Separating Fact & Fiction

Sakineh Mohammadi's case


Separating Fact & Fiction
by Marina Nemat

The new Sakineh confession broadcast on Press TV on Saturday, December 11, is the new episode of the strange "reality" show that the Iranian regime has staged around her case. Even though I have been following this case very closely, it has become difficult for me to keep track of all the new stories that the Iranian authorities have regularly added to it. It seems that they are trying to confuse the world, and I'm afraid that they have been very successful in doing just that.

For those of you who, for the sake of the truth, would like to get to the bottom of this situation, I have a piece of advice: stick to the basics. Actually, the basic facts about this case are very simple and you don't need to be a lawyer to understand them. They are:

What is Sakineh's crime? Is it having have had a hand in her husband's murder or is it adultery? Maybe both? Okay, let's assume it's both. Sakineh was tried in 2006 for having had an illicit relationship with 2 men after the death of her husband, for which she was sentenced to 99 lashes, a sentence that was carried out. Later, as one of those men was on trial for the murder of Sakineh's husband, she was suspected of having been an accomplice in the murder and was sentenced to 10 years in prison. In the meantime, the man accused of the murder was found guilty but walked away. However, later, the case was reopened because someone in the system decided that Sakineh had had the illicit relationship with the 2 men before her husband's death, which would change the situation altogether, because now her crime was adultery, for which the punishment could be stoning. And Sakineh was subsequently sentenced to death by stoning. After this, her son, Sajjad, reached out to the world and asked all of us to save his mother. This brought world-wide attention to the case, and made the Iranian authorities uncomfortable, because no matter what religion or ideology one believes in, it is not difficult to agree that stoning is barbaric. After the website that was created in support of Sakineh quickly collected hundreds of thousands of signatures, Iranian authorities did everything in their power to convince the world that Sakineh's punishment had nothing to do with adultery, but it was all about her having had a hand in the murder of her husband. So, we were told that she could be hanged instead of stoned to death. But hadn't she already been sentenced to prison for the same crime? According to Iranian law, people cannot be stoned for having committed murder; stoning is a punishment only for adultery.

If there was a rule of law in Iran, Sakineh would not have been subjected to punishment for the same crime more than once, but it seems like she has received 2 sentences for having allegedly committed adultery and also for having allegedly been involved in killing her husband.

If there was a rule of law in Iran, Sakineh's first and second lawyers would not have been persecuted: her first lawyer, Mohammad Mostafai, had to escape Iran after his wife was arrested and kept hostage by the Iranian authorities so that he would give himself up. However, he escaped the country and is in Norway now. Her second lawyer, Houtan Kian, is in prison in Iran right now. He was arrested a few weeks ago for having dared to defend her.

If there was a rule of law in Iran, Sakineh's son Sajjad, would not have been arrested for simply asking the world to save his mother.

If there was a rule of law in Iran, Press TV would not have been allowed to take Sakineh out of the prison and force her to make a public confession in a terrible, humiliating, and inhumane way.
If there was a rule of law in Iran, the man who actually killed Sakineh's husband would have been in prison. Also, if Sakineh committed adultery with him, then I think it's safe to say that he committed adultery with her. Yet he walked away and she was the one sentenced to being stoned to death.

The recent televised confession of Sakineh, which was filmed in her home and in the presence of her son, has, very unfortunately, made some people believe that she is guilty and deserves to die, but they are terribly wrong. Her confession is meaningless. I was imprisoned in Evin prison at the age of 16 for 2 years, 2 months, and 12 days. During this time, I was tortured, raped, and threatened that if I didn't cooperate, my family would be harmed. I signed every piece of paper they gave me without even reading it. I would have confessed to anything under torture to stop the pain. I cooperated, so my family was safe, and if they had arrested one of my loved ones, I would have done anything to save him/her. Sakineh's son is now in prison. Put yourself in her shoes. Wouldn't you have confessed to murder if it would save your son? I know I would.

First published in Huffington Post.



Let's not to forget the issue

by siavash1000 on

The fact is that these barbaric laws has been originated 1400 years ago by nomadic lizard eater arabs in Arabian peninsula and has nothing to do with Perisans. Persian civilalization is completely different with lizard eater arabs and their barbaric laws. During last 31 years those savage laws has been imposed to Persians by half breed arab bastards so called "Sayyid" like Sayyid Ali Khamanie. Persians lost the Qudeseyeh war to Arabs about 1400 years ago and half breed arab bastards are result of that war.

Payandeh our Aryan land IRAN



by yolanda on

IRI lied about Neda and Sakineh!


people who beleieve Neda re-enactment

by statira on

dont believe Sakineh video!

Sakineh is a criminal+ the video shows a dead man(her husband) with electrocuted scars on his body.Neda was killed by the regime thugs captured in the video while everybody in the world could see it and no one can deny that.

Where is our common sense?  Let's not compare a criminal with a innocent girl fighting for  freedom.


If you liked and believed this re-enactment,

by MM on

If you liked and believed this re-enactment, then why not believe the televized re-enactment of Neda's murder by IRI?


Various Stories

by NajafVisitor on

"...difficult for me to keep track of all the new stories that the Iranian authorities have regularly added to it ..."

There is a new story, again, today. The lawyer for Sakinah, whom you state is in prison (???), has told the media that her husband used to beat her and sell her for sex.

There was also the made-up story that she was flogged just because a picture of her, unveiled, was printed in a London newspaper, and lots of other stories, mainly sourced from French blogs.

Setareh Sabety

well put

by Setareh Sabety on

thank you for this summary. your point is so true, there is no rule of law - they don't even follow their own bad laws in that god for saken country. also thank you for your courage in revealing your own background it gives a weight to your argument that only experience can bestow. if you have not written about your experience at evin you should. it would be a great service to all of us.

Blind Justice

Interesting article

by Blind Justice on

Interesting article


بیا و حقوق بشر را ببین


بیا و حقوق بشر را ببین
افاضات این جانور را ببین

بگوید یکی‌ جانی روزگار
که باشد حقوق بشر سنگسار


به پا خیز‌ای هموطن چاره کن
تو زنجیر پای خودت پاره کن

بیانداز توی لجن این دو شر
بزن بر سرشان حقوق بشر

علی‌ حسینی - جولای ۲۰۱۰



by yolanda on

Thank you for your great re-cap......You raised a great question:

Also, if Sakineh committed adultery with him, then I think it's safe to say that he committed adultery with her. Yet he walked away and she was the one sentenced to being stoned to death.


It is absolutely unfair........

Nasser Mohammadkhani committed adultery with Shahla, too.........that dude did not receive stoning!



by yolanda on

I agree with MM and Mouse......

the latest crime scene re-enactment is a joke.....apparently IRI added another murderer to the case....he is a wealthy man's son......he is free.....Sakineh said this guy wired up her husband and carried out the electrocution after she gave her hubby the injection.....

IRI never gives the reason why the guy is free why Sakineh is jailed.......

I am glad that this case is not going away..


2 facts remain: 1. IRI forced confession; 2. real killer is free

by MM on




by Simorgh5555 on

This regime has no moral scruple. It has rubbed people's face in the dirt again and again. This is the regime's way of sticking two fingers up at the people of Iran and the sane world.

How long are you going to put up with this?

Show them force. Pluck out their eyes and stick it down their throat.

Death to the Islamic Republic.  Please support military action.

No Fear


by No Fear on

When were you in Evin prison?  What section ?  What was the crime?


Rule of law in Islamic Republic is a joke.

by Anonymouse on

They can't even say for sure what her crime is.  They jump from one punishment to the next. All while saying her crime is "murder" when she is convicted of being "accessory to murder" while the real killer is now free!

Her son and lawyer are in Prison and forced to exile.  I hope the ones behind this circus trial end up being rotted in their sorry lives. 

Everything is sacred


After watching the newest video

by statira on

of Ashtiani's confession, I really think she should be executed, not with stoning but thru other more acceptable ways that is done internationally. If someone deserve to die is her. Just imagine you are the sister or mother of her victim( her husband), what you would've felt if someone kills your brother and having illicit affair with the killer.This is a woman who lived with her husband for a long time and had kids from him.She did not even think about her own kid's while doing the crime.