing about it, and attending every single NIAC meeting I can. You are still using an alias. Who do you think you are? Fucking Robin Hood? Grow up, step out of the shadows and announce your firm proud opposition and lets get on with it already.

I have a standing request to interview Trita, and when and if it ever happens I have a standing request to interview Reza Pahlavi too, that doesn't mean it will happen though), I intend to ask him about all the allegations and accusations and with his complete agreement, participation, and most importantly permission, write about it in an honest forthright objective manner. I'm not wasting my time looking for crime. There is none. If there was, there would be a court case by now. Since there isn't, please, respect the law, common civil society, and presume innocence until proven guilty. Defamation lawsuits are pure childishness and an utter joke, after you factor in the Iranian ego.

Personally, I have not one single thing against Trita, other than the jovial ribbing I give him now and then. And I know he can take it. Because I've asked him.

I really think NIAC should talk to Iran as well as the US, because I think NIAC can do a good job of getting a dialog going that NO ONE else can do at this time.

Not because I think NIAC is an agent of the IRI, I don't think that. But because NIAC knows how to go about talking to US politicians and my bet is that it works the same way in Iran too.


So until they do, I'm betting that's the solution. When NIAC tries to talk to Iranian politicians the exact same way they talk to US politicians (letters, petitions, meetings), and it doesn't work to improve US-Iran relations, I will be happy to lose my bet and try and come up with another way to break the ice and silence that is slowly leading both sides to war.

If you are taking this as I am opposed to regime change, I am not. I fully think this regime is wrong for Iran and fraught with too many problems to survive without oppressive tyranny. The proof is, it is currently being run and survives with oppressive tyranny.

I do however, believe that the best all around and most likely and most pragmatic solution, that costs less, and is safe for everyone, is an internal reform movement away from this system, to ultimate democracy. Granted this will be a step by step process.

Anything else though, would either be yet more foreign colonialism, or a different kind of internal oppressive tyranny. ANY attempt to remove the current government by force will leave wounded and revenge seeking belligerents. The next time we change Iran, it needs to be for good. Not leave the door open for the losers who want to get even.

Whatever we do, we have to do something soon, because after the US wraps up in Iraq, and gets closer to getting out of Afghanistan, it will start to look around for other "broken appliances" to fix.

And today, in this world, this persian-version of Iran is a badly broken toilet. With shit spilled out all over the place.

You think the US will stand for that for too long?

Would you rather fix it properly ourselves, or do you want the US to fix it for us again? Like they did the last couple of times.

I know a lot of people have died under this regime. And a lot of people want revenge and retribution and for the baddies to answer for their crimes. Once Iran is free, there will certainly be time for revisiting all of that. It is even necessary. But under the rule of law, and the freedom that we deserve and that everyone in the world is eager for us to taste.

Not in the rubble of US-made Israel-dropped bombs.

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Mr. Bahmani: wrong again!

by Bavafa on

And you can certainly choose to have this form of government for Iran

Wrong – again!

It is not my choice and certainly not yours or those who you think we should be serving (i.e. the USA known by your as the Giants and and by some other circles as the thugs)

This is and should be the Iranian people’s choice and while they cannot openly express their choice now, the hopes and wishes are that one day they find the courage and stamina just to do that.

I believe this is something that is going amiss by you by a long shot.

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 


long live Iran

What an amazing findings!!

by long live Iran on

After seeing these lengthly messages were posted by Arash Irandoost. I just googled about him and I found an introduction about him in Arutz Sheva


The I googled about Arutz Sheva in Wikipedia to see what kind of media is that advertising Arash Irandoost


It is writen:

Arutz Sheva (Hebrew: ערוץ שבע‎) (Channel Seven) is an Israeli media network identifying with Religious Zionism.

What an amazing findings!!!!


Reply to: Bavafa

by bahmani on

So with the "overwhelming support of Iranian people" are you saying that Iran is in fact an Islamic Marxist state?

Take the major industries away from the bourgeoisie, give it to the proletariat to work, and control it by the new elite which is called a SuperStructure.

That sounds about right to me definition-wise. And you can certainly choose to have this form of government for Iran if you want. But just don't call it Freedom, or true Islam. And certainly not Democracy.

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arash Irandoost

It still is a pig!

by arash Irandoost on

Here is an excerpt from Parvin Koohgilani editor of Shahrvand.  She clearly observes my conduct and that Trita is lying and I was not escorted out and I am telling the truth, she says: That I and my wife left the session and were not "booted out" as Trita falsely claims.  Further proof that Tritas lies, lacks integrity and honesty and does not qualify to represent Iranian-Americans:

که خود او همراه همسرش جلسه را ترک کردند 



 که مواظب رفتارشان باشند و هیچ کس اجازه ندارد از این برنامه عکس یا ویدئو تهیه کند و یا برنامه را ضبط کند و هر حرفی و یا صحبتی در این اتاق گفته و یا شنیده می شود اینجا می ماند و از این اتاق بیرون نمی رود و اگر کسی موافق این قوانین نیست میتواند جلسه را ترک کند. من که به عنوان یک گزارشگر رفته بودم با معرفی خود و اینکه اگر من اجازه نداشته باشم که گزارشی از این برنامه تهیه کنم پس دلایلی برای حضور در این جلسه ندارم و به عنوان اعتراض محل را ترک کردم. در خارج از جلسه دو تن از برگزار کنندگان با پوزش از من خواستند که به جلسه برگردم ، و گفتند که مسئول جلسه شما را نشناخته شما می توانید کار خودتان را انجام دهید. من مجددا به سالن برگشتم.

در پایان صحبتهای تریتا پارسی فرد مسئول جلسه بریان مارک ریچ به پشت میکروفون رفت تا این بار به همه حاضران متذکر شود که فقط سئوالات به صورت کتبی پذیرفته میشود و هیچ کس حق حرف زدن و یا سئوال کردن شفایی ندارد. در این زمان یکی از اعضای کمیته برگزاری به جمع کردن سئوالات پرداخت.

چند سئوال اول فقط در مورد نایاک و سابقه کاری نایک بود . پس از آن برایان به خواندن سئوالی پرداخت که یکی از حاضرین به اعتراض گفت که این سئوال من هست و شما درست این سئوال را نخواندهید ، اجازه بدهید من خودم سئوال را بخوانم که با مخالفت مسئول جلسه روبرو شد.  او پیشنهاد کرد که هر دو آنها میتوانند به بیرون جلسه بروند و سئوال کننده آنرا به او توضیح دهدو ایشان دوباره به سالن برگشته و سئوال را مطرح خواهد کرد . در این زمان فرد سئوال کننده گفت چه اشکالی دارد که من خودم سئوال را مطرح کنم که مسئول جلسه از او خواست که صحبت نکند و به از پلیس حاضر در جلسه خواست که او را از جلسه بیرون کند که خود او همراه همسرش جلسه را ترک کردند.

arash Irandoost

مشگ آن است که خود ببوید نه آنکه عطار بگوید Part 3

arash Irandoost

//   Ms. Hengameh Afshar regarding

NIAC (Trita Parsi) February 26 2010 in Dallas Texas

 This is a segment from Ms. Afshar's March 12th 2010 Ru Dar Ru (Face to Face) program which was aired on March 12, 2010 in Pars TV.

This event was sponsored by Iranian Democratic Society of Dallas, The World Affairs Council, The Dallas Press Club and Dallas Peace Center.

Mr. Reza Badie and Arash Manzoori (Iranian Democratic Society of Dallas), Reza Alavi, Shawn (Siroos) Amoie (UTA student, and Bijan Abadi of Dallas Peace Center) were among the Iranians residing in Dallas who sponsored this even and invited Trita Parsi to speak at the conference.

This event took place on February 26th, 2010. A gentleman by the name of Bryan Mark Rigg preceded Mr. Parsi and after a short letter on democracy instructed the audience (85 or so people mostly Iranians) no to record the meeting or talk about it outside, even though it was advertised as a public event. Only certain people were allowed to ask questions. This controversial event was highly policed. Apparently Trita Parsi who claims to be representing the Iranian American community did not trust his constituency without proper security measures. All questions were screened. Due to my familiarity with Mr. Parsi and his troubling past, I had prepared a series of typewritten questions with supportive evidence from Trita Parsi own internal documents obtained in a lawsuit against Mr. Hassan Dai. I had managed to turn in one of my already typed questions. After a cursory glance at my question, Bryan Mark Rigg totally altered it and Trita Parsi proceeded to answer it, and when I objected politely three times, I was labeled as "trouble maker." Bryan Mark Rigg then proceeded to instruct one of the police officers to escort me out. When I realized that the even was rigged and Trita refusing to answer my simple question about his troubled past, there was no need to stay, me and my wife got up and proceeded to leave. One of the event organizers, I guess to prove his worth to NIAC, attempted to shove me out of the door, even though I was leaving the event voluntarily and shouted at a one of the audience who also got up to leave with his wife (Mr. Armand Nouri and Mrs. Arezou Lotfi) labeling them as MEK and shouting : "You killed for 7 years, it is our turn now to kill." Needless to say that Mrs. Arezou Lotfi is the proud daughter of famous Mr. Morteza Lotfi news reporter with no connections whatsoever to MEK. Trita Parsi' intimidation tactics and propaganda campaign of smoke and mirrors and dog and pony show was in full swing. This much from a person who purports to represent us Iranian American? It should be noted that Trita's over an hour monologue was regurgitation of what we have heard from him on various article and TV appearances. Basically dialogue and diplomacy and removal of sanctions with a regime that rapes its own citizens with Hamas and Hezbullah's help!

Begs on to wonder why so much secrecy and audience control?

arash Irandoost

مشگ آن است که خود ببوید نه آنکه عطار بگوید Part 3

arash Irandoost

//   On Sun, Feb 27, 2011 at 4:17 PM, Walton Martin wrote: Trita Parsi, at a @NIACouncil sponsored event, refuses to answer questions. @tparsi #Iranelection @SenatorKirk  

A well dressed man in a suit and tie enters the Center for American & International Law, ironically addressed at 5201 Democracy Drive, Plano, Texas. Before he gets to the meeting room he is stopped and asked, "If you are here to start trouble you will not be allowed in and have to leave." After a short, calm and polite exchange about it being an event carrying an open invitation to the public, the courteous gentleman and his wife enter the auditorium. Before this, however, the gentleman is told that, if he wishes to ask a question of the speaker, he must obtain an index card from the reception desk and submit it to the staff. Unlike some, who were refused an index card for no apparent reason, this gentlemen is given an index card and enters the meeting hall. In the lecture hall the audience is told: "Whatever is discussed here, stays here. There can be no cameras or recording devices." A reporter objects and is told she will have to leave. She begins to leave but is followed by one of the staff and after a discussion in the hallway, she returns (it is not known what the conversation consisted of, nor if there were any conditions agreed for her return). The questions for Mr. Parsi which were submitted in writing after his speech by the audience are then collected and scrutinized (censored) by three of his assistants. An attendee later complained that, after she had submitted her question, which was "Do you believe in the Constitution of the Islamic Republic?" to one of the event organizers collecting the index cards, this organizer read the question and tore up the index card before it could be submitted to Mr Parsi, and threw it in the waste basket. Those who submitted questions were not allowed to read them out themselves. This is the question the gentleman in the suit submitted: ________________________________________

"Mr. Parsi, It has been said that you are only as good as the company you keep. You have a propensity to associate with unsavory characters such as Roy Coffee and David Di Stefano, who were investigated by the Justice Department for activities conducted on behalf of former convicted Congressman from Ohio, Mr. Bob Ney. Roy Coffee and Di Stefano arranged a trip for the Congressman to travel to London, where he met with a Syrian arms dealer and a convicted felon, involved in a conspiracy to circumvent United Nations sanctions and to sell prohibited aircraft parts to the Iranian government. Bob Ney pled guilty to charges of making false statements and conspiracy in relation to lobbying and bribery scandal and was sentenced to federal prison for 30 months. More specifically, Bob Ney received bribes from lobbyists and foreign businessmen, a felon and an arms dealer (Fuad Al Zayat), in exchange for using his position to advance their financial interests. AIFC has charged NIAC with 300 misrepresentations about your identity just in January alone. In a recent memo to Coffee and Di Stefano you plan to use NIAC in a lobby enterprise called NAIA aimed at opening up opportunities for trade but disguised by less controversial issues such as race, discrimination, racial profiling, yet you never admit being a lobbyist for the regime. My question is: With such troubling track record, conduct and murky affiliations, do you honestly think that you are qualified to represent the Iranian-American community honorably, with dignity, respect and integrity?" _____________________________________

To the surprise of the gentleman in the suit, Dr Arash Irandoost, the words and meaning of the question he had submitted were now completely re-written and wrongly summarized by Mr. Parsi's event moderator (who looked more like a bodyguard). Dr Irandoost realizes this, objects and states, 'That is not my question.' The moderator then asks him not to interrupt, to which he replies, 'I'm sorry, Mr Parsi, he is not reading the question the way it was written, I have the question right here, let me read it correctly'. Parsi largely ignores Dr Irandoost and carries on answering the incorrect question. Dr Irandoost politely objects again and asks "Mr. Parsi, how can you provide an answer if you have not been given the correct question?" Parsi's moderator then rudely asked Dr Irandoost to leave the room and then requested the police officer who was present to escort Dr Irandoost out of the building for 'disrupting the meeting', although some in the audience objected and requested that he be allowed to ask his question. Dr Irandoost comments that "If Mr. Parsi does not want to answer the question, then there is no reason for me to stay here" and he gets up to leave, with his wife. At this time, Parsi's doorman/guard, pointed at Dr. Irandoost and his wife, and then to the door, as a gesture to the police to remove them from the hall and, as he was leaving the lecture hall, the same, big, suited doorman, placed his hand on Dr Irandoost's chest, attempting to push him towards the door. At this point, Dr Irandoost clearly states loudly enough so that the police officer could hear him, "Don't touch me again" and the officer then intervenes and stand between them as Dr. Irandoost continues to walk towards the door. Even the police officer couldn't believe the actions of Parsi's staff and was courteous and friendly to Dr. Irandoost and his wife. As they were leaving, they were accompanied by others also offended by the behavior exhibited by Parsi and NIAC's staff. As they left and were followed by others in the audience, the doormen who pushed Dr Irandoost accused all those leaving with him and his wife of being members of the Mujahedin. In addition, Parsi's words, as Dr Irandoost left the hall, sounded very much like those used regularly by the Iranian regime. With breathtaking irony, he said that he thought it unfortunate that Iranians cannot discuss issues in a civilized manner, as if Dr Irandoost was being uncivilized rather than Parsi and his staff being disrespectful to his audience by not answering their questions, censoring them, and forcing them to leave. At this point, Dr. Irandoost turned around and called Parsi a liar. Now, that is Trita Parsi's and NIAC's representation of how a democracy should work, except their form of thugocracy is currently only used by dictators, such as those in Iran. We will not tolerate this behavior in the United States, nor should it be tolerated anywhere else in the world. Trita Parsi, President of the National Iranian American Council, claims he represents Iranian Americans, but really represents the IRI thugs in Tehran. He never did answer Dr Irandoost's question. It is no wonder that Iran is in the state that it is, if people like Hillary Clinton actually believe that Parsi and NIAC represent Iranian Americans. I only wish NIAC Board members and the internationally recognized and talented comedian, Maz Jobrani, were there to see the real Trita Parsi and his thugs in action. (End) 

arash Irandoost

مشگ آن است که خود ببوید نه آنکه عطار بگوید Part 2

arash Irandoost



Posted on Facebook by
Mr. Aryo Barzan Pirouznia

(the self proclaimed "Natianal Iranian American Council"
(// meetings are just a series of masquerade and
demagoguery shows, intended in reality to create more fake background for its
immoral president (named Titra Parsi)...

The following are my comments, on what I saw
yesterday, 2/26/11, in Dallas / Texas, at a NIAC meeting..

First you must know that yesterday's meeting was
organized, after that the organizers had canceled a prior meeting, about a
month ago and as a lot of locals were intending to protest against.. and that
the 2/26/11 replacement meeting was announced in a very short time frame, and
that the notice ad was not sent to the local weekly news paper till 3 days
before yesterday's meeting, for distribution, just the day before (on

Now, once organized, finally on 2/26/11, and as
many Iranians and Iranian Americans were thinking that the project has been
abandoned, since the last initial canceled meeting, and that news of the
organization of the 2/26 meeting, is maybe a mistake,.... About less than 70 or
80 people (MAXIMUM.... and here I'm trying to stretch the number to a maximum),
including the speakers, about 10 of the local organizers, about 5 of their
security guards and bus boys, about 4 or 5 businessmen (coming to see of future
self opportunities, and that apparently one of them has done an interview
posted on youtube, and as no local journalist wanted to do a do an interview),
about 10 well aware critics (including myself), about 40 curious and some
unaware people (mainly young, in look to be represented and getting a group
identity, but attracted by the demagoguery) - had come...

There was a tight security at the doors and
everybody had to register, to see who they're (see below), in order to be
granted access to what was supposed to be an OPEN and PUBLIC meeting, with
policemen and organizational security members, some of them with well know past
support for the Islamic republic regime....

Then, and once inside, NIAC organizers had a
publicly declared rule that there was not any place for any open question, that
any recording or taking a picture was strictly forbidden (despite that NIAC is
targeting to boost its name), and that the meeting presence would be refused to
any Iranians and Iranian-Americans judged to represent security danger...

In this line, and first and at the registration
desk, they refused my access to this OPEN and PUBLIC meeting, by stating that
I'm not welcome (as I had in the past exposed Parsi and people like Hooshang
Amir Ahmadi and Hassan Nemzaee, and as I know well their hidden agendas and how
they operate) . Thy claimed that I have been, in the past, "VIOLENT and
BRUTAL"....and they escorted me with a Plano Police Dept. officer to the
parking lot.... By starting to say that this is a PRIVATE gathering held in a
PRIVATE space... (LOL)..

Everyone must know that their ad was published in
the local newspaper SHAHRVAND, and was asking from people to participate.....

But as I stood in the parking lot and people were
gathering around.. they saw that this will be turning against them and that
their masquerade is not starting on a good basis... For so, some of the
organizers came out and asked me to come in.... I stated that I won't come in
till they explain me on when I have done of VIOLENT and BRUTAL .....

They said that I had made a protest, in one of the
rallies, against some one holding or promoting Moosavi (the so-called Iranian
opposition leader, who was for years the prime Minister of the Islamic regime
and that during his office, thousands were executed, and tens of thousands of
Iranian kids were sent to walk on Iraq's mine fields..) ....

I told them, you mean that I PROTESTED and this
civically against someone holding a poster of this criminal during a rally ,
over my head and in front of TV camera???? And that now, you permit yourselves
to call my peacefully made protest as VIOLENT and BRUTAL (for not asking to
become a pawn) while you forget that VIOLENT and BRUTAL is the regime and
people, like Moossavi, that NIAC is intending to sell - as good guys- to

Then, I added, now you are asking me to come in,
so there's less shame on your activities???? Don't think that once inside I
won't protest.... You're just doing this, as you know my access to Iranian
media and on all the noise that this will make...

Despite stating that, and in order to calm the
situation in the parking lot, by the main entry door, they still asked me to
come in.... (LOL)

Once I was in, I went and sat a the top level of
the Chatham Amphitheater, located in Democracy drive of Plano. My top level
position was allowing me to have a good look on the place and to see all
participants and their number..

The meeting started at 1:00 PM and the named Sean
Murphy from NIAC in Washington DC acted as the MC...

He started the introduction with a very
authoritarian voice and asking anyone against their policies to leave the
premises before Titra Parsi (NIAC's president and the main speaker) starts his

He forbade even to the invited press any real way
of reporting by asking them to not take any pictures or to record...LOL.... So
much with Democracy and Freedom of Information.....

In this line, the well respected local journalist
(of Shahrvand Publication, in which NIAC had run its add of a so-called
"open to public" meeting..) left the meeting, by protesting,openly
and publicly,against the existing censorship and repression atmosphere.....

The next one, to leave, was me and then several
other during the meeting, as one of them was verbally abused by Sean the MC,
when he protested on why they didn't read the second part of his written
question, as it was embarrassing for NIAC.. Yes, the question had to be written
and were selected to be responded.. Not in American way of organizing a
meeting, but as an Islamic way of "democracy"....

The named Sean, the MC, was so verbally abusive,
to the point that he was, later, qualified and this OPENLY and PUBLICLY, in
presence of all participants as " a shameless cheap and forceful bus boy
of a cheap Strip Club" - by one of the participants in the meeting....

NOW some notes on sidelines and organizers:

The most funny element was a Medical Doctor, who
was also part of the local organizers and was listened by security members, but
that was afraid (due to most likely the shame that can create for him, if the
project collapses) to take responsibility and to confess that he had part in
the organization..... He denied, when addressed, by myself, that he was a
organizing member committee.. His name is Arash Manzoori.

Other members of the organizing committee were,
individuals, such as a named , Reza Badee-i, known for his self promoting past,
lack of social and political intelligence, and following Moosavi line....

They were also, part of the above named 40
participants, some young businessmen that are known, to the community, and that
their dads and uncles did a lot of business with people within the Islamic
regime, under Bani Sadr, by importing tons of Persian rugs, to the US, and
which helped them to build their future in US.. Money has no odor, and Business
means business.. From fathers to sons, it seems...

BUT, I sadly saw, at this NIAC meeting,... One
person, who despite our ideological differences, I have had an immense respect
for him, and he knew it.......

He was, at at time, part of left group and had
humanist ideals of what were the best.... , But I sadly saw him on the table
organization of NIAC in Dallas and in charge of filtering the participants (a
censor in all point of view) and on who can get inside or not (of the so-called
public meeting) !!!! and he couldn't answer me.... when I was, like a
...paralyzed parrot...., keep saying: Why you.. tell me why you..???

When I reminded him of the famous Saed Soltan Poor
poem, of "Aftabkaran e Jangal", and that how the Islamic regime
killed his comrade, Saeed Soltan Poor, and this during the Prime Ministership
of Moosavi (today praised as a "hero" and "leader of
opposition").. and added on why Bijan (the name of this yesterday friend
in who I was believing at a time, in his integrity that seem to have gone with
the wind) , and with tears in my eyes... he had tears in his eyes, also, but
kept going....... I told him, you know Bijan, by seeing you here, and as a
censor, and organizer of this masquerade, that we people of Iran, seem to have
been doomed..... and we will never be able to plant the Sun in Iran (part of
Soltan Poor's poem)...I'm sorry for all of us.....

Bijan called me today in order to justify himself
and talk, I told him, I have to go, as something broke inside me, yesterday, by
seeing him there...Boghz dasht khafam mikard....Nemikhastam, boghzam betereke,
ke sharm bishtar nakon e... I'm sorry for all of us...

That everyone must know, is the that the real
target, of NIAC, by creating such meetings , is to build more fake credential
(of speaking in the name of our big community), to recruit ignorants, in order
to get more funds ..

Indeed, Everyone, with a little bit of memory and
some conscience, is fully aware that these jokers of NIAC (especially of Titra
Parsi, at not a very far time that he was the political bus boy of Houshang
Amir Ahmadi and Nemazee, the well known lobbyists for the Islamic regime
(Namazee is today and for the next 10 years in a US federal jail for

Indeed, Parsi and his bosses tried to hide for
years the rights abuses in Iran, and tried to make the Islamic regime (in its
worst dark hours) as a so called respectable interlocutor to the free world..

It's JUST, JUST, JUST since 2003, that due to
world's awareness, Parsi is speaking about rights abuses, as he can't deny
anymore such fact, as he did, when working for Amir Ahmadi and Nemazee, when he
was pushing for almost the unconditional recognition of the Islamic regime by
the US... Also, he portrays his group as opposed to war between US and Iran,
while many groups are known to oppose such idiotic concept since years, while
denouncing the regime's rights abuses...

Also, the one who was calling for an almost full
recognition of the regime, by the US, is today picking what many opposition
groups were asking, due that no one can deny the fact of rights abuses, for
targeted sanctions against the regime and regime's men...

For years and when Amir Ahmadi, Nemazee and Parsi
likes were asking for the world to recognize the Islamic regime and were off
shifting the attention and focus on the regime, and asking for taking off the
pressure on it, so many died in Iran...

Now, he starts to claim that he wants the regime
to go?? after they could no more hide the daily crimes and the total
unpopularity of the regime>>>

NIAC masterminds know that many know about Prasi's
past and that will be denouncing him and his demagoguery. In this line, LOOK,
they have even disabled the comment link to his ONLY interview during his
2/26/11 event in Dallas:


None of the local media wanted to get involved in
his mockery of true and they had to content to Youtube and even disable, as of
today 2/7/11, any comment link....

Shame on him and shame on all those masterminds of

Most its ignorant members must wake up and search
the shady past of the corrupt founders and runners of the the real show... They
MUST Avoid being a sheep...

They must check all available public records that
will show NIAC lies on number of its members, in order to try to fakely boost
its membership number, to attract more idiots, corrupts, non scrupulous
businessmen, or ignorants or emotional people in their rank...

They must check Titra Parsi's activities that were
to try to justify the Islamic regime and for US to recognize this bloody

Don't be a sheep, check the public record and
background... We need to plant the Sun in Iran, as predicted by Soltan Poor and
sacrifices made by so many Iranians of all political background..... I'm sure
all those who died, must not have gone in vain.....

Cheap marketing, fake and phone councils, juicy
contracts with foreign companies, and fake opposition leaders MUST NOT stop us
and the people of Iran from reaching a CLEAN Secular and Democratic regime...
Don't let them fool you, like our parents were fooled....

I'll echo here and gain, with the late Dr.
Shahpoor Bakhtiar and his immortal slogan "IRAN HARGUEZ NAKHAHAD MORD!!!!"

I only, in case if a day, Bijan, can see, a day,
this note, paste him the below youtube link, so he can listen and remember of
what made the GOOD and HONORABLE Bijan, that me and many of his killed comrades
knew, and that our sons and daughters, must know.... A message of consistency,
integrity, sacrifice and humanity... May that this reminder brake the NIAC ice
that has taken over the hearts of those who are losing their memories and of
what made them as good: //

arash Irandoost

مشگ آن است که خود ببوید نه آنکه عطار بگوید

arash Irandoost



Armand Nouri Writes:

NIAC public event held
in Dallas on February 26, 2011


I do not think that
giving any prior information to introduce NIAC here will help in this report
but I do have all links and necessary document to back up my statements.


I met the organizers of
this event two years ago during the protest we organized against Islamic
Republic after the fake election.


When I heard  that
the NIAC event is organized by the same people, I knew that some words like
democracy, civilized, educated and human rights will be repeated in every
sentence they make but I also knew that I will face a series of masquerade.


As soon as I entered the
building with some friends, their first reaction was to question us about what
we want and what we do here, are we going to disturb their so called “
democratic and civilized event” or not.

A selection was taking
place at the door by giving what they called “index card” on which you had a
number and you have to write your question.  One of our friends had to leave
right away because according to them he was known as a “disturbing” person
[trouble maker]. After some discussion we had the “honor” to enter the event


At the beginning, a well
suited gentleman introduced Mr Parsi as a hero and an exceptional person in
politics, I better say the best almost in everything and at the end. He
 ordered the audience to not ask any open
questions, to not film or record any audio, to not take any picture  and
the most amazing request was that no one had to talk about what is said here
once outside. 


When the reporter of
Shahrvand stood up and objected by saying that I have to do my job and your
conditions are not acceptable, she was asked to leave right away and she did so
but then Dr. Arash Manzoori who was responsible for selecting people to
organize the event brought her back. The amazing thing was that we all needed
Dr. Manzoori’s approval before the police would let us in.


My first question was “
Wasn’t that a public event, if yes why this secrecy”???


Time came for our
question and we all handed them to Mr. Bijan who was very carefully bringing
them to Shawn Amoee and the suited gentleman who introduced the event, their
role was to select the questions, if needed change, distort and alter them and
then read them to Mr. Parsi.


Here is my second
question: Why some questions need to be eliminated or modified , if they are so
democrat, civilized and educated as they pretend?


One of my questions was
about why was the NIAC inviting  the US Congressmen to meet in private
high level Iranian authorities during Ahmadinejad’s UN visit?  Which Mr.
Trita Parsi completely denied,  I managed  to give a copy of the NIAC
email written by  Emily Blout the Legislative Director of NIAC  to
the Congressman , inviting him to attend the meeting, to one of the organizers
and told him that Mr. Parsi is being dishonest  and his answer is a big
lie but as we had to remain civilized and we are all educated people, we do not
have to say anything and accept their lies, I tried to remain calm. This person
just asked me to remain calm and he said we will talk after the event is over.




Another question
followed but it was apparently completely rephrased and distorted by the
moderator. The gentleman [Dr. Arash Irandoost] politely objected and tried to
explain to Mr. Parsi and moderator that this is not the question he asked, the
suited guy ran to him and asked him to leave the room and continue the
conversation outside. At this time the person did not move and asked the suited
guy to read the question again but no success.


When for the second time
he asked them to read the question correctly and insisted to talk to Mr Parsi,
they called the police and asked him to escort the gentleman out of the room at
this time I also left the room, once at the door another person who seemed to
be Iranian but I am ashamed to call him Iranian pushed him out by telling him”
get out of here, you are not here to ask question, you look for trouble”.


I interfered by asking
the guy to stop pushing and being polite but he was insisting on his act and
words,  and  he told me the following words” you killed people for
seven years, now let us work”, I did not understand so I asked what you mean by
“YOU” and he said: MEK, Mojahedin khalgh.


When I heard that I was
so shocked that uncontrollably started to laugh at him and I told him that he
is much like his Islamic Republic masters who also has a habit of
labeling  their opponents Monarchist or MEK.

I hope that Mr Badiee,
Shawn Amooe, Dr Arash Manzoori, Kaveh, Bijan and all other people involved in this
will get to the point that this was really not a democratic process. The human
right is also about freedom of speech and not being escorted by the police as a
criminal because of your question.


I will ask all my dear
compatriots to educate themselves, to read and read more about any event taking
place in their town, we all have access to the Internet , we all know someone
who can inform or help, PLEASE DO SO.


In Persian we say:
goosfandan ra hokoomat gorgan ast, much like the saying in English:

A Nation of Sheep, will
be Ruled by Wolves!


I am desirous of a
regime change, not change within the regime!


Armand Nouri



HG: Spot on CASMI and their

by vildemose on

HG: Spot on CASMI and their treasonous cast of characters.

"It is the chain of communicat­ion, not the means of production­, that determines a social process."

-- Robert Anton Wilson

long live Iran

There are much better things to to than SWEARING!

by long live Iran on

Dear Mr. Bahmani,

Regarding your swearful reply to my comment. I can just say that Being logic and tolerant than swearing to whoever putting comment on your text is what people are practicing in WEST. Please start doing that. I wont comment your text any more because with what you wrote you showed you do not worth it. Sorry.

Long Live IRAN.



by hirre on

These wolves just want to create "business as usual" in Iran without any concrete plan for the political system or the human rights issue. For them it's more important that iranians can make investments and gain profits than a change in the political system. They believe that there is a "universal law" that one thing will lead to the other, although there are lots of exemples in the world that contradicts this, even in the middle east.

The reason the sanctions aren't working is because only one side is performing them. Iran has found new buyers for their energy resources and these guys will do anything to capitalize on resources:


Although Trita might not be a lobby person for the IR (observe "might"), he is sure an opportunist and in some cases a populist.

arash Irandoost

Putting a Lipstick on a Pig!

by arash Irandoost on

آن کس که حقیقت را نمیداند بی شعور است. اما آن که حقیقت را میداند و آن را دروغ می نامد تبهکار است. برتولت برشت     Putting a Lipstick on a Pig, is a phrase common in the used car sales industry, used to describe taking a hunk of junk, brushing on a fresh coat of paint and selling it for full price.  


// // TeheransfrontgroupsmoveonandintotheObamaAdministration.pdf //   Mr. Bahmani,  I have met Mr. Trita Parsi only once, in Dallas and that is all I could stand- dictator, liar and phony are nicest adjectives, I can ascribe to describe. History will ultimately be the judge.   Having followed Trita for a number of years-and having ready 1500 plus pages of court depositions-has left no doubt in my mind that Trita is an IRI lobby and an opportunist at best. IMO, History will show that Trita Parsi is our modern day Salman Parsi. 


Purpose of sanction

by Siavash300 on

"the entire world know that we're not happy with this government, so why are you putting pressure on the people? You should be putting pressure on the regime". Bahmani

The above statement  is not what ruling mullahs in Iran and many other outside observers say. The recent poll in U.S shows that monkey who call himself Iran president had more votes than Mosavie. As far as entire world concern, Iranians are living in peace side by side with their Ayatollahs. Roadside boombing and many other killing that happens frequently in Iraq, never took place in Iran. The massacre of Asad's oppositions in Syria during last 6 months never happened in Iran. The occupation of Afghanistan and friendly bombs who killed many afghans never happened in Iran. Just few days ago, Nato friendly bomb killed 24 Pakestani. Such a tragedy never happened in Iran. Rebels such as rebels in Lybia never exist in Iran and no one like those rebels fight with Iranian government so far. Based on these facts, the international community view Iranians in peace with Islamic criminal rag heads.They view Islamic gang as a lawful and legitimate establishment and Iran as a state of stability and peace. Some such as Indonesians perceive Iran as a good muslim country.

Recent uprising following fradulent election was limited to upper middle class and intellectual section of Iran society. It didn't even touch majority of middle class (Bazari)  and labour class of our society such as Iran khodro factory workers or brikelayers worker in Shah Abdol Azeem area. Geographically the uprising reached as far as Pole e chobi area which is still consider middle class area. Workers and depreived section of our country were not touched. In any society the workers and deprive section of the country are the engine of social change. Those are the ones who create drastic change. Those are the ones who can overthrown ruling mullahs in a heat beat. Unfortunately, the recent uprising didn't reach to that class of our society, but it will in next social movement.

The purpose of sanction is to bring that section of society into the streets. Any movement that is not originated from deprived mass of iranian people will die. Intellectuals should put time to enlighten the mass as they did when shah was on power.

 Sanction is heading toward the right direction. Sanction will able to bring all those poor people who were deprived from basic needs of lives on streets. Sanction seems to be very effective so far.  Surely,  we will see the result in near future.  That will be the end of mullah's dynasty in our Aryan Land. Our land will be free again.

hamsade ghadimi

bahmani, a few observation

by hamsade ghadimi on

bahmani, a few observation about your blog:

1. it seems that you're the most obsessed of all regarding niac on this site.  your attempt in putting a veneer of legitimacy on niac (by incessantly blogging about it) is annoying if you ask me.  your take seems to be that niac is a good organization and just needs a bit of tweaking which brings me to the second point.

2. your underlying assumption is that niac is not a mouthpiece for iri. for if you come to believe that, you'd probably just revoke all your bromance declarations for trita.  at least, one would hope that you're not onto niac. ;)

3. the question "can sanctions end iri's nuclear ambitions?" seems naive at best.  sanctions' direct effect, in my opinion, is to weaken iri by creating in-fighting for the players fighting for their entitlement (pieces of the oil pie), increase discontent of the iranian population (because of their shrinking pie) and ultimately give strenghth to the population in a regime change (a la 2009 protests).  fyi, niac is against regime change (it takes a pro-"reform" stance).  we've seen much in-fighting between the clergy and ahmadi/sepah in the past few years which may be due to the ever-tightening of the sanctions (even though, you and trita may not think so). the indirect result is end of weaponization ambition of nuclear energy by a hostile government.

4. anahid's first comment alluded to niac's own position (and trita's contradiction) in being against diplomacy/dialogue following 2009 elections.  trita accused the pressure of saudi arabia and israel and conviniently forgot his own article calling for a "pause" of dialogue.  as if anyone is listening to him.

5. iran is run by iri's shadow government: thousands of hoghoogh-begirs and jireh-khors employed directly by the office of rahbar conducting foreign policy, internal policy, nuclear policy, and the works.  the government consisting of ahmadi, his supposed cabinet, the supposedly elected majles and so on are not the real government.  everyone knows who runs the show in iri.  for the u.s. to hold a dialogue with iri, they need to be in contact with the real decisionmakers, namely khamenei and his shadow government, not the "show" government.  therefore, all this talk about having diplomacy/dialogue by niac (or pausing if u.s. shows real intent) is just cheap talk.

6. expanding on point 5: the diplomacy talk (if u.s. in fact followed through) is just a delaying tactic.  saddamites wanted to have talks after their country was overrun (after extensive nuclear talks, kicking out inspectors, letting back inspectors, more talks).  ghadaffites wanted to "talk" after their country was overrun.  assadites currently talk of reform (a step before diplomacy "talks") right our of iri's playbook.  it's a delaying tactic and every reasonable person with a bit of knowledge from politics in the mid-east region knows it.  iri will send some low-level people from their "show" government while the shadow government turns up the heat with anit-u.s., anti-british, anti-israel, anti-kafar rhetoric.  just like carole king can't talk to a man with a shotgun in his hand, a sane person can't talk to a man who thinks he's representative of god (vali) on earth.  one has a better chance of playing chess with a monkey than talking to the tactless goon representing the "show" or shadow government of iri.

7.  it's not about trita's haircut, his funky goatee giving him an appearance of having a manly jaw, his oversized coat (because he doesn't like to shope in the children's dept.), or potentially his little napoleon complex.  the contempt many feel for him is regarding point 2 and don't try to minimize it.

8. (most of) those who feel contempt for niac also feel contempt for niac's assocition with equally vile organization with pretense of promoting peace, casmii, who holds seminars in iran to teach like-minded people and dupes into how to spread and defend iri's message while villifying iri's opponents (including iranian citizens). the organization, whose representatives on this very site, urge anonymous commenters to reveal their names (or call them creampuffs) to effectively shut them up. 


بزک نمیر بهار میاد، کمپزه با خیار میاد


Mr. Bahamani jaan;  I have news for you, it is only you that think you are in the audio-visual club where in fact you are that nerdy one that has been kissing up to the thugs in the high school with the hopes of one day they will let you in. 

 And don’t let yourself to be fooled to think that I or people like me are not nurdy or much better, we are all more or less the same.  But the overwhelming support of Iranian people for the nuclear program, despite their hatred for the regime has proven that they don’t believe in “knowing your place” that is being dictated to them by the thugs and that was why they gave the boot to the last dictator, the Shah, since that whole shebang stood for ‘your place and my place’, az ma behtraroon so speak.

You see the truth comes out only after one exchange.  You couldn’t keep the charade going even for more than one exchange, disappointed!
With that, I leave you to your chores of buying beer, writing eliminating articles and the ever so wishful entrance in the thugs club.

Best of luck

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



it is a bet.....and I hope I lose!

by MM on



Reply to: Bavafa

by bahmani on

Come on! You know that Iran NEVER stopped enriching, and ANY actions in Afghanistan or Iraq were merely self serving.

The fact is that Iran is the annoying little pest in the world now. When you constantly insist on pissing off a giant, after enough of it, the giant kind of wants to step on you.

By giant I mean the US. Israel might be the boot the US uses.

Part of the curse of being a 3rd world country like Iran, is knowing your place and having the right amount of humility in the face of Giants. In order to survive, and thrive in the hopes that one day, one day, one day, if you're real good and polite, and get a cool haircut and out-grow your nerdiness, you just might overcome the 3rd world curse and be let into the realm of 1st world company.

Where is Iran in this order today?

Why? Because the US is the asshole? Or is it because Iran fails to know it's place and is constantly pushing it's repeated bad luck?

The world is a lot like High School. Even though the wimpy nerd should have a chance to win, the quarterback and jocks always rule and win.

Occasionally, idealists like you think that when the nerd eventually owns the factory the jocks work at, there is the slightest chance for redemption. But this does not happen often.

Most of the time, nerds stay nerds, and the cool kids stay cool. Forever. Occasionally a nerd that befriends a jock, and buys beer for him, becomes cool.

Iran acts like it thinks it is cool, but in fact Iran is the uber-nerd of the world today. When that happens in high school, almost always the uber-nerd will get a wedgy.

So, if basic standard high school rules apply here, Iran (nerd) will be bombed (given a wedgy) by the jocks (US/Israel) if it doesn't back down soon.

I'm in the audio-visual club (or a friend to both) and am trying to avoid that. By asking NIAC to lobby Iran to retreat back to it's position as the nerd.

You're treading far dangerous waters insisting that the nerd-Iran should not back down and even rule the jock-US/Israel.

Ain't gonna happen my friend. It's almost 3:30, 7th period is about to end, and then the teachers and principal will be gone, and it will be just Iran and the US/Israel left alone in the playground.

There is still time to avoid any of this.

To read more bahmani posts visit: //


Vildemose jaan: I think such condemnation is long overdue…

by Bavafa on

So, if I am giving any impression that NIAC is right on the money and all the time, that is hardly my intend.  I have my own disagreements with NIAC, mainly I think they ought to push for a complete boycott (not embargo) of Iranian oil and oil sector with the same zeal as the sanction if the goal is to have any [positive and tangible] effectt on IRI behavior.  But we are yet to see that both on NIAC side and/or the American side.

We also need to keep in mind that even when NIAC does condemn such statements and/or behavior, it often meets with much skepticism, at times even condemnation and undermining on the part of few of us Iranians.  IC is full of those records if you care to search for it.

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



Dear Bavafa: How about an

by vildemose on

Dear Bavafa: How about an open letter condeming Khameni's Moshaver and sepah's warmongering??



"It is the chain of communicat­ion, not the means of production­, that determines a social process."

-- Robert Anton Wilson


And Mr. Bahamani: and regarding your statement.....

by Bavafa on

"Keep in mind, that were Iran to back down an inch from it's current clearly threatening stances, what the US and the rest of the world would do in response."

Zilch, zero, nada

 you ought to remember that Iran froze its enrichment activity for six months and it got exactly what I said above.

You also got to remember that Iran helped USA in Afghanistan and do we remember what it got in return?  A bleelakh in the form of axis of evil by a Texan cowboy.

Lastly, since your characterization of NIAC is a one-sided approach, it would help if you don’t follow that pattern and next time write us a nice and in your own form, condemning the “Threatening stands” of the West and Israel towards Iran unless you think that such threats are absolutely one sided?

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 




Mr. Bahmani: Reply to your Reply…

by Bavafa on

No, I don’t believe your suggestion here is bad at all and in fact I am all for it.  Problem is two folds;
Your other, in my opinion obsessive writings, hardly suggest such approach and satirically condemns any re-approaching with IRI which goes counter to what you are suggesting here.

But let’s, for sake of argument, agree take your word here at face value

How are you suggesting NIAC, an American organization with no [real] access to Iranian government and mind you a dictatorship to lobby the IRI and then without being labeled (any more than it has) as an agent of IRI?

Let’s for argument sake say well they are resourceful and they should find ways to gain access and influence, then wouldn’t you agree that we (you and I and host of other Iranian-Americans) can strengthen this position by joining NIAC, funding NIAC and participating with them so they are even more broad based then they are now, therefore more credibility and cloud?

Or do you think it is more effective to write articles after articles criticizing, mocking and discounting their effort till they do exactly as each of us wish them to do and then say hooray , I support you now?


My suggestion, don't wait till they knock at your door or even worse till all has been resolved and then participate.  Knock at their door and by participating make them listen to you or else create a competing organization that will take away their voice.  I guarantee you, more people will listen that way.


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 


Anahid Hojjati

Bahmani, I do actually agree with your

by Anahid Hojjati on

approach regarding niac which is criticizing them where they are wrong but not totally writing them off. Politically, I do agree with your approach , may be I should have clarified that by not agreeing with your approach, I meant more the tone of writing rather than substance. For instance, why so much talk of Trita's hair and suit, it is unnecessary. But like you, I agree that NIAC needs to hold IRI responsible. I believe they used to do a better job but in the past year, they have become worse.