Washington's Favorite Terrorists

Rajavi carrying U.S. down path of war yet again


Washington's Favorite Terrorists
by Trita Parsi

In the 10 years that I have lived in Washington, I have never seen lobbyists for al-Qaeda parade through the halls of Congress. I have not seen any events on Capitol Hill organized by Hamas. And I have not seen any American politicians take campaign contributions from the Islamic Jihad.

But the Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK), an organization with the blood of Americans and Iranians alike on its hands, freely does all of these things, despite being a designated foreign terrorist organization by the U.S. government.

And in a matter of weeks, this terrorist group may succeed in getting removed from the terrorist list -- not as a result of any change of heart -- but as a result of an unprecedented multi-million dollar media and lobbying blitz.

If al-Qaeda or any other terrorist organization were holding fundraisers in DC, lobbying Congress, or holding press conferences at the National Press Club, the FBI, Homeland Security, and local law enforcement would be all over it.

Not so with the MEK. There, law enforcement seems nowhere to be found. In fact, a prominent spokesperson for the MEK terrorist group was hired by Fox News in the mid-2000s to serve as their on-air terrorist analyst. Go figure.

Since early January 2011, the MEK has spent millions of dollars on lobbyists, PR agents and communications firms to build up pressure on Secretary Hillary Clinton to take the group off of the terrorist list. Their argument is that the MEK rejected violence and terrorism in 2001 and as a result should be de-listed.

But this is not true, according to the FBI. A recently disclosed FBI report from 2004 reveals that the group continued to plan terrorist acts at least three years after they claimed to renounce terrorism.

No one should be surprised -- not even DC's "unwitting members of Congress" -- as the FBI calls the group's supporters on Capitol Hill. The State Department has documented the MEK's disturbing record: killing Americans and Iranians in terrorist attacks; fighting for Saddam Hussein against Iran and assisting Saddam's brutal campaign against Iraq's Kurds and Shia; its "cult-like" behavior; the abuses and even torture it commits against its own members; and its support for the U.S. embassy takeover and calls for executing the hostages.

And let's not forget, the MEK suppresses and holds captive its own members - more than 70 percent of the MEK members in Camp Ashraf in Iraq are held there against their own wishes, according to a RAND Corporation study.

But even if the MEK could be believed, the reality is that they are currently on the terrorist list and, as a result, they must be subject to U.S. terrorism laws. Simply put, the laws must be enforced -- without exception.

The State Department's review of their terrorism status, which is due to be completed by August of this year, must be conducted without the essentially illegal pressure tactics the MEK currently is employing through lobbyists, lawmakers and hired former officials.

If the group is taken off the list, not as a result of an objective review, but by virtue of their lobbying prowess, several repercussions can be envisioned.

First, the desire to de-list them in Washington seems partially driven by gravitation towards covert military action against Iran. Neither sanctions nor diplomacy have yielded the desired results on the nuclear issue, and some in Washington are advocating using the MEK to conduct assassination and sabotage campaigns inside Iran.

As one former State Department official put it, the "paradox is that we may take them off the terror list in order for them to do more terror."

Much like Ahmad Chalabi of the Iraqi National Congress, the permanent leader of the MEK, Maryam Rajavi, seeks to return from decades of exile as the anointed President of Iran. And freed of the terrorist designation, there is little reason to believe the MEK won't turn its lobbying apparatus -- which puts Chalabi's to shame -- to obtain U.S. funding and to promote war with Iran. In fact, some members of Congress already refer to the MEK as the "real Green movement." Even more shocking is that top former U.S. officials have called on the U.S. to recognize Rajavi as the rightful President of Iran.

Second, de-listing the MEK would spell disaster for the Iranian pro-democracy movement. According to prominent Green movement figures Mohsen Kadivar and Ahmad Sadri:

Removing the MEK from the FTO at this juncture would embolden Iran's hardliners to intensify their repression and discredit the Green Movement by implying that it is somehow connected to the widely detested MEK terror group. Furthermore, supporting the MEK would provide the Iranian government with the specter of a foreign-based threat that could be exploited to heal key fractures within the system, increase the number of Iranians who would rally around the flag, and facilitate the suppression of the indigenous political opposition.

If you recognize the necessity of a non-violent campaign against the Iranian regime, the last thing you want is to have the U.S. government support and fund one of the most violent and undemocratic Iranian organizations -- and, to make matters worse, to do so in the name of the Iranian Green movement.

Third, de-listing will put the rising Iranian-American community in a state of shock. In the last decade, an impressive civic awakening has occurred in this successful but previously politically silent community, with dozens of new groups being formed with the aim of contributing to the American democracy and providing the Iranian Americans in the U.S. with a voice. A U.S. funded and supported MEK will ensure a return to the pre-1997 era. Back then, in the eyes of most U.S. lawmakers, the voice of Maryam Rajavi was the voice of the entire Iranian-American community.

Now, by buying off officials to pry open the floodgates of U.S. financial and political support, Rajavi and her small but vocal minority threaten to simultaneously drown out the voices of the rest of the Iranian-American community, co-opt the voice of Iran's true opposition, and carry the U.S. down the path of war yet again.

First published in HuffingtonPost.com.

Dr. Trita Parsi is the 2010 recipient of the Grawemeyer Award for Ideas Improving World Order and the author of the forthcoming book "A Single Roll of the Dice – Obama's Diplomacy with Iran," by Yale University Press, February 2012.


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James D.

Must see video

by James D. on

As Trita says, it is scary how much support the MEK has been able to buy. (Watch this video to see what I mean.)


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I found this on US law:

United States Code at 18 U.S.C. § 2381 states "whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States."

Given the fact that MEK is listed as a terrorist group that means this. Most NeoCons; AIPAC and those who support MEK are legally committing treason against USA. Very interesting. Now I am not going to hold my breath to see who gets prosecuted.

If the law was applied a large number of congressmen would have to leave office. I will not go through the list as it is pointless. Just wanted to remind people of the law and who is breaking American law. Are they loyal to America or not. Also given MEK sided with Saddam a similar approach would mean they should not be allowed to hold office in Iran. Should Iran have more lenient laws against traitors? Should we be more "civilized" than the USA. What do our MEK supporters say now.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I am fine with discussion and agree that we are all Iranians. We should discuss issues without personal attacks and calling names. Unfortunately I have been called a "criminal and idiot" because of my posts. The person incorrectly thought I wanted MEK tried by the IRI. My post said very clearly that IR lacks the judicial system to try MEK leadership. That person did not bother to read it. I said POST IR an Iranian court should decide what to do with their leadership. My position is that Iranian courts should deal with Iranian issues not EU or USA or UN. Remember "ghezavate consouli". It means judgment by consulate; Iran was deemed to primitive to deal with foreign nationals. Now they want EU to deal with Iranian nationals as well.

For this I was called a "criminal; idiot". Another person approvingly padded the initial poster on the back. Now these are people who claim to be for "democracy". What does that mean I do not know. Does it mean that if you disagree then you are called names and insults. If they do this now imagine what they would do in power. I shudder to think of these people having actual political power. At this rate I say lets just keep the IR because if we want a dictatorship we already have one!



VPK, somebody asked the same question yesterday....

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

In a different blog. I responded politely yet  as always honestly and directly what I thought the reason was, then the original question and my own response were deleted, before one could say "Hezb faghat hezbullah"!!

Irrespective, I'd wish my respected and intelligent friends around this debate; yourself, Masoud khan and MM gerami to continue the debate as always in a civilised manner. We are all Iranians, we all want freedom and democracy for our country, no matter where we stand politically. We should not allow ourselves to be provoked into fruitless, divisive debates around personalities.

My two cents to three respected friend. 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

IC Posting Policy

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


A while ago "Shazdeh" posted and called me an idiot and a criminal. I flagged it. Now is it against IC policy to call people "idiot and criminal" or not. If not then lets remove the policy. If so then please remove the post.

We have to be fair and have rules that apply to us all. When I read the shrill posts with such insults and personal attacks it bothers me. Why is IC allowing that post to remain. Would someone please explain the IC posting policy.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I know that Saddam asked and got permission from USA to invade Kuwait. But what does that have to do with anything? Does that give them the right? It is like saying EU gave the green light to MEK. So what; it is not up to them.

Anyway the USA move was a trick and Saddam fell to it. They wanted to rope him into a corner so they could attack him. He took it hook; line and sinker! If there is any doubt I am agreeing that he got permission alright.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Well said. The problem with some in "diarposa" is they talk too much and listen none. I remember a talk that Parsi wanted to give in CA. The big mouths on the other side shouted him down. The whole thing becamse a joke. They would not even let him open his mouth. Now I have my difference with him but at least will listen. What kind of "democrats" would not even let the other side even speak. These are not democrats they are for free speech as long as it is them speaking.

All the polls show that majority of Iranian Americans oppose attacks on Iran. Now that is not me speaking it is the polls. Whether we like it or not it is a fact and we have to work with it. We will not be united ever. Change will come in some form but not from a united front. Not with these people claiming to re[present us. Or worse claiming to have EU represent us. As if I give a *** what EU who housed Khomeini says. I remind you France flew the SOB to Iran, now I must listen to them!

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Total casualties between MK and I number "none". Not to mention he told me about the 80 K I am supposed to get from IRI. No matter I am not into kissing guys. So I have to respectfully decline. Don't even mention Royalty as I am never kissing him. Not even with a bag.

BTW: I phoned Tehran and asked for my check. They apologized and said they are trying to figure out whether AN or VF gets to sign it. As an interim gift they wanted to send me a nice Qom silk rug. But the US sanctions won't let it get in so they are gonna send it in a "diplomatic" package next time AN comes here ;-)


Shazde, Masoud, ELSB.... What happened?!

by ham1328 on

I haven't been reading this thread for a few days, and wow, so much more been said. I too, chose to stop responding to VPK, because, after I stated the the factual history of Iran/Iraq war, he
replied sarcastically, Poor Saddam must have sent an emissary to Kuwait
too, before invading it...or words to that effect. So, I posted a few
links to the fact that U.S. Ambassador was told of Iraq's intention. He
wrote that I didn't have to tell him U.S. knew about Saddam's plan to
invade Kuwait, everybody knows that. I think he just might be a young,
unaware and confused person, often very wishy/washy...If
one can not learn democracy in a democratic society, then I don't know
where he can understand it? I'm no great fan of Rajavi,
but in a democracy, everyone has a voice or vote. If there is a fair
and transparent referendum held in Iran today, I'd say at least 80%
would reject the Islamic Republic. But, at the same time, MEK, Green movement (I don't care for any of them) JB
monarchists  and all of opposition groups have every right and must
participate. All voices must be heard, not just the one that NIAC supports. 

All the best, 


VPK - Some comments are not worth arguing @

by MM on

VPK Jaan,

Some comments are not worth arguing about and that ain't no undies from Faati.

* Rely on other "entities" to dictate to us? ---  Fortunately, we, Iranian-Americans can think and reason for ourselves, and do not have to look at someone else's writings on the wall for lines of thought, or especially rely on EU for guidnace.  C'mmon!  Are you kidding me? 

* Lies? --- Sticking with facts sorta quites the other side and they come back after a while with another change of subject. 

Well, here is a fact: In their present format and belief-structure and with the help of folks like "drop nukes on Iran" John Bolton, MKO will dominate the Iranian political scene in the Diaspora and try to shut everyone else, as MG eluted to.  And a question: Do you think that the MKO will give to Iran a politics as bad or worse than IRI? 

The only salvation here is to unite under the banner of democracy for Iran and stop the MKO "democracy-run" on Washington because they ain't no democrats.

Shazde Asdola Mirza

Not a matter of US business or MEK's - but NIAC's business

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

ELS: see the following blog, and pay good attention to what HG comments are talking about.


Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime

I am not sure if there is any correlation between US-Vietnam

by Everybody Loves Somebody ... on

conflict vis-a-vis US-MEK spat!

The total number of US casualties (both dead and injured) exceeded 211000 during 1955-1975. And, the other side's loss was probably in the millions. 

The total number of US casualties (victims of terrorism by MEK in the 70's) is about 5 orders of magnitude less than the former.

US and Vietnam have re-established relationships at the social, economical, and political levels. This is despite the many hard feelings on both sides (didn't Senator McCain travel to Vietnam a few years ago!?) They kissed and made up! Because it's good for the business!

MEK is about to be de-listed despite hard feelings on both sides. They will kiss and make up, because, it's good for the business!

Now MK, SAM, and VPK, please kiss and make up because it's good for the business!


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Mutual admiration society

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

MK & Royalty. Again it would be nice to hear from some other people. Maybe they all got sick of this thread. It does seem to be degenerating into a MAS.

MK repeating my posts does not really achieve anything.

Masoud Kazemzadeh

Shazde jaan, you are right

by Masoud Kazemzadeh on

Shazde jaan,

I have been IGNORING VPK for a while. I think my last response to him was on June 3 (about 7 days ago).

VPK repeatedly writes materials that are 100% false. He is either a charlatan (who on purpose lies) or sooooooo delusional that he does not realize that he is writing false stuff. I have ALREADY re-posted his false statements in this blog.  I will re-post them again at the end of this blog. 

I am going to continue to ignore him.






EVIDENCE of VPK's 100% false statements (either lies or delusional stuff): 




by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


You are right. The one thing that gave away JM was this statement:

The PMOI concentrate all their attacks on the fundamentalist regime. I do NOT see the PMOI come here and attack the pro-democracy forces. But
I do see the monarchists come here and constantly attack the pro-democracy forces.

When someone is so blinded but hate to prefer PMOI to RP I am done with them. Done over and out forever. These people brought IRI to power. Then packed up; ran off and got jobs as "professors". I pity their students for real and would ask for my tuition back! 

Now Rajavi is the new hero of JM! Wonderful and so telling. I am speechless and in shock. What a democrat! Massoud and Maryam the new democrats. Great job JM.






by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

You mentioned:

Those who sided with NIAC:

Bavafa, Ramin J, Ari Selitz, soosan khanum, Disenchanted, JasonRobardas (?), MM, bfarahmand, siahlashgar, kooshan (same as khebedin?), VPK, mola, mammad,

I will speak for myself and do not need a "boland goo". So why don't you speak your bit and let me do mine. You claim to be for "democracy"; isn't that the voice of the people? Or is your version of "democracy" that you speak for all of us? I get a feeling the latter. 

No wonder you are quite at home with MEK. You both think the same way. One leader and the rest must obey.





Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

I would be

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


interested in an opinion of someone other than resident "Royalty". Or resident "Professor". I posed some questions. It is obvious where MK & Royalty stand. What about other people and their stance.

Shazde Asdola Mirza

He is lying again ... just count to 10 and don't reply

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

"Anyone who does not support MEK is called irrational"

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Re: DK runs out of argument

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

Should have been "MK"!

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


who does not support MEK is called "irrational" by MK. What is irrational about not supporting a group that sided with Saddam. Or has the history of MEK. I like to hear some loginc not insults. 

These are coming from a "professor" who is supposed to be a model. What kind of role model is that? A man who instead of reason throws insults at anyone who disagrees with him.

Shazde Asdola Mirza

Masoud dear

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

I have the same advice for you ... lol

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

DK runs out of argument

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Now it is time for insults. What am I lying about? I have said:

  • MEK is a terrorist group; not because the USA or EU lists the, But because of their actions.
  • MEK is a cult. The facts are there for all to see. Forced member divorces. Keeping members prisoner by force.
  • MEK attacked Iranians; Kurds and Iraqi Shia Arabs.

Now will our professor tell me which one of these is a lie? And if IRI is paying 80K well I never got my check and IRS I mean internal revenue service is my witness! 

Masoud Kazemzadeh

Shazde jaan

by Masoud Kazemzadeh on

Shazde jaan,

I had assumed that VPK is a person who is honest but is politically ignorant. An honest and politically un-sophisticated could gradually learn.

In the past week or two, I have changed my opinion of VPK. It is 100% clear that he consistently writes absolute nonsense. There are only two explanations

1. VPK is on purpose LYING; or

2. VPK is utterly irrational and illogical.


If VPK is on PURPOSE lying, then he is a charlatan. If he is that irrational and illogical then he is delusional. I am not sure that engaging a person who is either a charlatan or delusional is fruitful. Perhaps, the best policy is to simply state that what VPK has written is absolutely irrational, illogical, and has no relation to reality. And then ignore his delusional stuff.




Masoud Kazemzadeh

IRI Offered $80,000 to Write Article Against PMOI

by Masoud Kazemzadeh on




John Thompson, who heads up the Mackenzie Institute, a security minded think-tank, says China isn't alone in trying to gain influence.

Thompson, who is often called on by media outlets to offer up analysis, says he was offered $80,000 by a man tied to Iran's mission in Canada.

"They wanted me to publish a piece on the Mujahedin-e khalq," he said. "Iran is trying to get other countries to label it as a terrorist cult." Thompson says he turned down the offer.



How MEK fools the fools + getting fooled once vs. twice

by MM on


Mujahedin pay foreign attendees to look bigger in meetings by Tapesh on 07/10/2011 - 03:57




July 7 - Picture of Mukasey taking instructions from MEK before his congressional testimony

Mukasey prepping to testify receives marching orders from "former" MEK  spokesperson Jafarzadeh



US Ex-Officials Say They Were Paid To Attend Pro-MEK Events


Former Indiana Congressman Lee Hamilton (D) and former CENTCOM Commander Anthony Zinni told the Inter Press Service that they were paid to appear at recent events supporting the MEK, an Iranian opposition group currently considered a terrorist organization by the State Department.



See UNHCR reports on(//www.unhcr.org/refworld/country,,HRW,COUNTRYREP,IRN,,45d085002,0.html)  MKO Methodology, Rise of Dissent inside the MKO, Compulsory Divorce, Security Clearances, Human Rights Abuses in the MKO Camps and Testimonies.

This is what is being shoved our throats in place of IRI: "Replacing one undemocratic regime that abuses its own people with an undemocratic cult that tortures its own members is a recipe for disaster." 



NIAC's 2011 email alerts/comments on Human Rights Issues in Iran

by MM on



These are JUST the 2011 email alerts / comments on human rights issues in Iran.  For a more complete list, see //www.niacouncil.org/site/PageServer?pagename=News_archive_human_rights

var addthis_config = { services_custom: { name: "Balatarin", url: "//balatarin.com/links/submit?phase=2&url={{url}}&title={{title}}", icon: "../images/content/pagebuilder/submit.png"} }

NIAC Welcomes Appointment of Human Rights Monitor, Calls for Iran to Cooperate

NIAC welcomes the appointment by the U.N. Human Rights Council of Ahmed Shaheed as the human rights monitor for Iran and calls on Iran to allow Mr. Shaheed to investigate Iran's human rights record without interference

Watch: Maziar Bahari Discusses Imprisonment, How Iranian Americans Can Support Human Rights

NIAC presents an exclusive interview (in Persian) with award-winning journalist, documentary filmmaker, and human rights activist Maziar Bahari. His newest book, Then They Came for Me: A Family's Story of Love, Captivity, and Survival, chronicles the 118 days he spent in a six-by-twelve-feet prison cell in Tehran's notorious Evin prison.

The New International Focus on Human Rights in Iran

The establishment of a UN human rights monitor on Iran represents hard-won leverage by the international community to press for change.

NIAC Commends Targeted Human Rights Measures Against IRGC, Basij

NIAC commends today's announcement that the Obama Administration is designating the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), Basij paramilitary, Iran's national police and its chief for U.S. financial and visa restrictions due to their involvement in human rights abuses against the Iranian people.

NIAC Condemns the Killing of Haleh Sahabi

NIAC condemns in the strongest possible terms the killing today of Haleh Sahabi and calls on Iran's government to release all prisoners of conscience and end its campaign of systematic repression.

Administration Officials Emphasize Multilateral Successes on Iran as Congress Considers New Unilateral Sanctions

As Congress prepares a new round of unilateral Iran sanctions, two top State Department officials discussed the Obama administration's approach to Iran's human rights situation last Wednesday before the Middle East subcommittee of Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

California Democrats Endorse Iranian Student Visa Fix, Human Rights

The California Democratic Party voted overwhelmingly to build bridges between the American and Iranian peoples and to express its support for the nonviolent human rights and democracy movement in Iran at its annual convention in Sacramento this weekend.

NIAC Hosts Shirin Ebadi for Discussion on Human Rights, Engagement, and War

Speaking before an audience of NIAC members this past Saturday, Dr. Shirin Ebadi encouraged international focus on the human rights situation in Iran and warned that war, or threats of an attack on Iran, would be devastating for the country's indigenous human rights and democracy movement.

Virginia Connection: Ebadi Comes to McLean

As a board member of the National Iranian-American Council, McLean resident Forough Yazdani is no stranger to getting the Iranian-American community involved in civic processes. But she said it was a special honor to host Nobel Peace Prize Winner Shirin Ebadi at her home Sunday.

NIAC Hosts Shirin Ebadi for In-Depth Conversation on Iran Policy & Human Rights

NIAC hosted a forum on Iran policy and human rights with Nobel Laureate Shirin Ebadi on Saturday April 23rd in McLean, VA.

Panel Debates Opportunities for Iran Engagement

The merits of engaging Iran were debated by panelists last week at the launching of the Atlantic Council Iran Task Force's second publication, "'Strategically Lonely' Iran Exploits Opportunities for Regional Influence".

Experts: Nonviolence, Human Rights Focus are Best Options for Iran's Democracy Movement

"Violence can achieve short-term results quickly, but after that has been achieved, then problems arise," said Roberto Toscano, Italian ambassador to Iran from 2003 to 2008.

Yahoo News: U.N. rights body votes to appoint Iran human rights monitor

Yahoo News reports on the establishment of a UN human rights monitor on Iran and NIAC's efforts to support this measure.

NIAC Applauds Today's Establishment of Human Rights Monitor on Iran

The National Iranian American Council (NIAC) strongly supports today's successful vote at the United Nations Human Rights Council (HRC) to establish an independent UN human rights monitor on Iran.

Proposal at U.N. Body Puts Focus on Iran's Human Rights Record

America.gov's Jeff Baron writes about how diplomats and rights activists spoke at NIAC's human rights conference in support of a critical multinational effort to push for human rights in Iran.

The Atlantic: A New Opportunity for the U.S. to Promote Human Rights in Iran

NIAC's Reza Marashi and Trita Parsi present three ideas for how President Obama can support human rights in Iran and leverage the Arab uprising in The Atlantic.

US and Swedish Officials Outline Human Rights Initiative at NIAC Conference

"This effort is not about grandstanding or showdown, but about action on a practical step that we hope will lead to change over time," declared U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Suzanne Nossel, discussing efforts now underway at the UN Human Rights Council (HRC) to establish a human rights monitor on Iran.

Holding Iran Accountable for its Human Rights Record

Deputy Assistant Secretary Suzanne Nossel spoke today on Capitol Hill at an event sponsored by the National Iranian American Council to make the case for creating a Special Rappateur on Iran at the Human Rights Council in Geneva.

NIAC Commends UN Human Rights Council Efforts on Iran

NIAC commends efforts underway at the United Nations Human Rights Council (HRC) to productively address the continued campaign of human rights abuses in Iran.

Congress Clashes over U.S. Participation at the Human Rights Council

Members of the House Foreign Affairs Committee clashed over U.S. participation in the United Nations Human Rights Council (HRC) last week.

Arrest of Iranian Opposition Leaders Further Demonstrates Need for International Efforts

NIAC condemns the arbitrary arrest and imprisonment of Iranian opposition leaders Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi and reiterates its call for the international community to take serious steps to address human rights violations in Iran.

NIAC Commends Targeted Human Rights Measures

NIAC commends today's announcement that the Obama Administration is designating Basij Commander Mohammed Reza Naqdi and Tehran Prosecutor General Abbas Jafari Dolatabadi for US financial and visa restrictions due to their involvement in human rights abuses against the Iranian people.

NIAC Applauds Senate Call for Human Rights Monitor

NIAC applauds Senator Carl Levin (D-MI) and 23 other Senators who today called for the Obama Administration to work with the international community to establish an independent UN human rights monitor on Iran when the UN Human Rights Council convenes this March.

Take Action to Help Stop Human Rights Abuses in Iran

The threats, abuses, and political killings in Iran must stop. The UN has a chance to finally take serious measures to help stop these horrific abuses. Take action now and you add your voice to the call for serious action on human rights in Iran at the UN.

Independent UN Experts Call for Moratorium on Death Penalty in Iran

Two independent UN experts called for Iran to halt executions on Wednesday, warning that there had been a dramatic surge in death sentences carried out in the absence of internationally recognized safeguards for fair trails.

Leading Diplomats, Experts and Organizations Call on Obama to Reinvigorate Diplomacy with Iran

On the eve of talks between the P5+1 and Iran in Istanbul, a diverse group of leading diplomats, experts, and organizations have called on the Obama Administration to reinvigorate diplomacy with Iran.

Arbitrary Arrests and Detentions Demonstrate Need for Serious International Efforts

NIAC condemns today's sentencing of prominent human rights lawyers Nasrin Sotoudeh and Shiva Nazar Ahari, and the December sentence handed down against Iranian filmmaker Jafar Panahi.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Some people don't know

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


how to read. I wrote "I do not think IRI has a qualified system". I have no desire to talk to this "Shazdeh". But when he refuses to read my post and calls me an idiot it speaks more of him than me. BTW: Flagged!


NIAC Conferences on Human Rights on Iran & US/Iran issues

by MM on

No undies for faati here.  These are ALL public forum NIAC conferences on Iran. 


Since 2007 when the members voted to have some focus on Iranian issues as well as Iranian-American concerns, NIAC, twice per year holds conferences that brings together the world’s foremost experts on Iranian politics, human rights, US-Iran relations, and nuclear weapons to answer the toughest questions that policy makers wrestle with everyday.


Anyone care to compare these conferences (depth and the quality/the range of the speakers) to anything other Iranian groups have done?



US-Iran Relations: Collision, Stand-off, or Convergence? March 27, 2007

Remarks by Rep. Jane Harman (D-CA)

- Joseph Cirincione, Center for American Progress
- Bruno Pellaud, Former Dputy Chief of Safeguards at the IAEA to Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
- Steve Clemons, American Strategy Program, New America Foundation
- Francis Fukuyama, Johns Hopkins University
- Mr. Flynt Leverett, Former National Security Council Official
- Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, General Colin Powell’s Chief of Staff
- The Hon. Matthew Levitt, Washington Institute for Near East Policy and Former Deputy Asst. Secretary for Intelligence & Analysis
- Daniel Levy, New America Foundation; former advisor to Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak


   Human Rights In Iran and U.S. Policy Options July 26, 2007

Remarks by Rep. Jim Moran (D-VA)
Remarks by Rep. Mike Honda (D-CA) 
Remarks by Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-CO)

Alex Arriaga, Amnesty International
Joe Stork, Human Rights Watch
John Tirman, MIT
Laura Secor, The New Yorker


   Breaking the US-Iran Stalemate  April 8, 2008

Remarks by Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA)

“New Majles, New Challenges” 

- Scott Peterson, Christian Science Monitor
- Prof. Ahmad Sadri, Lake Forest College
- Barbara Slavin, USIP/USA Today

“New Majles, New Challenges” 

- Scott Peterson, Christian Science Monitor
- Prof. Ahmad Sadri, Lake Forest College
- Barbara Slavin, USIP/USA Today

“Beyond Zero Enrichment: Finding the Nuclear Fix” 

- Dr. Hans Blix, Former Director General, International Atomic Energy Agency
- Amb. Thomas Pickering, Former Undersecretary of State
- Dr. David Albright, Institute for Science and International Security


   Can Obama Untangle the Iranian Challenge? Prospects for a New Iran Policy November 18, 2008

Remarks by Senator Thomas Carper (D-DE)
Remarks by Senator Arlen Specter (R-PA)
Remarks by Rep. John Tierney

“The Future of US-Iran Policy: An Agenda for Change”

- Amb. James Dobbins, Former Assistant Secretary of State
- Dr. Farideh Farhi, University of Hawaii
- Joseph Cirincione, The Ploughshares Fund


   The US & Iran: Between Elections and Enrichment June 17, 2009

Congressional Remarks

Rep. Gregory Meeks (D-NY)
Rep. John Tierney (D-MA) 

“Reassessing Inspections and Verification”

- Dr. David Kay, Former Weapons Inspector, Iraq
- Amb. François Nicoullaud, Former French Ambassador to Iran (2001-2005)
- Bruno Pellaud, Former Head of IAEA Safeguards
- Moderator: Glenn Kessler, The Washington Post

“A Conversation on the Iranian Elections”

- Prof. Ali Akbar Mahdi, Ohio Wesleyan University
- Hooman Majd, Author, The Ayatollah Begs to Differ
- Dr. Suzanne Maloney, The Brookings Institution
- Moderator: Nisid Hajari, Foreign Editor, Newsweek


   The US & Iran: Human Rights, Diplomacy, & Sanctions November 4, 2009

“Human Rights and the Battle for Iran”

- Prof. Mehrzad Boroujerdi, Syracuse University
- Geneive Abdo, The Century Foundation
- Dr. Hadi Ghaemi, International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran

“Assessing Obama’s Diplomacy” 

- Amb. John Limbert, US Naval Academy 
- Amb. Thomas Pickering, Former Undersecretary of State
- Greg Thielmann, Arms Control Association


   Iran at a Crossroads: Assessing a Changing Landscape March 10, 2010 Congressional Remarks

Rep. Anna Eshoo (CA-14)
Rep. Keith Ellison (MN-5)

A Century Old Struggle for Democracy

Prof. Ahmad Karimi-Hakkak, University of Maryland
Prof. Scott Lucas, University of Birmingham, UK
Prof. Muhammad Sahimi, University of Southern California
Moderator: Neil MacFarquhar, Author, The Media Relations Department of Hizbollah Wishes You a Happy Birthday

The US and Iran: Back to Confrontation?

Prof. Juan Cole, University of Michigan
Amb. Robert Hunter, RAND Corporation
Robert Malley, International Crisis Group
Moderator: Dr. Trita Parsi, NIAC President 


See //www.niacouncil.org/site/PageServer?pagename=Resources_conference_reports for links to resources for the above conferences.

Shazde Asdola Mirza

VPK: watch where you are going again ... which you seldom do

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

"My friends"? Are you blind or stupid? Can't you read my comments, or are decidedly trying to misquote me?


Do not talk to me again ... as I don't have time to waste on idiots!

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


The MEK were not listed on the USA terror group until 1997. They managed to do nothing but murder a few people. De-listing does not make then non criminal. I know their supporters want us to think so.

But listed or delisted they are criminals. No amount of whitewashing will change history. Their own actions are their problem. Not being listed or not or IRI. Now try something else dear Shazdheh who seem to put EU above Iran.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


My loyalty is not to the EU. The fate of MEK is not up to USA or EU. Youir MEK friends may have support of EU. But they do not have support of Iranians. If they want to live in exile in EU fine. 

If they want to go to Iran they must face Iranian justice. Not EU not USA not UN. Therefore you may shill for them all you want. But at the right time Iranian courts will decide their fate. Or they may remain as exiles until they pass.

Shazde Asdola Mirza

VPK / MM: sorry to disappoint the both of you but the writing is

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

... on the European Union's wall.

Open your eyes, and READ!

As for the US of A: they had a deal with IRI - the deal has fallen through, and the De-Listing is ON. Surprised? Don't be!

It is not a question of this group bad / that group good ... in my opinion, 99% of the Iranian goverment operatives AND the opposition leaders ARE NOT WORTH CRAP.

The question is of de-listing an organization which is now considered non-terrorist by almost all US allies! If you have evidence on the contrary ... present it to the Congress. This goes for the author of this "article" too!