Women harassed

Men chase, surround and harass to women in Tehran


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I smell a troll ( Pars )

by Iraniandudee3 on

This is islamic culture here at its best, not Iranian/Persian. Btw, you're obviously not who you're claiming to be.


Obsolete Persian/Iranian Culture

by pars35 on

Nothing has changed in Iran for 25 centuries. Face it we are backwards people. We need to abandon our stupid culture




Horrifying.Though it shows women's courage in fending themselves

by Anonymouse on

Whatever Iranian women have achieved they've achieved themselves despite all the laws designed against them.  They've fended for themselves when all else has failed. 

Everything is sacred.



by Darveesh on

Why this place is so dead?

one comment every 4 hours! is this the norm around here?



by Benyamin on

I am amzed, and shocked.

If this is what Iran is going toward I encourage everyone female or male to carry guns in their pockets or bags so no savage can attack them like this. I advise them to protect themselves. THose girls were crying their lungs out and enyone dared to help them (other men) were also scrutnized by the muggers....or cattle in ths case.

Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime

And when ELSS says let's bomb the IRI

by Everybody Loves Somebody ... on

you all get riled up!?

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


much do you know about Iran? I have a feeling not much. Iranian women are very educated and fed up with this BS. You are reading too much Western propagnda.


Men behaving badly

by Darveesh on

Men behaving obnoxious is the fault of government.

Nice concept. Then It is Obama's fault for any abuse of women in US.

Sheila K

Rise of Talibanism- this is just the begining

by Sheila K on


Iran is spiraling down and won't surprise me a bit if Talibanlike power takes over as there seems to be no other choice. 

There's a growing fear of women and their battle for rights. I foresee fewer women entering universities, get jobs, and have legal/politicalrepresentation.

I have a feeling we're going to see more and more women beingpersecuted, humiliated, and harassed in public. We're going to hear more absurdrhetoric from hardline clerics that women cause natural disasters and corrupt men andsuch. 




Raoul1955 , Sean, 'am plagerizing "benign" dictatorship already

by Marjaneh on

;)))  Thank you for your post...

((Ha! Both of us chasing our own cerebral tails. In those days.

Then only to discover, decades later, that most, even if they had, hadn't "got it".  The man is sorely missed and in some ways, unfortunately very relevant today.

Not to want to hijack the purpose of the above video, a very short audio to cement your agreement. "...if one man offers you democracy and another offers you a bag of grain, at what stage of starvation will you prefer the grain to the vote?...":

//plato.stanford.edu/entries/russell/politics.qt  ))

Under my dictatorship,playing an instrument and elementary logic would be compulsory subjects - in nurseries.

Those primitive tribal gangs (unfortunately they do exist everywhere, but fortunately don't have the backing of the law...) would then know better than to beat their chests to show how strong and important they are. They would know that they already are of value  in an egalitarian society (and not just "expressions" of testosterone  ...) The same goes for insane, tiny-willy syndrome billionnaires et al!


Just to point out though, Sean, bad luck, Russell was a notorious womaniser ...

Marjaneh Hailing Herself


The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt. – Bertrand Russell



by Benyamin on

No wonder Ahmadinejad is in power!!!

No wonder Khamenie stole so many voted and they are still in powere. Their supporters are saveges and people with no home, no culture, no religion and no civility!

 How can one call self Iranian after watching this shameful video?



فقط ادعا و از مرد بودن فقط ....


من شرمنده روی شما دو دختر گلم هستم.  تو عزیز که در پایین شعار دادی بجه های پایین شهر اینجوری نیستن و اگر باشند خشتک آنها را پرچم می کنند ،اگر فیلم را قشنگ ببینی خیلی صورتها کاملأ واضح است ،بفر مایید و پرچم درست کنید.


باید بر حال خود بگرییم


اینان جوانمردهای ایران هستند ؟اینان می خواهند پاسداری کنند از ناموس و خاک ما؟ای خاک بر سر ما . از ماست که بر ماست .


I am smiling Marjaneh. :-)

by Raoul1955 on

Hello Marjaneh.   I just LOVE the wording of your heading!   Of course I agree with your presentation. :-) 
That military dictatorship nonsense is my trademark.  Don't forget to give me credit if you do use it for a change.  Now I am laughing.
On the serious side I can't imagine why bunch of guys chasing women.  Well, that is a culture shock for most of us.
I loved Russell's writings, and yes I read most of his work back in high school.  Perhaps I should have been chasing girls back then.  Well, not like these idiots.  LOL. 


islam; The Misogynistic Religion

by afyoun on

Right now, I'm ashmed of being a man ... and speechless after what I've seen in the clip.

But it sure raised my hatred towards religion two folds - particularly islam.



by dariushabadi on

What's this got to do with Islam. You guys act like this doesn't happen EXACTLY the same way, if not more brutal in EVERY OTHER COUNTRY.


Just walk to East Los Angeles, Harlem, Chicago, New York City, and attacks on women are just as bad, if not WORSE.


1 in 4 women in the US have been raped. Is it because of secularism or christianity?


Why are you guys so quick to blame Islam for the ignorance that is these men.


It is as if you lack so much confidence in yourselves, that Islam is an easy target, so you bully Islam rather than tackle the root, which is the thuggery of these boys.


These boys exist in all religions, even atheism. You act like bullies are an Islamic phenomenon, that somehow the Islamic Republic, or Islam itself trained these guys to attack women.


If anything, my Muslim parents taught me to respect women, for Islam teaches us that heaven is at our mothers feet. 


Raoul1955 Up to your usual mischief again!

by Marjaneh on

Hello Sean,

Very naughty! That dictatorial mess with very strange "quality of life" arguments ....Tut tut!

You know full well that the answer is that women EVERYWHERE, and others vulnerable should get self-defence classes, (they also help with walking in a certain way, speech etc..)

And ABOVE ALL should enjoy equal legal rights to protect them.


Agree with me or I'll clobber you with that baton in your avatar!


Marjaneh the Mindful and Merciful

Most people would rather die than think: in fact, they do so. – Bertrand Russell


If this is for real

by Raoul1955 on

and not staged, it only supports our notion that islamic/arabic people MUST be 'managed' by secular dictatorial regimes under our government’s supervision.
As we all remember when Iraq was under the secular dictatorship of the late President Hussein, women were free to dress as they wished and non-muslims lived free, but then our government instituted 'democracy.'  Now women who don't wear hijab are assaulted, non-muslims are killed, and many non-muslims have been driven away from their homes.
It is to everyone's interest to establish a secular military dictatorship over these people.


So justification for this thuggery, is that these are

by oktaby on

The radical regime's radicals. Not the regular everyday run of the mill IRR radical lat o loot that usually gang up at the ratio of 20:1 not 100:1

Now you see why AN is good? 


No Fear

Ansareh Hezbollah press release

by No Fear on

بیانیه‌ی اخیر این تشکل (در تاریخ 5 اردی‌بهشت) را بخوانید که آشکارا «رئیس‌جمهور منتخب مردمان» و تصمیماتِ دولت او را نشانه رفته است:
[جبهه‌ی كفر و الحاد و دشمنانِ دين خدا در طول تاريخ، از «ترويج فساد و فحشا» به عنوان يك سلاح كارآمد، در مسير «مقابله با جبهه حق و رزمندگان راه خدا» بهره برده‌اند و اين حربه‌ی شوم و غيرانساني، «امروز بيش از هر مقطع ديگري از تاريخ بشر» در جهتِ «لطمه واردآوردن به ايمان سربازان جبهه حق و تخريب مباني و باورهاي آنان» به‌كار گرفته مي‌شود.
با «روي كارآمدن دولت نهم»، اميد همه‌ی مومنان و دينداران اين بود كه اين دولت... اما «در عمل چنين نشد» و «شنيدن عباراتي نااميدكننده از يك‌سو» و «عدم همكاري در اجراي طرح ملي عفاف و حجاب» (كه رهبر انقلاب با صراحت آن را تاييد نموده و بر انجام آن تاكيد فرموده‌اند) از سوي ديگر؛ در عمل فضايي را براي «پيشروي دشمن در اين بعد از جنگ نرم» فراهم آورد...
متاسفانه «اهمال دولت» و دستگاه قضايي در انجام وظايف قانوني و الهي خود در مسير «مقابله با رشد بي‌سابقه منكرات و بي‌حجابي» تا آنجا پيش رفت كه «دولت، خود دستور توقف طرح امنيت اجتماعي را صادر كرد» و همين امر مفسدان را در زير پا نهادنِ حرمت احكام الهي و قوانين نظام اسلامي جري‌تر ساخت. تا آن‌جا كه اين روزها، در نقاط مختلف، شاهدِ «كشف حجاب گستاخانه و هتاكانه از سوي مشتي زنان و دختران فاسد»ي هستيم كه در حكم پياده‌نظام دشمن، به گسترش فساد در ميان جوانان و آينده‌سازان كشور مشغولند....
خدايا تو شاهد باش! در اجراي احكام تو و با نيتِ «نهي از منكر مسوولان نظام» به‌پا خاسته‌ايم و جز «اجراي بند م وصيت‌نامه‌ی سياسي الهي امام‌مان» مقصودي نداريم و تنها اجرايي‌شدن منويات ولي فقيه زمان‌مان در برخورد با مسائل ضدفرهنگي شايع در جامعه را خواستاريم

No Fear

Ansareh Hezbollah.

by No Fear on

If this act of harassment was a coordinated attempt by an organized entity, then for sure this must be " Ansareh Hezbollah".

Do not mix this organization with your regular Basij militia. Ansareh Hezbollah is a radical extremist movement which is a harsh critic of Ahmadinejad's administration.

Ahmadinejad has blocked the ratification of the " Monkerat " bill by not sending this bill to Majlis for the last 6 years!  This has created a relatively more relaxed environment for social freedoms while it has also made some conservatives very mad at Ahmadinejad.

I will post the recent press release by Ansareh Hezbollah which critisized Ahmadinejad administration for its lack of efforts to combat " Bad hejaabi" in the society.  The entire press release would be in form of a hyperlink under the first sentence.


Yadam beh kheir, that must have been your islamic culture

by oktaby on

and experience. Not Iranian.



This is Islamic Iran for you...

by Arthimis on

Reza Shah and his son both tried to unchain Iranians from this horrible Islamic backwardness that has plagued Iran and Iranian for 1400 years as well as the entire Islamic world and areas... A religion and mentality that treats human beings in the sickest sexual way possible and still stuck in how the rest of the world was more than 500 years ago socially and culturally!!!  Islam in any version proves its unholiness! It bans and deprives human beings on so many levels (mainly sexually!!!) I allow myself to tell the truth as an ex-Muslim... "Truth shall set you FREE"...

What do you expect from bunch of ignorant young, wild, deprived , banned, young men with sexual hormones running out of their  freaking ears??? Civility and Social Etiquette???  I am not defending such criminal thugs in anyway and by any means!! In fact like probably all of you here, I  would approve their arrests and proper punishment by civil and democratic  laws, but Iranian men sexual problems are far deeper than what you see in this clip unfortunately........... Allow me  to say this as an Iranian man who has wittnesed crimes of such magnitude in the past and present amongs Iranians (98% Muslims)! and hopefully NOT in the future...

Satanic Republic Occupying Iran can't help it by its backwarded crack down methods either!!! The problem is ISLAM and backwarded Moslem mentalities and behaviours whether you'de like to admit and accpect it or not! Islamic Republic is FUEL to this unholy Fire!!

To find GOD, Man needs to find Consciousness within, NOT any religion...

Free Yourself and Free Iran

Yadam Beh-Khair

Nothing new

by Yadam Beh-Khair on

The cruel treatment and harassment of women in Iran can not be blamed on IRR. This kind of behavior was common in previous regime as well. It is our culture and religion which is to blame.

David ET

Consequences of IR

by David ET on

This is promoted by Islamic Military Regime :

1- By systematically promoting violence and basijees and lawlessness.

2- By promoting fighting those who do not meet the so called Islamic Hijab. This is part of the harrassment policy.

A violent government naturally reflects on a sector of society.

Mardom Mazloom

This disgusting film is discussed in popular forums

by Mardom Mazloom on

شرافت بچه هاى جنوب تهران و آن فيلم بيشرمانه . فريب بازيهاى كثيف حكومت را نخوريم .

فيلمي امروز در شبكه هاي اجتماعي مجازي تكثير شد و در بالاترين نيز منعكس گرديد كه متاسفانه به عنوان لينك اول روزي درآمد كه بخشي از وطن به رشادت فرزندانش ميبالد . فيلمي از مزاحمت عده اي از اراذل و اوباش براي دختري كه گفتند در جنوب تهران رخ داده است .
آيا واقعا باور پذير است چنين صحنه اي وسط روز در جنوب تهران ؟ آيا نميشناسيد شرافت و غيرت بچه هاي جنوب تهران را ؟ چنين صحنه اي اتفاق بيفتد ، خشتك تك تك آن اوباش را پرچم ميكنند همان بچه محلهاي باشرف هر محله اي كه باشد .
در آستانه طرحي كه حكومت ميخواهد به نام مبارزه با اراذل و اوباش راه بياندازد ، در آستانه طرح مبارزه با بد حجابي ، چنين فيلمي بيايد و ما هم آنرا جدي بگيريم ؟

نيامده است چنين روزي و نيايد چنان روزي كه شهر من چنين خفيف شود و چنين پست . بها ندهيم به اين بازيهاي كثيف حكومت و هشيار باشيم .



This is the very essence & definition of islamic rapist republic

by oktaby on

these are their future leaders in training




by humanbeing on

the poem in the link you give is very powerful. it describes a reality which is very widespread and ingrained in some places. i have not experienced this, i guess i must be very fortunate, and people like me should not take this for granted. on one hand be thankful, on the other vigilant in our own environments to speak against this and educate our chilidren from a young age and by example. and yes, therapy.

i dare not compare what happens in iran with what happens here, yet some of the men where i come from would rather sit in jails than give their wife a divorce. she cannot get it without his consent. if i sit down on a bus the man next to me if he's very religious, may growl at me not to sit down on the seat next to him, because he's afraid i'm in my unclean days. ex-president katzav (originally from yazd: is this some outsourcing of this particular type of guys you say are an iranian specialty? i don't know) well anyway katzav is now on trial for rape, harrassment on the job and other crimes of this sort. his wife sits by him in court and cries.

many women watching this on thier tvs sit uneasily, look away. and with good reason. human trafficking, especially of prostitutes from russia and ex soviet union and central asian republics, is a big big business here. the government is complicit in money laundering, and when the girls get caught, sometimes in underground cages, they get thrown into jail, and then deported. until recently the punter and the pimps maybe had to pay a fine. now things are improving. it wouldn't be such a thriving business without the punters. so all us women watching her on tv, pitying mrs. katzav from a feigned distance, should know that statistically there is a good chance their husband/boyfriend/brother/father/son is frequenting or has been to one of these enslaved women. never mind the infidelity so called. they are in a relationship with a guy who is perpetuating this rapine and slavery.

not to have had the experience of being with a man they can love, and who loves woman. this is one of the big losses i think. besides the suffering of the women, that they don't know what it's like to be with a man around whom they can breathe, and with whom they can experience pleasure and affection.

Azadeh Azad

Persian Dirt on Video

by Azadeh Azad on

Shame on those who deny the truth of women's harassment on the streets of Iran, in the past, in the present and unfortunately in the future. This is not about sex and sexuality, this is about VIOLENCE! We are a nation of VIOLATORS! Stating that this happens everywhere or anywhere is a form of denial!

We need a radical re-structuring of the country and a NATIONAL PSYCHOTHERAPY!



Real McCoy

Naked Truth

by Real McCoy on

Will you be surprised to know that this systematic harasment is part of a clandestine operation by the government to discourage the so-called "bad hejaabi"? I won't be.