A trip to Italy

I knew I was going to miss him but I didn’t want to grieve when he was still in my arms


A trip to Italy
by Shana Yazdi

I woke up in the middle of the night by the slow sound of his purring. He was in my bed and I hardly knew him. Only for a few days. His chestnut hair and blonde beard were highlighted in the semi-dark room and the light hair on his massive chest was a little shiny, reflecting the light coming from the lampposts in the street. We were in a hotel in Venice and he was actually a total stranger. He introduced himself as Steve and he was American. That was all I knew about him. The other certain thing was the fact that we were going to be separated at the end of the week and go back to our own lives.

The sight of his lovely nose and sensuous lips made me crazy. I was so happy I could have this lovely creature and spend a few days with him in Italy. I was wallowing in these thoughts when he rolled over and reached out with his big hands and powerful biceps to grab me on the other side of the bed. We were both naked and soon I was completely beneath him on the soft mattress. His bearded face was nibbling the flesh on my neck and cheek and shoulders while his hands were roaming my bare back and buttocks with a powerful grip.

In just a few minutes his big tool found my lubricated opening for the fifth or sixth time during that night, forcing its way against my tight vagina, getting in and out of my body with each thrust of his mighty pelvis. Then he exploded deep inside me and I could feel the warmth of his massive flood inside me. He dropped his full weight and crushed my nipples under his big chest, sighing and panting like an animal. I was flying in the sky at that moment, barely noticed being crushed under his huge frame. When he took his cock out of my body the warm river trickled down between my legs. His cum was thick and very white, even after having several orgasms in one single night.

I had flown to Rome a few days before that night. I was supposed to attend a three-day seminar and workshop on interior design since our company was buying a whole lot of new equipment for the purpose of decorating our new buildings in Tehran. One of the manufacturing companies invited me to attend the seminar. I had no plan to sleep with anybody there since I was totally satisfied with the once-a-week-fling arrangement I had with a handsome guy in Tehran.

Steve had come from the states to the same seminar and I admit I was attracted to him the first moment I saw him in that faded jeans and cotton shirt. I always loved bearded guys but this one was something really special. I could see he was interested in me too. I knew I could pass for a much younger woman than my age of forty, since all my friends and family told me so. Therefore, I was not surprised to see such a handsome man was devouring me with those lovely green eyes. He was a very tall, powerful and handsome man, with nice teeth and big smiles nearing fifty. I loved his skin and hands and could not take my eyes from the bulge on his pants. He was staring at my tits all the time during the day, giving me devilish smile all the time.

We had a lot of conversations the first day and on the second day we behaved like old friends. After dinner we went on a tour of the city together in one of those roofless double-deckers and sat together. I noticed his lovely big hands on my back and buttocks many times during the tour when he innocently guided me or helped me get on and get off the bus. We ate dinner in the romantic atmosphere of a restaurant and finished one bottle of Italian wine after another. He was mesmerizing me with those emerald eyes and I knew I was going down the lane of submission.

After dinner he took my delicate hand in his big palm and we walked through the lovely streets of Rome, amid a whole lot of car horns and ambulance sirens. As far as I can remember we kissed a few times in the streets and then I ended up in his hotel room. I don’t remember anything else. I know we had sex that night since I found myself stark naked in his bed the next morning. I woke up to find him lying on his stomach and his statuesque back was such a lovely sight to see. I traced the lovely skin of his back down to his buttocks and returned the same route when he woke up and smiled and we kissed for a long time. We were murmuring things and saying some words but it made no sense to us.

When we showered together and I could not take my eyes from his chiseled cock. His brown triangle was the most interesting tourist attraction in Rome. I washed and rinsed his cock in the shower and washed it and rinsed it again and again until it was standing up like a flagpole. He was cupping and licking my hard, shapely breasts all the time. I kissed his cock a few times but gave him a nice blow job on the bed a few minutes later. I ran my tongue on his big balls for at least half an hour and kissed and smelled his pubic hair, cherishing each and every moment of it.

We separated ourselves from the workshop and bought a train ticket to Florence, groping each other all the way to our destination. We reached Santa Maria Novella station and asked a cabdriver to take us straight to a fine hotel. Upon registering we went up to our lovely room, facing the river and undressed immediately. We stayed there for two energetic nights and visited all those wonderful churches and statues including the city cathedral during the day. He bought me a lovely jacket for five hundred Euros from a famous shopping mall called LaRinacente. I found a small place in the same mall and suggested to have a blow job with him in there but he got red in the face and refused with a knowing smile. After Florence we took another train to lovely Venice and stayed two more nights in San Marco Island.

We never talked about our past or future. I knew he was probably married with children but we never talked about our private lives either. We only lived those lovely days and night for being with each other. For the first time in my life I really appreciated the power of love. I knew I would give up everything just to be with him for the rest of my life, but I never thought about that at the time.

I knew I was going to miss him but I didn’t want to grieve when he was still in my arms. After five days of love we got back to Rome and stayed for another two days in each other's arms. My flight was a week earlier than his so we had to say goodbye very soon.

He took me to the airport and kissed me on my forehead. No tears, no promises, no telephone number. When the plane took off I knew I would miss him. I knew I loved him and I knew he might have had the same feeling. I have always been a stupid sentimentalist.

All this happened about two months ago and sometimes I don’t believe it myself. The only proof for that lovely encounter are a few photos I shot of us with a digital camera. And I have always been a bitch all my life too. So I did not dwell in the past and soon I found myself in my once-a-week guy's bed again. I am now working on a new project and know I will never regret that either.

God bless you Steve wherever you are.


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Call On Your Six-Million Dollar Man ! ;-)

by Arthimis on


Steve Austin (Fazaa-Navard) :D

by Arthimis on

This story should be made into a movie (even if is a porno version...) to resolve the Iranian-American past 31 years issues... LOL...

As far as the title goes, How about:

"Mamma Mia, Quello che un Grande!" or simply in Farsi: "Apollo koon peymaa"... :D

Sorry, I just had to crack myself up!

Nice story and sexual experience though, more power to both Shana and Steve Austin (Fazaanavarde Nimeh jaan...) :D

Ghormeh Chick

Aab az lab o locham dareh mireezeh

by Ghormeh Chick on

50 year old man with no man boobs or slipped disk?  love tool that keeps going all night? not once, not twice, SIX times! rivers of semen? forty year old woman with a tight love tunnel and firm breasts?  plenty of cash to travel with not a phone call or care in the world? NSA abgooshtee sex just like we irani women like it!

lovely, lovely, lovely - wirtten with a sweet pen and ink of love.

Honey you are in Disneyland not Italy.


So Powerful and Real!

by Monda on

I'm amazed that even for someone as experienced as you, this could happen: "For the first time in my life I really appreciated the power of love. I knew I would give up everything just to be with him for the rest of my life, but I never thought about that at the time I knew I was going to miss him but I didn’t want to grieve when he was still in my arms." 

Good thing you have at least those photos.  I hope he finds you.


Lustful & Romantic

by HollyUSA on

Lustful romance is definitely possible. Romantic lust? I don't think so.  Well that's my opinion anyway! Not that one can't convince herself otherwise, especially women of Iranian culture (or similar, but that's a whole other blog!)

I don't see this story as either romantic or lustful though. I find the way Iranian women write about sex interesting for a variety of reasons. I think I have only seen one female writer on IC get it just right so far. I wonder why that is. I also wonder if younger Iranian women would have a different sense and style with 'lustful' writings. 

Any volunteers young ladies?


Jahanshah Javid

Adventurous, aren't you?

by Jahanshah Javid on

Thanks Shana for sharing another lustful adventure. I first wanted to say romantic, but it's somewhere inbetween, or are they inseparable?