Long night

When his hand touched mine he pressed a piece of paper into my palm and smiled


Long night
by Shana Yazdi

Early spring time in Tehran is not a festive occasion anymore because everybody is out of town. Streets are clear of any traffic and there is no trace of the usual confusion of people moving around. Given the fact that nobody is available, the old tradition of "Did o Bazdid" has petered out long ago. So if you want to stay in Tehran you have to find a whole lot of DVDs to watch or go shopping or spend the time in the passionate embrace of a man. So I thought maybe now that I have a lot of free time on my hand I had better write a little more of my adventures for you.

This morning when I opened my mailbox I found responses to my previous post about my affair with Eski and read them all. There are a small number of people who still doubt about the genuineness of the whole thing. Some believe I am a man and I am making fun of them. Anyway, as I told you once, names are the only parts of my stories that are slightly changed for the sake of anonymity. For example, although the nickname "Eski" was correct, the name Eskandari was a converted name of the guy and very close to his real name.

Betty from Oakland asks a very fundamental question. Before getting on with the rest of the story, I would like to elaborate on her question. She asks : "I simply don't believe you could have orgasms with all of your partners. I have been married for 15 years and I love my husband dearly but I still don't know what it is."

I could reply in a private email but since it is a major problem for women let me explain it here.

Betty, you do not enjoy sex, you endure it. You are a victim of having the wrong partner at the wrong time and place. It is a duty to fulfill, not an instinctive adventure. You are a victim of conjugal rape. If you ask for sex and want it with each and every cell in you body, expect it and try to get it no matter the price. Then you will never miss a small fraction of a moment of its pleasure. You never create the sex situation because you are stuck with how, when and where to do it. I bet your hubby tells you what position he likes and how much spreading of your legs is sufficient. Loving someone is different from being excited by him. I love my dad but the idea of seeing him naked is revolting to me.

The first step is to want someone, your husband or anybody else. Then go for it. Strive for getting your hands on him. Show your assets to the guy and make him notice you. Create the sex atmosphere. Be innovative and make suggestions. I am a hundred percent sure you are shy about sex and you never play an active role in the whole process. Be aggressive. Try to make your partner understand that taking pleasure from sex is your right and you need it and if you cannot get it at home you will find it somewhere else.

I am never chosen by my partners because it will turn out to be a total waste of time. Instead I pick them out and I always try to find people who excite me. For instance I have a big craving for blue colored workers. I always look at cab drivers from behind my sunglasses and I admit many times they excite me. Sometimes you have to look for sex in some of the most unexpected places. In London I frequented a beauty saloon where a guy named Sid worked. I could not help being near him and when he touched my shoulders or neck while cutting my hair my nipples would go hard. Unfortunately he turned out to be gay and all my efforts in taking him to bed were futile. But the excitement remained long after I got wind of his true sexual orientation. Once I bet a friend of mine I could straighten Sid if I was ever given a chance.

Talking about Sid reminds me of Rock Hudson. Of course when this guy passed away I was a youngster but thanks to the wonders of modern times and all these movie channels and DVDs, I fell in love with him quite easily. I have most of his movies at home and I can't take my eyes off him on the screen, even though all of us know he was gay. I recommend you to listen to his voice. Ah. He has such a sexy voice. I can go on listening to his voice 24 hours a day. Recently I found his 1970s series "McMillan and Wife" in Tehran and I actually devoured all the seasons in less than a month. God knows how much I love to be in Sally's place and sleep under the same sheet with this gorgeous man. What I mean is to make you pay attention to people and try to find things in them that excite you. Try to fantasize about sex and when you encounter a real subject be aggressive and go for it. If I ever find a Rock Hudson look alike I will give my right arm to get him to bed and then I will enjoy every second of sex. Got it?

To get on with my story after my lovely Eski, I found a guy that I would like to call Sharif because this name is similar to his real name. He was an engineer who worked in a construction project in Khuzistan. Tall, lean and unmarried, he was 4 years my junior. I slept with him only one night. You cannot call him a handsome man but that doesn't mean that he is not attractive. He was a shy man, wringing his hands repeatedly and stammering while answering your question. Not easy to make eye contact with. I admit I was not attracted to him at first and I didn’t know him much before our night together and I never saw him afterwards. But the whole experience was pleasant and fun to remember. He was not a new project for me to pursue, just a windfall that I enjoyed for a whole night.

I went to a party one night. I didn’t know many of the guests and our host was a friend of my cousin. I noticed a few attractive men in the room but I couldn't muster a passion for any of them. A guy in a smartly tailored suit eyed me suggestively but deep inside I knew he must be a jerk. I always trust my female instincts. I had worn a navy blue dress with chiffon borders along with a silk matching scarf to cover part of my cleavage. Remember, show your assets but not all of it. The subject of my dress soon prevailed in the small circle of people around me and I told them I have a wonderful tailor in Tehran. But I added the fact that I had a problem finding jackets here because all the jackets I saw had defective collars. The collar is the most essential part of a coat and when it is bad the whole material is ruined. Sharif volunteered by saying he agreed and even jackets that were made for men didn't have good collars. I found myself talking to him for a few minutes and I noticed he was shying away from making eye contact with me. He told me he was in Tehran for a few days and had to get back to Dezful very soon. I realized it could be a new harmless partner who would go back to his normal life and wouldn't bother me in the future. He was very thin but his hands were white and beautiful. There was a trace of mischief around the corner of his lips when he wanted to hide his smile. His face looked a little harsh and his black eyebrows connected with a thin layer of hair. That gave him a look of a scowling person but his gentle eyes and his soft-spoken manner betrayed this frown. The more I talked to him the more I wanted to taste him.

I wanted to see him and if possible have him before he went away to his job. So I thought about my various telephone number exchange techniques. But I did it childishly and he caught my real intention and smiled knowingly. I said I liked the collar of his jacket and since he was sensitive about the matter too I asked if his tailor could make jackets for women and if so could he introduce me to his tailor?

I was sorry for this goof instantly but I could do nothing to whitewash it. I think my blush was giving me away and I hoped none of the nosy women around heard me. This time his eyes made direct contact with mine. He came closer and told me in a more quite tone that he could ask his tailor for me if I wanted to.

This ignited my passion and it was the spark that I needed. I smiled too and looked away. I think he shed some of his inhibitions right there because for the rest of the evening we played a careful game of cat and mouse. At about 11 I excused myself and asked my host to leave. He was somewhere in the balcony and when I got out of the room he came forward to say goodbye by reaching out his hand to shake mine.

According to the ways of my upbringing a lady should be the first to reach out for a handshake but I never refuse men who do not respect social protocols. When his hand touched mine he pressed a piece of paper into my palm and smiled. Nice try for a shy guy. Smiling back, I got the paper and hid it in my other hand. I left the party and went straight home and into bed. I wished I could have someone in bed with me that night. I decided to call him in the morning because he was flying back to his work in a couple of days. In order to prevent masturbation I slept on my stomach, rubbing my hips on the mattress from time to time. It is a good release technique. It gives you lovely ripples of pleasure but you don't have to put your fingers inside your vagina.

At 11 in the morning I called him. He picked up the phone with excitement but had to pause to change his location. I guessed he didn't want his family to know who he was talking to. Then he asked me why I didn't call him the night before. Smartly I said I didn't think his tailor would be open at midnight. We chatted for a while and made an appointment to meet in a boutique in Mohseni Square in the afternoon.

At 4 o'clock inside the boutique I saw him fooling around with some trousers, waiting for my arrival. He had jeans and a light brown sport jacket and he looked much better than the night before. I thought the anticipation of having sex with me had something to do with the gaiety that emanated from his face. We looked around the boutique for a while, talking about things, picking clothes and taking them to the dressing room to examine. I bought a skirt and we left. Then we decided to go somewhere to have tea. He left his car and came with mine to a small café in the corner of Zafar where we sat on a bench and ordered tea and cake. Soon I learned he was living with his mother and sister and his house was not so far away from mine. In less than ten minutes I told him I wanted to spend the night with him, in my place and he agreed. I thought I saw a trace of a shiver in his hand when he called his mother to tell her he would spend the night with his friends.

I took the shivering hand and squeezed it. Touching his skin made me feel horny all of a sudden. I wanted to see what he had beneath that shirt. He came forward to say something into my ears and his warm breath made me hot too. So he knew his lessons and was not inexperienced. I wanted to kiss him and taste his mouth right there but we had to wait for the night to fall to go home. We drove for a while, talking and touching hands. I put my hand on his knee after changing the gear to show him I was not a passive lover. I squeezed his flesh and felt him cringe with pleasure.

It was a few minutes past seven when we arrived in my place. Quietly I took him inside and led him upstairs to my room. Then I came downstairs to look in on my dad. He was behind his desk reading something and making sings on some paper. I went forward and kissed his forehead. I spent about 5 minutes in his room, telling him I would make his supper ready in half an hour. He was busy with his papers and barely understood what I said.

I left the room and went straight to my room and locked the door. It was quite safe for me having a man in the house since my dad's heart condition wouldn't allow him to climb the stairs and he rarely does so. Sharif was a little fidgety, sitting in my bed looking at the floor or something when I went in. He got to his feet, staring at me, waiting for my next move. I went forward and kissed his cheek, hanging my arms around his neck, looking into his eyes. Then our lips met and a long passionate kiss followed which left both of us numb with stars moving around our heads. He put his hand around me, fumbling with the hollow of my back.

He took charge and dropped me on the bed kissing me with that delicious mouth over and over again, pressing me in his hard embrace. He was working his mouth on my neck when I pushed him away to make some space to take off my top. Seeing me in my black bra made him mad and he started to nibble at my tits over the bra, murmuring things. Then he released my tits from under the bra without unfastening it and started nibbling them. I unbuttoned his shirt during our necking to see his thin body. He was so thin that I could see and count his ribs. About ten minutes later I reached for his cock and touched it from outside his pants. I wanted to see it and touch it. I unzipped his fly and he helped me to take out his penis and soon it was in my hand. It was by far the most beautiful part of his body. I had it my hand, jerking it up and down, making him crazy with each movement of my hand. It was very white and very long. Like a missile ready to launch. His warhead was like a beautiful piece of velvet in my hand. His launching pad was surrounded with a lovely triangle of black bush.

I put my lips on the warhead and soon I had his cock in my mouth. Going up and down on its lovely skin, savoring every moment of it. When I licked the cylindrical body of his missile I made sure I could kiss and smell his lovely bush too. I love to rub my face against a man's bush. In less than one minute he exploded inside my mouth. I could feel him coming with a savage jerk of his hip upward and then I tasted his cream in my mouth. He didn't have much sap and I could easily capture it without much effort. I swallowed it all but continued with my sucking. He was pushing my head away but I told him to wait and let me do my job. I took off his trousers and shorts and socks and put him on my bed. Then crept between his knees and sucked on his missile for another ten minutes. He was caressing my hair with both hands, jerking away his head to right and left. Once in a while I would go down to lick his foreskin, inside of his thighs before returning to the launching pad again. Then I got up and adjusted my dress and told him to wait for me.

I locked my room from the outside and went downstairs. On my way to the kitchen I went to the toilet to see any traces of cum on my face or neck and I saw none. Then I washed my hands because I didn’t want my dad to eat the food mixed with my lover's cock smell. I made my dad's supper ready and asked him to come to the kitchen. I sat there with him and talked to him while he ate and left. I washed the dishes and went to my dad for a kiss goodnight. He was listening to some old records while reading marking things again.

Then I went to my room. Sharif was standing naked in the dark waiting for something to happen. Without a single word I locked the door and undressed. Then I drew the curtains and turned on the bedside lamp. His cock was erect and he was eating my bush with his eyes. Then I lay on my back on the bed and opened my legs with my knees slightly in the air. In a jiffy he was lying on top of me and his long missile was making a long journey into my tunnel.

I kept him awake the whole night and we made love at least 10 times that night. He was sore around his warhead in the morning and I kept sucking it with the balm of my mouth to soothe the skin. I could feel his fatigue after each orgasm and I had to encourage him by kissing his body from head to toe.

I asked him to leave before sunrise and he left for Khuzestan the next morning. Sometimes we talk on the phone and sometimes exchange emails. During these conversations he told me about his first lovemaking at the age of 17 with a neighbor's daughter. He took the girl's virginity and had an affair with her for about two years. Then he had a few prostitutes and right now there is a young prostitute in Dezful who helps him unload his passion every once in a while. But he had never had anything like his experience with me in his whole life. Ten orgasms just in one night.


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passion yazdi

by mirza (not verified) on

look we are the inheritors of a nation where strong sexuality was a key part. many of our poets wrote censored erotica, some of a bit perverted nature such as iraj mirza. we are moslems which stresses sex and sexuality more than we are taught. our last king and our last prince's sexual exploits ( not all kosher) would fill books. how about the current status of the country, is there a shortage of any type of sexual interaction, have you heard of any country running a house of afaf. do you know of sigheh's in any other country? the response to the shana's letter (which I take as an interesting story )is partially hypocritical and symptomatic of people that for a moment are to busy to remember where they came from. it is based more on western thought which at any rate was more puritanical than ours.


Souri Khanom: just kick him out of your site

by shazde hater (not verified) on

He is rude and abnoxious. His stories are old and boring. His comments are shallow and crude.

Just kick him out of your site!

Shazde Asdola Mirza

Souri: I'm touched by yr humility. Thx for letting me exist here

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

S.A.M (an official Khar Vazir)



by Souri on

Shazdeh and all,

In the past, a few times I saw Shazdeh's irrelevant comment here and there, I always flagged them and they have been deleted. This time, I didn't flag any of them. Believe it or not, I did not flag any of S.A.M's comment in this thread.

Instead, I tried to have a discussion with him. Because, after having read more of his texts and his input in the site, I've got more respect for him and thought he is intelligent enough, and it worth to discuss about an aspect of his manner which I did not approve.

That's why this time, instead of just flagging his offensive comment and going my way, I preferred to open a dialog with him. alas, it turned out very sour. Instead of talking with me, he went trough offense and intimidation, over and over. I wish, JJ put back my first comment to S.A.M jut for reminding him of how unfair is his views on my objection.

Now, people come here trying to justify S.A.M's action and saying that I said hurtful !! things to him that I shouldn't?? and S.A.M is playing  the victim here ! How nice.

From now on, I won't try to discuss it. I just flag the offensive words, and that's all. Is that okay with you guys?

It proves only that peoples who object to the dictatorship, are somehow more comfortable with being ruled by dictatorship. No more dialog, if you don't want it, we won't have it. What for?

I never bragged myself about being intellectual (roshanfekr) I always said, I'm an average Iranian woman (and I firmly believe it, no modesty) it is not a sign of intellectualism, if we defend respect for all. Please, do remove this label you just stick to me, this dress doesn't fit me. The only thing I proudly believe about myself, is that I am very human and also I am a logical person. Now, if you don't agree, too bad for me. 

At the end, I want to add, I was not disgusted by Shana's story but I was more disgusted by S.A.M's reaction to it and his offensive reaction to my objection.

Shazde Asdola Mirza

Dear fan: I am indebted to your kindness

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on


Your kindness washes our sins and sorrows;

as only compassion can give heart a hope.

Ancient beast can't leave but in disguise;

as burden of past haunts the words.


-- you figure it out!

by Anonymous, (not verified) on

-- you figure it out!

- Agha ejazeh?
Beh in begin az in ghalataa digeh nakoneh
chon man aslan khosham nemiyad!
Hala harki harchi mikhaad begeh, chon man beh nazar-e khodam roshanfekram!


Hope you still check this...!

by fan of shazdeh (not verified) on

I do like Shazdeh and his sense of humor and indeed his bitterness. Who would not be bitter who knows sweetness? I don't agree with him on all points, for instance, I do find Shana's writing interesting for reasons I gave below and I do like the publisher of this site very much. I am sorry that Shazdeh has had to step out of character to explain himself -- anyone who knows Shazdeh Asdollah Mirza would not need this explanation.

All that aside, if writers and commentators on this site don't feel that they can express themselves without worrying about egg-shell sensibilities of others then I'm not interested in this site. How dare people tell Shazdeh or anybody else what he or she should say, or how to say it?

And Shazdeh khan: I loved your little passage on lost souls in a lost world. I belong to the same lost generation -- and I don't think we're really the clowns. Napa Valley jokes aside I wish I knew you. In fact, you might hear from me. Stay tuned!



by Souri on

You should never delete this guy's stupid comments. By doing this, in fact you had protected him from himself. If you had'n delete them, everybody could read them and know what kind of person is this individual. I'm really outraged now. Enough is enough.



by Souri on


Just find one single thing I have said here in this blog which was hurtful to anybody. Are you out of your mind or you are trying to buy people's sympathy for your friend?Stop it. I said I'm done with this blog.



sorry shafagh, but you are being a hypocrite

by hypocrite finder (not verified) on

when you take such a mean and hurtful tone, while critisizing others for the same thing, you are being a hypocrite.

your insults to shazde are subtle and designed for maximum impact, say: "you have seen better and bigger in other places".


let's respect each other's opinions

by Anonymous Obzerver (not verified) on

Souri and SAM: please be respectful of each other.

SAM: it is not nice to talk harshly with ladies; you should know better :)

Souri: it is not nice to say hurtful things about others, just because of a comment.


shafagh, don't be jealous of Shazde

by Anonymous Irooni (not verified) on

Shafagh, don't be so jealous of Shazde, just because he has a support group around his blogs.

Try to be productive and write something useful, then people will show up and support you too.


What does registration have

by Shafagh (not verified) on

What does registration have to do with my observations and criticism of you? You are just as anonymous as I am. Don't play that game with me.

Instead of attacking me like you did others, take some time to think about how you look to the rest of us:

You go to political posts and talk about sex.

You come to sex-related posts and talk about politics.

Do you see what's wrong with this picture? Can you fix it?

I'm sorry if I have hurt your feelings, but you need to know that other than the few people who surround you on your blogs and bah bah o chah chah you, there are other opinions about you on the site, too.

Shazde Asdola Mirza

"shafagh": if u want a grown up conversation, at least sign in!

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

It's impossible debating anon fishies, who can come out under different nicks and support "one another", while attacking you.

If you think I'm not grown up, then what your not even signing in says about you? Hypocrite?


come on

by capt_ayhab on

I have read few of his/her stories, of course to be honest with you all, I am yet to finish any of them.

How is it that talking about a tailor, and collar of a jacket igniting the passion? How deprived ones mind could be akhe? What if the subject was about under wear? Would she has given it up right then and there? ooo I see the guy was bashful, otherwise she would have I suppose.

Much like[If not copied from] Penthouse Forum for lonely deprived people.



Shazdeh, Grow Up!

by Shafagh (not verified) on

The persona you have selected for yourself might be a jester, but that is your problem not other people's and not JJ's (yes, the one you call the ex-hezbollahi).

If you want to be funny and joke around, there are plenty of opportunities for you to do so on many different threads on the site.

If you go to blogs where something is discussed seriously and "poke" your brand of "fun", chances are you would appear offensive.

What part of this don't you understand?

Reading what you have written in your comments on this particular blog, I'm afraid you appear as a bitter man.

Humor is an important tool in the hands of language with which to make points and liven up conversation, but when ALL you do is humor, you have to concede that people could be offended sometimes.

Sex is an interest topic which could generate a lot of enthusiasm. Your problem is that you want to talk about sex on serious posts and you don't want to discuss sex on posts related to sex!

You hit hard and become ruthless in the face of criticism.

If you ask me, JJ has been too tolerant of you and your language and your conduct on his site. Your contributions are always featured on the first page and your vile language is seldom deleted, and when it is, look at this "naneh man gharibam" that you play!

I think you need to grow up, really.

I didn't like this story, because it was entirely too long and the exaggerations were over the top. I do believe, however, that your point about porn stories may not be valid in why this piece and similar pieces are published on the site. The significance is in an Iranian woman's experimenting with sexual themes and language in her writing. In time this will lose its novelty and writers will have to compete on content and style in order to be appreciated fully. As experimental writing, it is inappropriate to keep saying that you have seen better and bigger in other places.

Stick to your persona, stick to your style, but be cognizant of where you can say what. That is a problem with almost all the characters people pick to represent themselves on the site. Remember, there is a reason you picked this persona: you are an Iranian man who wishes to say things he doesn't feel comfortable saying as himself. Enjoy the benefits and accept the limitations. Please do grow up.

Shazde Asdola Mirza

Dear Fan: thanks for your kind support and generous offer

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

Sorry that my previous thank-you comment was deleted, due to the "outrage". I am flattered that you find me funny and worthy of your attention. Can I look forward to your offer in Napa Valley? Well at the very least, I will cherish that in my heart, solidly frozen in the Canadian wilderness.

I am glad that you are not familiar with porn; as such a familiarity would not endear any lady to my heart. The use of sensational language in my tales is to spice up the plot and grab the reader's attention. Otherwise, my shorts are meant to be like the broken fragments of a once glorious mirror, where people can see the fleeting moments of hope and despair. They are the for-dummies version of my story, as you would tell it to a 2 year old.

For S.A.M, I have developed a kind of court-jester character, who is floating around and experiencing odd things, doing "bad" deeds and suffering at every turn, so that you can laugh and have fun; and I can absolve the tormented bits of my recollections. Recollections of a lost paradise and a lost generation.

The thought of a new generation being again lost, as mine has been, fills my sleep with nightmares. Looking at them, all twisted and perverted by the IRI experience, saddens my everyday. Lost souls in a lost world. They are taught pure sh*t in schools, are conflicted at home and think that west is only about greed, violence and porn.

But a clown can't be serious! He can only joke and ridicule. So when I see a sex-crazed idiot splashing disgusting porn on the front page of a most viewed Iranian site, what can "I" do? Poke fun at it, and compare the exploits of its hero to Khamenei and Khomeini, as any good jester would.

Now, Souri has almost no sense of humor, and attacks my ridicule piece, in a very sober and stern manner. But that is wrong; it is like criticizing and attacking a circus clown with a saber. SAM is not here to debate and argue, "He" is here to poke fun at the nasty, the powerful and the brute.

So she flags my irreverent comment about the blood sucking Khamenei, and quell surprise, the ex-hezbollahi owner of this site, who is infantile and sex crazed like all the other hezbollahi's, deletes my "beautiful" jab at the supreme leader and his blood-thirsty predecessor, the 13th f*king imam.

Well, all that makes me real pissed and unable to enjoy your kind comment. So please come to my blog later and we can talk a bit more about sunny San Francisco ;-)



by Souri on

I don't care about your opinion of this blog. I just pointed to your offensive comment about Khamenehee which I found not related to this subject. The rest, belongs to the non comment file. You should stay to the topic, instead you go trough offensive words to me and attacking the blogger. I'm really loosing my patience with this.


Shazde Asdola Mirza

A less offensive version of my comments

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

My point is that this "article" is worthless and like a copy of so many many PORN stories on the web and the magazines.

They all start with the same pronouncement: "this story is true and true". Then there is the introduction: e.g. attractive "lady" and blue collar guy. Then there is the chase, followed by the catch.

The rest is usually straight forward: the handjob, the blowjob, the missionary position, the doggy style, the optional anal, and finally the cum shot.

There is nothing new, worthy and literary about this sh*t. Go to any PORN site, cut and paste, change the names to persian and locations to iran cities, and there you have an "article" for IC!

If you have the time and patience, translate to persian, choose a female "author" name and see how people come to say AHHH, OHHH. Especially certain female audience, who would support anything from a fellow "female writer".


Dear Moderator

by Souri on

May I ask you please to delete my last two comment? They were posted as a reply to S.A.M's comments. Now those comments are deleted, my replies seem irrelevant. Thank you.


How ignorant of me...!

by fan of shazdeh (not verified) on

You know, I have a confession to make. I don't know much about porn. I thought pornography was supposed to be titillating, not so matter of fact and, ultimately, so unappealing as the way Shana writes. In fact, that's exactly what I do like about her (though this is not one of her better pieces). She describes sex in such a matter of fact way that makes you look at it as a very mundane activity -- which makes a nice contrast to all the excitement and hoopla normally attached to sex. Or maybe I'm just sard mezaaj...?!

And truly, Shazde jan, I don't think she thinks she's producing "literature." I think she has more sense than that. Anyways, we can add literature and other intellectual topics to our discussion agenda. Then I can get "outraged" in a very ladylike way.


Read my comment again

by Souri on


You are too angry, while I never insulted you, you do insult me all the time instead

Read my comment again. Where did I say "I support" those kind of stories?  I said only I am familiar with them. Not being disgusted or surprised by those stories, dose not imply "I support them" ...although I must add the only one I liked is Sarvenaz. But I never got myself in that discussion of "should or not should write those stories here"

Where did I say "I know the writer personally" ? Where did you get this idea? I read my comment 3 times, I'm still wondering why you are assuming such thing?

In my first and second comment (which is now deleted) I said I haven't read this one, because it was too long and I had no patience for that. The first comment is still there, you can read it.

Weather I like this kind of stories or not, shouldn't be of any concern for you. I read many things, the ones I like and the ones I don't like (some of your stories for example) 

BTW: I must say you have a good writing skill, you have a great knowledge of Persian literature. Do I still look "empty headed ignorant" to you? Too bad.


Moment, baba, moment...

by fan of shazdeh (not verified) on

Why are you ladies picking on Shazdeh? All kinds of people write all kinds of much worst things about IRI, US, Israel, etc. here. Since when is that not allowed?

As for Shazdeh getting "outraged" over Iranian women talking about sex, well, as an Iranian woman I have to test it out for myself before I report his reaction. Shazdeh jan, I know this nice little tucked-away B&B in Napa Valley where we can discuss this in private...? But promise me you won't get outraged, OK?



by Souri on

You try to intimidate me.

First: I must tell you, I am very familiar with Shana and Sarvenaz's stories, you may be new to this site, as you seem too much shocked by these kind of stories told by Iranian women but I am neither surprised nor disgusted, as they are not new to me.

Second: Your statement about me, wanting to avail myself......is very offensive. Again, you try to intimidate me, instead of talking about your own point of view, which is obviously, a macho-chauvinistic one.

I wasn't disrespectful to you when I said I dislked your comment, but you try to insult me instead of arguing in a logical way. Maybe there isn't any logic in your thinking?

Third: Where's the relation between what you just wrote and your commont about Khamenehee?

Finally: given the type of stories you write here, it's obvious that you are the one in need of sex and wanting to avail yourself to the public, not me :o)

Shazde Asdola Mirza

Souri: as you "have not read the article" here is a summary ...

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

Souri: as you say that you "have not read the article", here is a summary. Take a look and let me know, on which parts of it commenting would be more "relevant".

Start of quote from the "article":

"There are a small number of people who still doubt about the genuineness of the whole thing. Some believe I am a man and I am making fun of them. Anyway, as I told you once, names are the only parts of my stories that are slightly changed.

I always try to find people who excite me. For instance I have a big craving for blue colored workers. I found a guy that I would like to call Sharif because this name is similar to his real name. I slept with him only one night.  His face looked a little harsh. I wanted to taste him.

I unzipped his fly and he helped me to take out his penis and soon it was in my hand. I put my lips on the warhead and soon I had his cock in my mouth. Going up and down on its lovely skin, savoring every moment of it. When I licked the cylindrical body of his missile I made sure I could kiss and smell his lovely bush too. I love to rub my face against a man's bush.

In less than one minute he exploded inside my mouth. I could feel him coming with a savage jerk of his hip upward and then I tasted his cream in my mouth. He didn't have much sap and I could easily capture it without much effort. I swallowed it all but continued with my sucking.

Then I lay on my back on the bed and opened my legs with my knees slightly in the air. In a jiffy he was lying on top of me and his long missile was making a long journey into my tunnel.

I kept him awake the whole night and we made love at least 10 times that night. He was sore around his warhead in the morning and I kept sucking it with the balm of my mouth to soothe the skin."

End of quote.


I agree with Souri

by Mina Farrahi (not verified) on

Much like most of his other comments, Shazdeh Asdola Mirza's comment is offensive and unrelated to this post. It should have been deleted. This wasn't a joke post; S.A.M. knows better but he does it again and again. And his jokes aren't even funny, just a sad reflection of how outraged Iranian men get when they hear Iranian women talk and fantacize about sex.


With all due respect

by Souri on

fun of Shazdeh,

" In fact, were it not for the irreverent intelligence of people like Shazdeh on this site I for one would not be here...."

I suggest then, you and Shazdeh,  along with other fun of Shazdeh, creat your own "anti-IRI" website and say all the vulgarities you like, without having to go trough messing up with diverse discussion here!

What you think?


Come on, Souri...!

by fan of shazdeh (not verified) on

First of all, Shazdeh's comment is very relevant to many of us! Also, it is entirely in keeping with not just acceptable but welcome general prattle on this site. In fact, were it not for the irreverent intelligence of people like Shazdeh on this site I for one would not be here.

It is excellent judgement on the site's moderators not to delete comments like his, even if he bends the effat-e kalam rule a little. We do understand the difference between irreverence and vulgarity.


OMG how oppressive!

by total wimp (not verified) on

I'm sorry ladies and gents but just reading about so much sex makes me want to kill myself. I would just die. Your face all night in someone's crotch? Damp and smelly and doused with body fluids? Are you kidding? I would throw up if someone kissed me so much let alone hump and pump me all night.

I am a wimp, yes I am. Mahsallah Shana khanom, mashallah be shoma. As for me, the idea of so much sex completely shuts down my appetite!

Vay vay vay mordam az fekresh!


I am the happiest of all

by the one and only (not verified) on

cause I luckily and that is a true blessing, a real and one of the very few Persian A-Sexuals!

For those of you who might know what that is:

An A-Sexual brain doesn't appear to know or enjoy sex or any sexually related contact that makes it easy to live happily ever after without even feeling a bit of joy or what so ever that is related to men, sex or what so ever in that field. Some argue that it won't be fun at all, but believe me, it is really fun! cause you don't need to worry about men or how to enjoy your body or being concerned of others feelings!

One negative aspect of A-sexuality being a young beautiful woman? you hurt all men who find you attractive and want to have you! :-)