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Slap on Hypocrisy

Labbaik Ya Hussain(pbuh)

by Slap on Hypocrisy on

Karbala is a continuous revolution against the tyrant forces of the world. We are sacrificing our life from centuries for Imam Hussain(pbuh) and again we are ready for it. we have learned from Imam Hussein that how to be oppressed yet victorious. Imam Hussain(pbuh) give the greatest sacrifice in human history and this is the energy of his sacrifice which make us strong. How can we forget Ashoora and Karbala where all the family of Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) slaughter without food and water. 

Labbaik Ya Hussain(pbuh). 

hamsade ghadimi

questions about hero of the day

by hamsade ghadimi on

i like what karoubi says except the hossein yazid mumbo jumbo.  but why not compare him to another clergy, karoubi's contemporary, who stood against the government.  montazeri spoke against mass executions and velayat faghih when it wasn't fashionable.  montazeri even gave up the chance of being the supreme jackass.  what was karoubi doing then?  he was part of the "maktabi" constituents of the majlis and a fervent believer in vf.  he still is a believer in vf but he's mad as hell for not getting the respect that he thinks he's owed. 

would he now condemn (or even admit) the mass executions of the 1980s? 

would he denounce vf?

are messages by karoubi and mousavi circulated in iran or is it just for the consumption of ex pats?

at any rate, i don't think of him as a hero but i'll ride his ass (donkey) for as long as it takes me.


Karoubi, The Beaver

by Tavana on

"we can not trust governments who supported Apartheid regime for years to bring democracy for us."  ahosseni said it all!!!

The same way: We can not trust an old, grumpy "IRI loyal" who supported the regime for years to bring us liberty & justice!!!! 

PS:Are the young all dead to dump all these oldies once for all??? 


Brave Karrobi

by ahosseini on

As many of you know I have a strong stance against mixing religion and state and Karrobi's political past. However, I think Karrobi is a brave man and what I like most about him is his stance against the ruling hardliners and also his position on external powers trying to impose Afghan and Iraqi type of democracy in Iran. In the secular liberal camp, there are some who are campaigning for Iraqi and Aghani type of so called democracy. Most of them talk about nationalism, democracy, .. and yet they shut up about the dirty alliance of Saudi Arabia, Israeil and USA in trying to impose their own government by putting nationalities against each other and using force to bring their government to power. Iraqi democracy means non stop bombing camping in major cities in Iran.We must stand firm this dirty campign. The only way forward is to rely on our people overthrowing this nasty hardliners. Just like what happened in South Africa, we can rely on trade unions, human right organisations, but we can not trust governments who supported Apartheid regime for years to bring democracy for us. 



Karroubi's arrows draw blood from the Beast >gotta love it.

by bushtheliberator on

 As Your Least Informed about Iran Visitor may I again offer that

there can be no PEACEFUL transformation in Iran without clerical leadership.And, No votes for civil war should be accepted from any Iranians that don't have a rifle hanging from their shoulder.


irrelevant to the topic but ...

by afyoun on

Right on Yahoo's front page.


pass it around:  " ... angry Iranians "

Hoshang Targol

روزبه جان ،

Hoshang Targol

روزبه جان ، خامنه ی هیچ کاره است ، همه چی دست سپاه ست 

کنار گذاری متکی، ادعای ایرانی بودن پیغمبر از سوی مشایی در تاجیکستان،
قبضه بودن اقتصاد و حیات مملکت در دست سپاه،و ده هانمونه دیگر همگی موید بر
چرخیدن وزنه به سود سپاه میباشد. در نظر داشته باشیم که  یکی از راه های
برون رفت از بحران ، کماکان یک کودتا علیه روحانیت، با رنگ و
آبی بسیار پر از " مکتب ایرانی " و " پیغمبر ایرانی " و ....تبدیل قم به
واتیکان شیعیان (که به قول امام راحل:" البت فکر  خوبیه ، لاکن من توی دهن
این مکتب ایرانی میزنم ...")و از این.......



by Paykar on

has my respect for being very brave, but since he wants an Islamic State, he too is undemoctratic.

No Fear

Here again

by No Fear on

My entire comment was deleted just for using the F word.

Since my point still stands, i shall put it forward again;

Would any of you support a reformist government headed by reform leaders?

Would any of you support laws passed in a reform majority parliament?

Does anyone here knows about the reform faction political and economical policies?

With Ahmadinejad losing popular support due to his economical corrections, it is very likely we witness a reform sweep of the parliament seats and the likelihood of a reformist government in the next election.

This would be very similar to Khatami's era. Would you support a government similar to Khatami?

Lets hear it. I hope the one who flagged my comment, has an answer since i put my question forward in a very civil manner.





Brave Kaoubi is going directly for "rahbar" Khamenei himself!

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

 He is very correctly going for the snake's head, khamenei, ignoring snakes ass hole, mahmood "bi_mokh" ahmadinezhad as nobody!

The frustartion and anger of the cowardly regime's malijak on this site is both understanding and entertaining :)

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

G. Rahmanian

The Best Part!

by G. Rahmanian on

I think the best part was when he showed the newspaper headline!


A "Fearless" Lier Universal Disclaimer

by Demo on

"if such a sbject entity is ever caught with even a single lie in public domain then his/her other claims/sayings are to be discredited altogether anywhere & at any time" 

As such then who gives a hoot about AN's posted resume by his fan below and/or the cry baby video of an old brave?? man above!!!  



by Demo on

دانی چرا این دایه به از مادر دربار ظلم آزاده؟؟ --  چون هیچگاه  با ارباب معظم خود در نیفتاده!!


Dorood bar Karuobi, the brave old man with No Fear!

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Those bothered with his past positions within Islamist regime, need to remeber that Both Yaltsin and Gorbachov were very senior and loyal members of the USSR communist party . Gorbachov at least was very much opposed to breakdown of soviet union and wanted the "soviet system" to continue. Sounds familiar?

This point is well understood by the islamist regime leadership and their cronies, and malijaks on this site who do not use any opportunity to attack this brave old man. They'd have killed him long ago if they were not worried shit about the public backlash.   

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

G. Rahmanian

كشف اتم در زير زمين خانه

G. Rahmanian

اخه كسي كه دكترا داره مزخرفاتي مثل كشف اتم در زيرزمين يك خانه توسط محصلي ١٦ ساله بزبون نمياره. حداقل تو درساش خونده كه اتم قبلا توسط يك شخص غير مسلمان كشف شده


It's almost 2011 !!!! They

by Arthimis on

He seems to be more fair than the rest of them in that evil system, but in regards to Ashoora, C'mon people!!! It's almost 2011 !!!! They want us to still mourn for Hussein??? The whole world laughs at our insanity, even Arabs and the majority of Muslim world!!! Akheh Kay mikhahim Adam shim???

G. Rahmanian


G. Rahmanian

حرفهاي ايشان را بايد در مجموع درك كرد و نه تكه تكه. منظور از "نشاط" يقيناً بينش مغرورانه و افتخاري اميزي است كه غالب شيعيان، مسلمانان غير شيعه و خيلي افراد غير مسلمان نسبت به امر شهادت دارند


می‌شه یکی‌ بگه، حاجی چرا هنوز آزاده؟



حالا هر چی‌ میخواین بگین، ولی‌ هر کسی‌ نمیتونه به ملت مسلمون تجویز
کنه که انشاا الله همه مردم باید "با شور و نشاط"
عزاداری کنن. هر کی‌ دیگه
اینو بگه، کارش در جا تمومه...

Never increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything.




by Benyamin on

Anyone still to believe in the idea of governing by Islam or any other religion is wrong. Mr. Karrobi must denounce the Islamic Government in its totality and ask for an open and honest and democratic election to determine the future. Although I admire his openness and courage but I believe he should ask for more, specially after what they put his family through.

 God bless Iran

No Fear

Here ..

by No Fear on


By the way, the honorary degree which you are refering to is the PHD for political science, not the Engineering degree.

hamsade ghadimi

کم آوردن و استدلال سیب زمینی‌

hamsade ghadimi

این آقای نترس خودش مستقیماً زیر احمدی کار کرده.  اگه این ندونه کی‌ می‌دونه.

تبریز خان، دست مریزاد. از خنده مردم.


no fear, hala Chera Bet barkhord Ghahr Nakon haj-seyed

by Khar on

Great statesmen like Ahmaghi-Njad don't need no stinking valid PHDs, He just needs to know how to hide under Ghabaay e Molla Bozorgeh (Gotou in Shirazi). ;o)


hoseye elmiyeh

by Cost-of-Progress on

to combine the word elm (knowledge) with seminary type teachings is a disservice to anyone who stayed up all night to study for REAL exams.....anywhere, anytime!
Also, the very fact that anal sex is rampant in religious schools (mosalmoon or otherwise) makes those schools very...shall we say...ineffective in teaching anything, but butt-welding?




No Fear

I see...

by No Fear on

How interesting to see the democracy advocates on this site defending Akhounds from hozeye elmiyeh.

In regards to Ahmadinejad's education, if there was any doubt in the validity of his PHD, we should have heard about it by now from Mir hossein Mousavi whose wife's academic credentials was questioned by Ahmadinejad directly during live televised election campaign.



NO fear

by tabriz_balasi on

Khomeini, your hero's hero graduate from the limited hozeye elmieh;  we all know that people who graduate from hozeye elmiye are idiots.  you don' thave to remind us of that.  hozeye elmiyeh is the reason why we are here today, with a monkey, again your hero, "running" the country.  on the other hand, we support good humanbeing, doesn't matter where they study, Harvard or hoseye elmiyeh.  I feel really sad to know that you're actualy an Iranian, i hope you die a terrible death, i really mean it from the bottom of my heart.

Karrubi is hero to me and so many people in Iran.  He is the pride of Iran, we don't have many people like Karrubi, God bless him and people that are fighting to get Iran out of the hands of the Islami Republic Gang.  Freedom is will be ours, sooner or later.

be an act at all times in the name of Allah.


no fear

by Khar on

now that you told me WHERE he recieved it from, Elm-o-Sanat, HOW did Ahmaghinejad get his PHD? EFTEKHARI bood?!

hamsade ghadimi

khar, zadi to khaal.  even

by hamsade ghadimi on

khar, zadi to khaal.  even the guy who gave ahmadinejad his phd doesn't have a phd.  he had claimed to have graduated from university of florida in kingsville, florida (let me know when you find that uni:).  btw, his old advisor is now the minister of transportation and has a construction company in kuwait.  he also still publishes "scientific" papers with ahmadinejad as co-author.  and kamran daneshjoo who also lied about his education.  you know the one in charge of counting the votes in 2009.  yea that one with a fake phd.  he's the minister of science!

god help those olaghs who believe the credentials of these thugs. 

Darius Kadivar

Always had my Vote ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on


DM: Isn't that the $60M question?

by Bavafa on

One thing that we know for sure, despite many applicant, no one has been able to fill that shoe so far.


No Fear


by No Fear on

Ahmadinejad got his PHD from Tehran Science and Technology University in 1997.

Not like Karroubi whose education is limited to seminary studies. ( Hozeye Elmiyeh ).