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Karoobi's Lullaby

by Demo on

لالایی کن مرغک من -- دنیا فعلأ به کام است
٣١ سال درخواب طلایی بسربردن در حالی که ملت هرورزش رابا عاشورای ٨٨ گذارنده با اینگونه شکر شکنیهای این طوطی مکارعاقبت این نظام فاسق را تغییر نمیدهد. کارنامه اعمال ایشان هم یکشبه به گلستان تبدیل نمی شود. کهریزک هم نه بخاطر شکنجه زندانیان در آن بلکه بخا طر کشته شدن پسر روح الامینی که از خودیعا بود صورت گرفت. خوب حالا برگردیم به دنباله آهنگ خواننده قدیمی ویگن و بنوازیم از بحر این مردک پیر خوش و خط وخال:
هر ناله در شب گیر این گفتار محزون -- اشک هزاران مرغک بی خانمان است

No Fear

Who are the real reformists?

by No Fear on

Those who crushed the faintest voices of oppositions during their 26 years grip over political power, Or those who are giving a chance to this idiot to say whatever he wants to say?

If Dr. Ahmadinejad takes a page out of these dinosaurs book, he should throw Mousavi and Karroubi in jail and brand them " Mofsed ol felarz " and execute them immediately.

Isn't this exactly what the likes of Karroubi and mousavi did when they were eliminating politicians close to Ayat.Montazeri during their time?




by afshinazad on

This man says a lot of good things but him and mosavi and khamtami are TROJAN HORSE.

Trojan Horse was a article on khodnevis which I was reading and it was referring to these reformist who destroyed the movement and from one hand I would agree with writer and from other hand it is more than that. these people are fighting for their own lost power and they are part of the regime and the system which only oppistion with A.N and his monkeys.there is no reformist in this regime because there is nothing can be reformed and with reform all clerics and head of the cleric should step away from power and with reform IRG would be regular army and these are not the reform these people want, in their reform people like karobi or mousavi and rafsanjani and other clowns to restore their power and at end Iranian have no power what so ever. best reform is change of regime and removel of satanic logo of the flag.  


A good Mullah!?

by farokh2000 on

Remember a good Mullah is a dead Mullah.

If they are Mullahs, they are only good if they are dead.



by Doctor mohandes on

So how are we going to go about making that happen?

WHo do you think, in your humble opinion:) has the gumption and shoombool to rise up and do this?


Although this speech and/or any others like it, is admirable

by Bavafa on

I am afraid this might be yet another mosh o gorbeh bazi by the regime insiders. Having an [eunuch] opposition can serve and have many benefits to IRI interest.

- A possible distraction to a real opposition by creating a phantom one.

- Bragging about freedom in politics and the existence of an opposition

- Control the opposition by controlling/installing a leader on top

… etc

The IRI has one leader (Velayat Faghih) only and until that position is confronted and challenged directly, no amount of slogan will count as an affective opposition.

At best, this is an opposition to AN gang



his courage is beyound my comperhension...

by tabriz_balasi on

we only read about people like Karubbi in hisotry books;  here's  a real example of a hero.  fighting for a nation's rights.  he's the Abu-Muslim-Khorasani of our times.


be an act at all times in the name of Allah.


یک ایرانی با شرف


براستی آقای کروبی یک ایرانی باشرف و یک مسلمان با غیرت است. از ابتدا بدون ترس و واهمه حرف دل مردم را زده است و با اینکه بارها به خانه اش حمله کرده اند ولی وی با دلی همچون شیر بر ضحاک زمان یعنی  خامنه ای می تازد. ایکاش ده درصد از دل  و جرات آقای کروبی را آقایان موسوی و خاتمی نیز داشتند تا این جنبش سبز مردم هر چه زودتر به نتیجه مطلوب می رسید. دمت گرم آقای کروبی

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Is basically a decent guy. I know I am not supposed to say anything good about IRI. But the facts are that there are decent Muslims and even decent Mollahs. He is one of them. Yes he has been in bed with some very bad people and some has rubbed on him. But still we are going to need all the allies we get. He is one such a person and we should give respect where due.


His most pointed speech yet....

by Khar on

Although I niether subscribe nor agree with his religious references to the current socio & political crisis in Iran, but I admire him for having ton of balls to confront the Estebdaad government and the killers in power in Iran.

Mr. J, Have you heard about Mousavi's Speech couple of days ago in which he has agreed and proposed on creation of a unified front among all opposition groups, this a very important shift in evolution of Green Movement, see the link below.




by mahmoudg on

every time they bring up Hoseein and Yazid, i get turned off.  the same bs by the same bs'sers, one of the same.

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

He pretty much said everything. Didn't hold back at all. Khamenei & Co are not going to like this at all... the excitement builds!