Who Is Anti-Iran?


Who Is Anti-Iran?
by Anonymous Observer

The new phrase that has been bandied about by IRI supporters on this site is “anti-Iran”.  Just so that we make it clear for them, let’s tell them who qualifies to be called an “anti-Iran”.  An anti-Iran individual is someone who supports a regime that has done, and is doing, the following to Iran and Iranian people:

-A regime that invited a devastating war upon its citizens by slaughtering the cadre of skilled military officers;

-A regime that prolonged a devastating war so that it could gain political advantage of it, during which time Iran’s cities suffered much destruction and its citizens suffered thousands of casualties;

-A regime which used child soldiers—Iranian children- in war, a war crime;

-A regime that executed tens of thousands of its citizens for their opposition to its brutal rule;

-A regime that has jailed hundreds of thousands of its citizens for their opposition to its brutal rule;

-A regime that has devastated the Iranian military, and is forced to fool its gullible supporters into thinking it’s building fighter aircraft by re-painting 40 year old F-5’s and giving them a new name;

-A regime that stands against the whole notion of being Iranian, and appointed as head of its “cultural heritage” organization a person (Salimi) who denies the existence of the Persian Achaemenid dynasty.

-A regime that has plundered Iran’s wealth and is sending billions of dollars of Iran’s wealth annually to foreign terrorist organizations such as Hamas and Hezbollah;

-A regime that has given away billions of Iran’s dollars to Russian politicians and the Russian mob without getting anything back in return;

-A regime that puts the interests of Palestinians and South Lebanese over the interest of Iran and Iranians.

-A regime that has denied equal rights to Iranian women, has forced hejab on them, has reduced their legal standing to half a man, is automatically denying them custody of their children in divorce proceedings, and is denying them equal inheritance rights;

-A regime that murders its own citizens on the streets and blames it on the BBC;

-A regime that rapes its own citizens in prisons;

-A regime that has caused the largest brain drain in the history of Iran;

-A regime that driven Iran’s economy into the ground;

-A regime that has reduced the status and stature of Iranians around the world;

-A regime that is itching to start a war with the U.S.—at the expense of the Iran and its people-- to prolong its miserable existence.

So, next time you hear one of these IRI lackeys utter the phrase “anti-Iranian”, remind them that they are the ones who best fit the description.


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Anonymous Observer


by Anonymous Observer on

I for once want to have a constructive conversation with you.  Can you please tell me why a regime that hangs people without trials, beats and rapes protesters and whose leader tells people that they will face "severe consequences" if they protest, should be treated like a democratic system?  And how do you achieve "change" or "reform" within this system?

Anonymous Observer


by Anonymous Observer on

What you are witnessing here is the disconnect between what the people of Iran actually want and believe and what a bunch of anti-western, disillusioned exiles want.  These leftover radicals project what they want, and their understanding of the IRI into what they want others to think people of Iran want.  

But their time is up, and that's the good news. 



by yolanda on

Yesterday, someone wrote a long post here (removed already) saying the 5 "terrorists" deserved to be executed......today's news is that a strike is taking place protesting IRI's atrocities. Apparently IRI's PR machine is not working properly and nobody believes the 5 people were terrorists! IRI's cruelty (and lack of Islamic compassion) can only accelerate its downfall!



by Onlyiran on

You are quite correct about NP's ideological allegiances.  She, and others like her, are truly stateless.  I call them "SIG", Stateless Ideological Gypsies.  You can also call them Islamo-commies.  As you correctly point out, the way they have survived is that after the revolution, they managed to form an unholy alliance with the IRI where there a symbiotic relationship: the IRI throws them ideological red meat once a while by yelling at the U.S., Israel, etc., and they, in return, pimp the IRI around by posing as pseudo-intellectuals in the "west" and distort every fact and argument under the sun to portray the IRI as something that is totally opposite of its true character: a modern, progressive, democratic regime.     

Sargord Pirouz

It's really simple: There is

by Sargord Pirouz on

It's really simple: There is only one Iranian nation in the world. When a person is against that nation, they are anti-Iran. This is the most uncomplicated form of logic available.

You can give a thousand personal reasons, a million reasons why you are against the Iranian nation, but you are anti-Iran in doing so. That's a fact.

Constructive criticism within the framework of the Iranian nation is one thing, but there are folks here that are negative about everything in the country.

Judging by what motivated the need for this post, the truth hurts. As well it should.


Who Is Anti-Iran?

by Khers on

Simple: Anyone who supports jomhoori islami.  

Anonymous Observer


by Anonymous Observer on

It's my take on who fits the bill.  


who is anti Iran?

by Darveesh on

is that a rhetorical question?

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

I think the American administration has already put an expiration date on the lunatic islamic republic,And they are not going to repeat the same mistakes of th 1978 democrats on Iran that's if they want to run the second term or else the new republican has to come and give the green light to somebody to finish those thugs.      tic-tac     Maziar

Anonymous Observer

Niloufar - You're bizzar

by Anonymous Observer on

You are absolutely right.  "Iran" does deserve a better deal that it has now, but the IRI does not.  Iran and IRI are NOT the same thing.  they have interests that are totally opposite one another.  The IRI is acting, and has acted since its inception, as if Iran is a playground for its mafia.  Even they are realistic about the fact that they will not be there for a very long time.  I bet you hey're surprised that they have even lasted this long.    

"So-called Iranian".  Right.  Let's compare who has been to Iran more recently.  I was there less than a year ago.  When was the last time you were there?  

I tell you, the worst thing that has happened in Iran's modern history is the sprouting up of leftists ideologues like you, which began back in the sixties.  You brought the country to the toilet with the 1979 devolution, and you still can't let go.  The problem is that you, and people like you, are stateless. It doesn't matter where you were born.  You really don't have a country.  Your country is your ideology and where you sleep at night.  To you, Iran and its people are irrelevant.  Iran as a country is a place that you can use to advance your ideology.  As you clearly allude to in your previous comment, thousands who were executed at the hands of the regime after the devolution were just collateral damage in your ideological war.  S**t happens!  

Many countries had radicals of your type back in the 60's and 70's.  They were, however, by and large, able to rehabilitate them, integrate them into the society or marginalize them.  The problem with Iran is that your type never went away.  They managed (and still manage) to attach themselves to the ruling thugocracy and benefit from it atrocities.  That is the menace of the 60's and 70's stateless radical left that has been plaguing Iran for the past three decades.

In sum, I advocate for the Iranian people.  You, on the other hand, advocate for a bankrupt ideology.

PS? I loved the bit about IRI  having to pay to "manage Russia".  :-)))  Really?!!!  How much?  What's the protection price?  I thought that the IRI was an independent, imperialist fighting force for good.  Is it so "too sari khor" and "zaleel" that it has to pay the Russian mafia so that it doesn't come over and open a can of "whoop a*s" on it?  But really, what the protection price?  Was the $880 Million for the S-300's that were never delivered the right monthly price?  Or is it the billions for the reactors that will never see the light of day?  I gotta say, tat out of all the apologies that you have made for the IRI, this one takes the cake.  :-)))



Niloufar Parsi


by Niloufar Parsi on

watch your tone with me. i will only show so much tolerance for infantile tantrums.

i am just tired of watching this one-sided tirade against iran by some so-called iranians like you. you spend all your time exaggerating iran's weaknesses without ever conceding that iran has a case or even a cause. 

like it or not, iran has the regime that it has, and 30 years of this pointless drama played out by you and those far bigger than you have made no difference whatsoever.

don't you think it may be time to start acknowledging the legitimacy and reality of what has happened in iran? you know, to grow up and face the world? obama almost has. i believe he soon will. and he is not even iranian. can you?

i have absolutely no problem with reasoned and measured criticisms of iran. but you offer pointless, exaggerated rants and little else. and then you get really hysterical if someone refutes you too. hard to communicate with you.

ps you wrote 'iran's history'. what's the time-frame for that? stop being so melodramatic!


NP is a female version of

by vildemose on

NP is a female version of the entity Q. Both share characteristic like lack of empathy, penchant for grandiosity and authority, experts at generating logical fallacies, and a massive blind spot when it comes crimes of IRI.

As I said before, their very existence depends on the regime's survival. The regime is their meal ticket so of course, they will never bite the hands that feeds them.

Anonymous Observer

Niloufar, where should I begin?!!!

by Anonymous Observer on

Mongol invasion?  Are you serious? Let see, when there was a discussion about the Russians killing a million Afghanis, your response was that we shouldn't be talking about that because it was "ancient history".  But now, in order to look at the brain drain in Iran, we must go back to the Mongol invasion, and start the comparison there.  Tell us something, "Niloufar", is there anything that in which you are not a hypocrite and in which you don't engage in double talk?

And how easily you dismiss mass murder, torture and rape?  Oh, it wasn't the government, it was just people working for the government who raped people?  Is that what you say if a Palestinian is raped by an Israeli soldier?  Or are you going to [rightfully] blame the whole system for creating the conditions that allowed him to do so?  Sweetheart, when Khamenei comes to Namaz jomeh and essentially says anyone who comes to street "khoonesh payeh khodesheh" that's a license to kill.

And how easily you dismiss thousands of executions.  "S**t happens".  That's you response, right?  is that what you say when people are killed in Iraq, Palestine and Afghanistan?  

And as far as "distortions", OnlyIran responded to you below.  I second what he said.

You know, Niloufar, the more you right, the more it becomes apparent that you're just a blind and unabashed supporter of a military dictatorship that runs Iran.  You will do and say ANYTHING, regardless of how ridiculous it may sound to a normal human being.  Shame on you.  Really shame on you. 


Anonymous Observer

Mehrban and Masoud & Rea -

by Anonymous Observer on

Thank you all for your comments.

Masoud: The facts are only obvious for those who want to hear and see, and are not paid by this despicable regime.  The rest, you see here.  

BTW, is that a dog barking?  Ah, no...it's No Fear, still barking on my blog...God, some people just don't get the message... 

Anonymous Observer

جناب رّد واین

Anonymous Observer


بسیار از مهرورزی شما سپاسگزاریم.  این بزرگی‌ شما رو میرسونه.  من بسیار خوشحالم که میبینم شخص بزرگواری همانند شما خوانندهٔ بلاگ‌هایم است.  من فقط یک ایرانی‌ میهن دوست هستم که کوشش می‌کنم که آنچه از دستم بر میاید انجام دهم که شاید روزی بتوانم کمک بسیار کوچکی باشم در راه رسیدن آنها به آزادی و برداشته شدن این ابر سیاه ظلم و جهالت از کشورمان.

شما هم بسیار درست میفرمائید. شوربختانه آدم خودفروش در کشور ما فراوان است و آخوندها هم این را خوب میدانند و از این اشخاص رذل استفاده میکنند.

شاد و سر افراز باشید هم میهن گرامی‌.



NP's lies, distortions and hypocrisy

by Onlyiran on

Look who's talking about distortions with a straight face.  Look at her blog that is on the list of the "most discussed" threads.  First, she posts a video pimping Ahmadinejad, in which he claims, and she repeats, that the IRI has been "transparent" about its nuclear program and is not "afraid" of saying that it is building a bomb if that is what they desired.  She highlights that quote and makes it the centerpiece of her blog.

So, yours truly here then brings to her attention that under the NPT, the IRI had an obligation to declare its civilian nuclear program.  But it hid that program for at least 12 years until it was caught red handed.  Which, in turn, means that the IRI was NOT transparent.  Also, the IRI's official excuse for not reporting the sites was that they were "AFRAID" that the sites might be bombed.  So, the IRI was afraid and NOT transparent, which means that Ahmadinejad was lying and her "blog" was a total distortion of facts and a big lie.  

One would assume that any decent person would admit those errors, remove the blog and the advertisement for the IRI and apologize to readers for misleading them.  But here's NP's response:

"as for the 12-year thing, i don't blame iran because the country was under sanctions and had to go via the black market to even get airplane spare parts, let alone parts for a civilian nuclear programme."

"The 12 year thing"....LOL :-)))))  This is how she dismisses lies, hypocrisy, double talk, distortions and misrepresentations.   So now, AO, and others, are you at all surprised that she is defending mass murder, rape, torture and imprisonment of innocent Iranians to serve the IRI?


AO jaan, well done

by Mehrban on

Good work.  You are right IRR is anti Iran and pro its own intersests  ie.  its own pocket and its own power, and religion is for mass consumption.  

Zendeh va sarfaraz bashi.

Red Wine

Dear Anonymous Observer

by Red Wine on

دوست عزیز، به شما درود میفرستم ...

ما معمولا مطالبی‌ که به زبان پارسی نباشد را نمیخوانیم (فقط اگر مال دوستان باشد .. حتما میخوانیم !)،مخصوصا اگر سیاسی هم باشد (دلایل خاصی‌ برای این امر وجود دارد !) ولی‌ بلاگ‌های شما خواندنی هستند و ایران دوستی‌ شما باعث میشود که ما احساس غرور کنیم و به خودمان ببالیم که خواننده مطالب شما هستیم.

متأسفانه در بین ما افرادی وجود دارند که مستقیم و غیر مستقیم به مملکت ضربه زده و هنوز هم میزنند ! برای ما واقع دردناک است  وقتی‌ جوابیه‌های ایشان را در بلاگ‌های مختلف مشاهده می‌کنیم ! ما نمی‌دانیم اینها آیا واقع ایرانی‌ هستند یا خیر ! آیا واقع دلشان برای مملکت و هم وطن‌های خودشان می‌سوزد یا خیر !؟

 خدا شاهد است که ما خارجیانی را میشناسیم که دلشان برای ایران از اینها بیشتر می‌سوزد..حیف اسامی پارسی که اینها دارند و باید اسمشان عربی‌ باشد تا ایرانی‌ !دلمان خیلی‌ پر است و اینجا جای گله و شکایت نیست !

تنها خواستیم از شما تشکر کنیم و دعای خیر برایتان بکنیم که اینجور دلسوزید و غمخوار دیگر ایرانیان.

همیشه پاینده باشید.

شراب قرمز.



Obvious Facts

by masoudA on

Thanx for the list AO - these are well known facts and quiet transparant to majority of Iranians as of just a short while after the revolt.   You don't think any Iranian free thinker did not grasp the backwardness of the Islamic Republic when they announced the Hejab law or when they got their first glances of the so called Islamic justice, shortly after the mullah takeover.   What is amzing to me is the tactics used by "IR apologists" to push the status quo in Iran.  Tactics such as the one used by our own BAVAFA here in this thread starting by something like: IR is not defendable but........or tactics used by people like I HAVE A CRUSH.... which is usualy like: OK IR is terribel but Isreal, USA, and Europe are worst!! ..... I wish there was a list of their limited tactics which these people who are certainly no fools use.   Another one of their tactics is playing the MAJORITY card such as.......Majority of Iranians are Moslems, therefore.....  


Anti Iran, NO !

by Rea on

Anti IRI, YES.

Anti theocracy of any kind, YES.


haha: Sephai talking about

by vildemose on

haha: Sephai talking about objectivity? That's rich.

Niloufar Parsi


by Niloufar Parsi on

or it shows that you lack objectivity? that you cannot put a piece together without outrageous distortions and total callousness about the wishes, suffering and sacrifices of iranians? that you do nothing other than write from an american ivory tower without any understanding of how the real world works?



by yolanda on

Hopefully, no more wars, no more executions, no more child soldiers:


Let kids be kids...

maziar 58

proof ?

by maziar 58 on

ONLY IRAN   I think you forgot that ...fahmideh from Isfahan and the jokes peoples use to play when their parents were saying..........

And his pic. is behind one of those Iranian....toomani as a proof.

P.S those(...)are because I can't remember the exact.         Maziar

Anonymous Observer


by Anonymous Observer on

I'm a bit short on time, so I will have to return at some later point and respond to your comics.  Put, I just want to say that if you already don;t do so, I suggest that you immediately take all your posts here on IC, comments and blogs, and take them to the nearest IRI consulate --that is if the consulate has not been kicked out of the country in which you live because of belligerence, terrorist support or outright murder of Iranian opposition who reside in that country.  I am sure that you will rewarded handsomely.  That is because just in this one comment of your here, you have gone to the lunatic extent of defending the following atrocities on behalf of the IRI:

-The war crime of using child soldiers (and stop it already with the BS of "dismissing their sacrifice" which is the last refuge of a scoundrel.  I told you you're very similar to George W. Bush.  See my comment to Mehrdad below).

-Execution of innocent Iranians (including my cousin who was not MKO-and I will take that as a personal insult to his memory);

-jailing of innocent Iranians;

-Taking away women's rights;

-Raping and murder of protesters.

I actually am happy that you wrote this comment.  It shows one of two things: wither you have totally gone off the deep end or you are showing your true colors.

But like I said, I will return later. 



Breathtakingly ignorant

by vildemose on

OnlyIran: I just read the sepahi's so-called counter argumetns. They are so pathetically hypocritical. If a monarchist or a nationlist or mko or whatever type of governance had used such feeble argumetns, the Islamsit would be livid and raise holy hell.

For example, she justifies squandering oil revenues and being milked (paying protection money mafia style)by the Russians for at least 25 years by saying, 'Russia has to be managed because it's a potential enemy.' Can you imagine if a Shahi had used the same argument?

Note: She calls Hamas and Hezbollah legitimate resistance movements. But if the same type of violent militia or resistance movement is ever materializes agains the IRI, she will call for disarming them and will call them subversive or insurgents.

Anonymous Observer

Thanks vildemose

by Anonymous Observer on

What a great comment.  And how true.  The problem with these numb nuts is that just like any "jahel" and "chagoo kesh" -which their beloved regime is--they totally overlook their own belligerence and project it to others.


@onlyIranIf NP is their creme de

by vildemose on

If NP is their creme de creme then you can imagine the rest of their clan graduating from Hoziyesh..


AO: Jamshid's great

by vildemose on

AO: Jamshid's great resposne to usual tirades about needlessly prolonging the war:

And regarding war, could "they" do anything about it at all, when Khomeini decided to drink from its jaame zahre maar and end the war in 1988? Could they have forced Iran to continue for another 8 years? The answer is no.

Could "they" have done anything about it if Khomeini had drunk from his jaame zahre maar in 1982 instead, when Iran could have even received war reparations? The answer is again, no.

So whose fault was it that the war continued for another 6 years? Saddam who was more than eager to end the war and offered peace in 1982? Arab countries who were willing to even pay the bill for war reparations? The US? The Soviets? The Zionists perhaps? Who else was at fault, but the IRI itself?

Whose fault was it that Iran had to endure hundreds of thousands of more deads as well as other incalculable non-life damages? Whose fault was it that we still have tens of thousands of disabled veterans?

The eternally damned Khomeini and his government, that's who.

Today, Iran could have been ahead of Spain and South Korea. But we are where we are because of the IRI willingly bending over and getting shafted by all walks of countries.

If you are a skinny guy and go to Ghazvin and take off your short and bend over while beating your chest and saying nafaskesh, F..K all Ghazvinians, what do YOU think will happen next, and who is to be blamed? //iranian.com/main/blog/oktaby/actual-value-rial-roughly-25000-dollar


Vildemose jaan

by Onlyiran on

these people have a job to do.  They pay them by the kiloo as we say in Iran.  This NP is really the cream of the crop.