U.S. Prepared to Strike Iran if Necessary

U.S. Joint Chiefs commander to Iran: Don't push it


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Who can read between the lines?

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on


The Problem has been that the USA who brought mullahs is the one that has been keeping them in power and pursues policies that wish for them to stay.  For USA, like Khomeii, says all the right things, yet when t comes to actions all we see is stabilizing and securing some form of mullahs for the future. Lets all unite for secular democracy (make it clear that religous democracy is unacceptable), please demand it and be aware of what the USA has been doing for 33 years with Iran and make sure they don't go like Obama to essentially learn to live with a Nuclear IRI, the nuclear Issue gives us an opportunity to save Iran from US policy.


Amirs Agenda????? Pursuing the light of the truth.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

I will never forget the statement by former british ambassador to Iran quoting, socrates, saying that essentially if you wish to get to the truth speak with people in power in person and if you wish to gain wisdom learn the definitions of words.

Dennis Wright, before he passed away, said infront of 4 other Iranians and several british people, all of who but one are alive that the USA and UK did everything in their power to prevent the industrialization of Iran and the development of a complex economy so they could control Iran easier.  He said i have to hand it to the shahs team, that they succeeded to run Aryamehr Steel with all the pressure against it.  We even ensured that the top executves could not get a salary, yet they insisted working because t was the Shah's #1 priority.  I personally told the shah that would cost him the crown as Iran would never be allowed to be independent and we had ways of making sure Iran would be suppressed and he ignored all advice given to him.

These types of discussions are discussed openly today by many iranians, which makes me wonder why discussing the truth seems so bothersome to some.  "Do many Iranians accept the idea that the US brought down the Shah
because the Hegemon didn't want a STRONG Iran,and so the US imposed the
Theo-crats to weaken Iran ?That sounds nutty.!

If it sounds nutty then I'm afaid we will long be lost in pursuit of the truth, it's as if we really desperately want to sell ourseves on a lie, regarding a good and truthful USA in pursuit of freedom and justice for all, that bs is the work of holywood and the manstream media not reality.

These exact points are essential to know about, who is saying them, what their positions were, what they accomplished for Iran etc,  I have had a unique opportunity to hear discussions many do not get the opportunity to listen to, I am thinking of getting these important iranians together the same way the bbc does, and ask questions the bbc doesn't ask them, just for IC and ask away regarding US agenda for Iran past, present, future to remove any doubts and help people see the truth (upsetting as it is).

I agree with both you and vpk that if the shah had remained, iran would have eventually become democratic the same way as say denmark and would have been a strong US ally, however the mistake you are making is the exact same one the late shah made and me too for years, thinking that betraying Iran for a few generations would be too stupid for the USA, sadly if you could see behind the curtain, not just reagarding Iran, but Russia, China & India too, they don't want partners.  Its why due to so many big mistakes, people like Ron Paul want to pull the USA back to focussing on itself not dominating the planet.  


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

What is

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

Hegemon and is it best to drink fermented?


VPK,, sometimes YOU worry me.

by bushtheliberator on

  I do wonder if Amir is just fearmongering when he warns that the Great Satan's plan to prevent Iran from becoming "strong" is to carve Iran up like a turkey, and leave the Persians with a patch of sand,

I would argue that the Great Hegemon has an interest in preserving Iran's territorial integrity, and that ANY break-up of Iran would create instability near the Hegemon's oil jugular.

Then YOU admit to yearning to recover ( "annex") the empires lost territories from your neighbors ::: naughty, naughty !

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Re: do VPK and Babak K.'s Persian ...

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Bushthelibrator thank you. I have never found a good reason why America would benefit from an anti-American weak Iran. Yes Carter made a mess and not just in Iran. But others tried to reverse it. I used Nicaragua as an example but that got ignored. With a pro American Iran USA would not need to be in Afghanistan right now. It would still get all of its goals accomplished. And Iran may get to annex a good bit of territory.

Regarding anti Americanism: I don't like it but I understand the Mossadegh supporters as much as I disagree with them. Fine they lost their man and are pissed off. But why would a Monarchist be so anti American? Downfall of the Shah had as much to do with his own mistakes and that of Iranian people as America.

Glad to hear my antenna are in sync with our American visitor. Merry Christmas and have a good one.


do VPK and Babak K.'s Persian Antennae hear Something fishy ??

by bushtheliberator on

said of I-com visitor "Amirparviz"

by Babak K ;'what you wrote is what every dictatorship...wants its people to hear"

by VPK :' you know I'm really wondering about the motives of Amirparviz'.

Your Least Informed About Iran Visitor wonders sometime,too.Amir seems like a common enough conspiracy -fueled anti-American Ranter, unfettered by history or logic...does he have some strange agenda of division ?

Do many Iranians accept the idea that the US brought down the Shah because the Hegemon didn't want a STRONG Iran,and so the US imposed the Theo-crats to weaken Iran ?That sounds nutty.!

The American media DID demonize the Shah, and J.Carter was an Idiotarian,who thought the mullahs were crusadeing holy men.

Grownup Americans saw the Shah as no worse a Bastard than any other in the neighborhood, and a front-line partner in the Cold War.Then Jimmy further embarassed us by treating our former partner like dirt.

The fall of the Shah weakened America's position in 1979, and a strong democratic Iran would be a great benefit to the US today.

What IS Amir's agenda ?









Hitchens argued in favor of atheism on grounds of making life

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

better for humans and that the lies of religion harm humans, he screwed himself on Iraq.  

He was a closet humanitarian at times.

As for jaded, to make or become dull, worn-out, or weary, as from overwork or overuse. ?????? Overwork overuse weary, when? you must be joking?



Very true RG

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

The reason is that to get out of recessions, the only way is to get the economy moving again is through the manufacturing industry.  Weapons are the biggest industry of all manufacturing, the truth is countries like the usa would rather have countries fight their neighbours and sell weapons to both of them to kill each other off.  Thats where its so shocking that the manipulation of human rights and democracy works on so many people when these are not real goals of the USA, but disingenously used to meet its own needs at the expense of others.

It will be interesting to see if the UN will do a full report on the thousands of cvilians the Nato bombing killed and if the resolutions enforcers are found that they faithfully executed the security council resolution to save civilian lives in Libya. There are entire towns of people that have been expelled and the inhabitants not allowed to return. At least manufacturing got a boost.  The oil deals and reconstruction projects are expected to be very profitable too and islamist leaders in control are happy with the developments so far.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Dear Hooshang

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


You are right on both Hitchens and what I meant about "Jaded". 

  • Hitchens was not a humanitarian. The man had strong opinions and stuck by them and I respect it. But he did not fit my idea of humanitarian. You already pointed out the reasons and I will not repeat them.
  • You got my point about Jaded perfectly. I am not going to engage Amirparviz anymore but I will give one example of jaded here. Saying "America Killed Shah" is total conjuncture. First there is no solid proof her was poisoned by radioactivity. But now he was poisoned for the sake of argument. There is still no proof it was USA. I am just sick of innuendo presented as "reality".


I think its the honesty that bothers anyone brown nosing the USA

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

The President will soon be able to lawfully torture and detain indefinetly any American Citizen.  Wonderful really when you think about it, I can see why we have some anti-monarchist/prorepublicans among Iranians on IC, with a system like this to look up to what else could possibly compare?


And then after this they say they care about democracy & human rights for various nations, like syria.  They always have a story, give them that.


More US Militarization is a manipulative one sided stance

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

with respect to Syria (despite the thousands of palestinians the US helped Israel Murder as Obama became the leader of the Empires of the USA)  Well I guess we can sweep the context under the rug when the hypocrisy is evident to see for all.


This article is a good observation of the US approach in Syria.  Very True Regarding Human Rights.



Since WW1, Every single war is preceded with recession

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

of some sort , and every single war is succeded with economic recovery of some sort. A point which I am sure has not missed US policy makers attention...

p.s. I also agree with babak... 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


I think he means you're jaded, and a weird 'monarchist' to begin

by Hooshang Tarreh-Gol on


TL, Dada was passing by and said:

Maan Aan Toranjam, Keh Daar Jaahaan....




Great speech today by Medvedev,

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Shah should have used the exact same, if only he hadn't spent his time trying to build a sincere relationship with the Evil Empire of Militarism & Neocolonialism the USA.  He said the manipulation of our people by the USA is unacceptable, what Russia/Iran needs is democracy not US interference and manipulation.


Is it okay to say that Iranians were manipulated away from their hard earned path towards democracy by the USA.  Or do we still have morons that like to delude themselves & others that the late shah was a dictator? Hmmmmmmm?



You mean I am honest

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Speak with people that have experience you may gain more insight than the nonsense you waste our time with.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


You are a rude person and I had enough of you. I do not watch TV news and don't need your holier than thou ***. You are the one throwing claims with no basis as if you know things.

I am done with you and your conspiracies. Good bye and good riddance. No more discussion. I am going to discuss things where the person actually may know something.

Tiger Lily

Should Millitary Generals or if not , and even better, their

by Tiger Lily on

decisions be elected and approved democratically, especially if they pertain to defend mine and my loved ones lives?






اخ که چقدر خر تو خره... دادا تو هم ول کن دنیا که کربلا هستش





Hitchens was a great atheist, not a great humanitarian

by Hooshang Tarreh-Gol on

He opted for intervention in Iraq, when he well knew what the result would be; what we've seen in the pst two days, a country divided by sectarian violence.

Perhaps there might be a distinction between the early and the late Hitchens.

Yet the same Hitchens had the balls to practically single handedly* support and house Salman Rushdie.

Personally I'll always have to respect his atheism and love of whisky.

* Come to think of it Edward Said was also in defense of Rushdi.


Hitchens was a great humanitarian

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Sad he suffered so much pain, due to his compassion for people in Iran, at the work of the islamofascists.


The Bigger the Cushion, the Better the Pushin'

by Faramarz on


Back in the high school days in Iran, whenever we got into a fight with the bigger guys who could really clean our clocks there was a normal routine that we used to do.

The little guy on our side would curse the big guy on their side and challenge him to a fight. The big guy would say, “Come here little guy. I am going to service your mouth!” The little guy would then take his jacket off and give it to one of us as if he was getting ready for a fight. At that moment the rest of us would jump in and supposedly hold our little guy back so that he couldn’t go and fight. This way he would save face and save his ass too! But once in a while things would not go as planned and our guy would get his ass handed to him.

Now, these little guys who are threatening to close the Straight of Hormoz and are taking their jackets off may want to remember that the last guy who wanted to disrupt the flow of oil to the west was King Faisal.

It was back in October of 1973 and we know what happened to him.



by vildemose on

“It’s not enough that faith claims to be the solution to all problems,” he wrote in Slate in 2009 after a Danish newspaper apologised for publishing cartoons of the prophet Muhammad. “It is now demanded that such a preposterous claim be made immune from any inquiry, any critique, and any ridicule.”--Christopher Hitchens



by Raoul1955 on

I just love your last statement about faith, although incomplete:

"It's not enough that faith claims to be the solution to all problems but is now demanded that such a preposterous claim be made im "


VPK you speak with almost no detailed information

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Its really like speaking with a peron that learned everthing from TV.  When the Shah wanted to do anything to help strenghten the economy and education of Iran, the USA and others opposed him harshly, they were all united in opposing irans development, the same way they were against africas, they killed a prime minister, using our mullahs, who had signed a deal pursuing our steel industry against US orders and pressure, they tried to kill the king also, but falied and they never delivered it anyway despite the agreement and 20 years waiting, so finally our king accepted the russian offer (not that it was sincere, it was not, it was full of complex traps to try and control Iran) but because shah had enough educated technocrats from the top institutions in the world, the shahs team was good enough to deal with the russians independently so that the Russians would be forced to give everything iran wanted to the exact specifications of irans technocrats requests. 

So we built with tooth and nail one world class (compared with japan/usa/germany) institution who's real purpose was to develop hundreds of thousands of Iranians.  Also part of the reason the west all opposed it from early on.  So we were good to go, without being under any russian control, which was not the case for all the other steel plants they had built for India, China and other places around the world.  For the first time in a century the shah had succeeded in building a relationship with russia, that was not slave master, but win/win as was our relations with others, in full opposition to the wests goals for Iran and her people,  Iranian steel was a highly profitable powerful force as understood by economists based on the multiplier factor and by education experts. 

Iran in the future needs to be independent once again, with no one else being able to limit our economic/social progress or ability to develop our own institutions and educate our own people.  If the Japanese had gone down your path they would have never ever made it to being a developed democracy.  Like Us they had to pay a heavy price against forces that wanted to suppress them.  Its not that you are totally stupid, you are completely missing out on the picture of the world, the struggles, the games the motives, who succeeded, who failed, how they did it etc, you just don't know at all anything holding a discussion with you is a waste of time for me more than the other way around,  In a future Iran if it is comes about in one piece not a single uninformed, uneducated person, like yourself will even make it to a secretarial role of a decision maker, whether a republic or any other democratic system. 

Iran can't afford your inexperience or lack of knowledge and will have to earn her way forward just like it was doing during the shahs time (even though he only could develop 1 advanced instituion in his life time it was a critical one and based on that one Iran could replicate and educate and built other institutions and create the education necessary to have a functioning democracy.  That is what Jimmy opposed and why ronny and george after fully opposed helping iranian opposition or people that could remove the regime.  I read the ignorance of your comments like, oh its just ridiculous that the west wanted to stop irans development and growth and realize its because you have no contacts with any decision maker.  You may not have had the opportunities I have had speaking with decision makers, clearly you are in the dark on so much.  Yet in the future, Iran will only work with others based on defending the freedom of iranians and in consultation with partners, where we all get a say, the US empire right now based on being lead by the most stupid leaders that are lets face it war mongers does not qualify for our time unless it is on terms beneficial to Iranians as well as themselves.  The West can run circles around the mass of Iranians, but the West can't run circles around educated and qualified iranians. 


 US Puts Bounty on

by vildemose on

 US Puts Bounty on Iran-Based al-Qaida Financier



Information is the currency of democracy. ~Thomas Jefferson

It's not enough that faith claims to be the solution to all problems but is now demanded that such a preposterous claim be made im


Bahmani we are dealing frankly with the most retarded element

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

of Iranian society when we are talking of the Akhoonds, their stupidy has almost no limit, they are Irans achilles heal which is why the big boys have kept them and their ilk for so long, no one but the commies could do to iran what they did in terms of regression and suppression.

All the talk and bluster and Nothing but the wind between their legs to back them and their ideas up.  If we had the Shah now we would be among the big boys, of course USA knew that which is why they killed him and never discuss it in any of their biased propaganda based culture.

Joe L.

Bavafa makes a lot of sense

by Joe L. on

Merry Christmas everyone. let's work, hope, and pray for Peace.


Iran Shouldn't "Push It"

by bahmani on

what is hard to watch on a daily basis now it seems, is the ridiculous notion that Iran seems to hold in it;s tiny pointed head, that this angle and argument, and tactic is somehow going to work.

At some point you have to look at your hand and realize that a 2 of clubs, 2 3's and one lonely ace of spades, will never beat a full house.

Iran needs to fold, cash out what's left of it's chips, and go home and play X-Box.

Leave the world to the Big Boy countries.

To read more bahmani posts visit: //brucebahmani.blogspot.com/


power shift?

by sparrowlake on

power will shift over time to the country with the greatest personl freedoms.  Dictatorships, and tyranny never produce sustainable greatness.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

By the way

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I am not trying to be personal but we have a major disagreement. Our basic philosophies are opposite. I want to work with people not go it alone. Because we are in a global system and it is the only possible way.

Days of going by yourself are long gone. Not even Russia or China are doing it alone. Russia ran a major empire and still has connections to its former satellites. China is very involved with USA as is India. None of them are "Bitches" of anyone. They work together. You guys seem are taking an unnecessarily belligerent position. It is what got Iran in this mess to start with. I really hope the next regime does not follow this path. 

This is the time to work together not spit at each other.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Both Amirparviz and Mehrdad: Your idea of "Nokar"; "Bitch" or "Waterboy" is bull! I call it friendship and working together. We tried your way and the result is right there to see. No thank you. If America and West are so bad why are you both in the West? Aren't you both exactly what you denounce? Aren't you paying taxes and supporting it. With all due respect you are being hypocritical. If Iran is doing so well: move there and enjoy the fruits of your independence.

Amirparviz:  You are jaded and I don't want to argue anymore. Do what you do which is nothing. But I will not pay attention to your nay saying.

Mehrdad: Nazi Germany was run by a nut or it would have won.