Daryush Shayegan Global Dialogue Prize Winner


Daryush Shayegan Global Dialogue Prize Winner
by Darius Kadivar

The Iranian centre for dialogue of civilizations was created in 1977 Under the Patronage of Shahbanou Farah Pahlavi. It's Very First Director Iranian Philosopher Daryush Shayegan has been Awarded The Global Dialogue Prize by Aarhus University, Denmark.

Global dialogue prize 2009: Dariush Shayegan, Aarhus University in Denmark: 

Khatami explains why Democracy in Iran Cannot be achieved without Islam's presence:

This Speech by former President of the Islamic Republic Mohamad Khatami was probably the Nail in his Coffin as the so-called Promotor of a Dialogue of Civilization 


Dariush Shayegan has been awarded the prize for his extensive academic body of work which is widely respected and has been translated into several languages.

Iranian philosopher Dr. Dariush Shayegan was – as the first person ever – awarded the Global Dialogue Prize, an international humanities award.

The Global Dialogue Prize has been realised through a donation of DKK 500,000 (approx. 100,000 USD) from The Poul Due Jensen Foundation.

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The choice of the other nominee, Mohammad Khatami, made quite a turmoil in the danish press, because of the fact that he is former president of Iran. Daryush Shayegan told Web-TV ithough that he had the deepest respect for Khatami and that he was a very decent man. Because Khatami tried to reform a political system that was ”un-reformable”. Nevertheless Mohammad Khatami was unable to visit Denmark and instead the entire prize was given to Daryush Shayegan.

Web-TV had an interview with Dr. Shayegan just after his receipt of the Global Dialogue Prize in The Music House of Aarhus. Besides the prize of 500.000 dkr. he was given a unique piece of danish glass art.

Web-TV interview with Global Dialogue Prize winner, Iranian philosopher Daryush Shayegan:

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Acceptance Speach by Daryush Shayegan:

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About The Global Dialogue Prize :

The Global Dialogue Prize is a research prize and honors outstanding research accomplishments; it is not a political prize for personal lifetime achievements. In accordance with the character of the prize our presentations of prizewinners center on the award-winning ideas rather than on biographical details.

In 2009 the award committee nominated Daryush Shayegan and Mohammad Khatami as recipients of the inaugural Global Dialogue Prize for their work in developing and promoting the concept of a 'dialogue among cultures and civilizations' as new paradigm of cultural subjectivity and as new paradigm of international relations.

Since Mohammad Khatami "is not in the position to accept the prize", the Global Dialogue Prize 2009 will be awarded to Daryush Shayegan alone.

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About Daryush Shayegan: 

Dariush Shayegan is one of Iran's prominent thinkers, cultural theorists and comparative philosophers.

Shayegan studied at Sorbonne University in Paris. He was a Professor of Sanskrit and Indian religions at Tehran University.

He wrote a novel "Land of Mirage" in French which won the ADELF award presented by the Association of French Authors on December 26, 2004. Dariush Shayegan is well known in France for his books in the field of philosophy and mysticism.

Shayegan, who studied with Henry Corbin in Paris, also did many pioneering works on Persian mysticism and mystic poetry. He was a founding director of the Iranian Center for the Studies of Civilizations. In 1977, Shayegan initiated an international symposium on the "dialogue between civilizations," a concept that has been selectively appropriated in Iran. In 2009 Shayegan was awarded the inaugural Global Dialogue Prize, an international award for "Outstanding achievements in the advancement and application of intercultural value research", in recognition of his dialogical conception of cultural subjectivity.

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Dr. Ata Hoodashtian on Dariush Shayegan-Montreal-Jan 09 (Part 1 of Conference in 9 Parts):

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