Mohammad cartoonist attacked

Lars Vilks head-butted by protester at lecture

STOCKHOLM (Reuters) – Lars Vilks, a Swedish cartoonist whose sketch of the Prophet Mohammad enraged many Muslims, was head-butted on Tuesday while giving a lecture about freedom of speech, he said. A video of the incident was posted on Swedish newspaper websites and showed an angry crowd in the lecture hall with many people on their feet and shouting. Police were at the front of the hall and one policewoman used pepper spray on a man. Vilks, who depicted the Prophet Mohammad with the body of a dog in 2007, said he was assaulted by a man sitting on the front row as he spoke at the University of Uppsala, about 70 km (44 miles) from Stockholm >>>


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this is funny!

by Fatollah on

why the f*** does these people "musilms" live in the country of the infidels ?

I guess it has to do with mamon, but why "har jaa miran be ghand o goh mikeshan" ... Mohammad died 1400 years a go, his bones are turned to dust, baba shakh o bekesheen!

Azarin Sadegh

Hopefully, they'd be sent back to their homes..:-)

by Azarin Sadegh on

To enjoy the islamic freedom of speech!


Modern Islam

by Ferfereh on

This is what some (who even is lawyer and got the Noble price) call it modern Islam and they want to replace it with Islamic regime in Iran. After 1400 you should know, nobody can change Islam, nobody can change qur'an. Everything Al Qaida, Taliban, Islamic regime do, they are doing according to Islam and qur'an. This is what it is, a fascist religion with a pedophile leader.( An adult who is sexually attracted to a child or children called pedophile).


اسلام نژاد پرست‌ترین ایدئولوژی دنیا است


بفرمائید بخوانید که امام حسین درباریه برتری نژاد عرب نسبت به ایرانیها چی‌ گفته. 



Religions do not know freedom

by shahabshahab on

No religion allows freedom of speech. True, Moslems are especially dogmatic due to thei fact that their religion has not reformed yet like others have to soem degree. But, religious people by defintion are against freedom of any kind, let alone speech.

It's risky business dealing with these religious zealots.



by PERS66 on

this guy had it comming, he was a nobody looking for fame...

you want to play with fire, fine!dont cry when you get burnt



Satanic Islam and its followers!

by Khar on

These Islamists idiots are worse than garbage, they enjoy the western freedom without any respect for freedom of speech. They are free to spread their grabage and hate in the west but can’t take one cartoon.

Damn all of you hateful Islamists assholes!!!


فاشیسم اسلام


دنیا در خطر فاشیسم اسلام است. اگر در مقابل این عفریت جهل وفرومایگی نایستیم آزادی و تمدن را این نابخردان ازمیان خواهند برد. این دین اهریمنی اسلام با تاریخ پر از مرگ و جنایتش بزرگترین خطر برای بشریت است.


same thugs

by rtayebi1 on

so what is the differnce between these thugs and IRI thugs?


freedom of speech

by choghok on

it is well within his rights to express his views, but i get a feeling he just do these things to become famous, none had heard of him before.