It Never Rains Here Morteza

Latest video form "Natijeh Mozakerat" album

It Never Rains Here Morteza
by Jahanshah Javid

From Kiosk's new album "Natijeh Mozakerat". "Kiosk's eagerly awaited fifth album is a collection of catchy songs with influences ranging from gypsy jazz to blues to rock, complemented by lyrics which provide a stinging sociopolitical satire of Iran today." Video by Ardalan Payvar:


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Immortal Guard


by Immortal Guard on

This is called using one's advantage in time (history) and space (geography)!


Borrrrrrrrrrrrrrring !

by dead on


Ari Siletz

Immortal Guard

by Ari Siletz on

I'm neither smart nor Jewish, and I can't tell which of these is keeping me from understanding your question/statement. Seems you're saying Kiosk's plaintive militancy has deep roots in the historical sufferings of the Iranian nation. Am I right about your position? If so, I quite agree.

Immortal Guard

Is he cursing??? Ari I have a question for you!

by Immortal Guard on

Ari you are a very smart Jew!

Don't we Persians as a people, as a nation, have the right to have a historical conscience?

Now doesn't cursing fall into the realm of the possible?

Then as a smart understanding Jew (or as we say in Persian: be onvaaneh yek Yahoodi baa sho'ur) you should have considered the possibility of a curse by a people with historical conscience quite probable unless you regard us as a people with no historical roots and no historical recollection and no histroical conscience. This is like we are just a herd of cows!

Now do you have an intelligent answer for that or you are just another one whose intellect serves his emotions at the end of the day? Are you afraid you are not on the right and good side now?

And I don't think anybody would make a gratuitous curse just for the heck of it unless he/she is driven to it and has got the required perspicacity and sufficient insight!

Nader Vanaki

سبک جدید موسیقی کیوسک

Nader Vanaki

خیلی داره شبیه به اون گروهی میشه که انتظار دارم یک شب در لس آنجلس در یک کلوپ ایرانی با صرف غذای لذیذ بشنوم.  امیدوارم که یک شب در رستوران کنار استخر هتل هیلتون تهران یا در بندر انزلی این گروه رو ببینم.

ولی از لحاظ طراحی روی جلد آلبوم باید بگم که در لیست بهترین هایی که در عمرم دیدم هستش.  دمشون گرم اگر پوسترش رو بفروشن یکی می خرم و در کلبه محقر خودم نصب می کنم.

Nader Vanaki

سبک قدیم موسیقی کیوسک

Nader Vanaki

به قول دوستمون پدرامسک pedramx یه خورده ماتریال داره نم میکشه و داره یکبار مصرف میشه.


Repetition is secret to success of

by عموجان on

Any artist and art form to deliver their massage and makes them unique. 

I like their unique sociopolitical satire sound.

I give it 4 setare

Ari Siletz

Deceptive calm

by Ari Siletz on

Kiosk's melodies resolve graciously, but the lyrics jab insultingly. The mocking contrast is signature Kiosk. Brilliant as always. 

A as Abbas

Excuse me for saying so, but,,,

by A as Abbas on

WE are not musicians, band singers, et al.  WE just listen to albums, and in my opinion this one is boring.  I tried to listen to this one a few times but I couldn't even finish listening to it once, from end to end, not even once.


Edgy and Intelligent

by XsorpassoX on

Kiosk is reliably focused and sharp, album after album. Let's give credit where credit is due. Their style is certainly unique and their social commentaries sharp as a tack. With all due respect to those who feel they have copied AOR bands such as Dire Straits, et al, YOU try to copy that style and sing semi-intelligently in Persian! 

Keep up the great work. I, for one, am hooked. 

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

این کار به مراتب بهتر از کارهایِ قبلی‌ ایشان است...

همچنان شما را دنبال می‌کنیم..

با سپاس.




by pedramx on


just like other musicians who leave iran, Kiosk band has lost it's touch with what is going on in iran and they have fallen in to the circle of repetitious. Their first album was awesome and but now their work is just boring.... 



آرش سبحانی


آرش سبحانی قلم بسیار خوبی هم دارد؛ ایکاش وقت داشت که بیشتر بنویسد. 

Jahanshah Javid

Five (wet) stars!

by Jahanshah Javid on