SATIRE: The Extraordinary Tale of The Persistent Fly ;0)

SATIRE: The Extraordinary Tale of The Persistent Fly ;0)
by Darius Kadivar

The difference between Obama and Ahmadinejad in dealing with a Persistent Fly.

President Barak Hussein Obama Style

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Style



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by Sakineh Bikineh (not verified) on

This is a good mixture.

I'd seen the top one and commented elsewhere. Behtareh inja hichi nagam!

You posted Panjereha sometime ago - brought back good memories (and tears), and kept me busy replaying it for sometime.


ahayan va banovan

by fozolie on

That was not a fly disturbing President AntariNejad but a BRITISH SPY,  that is why the representative of the 12th Imam could not swat it! 

Mr. Fozolie


Dear DK

by Anonymous-kaveh (not verified) on

Persistent fly is also the name of the famous IRI's supporter(MS) on


مگس ِ بى باك


من فكر ميكنم كه اين موسوى مگس ِ بى باك ِ كه مو يه دماغ ِ محمود شده

Red Wine

Agreed with Mr hamsade

by Red Wine on

Agreed with Mr hamsade ghadimi .

Merçi Dariush jan .

hamsade ghadimi

خرمگس دور همین گه‌ها چرخیده انقدر بزرگ شده!

hamsade ghadimi

نکات مشترک احمدی‌نژاد و خرمگس: هر دو در نژادشان تمثیل خر مطلق هستند، و هر دو مایه آزار و آسیب.


Lord of the Flies...

by Quebeqi on

C'est la revanche des "bébittes" (insectes en québécois)...