Activists hanged

Five political prisoners hanged in Evin Prison

(Reuters) - Iran put to death on Sunday five members of "anti-revolutionary" groups who had been involved in a series of bombings, the state news agency said. Farzad Kamangar, Ali Haydarian, Farhad Vakili, Shirin Alam Houli and Mehdi Eslamian were hanged at Evin prison on Sunday morning, IRNA said. The report said the five were involved in "terrorist operations", including planting bombs in both public and government places over several years. The incidents appeared to have taken place before disputed elections last year that gave President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad a second term in office, creating a protest movement the authorities have tried to crush.


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Executions condemned

by sag koochooloo on

Amnesty condemns Iran hanging of militants


 Iran: Executed Dissidents 'Tortured to Confess'


Iran's opposition condemns execution of activists


 The flare of Kurdish struggle in Iran will not be stubbed out with a few Executions!


No Fear

Related update

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No Fear

Related update

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How anyone resisting to submit to an occupying mortaje' force

by oktaby on

like islamist rapist republic, be called a terrorist?

And apparently you support the military wing of this terrorist occupier over its political/cleric wing; and that makes you what? A supporter of IRR and terrorism.

So using that subhuman mindset, you should be hanged or shot or maimed, and the rest of us should breath a sigh of relief. 



these brave souls were not terrorists.

by fooladi on

The 5 political prisoners were members of Pejak and political activits. They were not even tried, let alone any evidence of their terrorism was presented at the Islamic republic's so called "courts"! They were simply murdered in cold blood in the vain hope to suppress the iranian masses revolt against the islamic regime 

The real fool is this character "no fear" who "fearlessly" from the safety of his keyboard and anonymity and safetry offerd by Internet, attacks Iran, Iranians and it's brightets and youngets children. Just contrast the shear hatred and cowardism in this person's writing with the love and affection and bravery of the five young Kurdish Iranians who gave their lives for the freedom oi Iran! 

No Fear


by No Fear on

I am against the execution of any political prisoners, be it done by IR or Shah or any other government.

I do not support the corrupt core of IR politicians who should be brought to trial for corruption or other charges.

I support Ahmadinejad administration and policies. Ahmadinejasd is a new comer to Iran's politics.

Nevertheless, Anyone who decides to take up arms against the central government is asking for his head to be put on a stick.

Anyone who is involved in any sort of terrorism which causes civilian casualties should be faced with the full extend of the law , the death penalty. If shah has executed any prisoner who were responsible for other civilians death, i would have supported shah's decision as well.

Civilians are off limits.  Get that in to your head.

These kurdish scums have civilian blood on their hands. They got what they deserved.


no fear.....

by shushtari on

you should really pay attention and start to 'fear' 

your pathetic, useless defense on the akhoonds' every crime is laughable


let me ask you, so when the shah executed those thugs in the 60s and 70s, he was just as well, right? or was he a brutal dictator who was killing innocent people?

and what about mullah khomeini? should he not have been executed for raising hell in 63???? wasn't he quickly raised to a title of ayatollah to avoid being sent to hell 25 years early??

the fact that the mullahs murder anyone who opposes them, or try to somehow silence them, clearly bursts your bubble of logic....

quit yapping the same ol nonsene......nobody takes that seriously 


God Bless Their Souls!

by statira on

Be omeede rozee ke bebeeneem sare een mulahayeh jenayatkar balayeh dar bereh.

No Fear

A different look posed by a simple question

by No Fear on

5 terrorists who engaged and carried out bombing in Iran have been executed.

They are being defended on this site as political prisoners.

Have you ever thought that there are more political prisoners in Iran that pose a far greater threat to IR than 5 kurdish terrorists which you call political prisoner?

Why should IR let other political prisoners ( Far more dangerous to IR than a PJAK member ) , live , but execute these kurdish ones who have very little effect in the current political climate of our country?

The IR Judiciary knows very well that it will receive the same amount of backlash in media when it executes a prisoner, so why waste it on these kurdish no name piece of shit seperatists when it can get rid of higher profile prisoners?

Make no mistake and stop making a fool out of yourselves.

These were terrorists who were involved in the bombing of government offices and the bombing of gas lines to Turkey. They were caught with a car full of explosives and detonators. How could they be a political prisoner?




by yolanda on

Thank you, Gavazn, for the article link. Kamangar's letter to his students moved me to tears:


"I miss you all. From behind these tall walls, I wake up with you, laugh with you, and go to sleep with you.... I wish I could play soccer with the first graders, and you, with the dream of becoming another Ronaldo, could score past your teacher, the goalie, and then celebrate it."


I like little kids and World cup soccer, too...I have Cristiano Ronaldo's poster on the wall at work.....World Cup Soccer is coming very soon, but the guy is no longer with us.......it is soooo sad! I am speechless!

Thank you for the great article by Dr. Sahimi! 


Kooshan: Why do you fear justice??

by vildemose on

Kooshan: If you think IRI actions are just, then you definitely deserve your comeuppance. Why so afraid of justice??


About the convictions

by Gavazn on

Khalil Bahramian, Kamangar’s lawyer, said: ‘Nothing in Kamangar’s judicial files and records demonstrates any links to the charges brought against him.’

Bahramian, who was present during the closed-door court hearing, described it as ‘lasting no more than five minutes, with the Judge issuing his sentence without any explanation and then promptly leaving the room’. He added, I have seen absolutely zero evidence presented against Kamangar. In my forty years of legal profession, I have never witnessed such a prosecution.’”

2. “Khalil Bahramian, Kamangar’s attorney, in an interview before knowing about the execution said: ‘Mr. Kamangar and his interrogator told me that there are changes in the case and under review by the prosecutor and execution is out of the question. I inquired more than ten times and they told me the case is under review. But the intelligence officer had told Farzad that execution had been revoked.’ Later being notified of the execution after the fact, Bahramian said in an interview: ‘The rules call for notification of the lawyers on carrying out the death penalty. In case of two of my clients, Farzad Kamangar and Mehdi Eslamian, I was not notified at all.’”

3. “Mehdi Islamian’s brother was executed last year, convicted of cooperation with the Monarchist Group. Mehdi was convicted of giving financial aid to his brother before his arrest.”


Please read this article

by Gavazn on

it is so heart breaking

Capital Punishment, Capital Fear


It talks about the 5 people executed and has picture of Kamangar  with his class of children in a Kurdish village, he was also a poet and author. 

Fereshteh Ghazi updates on alleged regime harassment of the family of Shirin Alamhouli, executed on Sunday . Alamhouli’s sister and mother are reportedly out on bail, but Ghazi says her grandfather, uncle, and cousin have now been arrested and are held in the Ministry of Intelligence. The family’s phone has been disconnected since yesterday., the house is surrounded, and a curfew is in place.

Nazila Fathi of The New York Times follows up this morning on her reporting of Sunday’s executions of five Iranians.

The centrepiece is an interview with Khalil Bahramian, lawyer for the three of the five slain prisoners. Bahramian said that authorities are refusing to release the bodies and asserted, in line with reports from the family, that the sister and mother of the executed Shirin Alamhouli, were arrested at their home in northwestern Iran. (They were later reportedly released on bail.) He also said the family was not aware of the execution until Monday afternoon.

Bahramian noted, “They [the authorities] even turned down my request to allow the families to be present while they are burying them [the executed].”

Fathi also draws from Rah-e-Sabz to report that Abdoljabar Karami, member of Parliament for Sanandaj, the capital of Iranian Kurdistan, was threatened by the provincial governor when he tried to stop the executions and was unable to secure the release of the bodies.

Human Rights Activists News Agency claims that authorities are trying to arrest members of the family of Farzad Kamangar.



آغاز پایان


آغاز پایان حکومت شاه اعدام خسرو گل سرخی بود. آغاز پایان جمهوری اسلامی هم اعدام فرزاد کمانگر است. شمارش معکوس فروپاشی این حکومت آغاز شد. حیف که فرزاد ها، نداها، سهراب ها، شیرین ها، اشکان‌ها و بسیاری دیگر نخواهند بود که آن روز را همه با هم جشن بگیریم


Dear Vildemose.......YES,

by Kooshan on

justice is blind to takin sides!


"Activist responsible for bombings" = TERRORIST

by hass on

Notice one of them in the photo is posing before the flag of a terrorist organization.


Dear Soorena, I'm just

by Kooshan on

Dear Soorena,

I'm just giving my opinion. Fairness is a very costly attribute. I do not see fairness these days and I'm very unhappy about it.

I'm all for the sanctity of human life. I did not judge whether the hanged are victims or criminals. It is easy for you to judge but for me, it is NOT. I simply do not know the details and I do not want to trust all the internet hype. I'm not wishing IRI to be in power since it had most damaging effect on my belief. However, lawless land and civil war are worse than a dictatorship. 

I have not lost a dear one in toppling IRI and I know if I did i would feel differently. However, when one picks a fight, one needs to consider the worst case and do not loose fairness. For me, civil protest is whole lot better way to install justice in Iran. That is how in the process we learn to work with each other and elevate our knowledge.

But NO! we want to do things quickly!!!!!!!


Another thing...don't go judging people so quickly. I do not say things to gain anything materially and surely not there to feed my ego. So, I at least know one thing.....your judgement is far from truth about me!





one last thought

by humanbeing on

i leave this thread with one last thought on execution which i want to share will all.

imho execution is not so much justice, as retribution and revenge.

as a tactic for controlling opposition, it may serve as a deterrent for the meek, but it will only further motivate the very courageous.

we all believe different things, and for there to be room for all without annihilation, we have to change, or at least to concede, or at the very least to communicate.



ok, no fear.

by humanbeing on


No Fear


by No Fear on

Post deleted to respect your non confrontational stance.


no fear, i'm not picking a fight

by humanbeing on

i never said i backed the behaviour of the government of the country where i live. i never deny the injustice. people on the ground are working to change these things, one by one, which you enumerated, and more, but i won't enumerate, in order not to make your job easier.

unfortunately, our young people are not as brave or as motivated. i guess it's that western decadence. i'm also decadent. i'm blogging instead of going to makhsom watch.

i hope you won't be disappointed if efforts  to make change actually succeed. i for one will not dance the propaganda tango with you. don't put me in a role that's so easy for you to chew up digest and excrete.

i'd rather spend the energy taking action for change where i live.


Darius Kadivar

humanbeing Jaan Nevermind NO FEAR he is simply being persistent

by Darius Kadivar on

To No Good Results I'm afraid ... LOL 

SATIRE: The Extraordinary Tale of The Persistent Fly ;0)

No Fear


by No Fear on

Iran never went in Kurdestan along with bulldozers and demolished the kurdish houses to build settlement for other people.

Iran never blocked the borders of Kurdestan to prevent its people from trades with other neighbors.

Iran never discriminately dropped illegal amunition over residential areas in Kurdistan.

Iran has never denied its own people like the kurdish from having an Iranian passport.

Iran doesn't have roads in Kurdistan that has a sign which says " For Shi'ite Muslims only"

Iran is not a country with 50 miserable years of history which needs to creat a settlement population by importing from across the world.

You are a joke by trying to put a more human image over Israel atrocities over palestinians by comparing them to PKK or PEJAK terrorists who are not fighting for any BASIC civil rights which Israel has denied them over and over. Iran has given the Kurds all civil rights as equal to any Iranians who lives in Iran and yet PEJAK resorts to terrorism to establish the greater Kurdistan a country which never existed before, unlike Palestine.

I will take you seriously when you have given a palestinian the same rights as yours before you point your finger at us.

Your propaganda might be effective to little shitheads in this forum, but you can't fool those who really count.



no fear: i do NOT support execution. period. just my opinion:

by humanbeing on

imprisonment, torture, execution, occupation, etc. won't stop terrorism, opposition, freedom fighting etc. i refuse to enter into semantics here.

where i live, terrorists, opposition people, freedom fighters, and others bomb civilians, shoot rockets at civilians from the security of a hospital or nursery school or mosque, thus endangering not only their enemies but their own innocent brethren.

they are never hanged. when they get to prison, some are actually rehabilitated, others become more extreme, others are traded off in deals of 1000 to one.

when interrogators go overboard, human rights groups and lawyers sue. there is still torture, and i am hugely ashamed of it. but i don't whitewash it or deny it. we try to change it. civilians and politicians and ngos who are not sitting here and blogging away their life, are working hard at the checkpoints, at the prisons, in the courts, to change this. we can either complain, or try to change it.

the only person ever hanged where i live is adolf eichmann, who was the logistics bureaucrat in charge of transports to death camps in world war two, not only of jews, but of homosexuals, gypsies, communists, mentally retarded people, and others. that was after a long trial.

even then, there was not a consensus for carrying out a death penalty. some were so able to detach from the emotionas and even said it would make a farce of the rule of law.

i do not represent a government, a nation, or an ideology. just describing another reality.

oh, and don't drag me into a sideline about the injustices committed where i live. i know them. this blog is about execution. 

i personally believe that if we give people their freedom, we will have less freedom fighters. if we kill, we are no longer human.


No Fear

Terrorists should know better what awaits all of them.

by No Fear on

It is post like these that we can distinguish those who can clearly draw the line between fighting for democracy and betraying the motherland.

Let me be very clear at this begining and say i support the execution of those who have planted bombs in public areas in Iran and have killed innocent people along their primary targets of military personnels. There is no , ifs or buts or no other justification for a terrorist action. If you think their action is justified because they are fighting a terrorist state, then you simply can't differentiate between a terrorist act and a legitimate struggle towards democracy.

PEJAK has killed more civilians in just one of their bombing attacks than all the casualties of the aftermath of the election in Iran. Hundreds of civilians die because of their bombings every year. There is NO difference between this group and the Abdolmalik Rigi group who was also fighting under the banner of democracy.

PEJAK has to be crushed just like Rigi.




by soorena on

 If you don't know the detail as you said it yourself, why don't you search for it first before commenting. I hope you feel good about yourself now. Tomorrow, I am sure you and people like you will come out claiming that you paid the big price fighting the regime. Feeling guilty does that sometimes. Take side and at least for your own consience, don't say anything and respect those who were the bigger men and paid the ultimate price.


Kooshan: I'm all for

by vildemose on


 I'm all for putting such a murderers out no matter where in the world it happens. Creating terror for innocent people to further political agenda is the highest crime in society - No matter if it is group of special interest organizations or government forces. I l

 Subsequently,  you should also be in favor of wholesale execution/hanging of entire IRI leadership  I'm glad we are in agreement.


I do not know the details

by Kooshan on

I do not know the details about these people and why they were caught. BUT, if they really planted bomb for the purpose of harming people, I'm all for putting such a murderers out no matter where in the world it happens. Creating terror for innocent people to further political agenda is the highest crime in society - No matter if it is group of special interest organizations or government forces. I love the way Homeland Security is dealing with this issue here in US.


قرار بود سربی گناه بدار نباشد



قراربود سربی گناه بدار نباشد/قراربودخدا باشدو محبت مردم / قرار بود وطن هم در این شمار بیاید / قراربوددلهاکمی قرار بیاید/ قرار بود که اسباب پای کاربیاید/ قرار بودنرنجدکسی زگفتن حق / قرار بود نرنجد دلی زگفتن حرفی / قرار بود سرعقل روزگار بیاید / قرار بود سر بی گناه بدار نباشد / قرار بود فقدتا به پای دار بیاید / قرار بود خدا باشد و محبت مردم / قرار بود وطن هم در این شمار بیاید / برای ان که بدانیم این بهار چه زیباست / قرار بود که بعداز خزان بهار بیاید / قرار بود که کیوان مام مدرسه عشق / بپای خویش واز روی اختیار بیاید 



Terrorists not activists

by Iraniandudee3 on

I hate the islamist ragime, but you have to admit that seperatists are enemies of Iran and the Iranian people, not just the regime. these seperatists would see Iran ruined  just like the regime to achieve their goals.