Khomeni's Legacy

Akbar Ganji, Mahmoud Sadri, Kowsar Gohari, Amir Hossein Najafi


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We dont need BBC and Ganji to tell us....

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

what we know already. Maybe "we" in the west dont know it, but people inside iran who braved in millions the bassiji thugs less than two years ago by demonstrating so courageously against the regime know perfectly well the evil nature of the islamist regime and it's founding father khomeini.  Any "intellectual" who has something worthwile to say about Iran, it better be about tactics and startegies of overthrowing the islamist regime and it's replacement with a secular Democracy. Otherwise he is not worth listening to, let alone debating. 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

Jonny Dollar

Ganji speaks Persian? What is this "dicourse?"

by Jonny Dollar on

has persian changed that much since i left 35 years ago? These guys kept using english terms and i am just wondering if the average iranian understand them! Persian has become more and more arabic and english! So much for preserving our language and culture.

Did you notice Ganji's eyes how AZ HALGHEH DAR MIYOOMAD? Scary, isn't it? He reminds me of the IRI agents. Sadri is scared to speak his mind out of retaliation from IRI. Poor guy still wants to live! The problem with IRI is having mentality and people like that KESAFAT girl (the IRI agent).

"God is love!"

Dirty Angel

G. Rahmanian. Thank you so very much

by Dirty Angel on

Thank you so very much for your excellent, wonderfully well-thought out  post. It clarifies, explains  a lot and of course raises a lot of questions....:)

"How many people do you think know Weber in the US? Do they really need to know?"

In a democracy for it to function, the citizen needs to know in order to make informed decisions....  At least Sarkouhi has got to the point of some form of  critical analysis.... And if the "opposition" actually learnt some basic, elementary political theory, it might actually be effective....That , however requires honesty.

And your P.S. of course I fully agree. And only have realized that Edam is also a cheese (in my  post below!) ;)


Thank you again for your post. 

"Stuff happens and some, one way or another, get stuffed"

G. Rahmanian


by G. Rahmanian on

Sarkoohi talks idealistically like most Iranian intellectuals who leave Iran with not very much knowledge of what democracy is. He talks like Ganji or even Sadri from a different position. They all give intellectuals a role they hardly play or even deserve in the west. Sarkoohi seems to be uncomfortable with the fact that the majority of Iranians living in democries have little use for the work of intellectuals inside Iran. Most Iranians do care about what's happening inside Iran, but as Sarkoohi himself has, apparently realized, there's not much they can do to help. Especially with the opposition forces so disunited! The only "unity" that exists among them is their opposition to IR. How many people do you think know Weber in the US? Do they really need to know? Sadri and others drop names because they never leave their desks or classrooms behind and they haven't formed coherent theories or even simple ideas of their own on the subject. He seems to forget that he is in a debate and is not writing an academic paper. As an "Islamic Intellectual" he also seems to be in need of something to cling onto. Something to replace the use of God and the Koranic verses in his speech. Thus the name dropping. The success of the west in creating such great democracies came about as a result of people wanting freedom. Democracy means institutionalization of freedom. And the rule of law needs to be insured in order to protect it. P.S. I, personally, do not comprehend the significance of such debates. The majority of Iranians know what Khomeini, in particular, and the IR, in general, have don in the past three decades. Such debates are as useless as they have proven to be. The damage has been done, already. At best, this kind of debate should have taken place long before 1979!

Darius Kadivar

For The Anecdote Shayegan Got the Award Refused to Khatami ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on


Daryush Shayegan Global Dialogue Prize Winner 




The Iranian centre for dialogue of civilizations was created in 1977 Under the Patronage of Shahbanou Farah Pahlavi. It's Very First Director Iranian Philosopher Daryush Shayegan has been Awarded The Global Dialogue Prize by Aarhus University, Denmark.  


Five seconds and your time's up!

by benross on

Once you're done with vomitting and back from washroom, think about this Angel...

How many people read Shaaygaan you think? And amongst them, how many understood him? We read books (mostly their covers) to throw names here and there that's all. That's why in social politics, you have five seconds to say what you want. All these gibberish here and there, is to reach a unified five seconds of thought!

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

All the lies in the name of free press a la jerry springer's Tune.

around min.11 they saw even kh... in the moon was cencored. 

she should have taken her clothes off too ; we're in the west .   Maziar

Farah Rusta

Positive legacies - Sadri style of reasoning

by Farah Rusta on

First one must give Fred full credit for bringing this debate to our attention couple of weeks ago that surprisingly  and went largely unnoticed.

Second. according to Mr Sadri the positive legacy of the Islamic revolution of 1979 was that it convinced Iranians that theocracy is a bad thing!! as if Iranians were yearning for centuries to try and test  this promising style of governance and never had such an opportunity until 1979. Well, had Mr Sadri bothered to study the glorious history of our nation a little bit more he would have known that theocracy, in all forms but name, was in place, on and off, since the Islamic onslaught and as recent as the Qajar era. What is interesting about Sadri's argument is making light of the cost that this beleaguered nation had to pay to "convince"  themselves that theocracy is a bad thing!  Lets apply this style of reasoning to a few well known cases and see how it sounds: 

  • the positive legacy of Hitler's anti-Semitism was that Germans now know what a bad thing Nazism is! (yes at the cost of incineration of six million Jews) - well Germans, next time you want to vote the Nazis remember Ahmad Sadri's great polemic skills!
  • the positive legacy of Pol Pot regime was that now the Cambodian know what a bad thing Khemer Rouge can be (at the cost of 3 million Cambodians skull being piled up in the killing field) - don't try it again boys, Mr Sadri has warned you!
  • the positve leagcy of Soveit Communism is that now Russians, among other nations, know what a bad thing Salinism was (at the cost of some twenty million soviets being killed by uncle Joe and his cousin Nikita) - don't be tempted to vote the Commies again guys, listen to Dr Sadri's powerful reasoning skills! 
and so on ...   FR


Dirty Angel

I'm so annoyed. So depressing!

by Dirty Angel on

yeki hamintori alaki vo bimani Luther o Weber mindaze toosh, yeki dige Shayegano. If anything Shayegan's analysis clearly depicts le type ideologue. oonyeki saresh o (masalan) az tooye sonnat nemitoone bekeshe biroon. Newsflash: syphilis is also a great tradition. nemikhad hermeneutic bekonin. Knock knock, you need an actual theory to be interpreted.  aslan in mozakhrafat chiye? 

The country is doomed!

"Stuff happens and some, one way or another, get stuffed"



by Tavana on

"Ganji was the most honest person here." Was he honest Just because he criticized Khomeini? We all should remember that Ganji worked so long as a high ranking officer for IRI Intelegent Ministry and he knows a lot about the behind the scenes IRI 'secrets' operations of which he never says a word in any of his interviews as nobody ever dares asking him. He is a traitor & should not be trusted for anything & at anytime  

Dirty Angel


by Dirty Angel on

First few minutes, the word: Edam,Edam,Edam.

Bahs dare akhe?


{insert here a gazzillionnnnn plethora of swearwords }


in zanekeye  {insert here  more of a gazzillionnnnn plethora of swearwords },be jaye inke ba khodesh ba in abroohash var bere, bere ye chizi bezare tooye in "maghze" poochesh.

She should also stop eating so much fatty lamb. Obviously gone to the "brain".


"Stuff happens and some, one way or another, get stuffed"

G. Rahmanian


by G. Rahmanian on

Mr. Najafi made the best observation towards the end of this show when he said the last ten years of Khomeini's life being the most noteworthy. For Iranians those years translate into the most calamitous chapter in their modern history. The rest of his life is a subject for historians and scholars to delve into and not for average Iranians who are still suffering as a result of what he did when he was ruling Iran.


Thank you very much for this

by Arthimis on

Thank you very much for this link!

I agree with a lot of you here. Ganji was the most honest person here. There are undeniable facts about the seriousness of Khomeini's mental disease!! He was simply a psycho lunatic who wanted to destroy Iran in the name of Islam and would stop short of nothing, including direct and brave lies in the face of the world and claim that's the way it is and I kill you if you don't like it....(Now, what can you call the people who followed and supported that mentality, behaviour and actions!!! That is another book by itself which Sadri points to it later...)

Sadri, although correct and articulate in terms of historical stories, was also trying hard to be as diplomatic as possible for whatever reason! (his own ego or fear of I.R. Retaliation!) One thing I agree with him as an Iranian is the fact that Iranians needed this horrific experience to wake up and quite frankly are way ahead of the rest of the Islamic world in terms of social experiences of such tyrannical system that is nothing short of an eventual failure and colapse on all levels!!! 

As for "Kosar Gohari" goes, she is a shame to the name of Iran and Iranians, period. Her arguments and reasoning was not only offensive, but also against all the RECORDED & PROVEN HISTORICAL FACTS!!! Which makes her either a brainwashed , fanatic I.R. Child or an agent of the system ruling Iran now!  She should have been stopped on the spot for disrespecting and braeking the very fundamental rules of engagement repeatedly in a discussion of such caliber!!! The host however seemed to be siding with her and cutting Ganji short few times on his very truthful explanations of recorded historical facts!!! for whatever reason!!! (Welcome to BBC, LOL)

And finally, Najafi! This confused young Islamic man was a typical post Islamic Revolution kid who suffers from a major identity crisis and has deep Islamic up bringing,mentality and ties to the oppressing system occupying Iran. It is so obvious in his overall looks, arguments and body language... He will change colours faster than most people when this criminal regime is toppled!



Jonny Dollar

How was that arab girl invited? She was there only to disrupt

by Jonny Dollar on

and intimidate the other guys. How was an IRI agent granted a visa in the US and attending college? She dominated the whole thing with the permission of the interviewer. ZESHT was boiling inside as her mission from IRI reqiured her to do.

BBC knew that they had invited a fanatic. BBC did this on purpose to show to IRI that they are fair and balance and not after overthrowing the regime. This way, they'll keep their license. FOX!

 No iranian young woman dresses up like that when in the west unless she is connected to IRI. And the other guy was NAJAFI from JAJAF (looked arab 2)? You see now where our problem is - bunch of arabs are trying to change what is left of the iranian culture to a total arab culture. Why do we allow this? MELLATEH NAJIBEH IRAN!

"God is love!"


Mr Khomeini's legacy was to prove for the Nth time

by SamSamIIII on


the major flaw in Ajamo Arabo's sense of judgement since Dec 19 641. Funny how buncha credulous imbecile culprits taken for a ride once already are preaching to others their sermons on common sense & reality, yet again. After all, these Omaru Ommaties are the legacy of Mr Khomeini. Once an omaru always an omaru.

His legacy was to be loved for who he was not by those who later hated him for who he was. "those" are his legacy.



Path of Kiaan Resurrection of True Iran Hoisting Drafshe Kaviaan // //



by Simorgh5555 on

Ganji still troubles me. In this interview he explains how Khomeini intended to create a dictatorship soon after the revolution and that lying, spying and killing were permissible in order to the same the regime. If he was aware of this at the time why did he wait more than 15 years to oppose Khomeini's government. Let us not forget he was a high profile revolutionary guard.

Darius Kadivar

Also Ganji was honest enough to admit the Rev was not Highjacked

by Darius Kadivar on

Also Ganji was honest enough to say that those who claim the Revolution was "Highjacked" are being dishonest.

All who opposed the Shah followed Khomeiny as their Leader. So to claim in retrospect that the revolution was highjacked from their hands is dishonest and hypcorite.

For the simple reason that Those who wished a Secular Democracy Were NOT supportive of the Revolution but quite the contrary wished to see the Monarchy be Reformed into something like Spain or England with a King or Queen which Reigns but does not rule.

Pro Bakhtiar Demonstrations in support of the 1906 Constitution



maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

The only legacy he left was to get millions of Iranians out of believing in bull sh....

like they say : If I save ONE ,I've done my job  and he saved millions.        Maziar

Darius Kadivar

I was going to say the same thing Benross Jaan ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

The Young Man said it best:

"It's not because people join a Revolutionary cause or idea by Millions that it was right ? "



Najafi didn't get much air

by benross on

Najafi didn't get much air time but he was the only one who caught Sadri on Khomeini 'anti-imperialism' glorification.

Darius Kadivar

Benross Jaan that's because Sadri is a Jacobinist Intelectual

by Darius Kadivar on

Ganji was far more honest and self critical than this other Sadri clown who is Still Stuck in the bankrupt belief that Revolutions are Justified no matter how wrong they turn out to be or how much blood is spilled to achieve his ideal Republican State:

VIRTUE IN TERROR: Maximilien Robespierre and the Reign of Terror (BBC)

Olaghan Deegeh ... even when they claim to be secular like in his case ...

HISTORY FORUM: Bahram Moshiri's Take on The French Revolution and Why He Misses The Point ;0)

They Think History is Rocket Science and that their Bankrupt Theories can compensate for their OWN POOR CHOICE 30 years ago:

Hichi !!!

Hence His "Romantic View" of "Anti Imperialist" Revolutions which he continues to endorse while living and working in the Great Satan's prestigious Universities ...

Related Blog:

COLUMBIA PRESENTS: Academic Excellence With Hamid Dabashi & Sadri Bros


Thank you Fred for the clarification

by Mehrban on

Ganji for the most part was accurate precise and uncompromising, he wavered at the very end a bit, I am not sure why.  The discussion in general was promising and indicative of a progressive trend.  Gohari comes across green (g) (pun intended).


The reason Sadri is

by benross on

The reason Sadri is recounting yesterday newspaper articles as social analysis is that he can't say anything else without saying '... Khordam'. This is all he wants to avoid.



by Fred on

Her love of murderous Khomeini is not for nothing. BBC should have disclosed her connection to the Islamist Greens. Her husband is the web guru for their Jaras site and her father a former IRR ambassador to Romania.



I think she...

by Benyamin on

...was in love with khomeini and came to this "miz e gerd" absolutely closed minded. I think she was deaf.     NO MATTER HOW MANY TIMES SHE WAS TOLD KHOMEINI SAID THIS OR THAT DIDN`T MATTER AND YET REPEATED WHATEVER SHE HAD READ ON HER OWN. No wonder the Islamists are in power.


Khomeini's legacy: Wrote

by Simorgh5555 on

Khomeini's legacy:

  • Wrote a book about Islamic juripsrudence called Tahrirovasyleh  sanctioning sexual relations with 9 year olds and molesting under 9's provided no sexual intercourse takes place  
  • Said sex with sheep and goats is Halal provided your don't eat the meat from it afterwards
  • Slaughered thousands of Iranians in executions through his minions such as the hanging judge Khalkhali 
  • Highest execution rate after China
  • Persoanlly gave orders for a purge of prisons in 1988 where hundreds of opponents of the regime were systematically killed and thier corpses were dumped in mass grave. The inspiration for Khomeini killing people without trial was based on  the prophet  Mohammed's punishment of the Banu Qurayza tribe in Medina in which he beheaded all men and sold the women and children into slavery. Khomeini was a good Muslim indeed!
  • Fought off Iraq and then tried to export his Islamic revolution and to free the Shia cities of Najafand Karbala but suddenly had a change of heart at the last moment not becauseof the heavy Iranian casualties but because he received a visitation from the Angel Gabriel telling him to do so.
  • Felt no persoanl felings for Iran and nationalism. Islam first and then Iran was his motto.
  • Encouraged Iranians not to celebrate Norooz and banned Chaharshanbe Souri whilst disparaging pre-Islamic Iranian culture by saying there was no civilisation before Islam. 
  • Mismanaged the economy and contributed to un-precedented population growth in Iran
  • Supported and funded Palestiniand Lebanese hezbollah terror but was secretly buying arms from the Israelis.
  • Issued a fatwa against writer Salman Rusdhie making Iran a byword for terror which lives to this day.
  • Father of a revolution of a poulation of 70 million, rampant drug consumption, suicide, unelpoyment,  class deivision, prostitution and black market organ sales. 


What legacy???/

by mahmoudg on

one of death, destruciton, "ghahghara"=backwardness, lack of human rights and human dignity, Islamic nonsense, selling the country to Arabs and all that is dark and backward about Arabs, women's rights, emnity with modernity, dark aged jurisprudence, support for sexual decadance under islamic sharia law, selling off the National treasury, unneeded 8 year devastating war, combating democratic values and on and on and on.  Nothing good ever came out of that man in his 10 year tenure destroying our Nation.