Parazit: Amir Abbas Fakhravar

Interview with opposition activist in U.S. & ....

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Bravo Kambiz, Bravo

by Arthimis on

Bravo Kambiz, Bravo Parazit...

This Fakhravar guy is way too much into himself and my God, Talk about EGO!!! His over exaggerated stories about his own hero like actions are a massive turn off, plus not to mention his acting in front of the camera... Although, he could become a good show man on one of so many Iranian Satellite T.V...  The only thing he said that made sense was his comment on sanctions on I.R.I oil sells... That was correct and fair. As an Iranian, I seriously question his honesty, sincerity, integrity and humility which unfortunately seems that he doesn't have! But at the end of the day, if he can make a slightest difference to fight the EVIL I.R. and to improve life for Iran and Iranians, more power to him and his show off likes...

Free Iran and True Iranians.

Tina Ehrami

I really enjoyed the

by Tina Ehrami on

I really enjoyed the interview, for numerous reasons.
To start with, because I always enjoy Kambiz Hosseini's style of interviewing because of his sense of humor. Secondly, because he always invites the people who need to be confronted with an interviewer like himself. And thirdly, because he never insults the interviewee, but rather gives him the entire responsibility and opportunity of making an absolute fool of himself! And the best part is, the interviewee walks away thinking 'Wow! This was the best interview I've had in years!'

Loved it.


What is Mr.Fakhravar's profession?

by aynak on


i.e how does he make money?  It is the land of opportunity, but one needs to be gainfully employed first, no? That would be more relevant question than if he used the term Gostakh properly.

"I was resting more in Irans prison than here" (meaning washington)?   Oh really, which section was he in?

I never bought the piece when he was telling his mom he is ready to be hung on a tree, and next thing you know he is off in U.S.  He sounds to me like a Chalabi wanne'be without the Ph.d in mathematics.

It is pretty amuzing that Ahmadi Nejad wants to teach managment to the western world, and Fakhravar is telling to Palin what it takes to become next president.   Are we full of ourselves or what?



both obnoxious

by minadadvar on

They both are pretty obnoxious.  KH knows, most people do not believe, "gostakh" means "bi-adab".  Stupid question.

AAF comes across as a polished used car salesman. 

Darius Kadivar

You can know a man (or Women) by the company he (She) keeps

by Darius Kadivar on

Farah Rusta

To be on the fair side

by Farah Rusta on

AAF never supported Khomeini but Ganji did and still refuses to mention his name without vozoo.





by benross on

This is your perception about the demonized so called 'neocon' which is wrong to begin with. They are not warmongers. They present a different policy than those supposedly peacemonger! The issue for both AMERICAN camps is AMERICAN interest. And this interest INCLUDES stability and well being of citizens in the territory they are concerned about. Because the American INTEREST is depending on that stability. They just have different views about how to go about it.

We shouldn't be concerned about ANY of them. We are Iranian and we want our country back, in freedom, peace and eventually democracy. We will set our own agenda. They will find it in line with what they perceive as their interest, at least for the most part. And we will find common grounds and common interest to cooperate with them.

As long as we PERCEIVE their power as the one setting the agenda, it doesn't matter we are for it or against it, we have already abdicated our own rights to set the agenda for our own country. It's too easy to blame a public figure who actually is seeking a place in AMERICAN dispute, but by blaming such public figures, we are factually admitting that we are exactly like him, abdicating our rights in favour of the American interest.

You just didn't get lucky. That's all. 




You can know a man by the company he keeps. And Mr. Fakhravar over the years have gotten cozy with a lot of war mongers who do not care for iranians nor Iranian sovereignty.

Real McCoy

Would you buy a used car from him? I'd rather walk forever.

by Real McCoy on

You gotta be kidding. Is the opposition, after more than 30 years, gathering under the leadership of this gelled hair Fakhravar guy?


Never late to learn dear

by benross on

Never late to learn dear Comrade. it's not about equality it's about equity and it's about freedom and liberty without which, nobody can judge what is equal what is not. Dictatorship of proletariat is not the answer and as long as we don't have an alternative to capitalism, we better shut up and do what is feasible... and keep learning.


The slick land of opportunities

by comrade on

Why does this Fakh-whatever character remind me of Ghotb Zaadeh? History will tell.

Never late to learn....//

Farah Rusta

There is no Pulitzer Prize in interviewing!

by Farah Rusta on

JJ Jaan


I hate to be a kill joy but there is no category for interviews in Pulitzer Prize awards:


Besides I didn't find any mind boggling revelations being extracted out of Amir Abbas Fakhravar in this so called interview. Everything AAF was asked is already public knowledge.

The only thing interesting was Fakhravar's punchline at the end of his 60 second free speech period: a 3-year VOA boycott of AAF was ended. In his website AAF explained why VOA superiors had banned him (together with Reza Pahlavi) for quite a while. Obviously new orders must have been issued by the VOA paymasters.




No Better No Worse Than Trita Parsi

by benross on

Exactly DK. And I might add no better no worse than Ganji. Curiously, when I started questioning the process of him becoming a political figure, how he got away from prison, how he got away from Iran and how he landed in such supportive environment, those who identify themselves by defining their enemy -being neocon- never asked Ganji the same questions that is being asked Fakhravar in this show.


well that's all i needed to

by benross on

well that's all i needed to know about him.

and that's all we needed to know about your intellect. 

Darius Kadivar

She Deserves the Pulitzer Prize

by Darius Kadivar on


Fakhravar met neocon Richard Perle? and likes Sarah Palin?


well that's all i needed to know about him.

Darius Kadivar

No Better No Worse Than Trita Parsi But right to be frustrated

by Darius Kadivar on

In Short Fakravar like Parsi is another "Party Baazi" gambler On Capitol Hill :

GUNFIGHT AT OK CORRAL: Co-Starring Fakhravar & Batebi ?

In my blog above, notice that the video I embedded was removed. In which Amir Abbas Fakhravar's narrates the footage of a speach of Crown Prince Reza at a meeting with the National Press club ( and therefore not behind closed doors but in full transparency) reading the prison letter addressed to him by Fakhravar and Ahmad Batebi. In the video Fakhravar say's he is a Secular Republican ( Jomhurykhah) and Not a Monarchist but supports the Crown Prince's Efforts. The Tone of Fakhravar's narration was bitter towards his former cellmate as if he was trying to get even for some personal conflict between them. The video is no more available. It seems it happens often lately with some of the videos I post in my blogs only after publication (Probably by the person who put up the Youtube video online or someone reported it as unsuitable dunno ...).

Or is it that I do Not Have SELECTED ALZHEIMERS when It comes to Iran's Struggle for Democracy which for me is not merely represented by the Green's SELECTED Leaders nor started Last Summer turning some of You Diaspora Iranians into Last Minute Opponents to the IRI ...

Now since our talented and smart Kambiz Hosseini is playing the Devils Advocate brandishing the "Good VS Evil" Moralist Card in regard to Fakhravar's Dubious Past and probably less glorious than his cleaned shaved, glossy hair public image seems to suggest ...

I would like to ask him to also ask the same embarrassing question when it comes to two other personalities in the Diaspora ( which I have no doubt Kambiz and Saman will do in a near future for the sake of impartiality) :

Shoma Keeh Hasteed Aghayeh DOKOTOR Trita Parsi ?:

Trita Parsi and Bob Ney

Shoma Keeh Hasteed Aghayeh DOKOTOR Houshang Amir Ahmadi?:

Houshang Amir Ahmadi and Ahmadinejad

Both of whom Want to Represent us Iranian Americans through their respective organizations born out of the blue through massive internet advertisement in the aftermath of Sept 11th when prior to that few if not any had heard of them ...

I did not wait for the likes of Fakhravar, Trita Parsi or their Peer Houshang Amir Ahmadi to draw my own assessments of what the Islamic Republic was and Is.

No More than for these Fellow regular commentators On your Media Competitors -the BBC:

GAUCHE CAVIAR: Ebrahim Golestan interviewed by Massoud Behnoud (BBC Persian)

LOST IN TRANSLATION: NIAC Welcomes Hamid Dabashi on Advisory Board

We Can indeed Spend our Times Lecturing eachother about how democratic we are or not amongst ourselves but to claim that those back Home have the same Luxury is simply unacceptable.

Do we Want to see this UN IRANIAN ( including in the Choice of an Arab Sickle to Represent it) and Dispicable Regime Overthrown or Not in favor of a Democratic System of Government or NOT ?

If Yes then Toppling the Islamic Republic ( which today a great majority of Iranians except IRI Apologists aspire to ... Obviously without military intervention) is not merely a question of Intellectual discourse for those inside Iran.

For Iranians back home have no other means but Western Media Outlets ( VOA, BBC, Radio Farda. Radio Liberty) to support them or voice their concerns. The Same for Human Rights Organizations like Boroumand Foundation, or the Iran Human Rights Documentation Center ( Founded by Ramin Ahmadi and his wife Roya Hakakian) all of which were supposed to Benifit from the Democracy Fund and which some of the people mentioned above and their self proclaimed "Grass Root" organizations have been Shamelessly and Hypocritically crusading against ...

I did not wait for Amir Abbas Fakhravar or Trita Parsi ( both much younger than me and hardly born at the time of the Revolution) to draw my own assessment or opinions about the Islamic Republic Nor to shape my own political convictions and hopes and aspirations for a Free Democratic Iran.

I have humbly Opposed the IRI Intellectually and through my writings or discussing with fellow compatriots merely as an Iranian concerned by the plight of those we left back home. And That from Day One at Every Opportunity and whenever I could. Neither Heroically as some Like the Late Shapour Bakhtiar or Fereidoun Farrokhzad did BUT at Best SINCERELY !

And As far as I am concerned that is all that matters to me.

So if there is anything I don't like it to see Monarchists ( Which Fakhravar Is Clearly NOT) be boiled down to Neo Con Warmongers by a bunch of Pro IRI Lobbyists on Capitol Hill:

Babak Talebi former Spokesperson for NIAC tries to Stop Iranians with Shiro Khorshid Flags to demonstrate in Solidarity with Iranians back Home. Trita Parsi can be seen in the crowd walking discreetly away. Talebi has since been replaced by another spokesperson (A Coincidence ? ...)


I feel More in line of Thought with these people whom some of your fellow colleagues regularly caricature or Take Cheap Shots at for their Plastic Surgery or Nose Jobs or down play because they brandish the Sun and Lion Flag which annoys Many INTOLERANT and CLUELESS and FASHIONABLE Green Supporters ( See video ) simply because they EQUALLY have Dreams and Aspirations of their Own :

NEO CON WARMONGERS ? Tehrangeles Demo in Support of Iran's Greens

NASHNAS NOT: Jamshid (Jimmy) Delshad Greets Shahbanou Farah

Lastly I am Proud to be a Monarchist and Supportive Not of MONSIEUR Reza Pahlavi BUT OF SHAHZADEH Reza PAhlavi and Our Shahbanou :

PROUD TO BE IRANIAN AND A MONARCHIST: Fereydoun Farrokhzad Up Close and Personal (Mid 1980's)


And be it in regard to their Constituency I would like to see Journalists mention them by their Royal Status when they do and Not merely "Agha Reza " or "Khanoum Farah " PAhlavi ...

Even an Ex President Clinton is refered to as Mr. President even after leaving office or even after being Impeached as was the Case for President Nixon. Doing otherwise is being Politically biaised because you Insult THEIR CONSTITUENCY and not merely them:


And by Doing so it does not mean You consider them as YOUR Sovereign for that matter.

As Such I for one am ready to call Moussavi as Iran's Elected President. I simply as a Constitutionalist don't recognize the Islamic Republic or the Concept of Republicanism in my country as legitimate. BUT I acknowledge the fact that he has a CONSTITUENCY, ran for an election which was stolen from him and as such he deserves to be RESPECTED.

Which does not mean you cannot criticize Crown Prince Reza or President Elect Moussavi for that matter as independant Journalists ( if you really are Independant that is ... on a Public TV) and Freeminded people.


The Great Revolution That Wasn’t by Houman Majd

merely to appear POLITICALLY CORRECT as is the case of many Iranian Journalists in the Diaspora Only Recentily infatuated by Green Activisim but who for the past 30 years have hardly been supportive of Regime change ( I am Not Targeting Anyone in Particular in this statement nor Kambiz Hosseini whom I admire the professionalism, Talent and Open mindedness)

I Won't Apologize EVER for Being a Constitutionalist Monarchist and Supporting Regime Change. Need I Repeat Without Military Intervention ?

REZA's CALL: An Iranian Solidarnosc... -by DK

RESPONDING TO REZA's CALL: An Iranian Solidarnosc in the Making ... By Darius KADIVAR

I Think Not !

Particularly When Our Fellow Likeminds are being Killed Like Flies:

Arash Rahmanipour and Mohammad Reza Alizamani were convicted of being enemies of God and hanged early in the morning on Thursday 28 January 2010 in Iran. ( AL Jazeera):


However Differently We All Love IRan each in our own Right:


One can Also Love Badly as may have been the case for Fakhravar or Trita Parsi each in their own way. Flirting with "concepts" or "ideas" or even "unrecommendable" people when attending THINK TANKS on Capitol Hill or Elsewhere.

However well intentioned but alas in my humble Opinion CLUELESS ... That does not make them Traitors for that matter ? ...

They should all have a place to express themselves in a Free Democratic Iran.

The Fact that they can have a place to express and debate their views such as VOA Persian is already a good start towards tolerating eachothers views.

The Key is to allow Debates to take place including on the choice of a Future System of Government in the future ( Republic or Monarchy) and to allow people to debate freely without resorting to Stereotype them based on their convictions.

Otherwise might as well label us as "Mohareb" ...

It won't change the Fact that "


My Humble Opinion,


PS: Kambiz Jaan Still waiting for your confirmation of my Friendship Request on your Facebook. No Worries I won't Eat You Up ;0)

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Amir Abbas Fakhravar!

by Fatollah on

I've slept in class, now at least I may have an idea who this guy is !

He doesn't come a cross genuine, and he knows it!  

Darius Kadivar

How about a Pulitzer for You JJ Jaan ? ...;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Jahanshah Javid

Pulitzer Prize

by Jahanshah Javid on

Best interview by an Iranian reporter. Ever. Congratulations Kambiz Hosseini.