Women harassed

Men chase, surround and harass to women in Tehran


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Mort Gilani

Bravo Iranian men, you guys are very brave!

by Mort Gilani on

200 rapist louts with filthy mouth ganging up and harassing two defenseless women in broad daylight...This clip shows how low the country has sunk.
I am sorry to crush your nationalist ego but the fact is: ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING IRANIAN IN THE PAST 1400 YEARS HAS BEEN SHIT. What you see here is just a snap shot of it.



by yolanda on

It is good to know Wing Chun Kung Fu, Karate, Taekwondo, and other self-defense techniques (pepper spray), but nowadays, bad guys have guns.....they can rape girls at gun-point, everyone has to be very careful!



by jigsawnovich on

I remember reading about a group of guys who tried to rape a girl in Iran. She stabbed one of them, so they left without raping her.  But the guy she stabbed died later from the wound. Then she was convicted of murder. There are attempted rapes and stabbings in the U.S. too, but a woman here can declare self-defense.

Three guys robbed me in Brooklyn, and were starting to grope me like they were going to rape me. I swung a piece of metal close to the head of their leader and scared them away. But if I had smashed his head in and killed him instead at least I could have claimed self-defense in court.

I recommend studying Wing Chun Kung Fu. This is a good self-defense form to use when fighting a larger opponent. It was developed by Bhuddist nuns to fight off men invading and trying to rape them.It is very effective.  Bruce Lee also used Wing Chun as the basis of the fighting style he developed.

Watching this video makes me extra proud of my friend who told me:

"Last week I saw a mullah beat a 17year old girl in front of us, in the street! He punched the girl and said, "You don't have to call him again, I'm your stepfather!" And me and our friends went there and beat the mullah!"





bavafa john

by rtayebi1 on

There was atleast 4 guys that helped this lady. Three that escorted her to the car and the  driver of the car.


I wholeheartedly agree with JJ and humanbeing

by Bavafa on

I watched the video with disgust and was wondering why there is not one decent person there to at least call police or do some thing.



I agree A observer

by rtayebi1 on

I agree, but why not think and mention  the brave Iranian there. Why not feel proud about the great things in our culture? I am just tire of feeling so depress and ashamed every time I think of Iran. So even in a brutal video like this I like to notice the great things about us as well .


Kick the Arab Islamic Republic out

by mahmoudg on

and these problems will be solved.  Islam must be sidelined before Iran can be a civilzied Nation once again


Low life's

by MRX1 on

Let's face it, low life's are every where  in every society, but when a top leadership of a society are made of of low life's, you can't be expecting much from the one's below them.

Red Wine

زن در عذاب

Red Wine

در همین سایت وزین ، بارها گفتیم و گفته شد.. تا خود مردم نخواهند،این وضعیت همیشه ادامه خواهد داشت و زن در عذاب !

همچین صحنه یی که در این ویدئو مشاهده میشود را خود بنده سالهای قبل از انقلاب در شمیران و تهران شاهدش بوده ام... حالا فرق جریان چیست و کی‌ را مقصر دانیم و کجا را آتش زنیم و یقه کی‌ را گیریم، خدا داند !


Anonymous Observer


by Anonymous Observer on

While it's true that abuse may happen in other parts of the world, when you lower the legal status of a woman to half that of a man --as the IRI has done--it makes it much easier for the perpetrator to get away with this type of criminal behavior.  

Think about it this way: what if the guy was arrested?  She would have to testify against him.  But her testimony will be worth half of his.  What are the odds of the person getting convicted under those circumstances?  Get the picture?  The abuser knows this power too.  

And harassment on the streets is not the only thing.  Aside from their testimony being worth half of a man's, under IRI law, women automatically lose custody of their children in divorce proceedings.  This leads to abuse where a woman will be afraid to file for a divorce from an abusive husband because she does not want to part with her children.  We have an example of this situation in our family and I see the devastating effects.  

hamsade ghadimi

south tehran (including

by hamsade ghadimi on

south tehran (including khavaran) is a tough area.  while this type of behavior is disgusting and criminal, one should be aware of their surroundings in a large city such as tehran.


It is a cruel world

by rtayebi1 on

This animal acts happens all over the world (watch the videos of Puerto Ricos pride parade). At least in Iran we have a few brave men that help these ladies. Back in 80s I know quiet few Iranian that got their ass kicked by mobs of whites and nobody helped them. I just think we need to stop being so critical of Iran and Iranian. Mean people R born everywhere!!!

Anonymous Observer

JJ - I agree with you

by Anonymous Observer on

this is disgusting and disturbing.  It's the IRI culture that gives rise to this type of abuse of women.  And we have people who claim to be educated Iranian women, such as Niloufar Parsi, who defend the IRI's treatment of women and claim that it's better than other placees in the region.  I guess so long as the IRI doesn't put a burqa on them and deny them the right to go to school they are one step up from Afghanistan under the Taliban.

Here's what I'm referring to:




Grrrrrr !

by Rea on

Witch hunt.


it doesn't matter what she did, she still doesn't deserve this.

by humanbeing on

i'm sure stuff like this goes on in other places too. she fought back though! hard to imagine how she'll be able to enjoy the company and affections of a man all her adult life, that makes it even more depressing.



by yolanda on

It is super sad! Where was the police? Are those guys bullies? What did she do to deserve this?

Maryam Hojjat

Persian Culture has been

by Maryam Hojjat on

changed & ruined by these bastards arabs who are running Iran an Arian Nation.  How sad!

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

So disgusting and disturbing. Where are the decent men to stop these animals? This is what you get when women are powerless and treated any way men desire. This is the Islamic Republic. Terrifying.