Generation V

Is sexual carelessness another byproduct of feminism?


Generation V
by Midwesty

After a long day of shopping -- almost one full hour -- I sat down at the food court to recuperate from the crowd and the culture shock I had just experienced watching how men’s clothing had been art deco-ed back to the 70s since last time I shopped.

In some aspect it was refreshing seeing my dad back into the future right in the mirror at the dressing room. I got some flashbacks to his morning rituals, exotic shirts, a collection of Italian suits, a hanging jungle of matching ties, smell of polishing wax on my hands and his cologne bath. Not a slightest resemblance to what a workingman looks like today.

As I was munching on my greasy Mexican-made Japanese food, I noticed a mud-headed teenage boy with a pink T-shit and a pasty smile passing by while chasing girls.

What came next was astonishing. So please sit down, put the bowl of cookie dough or Ashe Reshteh away. Shoo away the whining kids who are circling around your computer and be aware that what I am about to write has the highest parental advisory rating. To write this part I had to sit down at the no-kids-fly-zone of the double-espresso section of the bookstore where 50-year-old virgins discuss Tibetan meditation.

So, as this kid was passing by, I noticed some script on his chest. At first I thought I saw a Coca Cola logo but thought heck, Coca Cola doesn’t start with a V. I focused my pupils beyond the recommended rating surpassing my eyeglasses’ number then tried to read again. My pupils lost the focus instantaneously after the first confirmed read but in a split second my eyes gained a rare magnification and read again, “Vagina”.

From that point on I was in a state of first night of second Iraq war, trying to understand if what I saw made any sense. As a matter of fact, I remembered the first time I noticed this design on another Teen’s shirt a while back but ignored it with an I-must’ve-been-mistaken assumption.

Now I am staring at my cold food trying to draw a logical line between Coca Cola and Vagina but to no avail. I have seen adult novelty shirts with an I, a picture of fork and a picture of a cat or an I, a picture of a heart and the word Vagina. They all made sense to me but this one is yet to be matched with items in the pictorial dictionary of my memory.

In my late 30s I feel very old or old-fashioned at best. I remember my mom’s words when I was a teenager and she was giving me grown-up advice. Once she asked me if I knew why crows lived 300 years? I replied with a half-open mouth and popped-up eyes, “they live 300 years?” She said, “yes, and it’s because no-one has ever seen them mating in public." My mom’s mystical approach to sexuality not only stayed with me but it evolved as I did.

Aside from the stupid design that I just saw, or the implication of new modern parenting skills, this tells me the mentality of the new generation. Women are walking sexual organs. So now I have figured out my answer and my brain is screwed-up. I put myself under this teen’s skin for a moment and try to explore the world through this new vision. Here it comes a cute short vagina. Ah, that one is tall and tight, ooh a chubby one, and so forth.

So I now have differentiated a women’s character from her sexuality, or for lack of better words, I have shoved her existence under her striking appearance. If this is all what Generation Z can see, women won’t have any choice but to follow and accommodate.

Now comes the question that if this is another byproduct of feminism? We know that initially women had to break away from the tradition in order to gain control and make room for independence. But as any movement starts to push the boundaries and as it gains more popularity it eventually accelerates and goes beyond its original ideas fearing that at the end it will leave a distorted image incomparable to what has initially shown to everyone.

One of these new boundaries to explore was women’s sexuality and freedom in sexual encounters. In tradition this was a sensitive topic, a taboo, but modernity as a whole and feminism as one aspect of it is against most traditions if not all. Tradition to modernity is a collection of all sensitive stuff. It’s rightly put that the vagina belongs to women and it is up to them how to use it. If men are reckless and fearless about their penis, women can as well.

But let me ask if by doing this we are to curb men’s domination? Or unconsciously we are letting women to dominate men’s domain in recklessness and fearlessness? I guess at this point a feminist answer is of little relevance since we all know regardless of what our intention towards women is, we are not curbing anything but simply promoting carelessness.

Let’s go back to the first question. Does a crow live 300 years? Maybe it does not, but a crow’s mystical tradition is to show us not to advertise our sexual rituals. That we should treat human sexuality as a sacred ritual no matter how tempting modern messages are.

The problem of sex is not about a woman or man’s individuality but it is about a woman and man’s union. Maybe this is the part that feminism fails to realize, that for any justified or unjustified reason, the moment we separate women from this union we will open the door for much larger but hidden male domination.


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So Midwesty...

by Monda on

a boy at the mall announced to the world (hint Girls) his love for vagina and you arrived to the conclusion that feminism leads to rampant fornication by the sexually freed?! You may want to check into the facts, i.e. socioeconomic bases for feminist movement (various interpretations) before letting your trigger lead you to conclusions as expressed in this blog.

BTW which young man (or old) does not heart vagina, in any society?! Alhamdollah the one at your mall doesn't get tortured or killed for it. 


I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Maybe you are getting old.

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Hello old man. You sound like everyone before you. Women have more options in American society and it's so relieving. Try not to let it agitate you. It's really not a big deal. I tell women young and old the same thing all the time. We focus too much on sex and sexuality. It's just a function and it's natural. Like blinking. 

maziar 58

chill up

by maziar 58 on

And call me tomorrow,Midwesty jan you're lucky ending up here some where in the mid-west...

If you were shipped to Italy or France with all the public furnications that youngs and olds have, you would not made it pass 30 or you would had a heart attack every day.       Maziar


Oh, I remember…

by Bavafa on

Oh, I remember…Recently there was a blog on IC that list their favorite contributor Here I listed some but knew that I had missed some others.  Well that was YOU, Midwesty. 

However, in regards to the subject of this article I am more on the liberal side and believe if they want to use it as if there is no tomorrow then more power to them.  Heck it is only sex and men have subjected women for centuries.  If women want to do the same then more power to them.


y need porn when there is sigheh - Islamic prostitution 1h-?yr

by MM on



If I had a du zaari

by Cost-of-Progress on

There you go with women's progress argument again? The mullahs finished the long-planned subway system (was planned way before their turbanned arses) and a few freeways too...does that make them progressive? 

I agree that Iranian women are the most progressive in the region, but what does that say about the region? and what layer of Iranian society qualifies for that category?

OK, 50% of Turkish women may wear hejab "by choice", but it is the essence of WHY that is troubling. It's called brainwashing my fussy wuzzy hamvatan.

If I had a 2 zaari for very time someone claimed they are not religious, I'd be as rich as the driver for Rafsanjaani! And no, I have not believed in God since I was 15. There you have it.





Anything substative to say?

by fussygorilla on

Coast:   You obviously cannot present logical response other than using the obligatory Hijab of women to refute my contention of women's progress in Iran.  I am in favor of choice in dress (not blind imitation of the West as ignorant and uneducated women of the pre-revolution period did thinking they would be considered "modern"). In Turkey, an Islamic nation, more than 50% of women dress in Islamic hijab but by choice and traditon not by government edict. That seems fair to me as far as that goes.  Still, your judgement is shallow because it is what is under those chadors; lawyers, doctors, scientists, professors, olympic gold medalists, etc., etc. that counts.

As to your other comment regarding my "narrow religious lense", I have no religion and do not even believe in the existence of a god which you probably do. So, don't give me that trash as a response. I offered the facts as they are. take it or leave it.


Independent women?

by Cost-of-Progress on

I submit to you that it is hypocritical to declair Iranian women independent when it is not their decision on what they can wear outside their home.

It is laughable how some Iranians (and also members of other organized religions) see the world only through the narrow religious lens they were more than likely brought up with.

Your morality is very selective fussy...almost fuzzy! 




Jahanshah Javid

T-shirt in Iran

by Jahanshah Javid on

Here's how rebellious youth (teenage angst) are treated on the streets of Iran. This cleric confronts a guy wearing a simple skull and bones t-shirt. If it was a t-shirt with a sexual message... forget about it!


Sex or Honor?

by fussygorilla on

Mr. javid. Don't try to apologize for dishonoring women or cover up the issue that this article offers.  There is only one statement you make that is true and most relevant and that is: "it has been a part of the Western culture for a long time."  Indeed!  This so-called "culture" and its vulgarity is exactly what Iran of today is trying to prevent from filtering in to that society particularly its ignorant and immature youth.

Iranian women today, contrary to what many on this thread claim, have become independent as individuals despite the mainly patriarchal traditions of Iran. They have achieved independence WITH honor not through vulgarity of the West but education. I can only imagine women's positions in the next generation while over 70% of university students and 60% of its graduates are women.

Since i also see this disgusting demonstration of sex on the T-shirt as a part of the American uncultured "culture", I disagree that it is the result of the feminist movement. Women's liberation and independence does not parallel such filty representation of women as veginas.

Jahanshah Javid

Sexual expression

by Jahanshah Javid on

I do not see the connection with feminism or sexual recklessness. Expressions of sexuality in public, especially by youth, has been part of Western culture for a long time. A recent sighting of a "Vagina" t-shirt in a mall does not mean that society as a whole is demeaning women or that everyone is going sex crazy.

One of the beauties of living in a free society is that people, young and old, can grow and develop "naturally", that includes being immature, silly, stupid, sexist or whatever public behavior that is not socially or morally ideal but still an important part of being human.

By contrast, I'm sure you've heard that google search of porn and other sexual material is highest in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan (probably Iran too if there was no internet censorship) and other closed societies where sexual desire and expression is suppressed and women are ruled by men, thanks to religious fundamentalism.

If I were to decide which one is worse -- Vagina t-shirt or the hejab -- I'd say the hejab most definitely. At worst, the t-shirt and other sexual expressions in public are actually different ways of learning about sex, sometimes in subtle ways, sometimes crude. But the overall impact is educational.