No matter where I went, no matter who I saw, I found no glimpse of Truth


by Morvarid

I am sitting in a high school class. It’s the end of grade eleven and I can barely take it anymore. I feel I am suffocating. I want my freedom.

Outside the walls of this school is where I thought my freedom would be.

On this particular day, in a stuffy, windowless classroom, our religion teacher is discussing about Truth. The students around me seem to be listening partially, as if waiting for it all to come to an end. I am tired too, but something in the teacher’s sentences catches my attention, the word “Truth”. I ask him, “all religions can’t be true, yet each is true to the people who are following it”. He looks at me with the look he gives when he doesn’t know the answer to the question. “Truth is partial”, he says, “a part of it is in this and a part of it is in that”. How unsatisfying of an answer…

I was finally freed from those walls, which I thought were holding me back from all that life had to give. Yet, the outside world didn’t hold the answer to my questions... at least in high school I had those walls to hide behind. Now, I can only hold myself responsible for not knowing.

Does anybody know the way? Day after day passes and I have yet to find someone who knows the way. Some days I forget even what I am looking for. I walk for hours no knowing where I am going, but somehow hoping that on my path will be someone who can help me, point me in the right direction.

Many years have passed since I sat in that classroom and I discussed of Truth with my teacher. That conversation amid those students, who probably weren’t even listening, still comes to my mind. I have read in many books that Truth is like a pathless path. It hasn’t got any directions. No one can show me how to get there. Each of us is to find it on our own, in our own unique way. Even if I found someone who knew the way, they couldn’t help me. How unsatisfying of an answer…

In the meanwhile, everyone is enjoying life it seems or maybe not. I see them always occupied, busy, wrapped up in one story or another. Everyone is falling in and out of love and moving on. They are all smiling and appear so happy. From one party to another, from one person to another, they are telling me that they are living. Maybe that is where Truth is and so I joined them. From clubs to parties, I see them posing, I see them smiling. Their smiles are empty. Their pictures are empty; there are no stories behind those pictures. The friendships aren’t as real as they appear. Yet, everyone seems contented, even happy at times.

All attempts left me unsatisfied. No matter where I went, no matter who I saw, I found no glimpse of Truth. I have also read in books that Truth must be found within you. It doesn’t exist on the outside; it is a journey that one is suppose to go on interiorly. The “how” of the journey seems to vary from person to person, which leads back to the pathless path. How unsatisfying of an ending...


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Video about truth and control of it.

by Aliafandi on

For those interested to find the truth, here is a video that I find interesting. Please watch all the parts on Youtube and make you own mind about the truth.


With Love, Aliafandi


Truth is overrated

by Aliafandi on

Truth is one of the most over-rated words in the world. Truth can be Good, bad, sad, funny, dark or even hurtful.
Truth can set you free. Free of what? Free of lying at all other times? There are people that have lost the perception of reality and truth or perhaps never had it in the first place. These people are easy to find, they speak words that don’t mean a thing. I see them all the times and I know each time that they are full of it. In their mind, they can not differentiate between reality and fantasy and it’s both the same thing. Take the Middle-Eastern tradition also common in Iran called Taa’roaf or begging to be of service which is normally used to show kindness. I once exited a cab and the cabby with extreme kindness began with taa’roaf about the fare. So I said thank you very much and began to walk away. It was then that the cabby yelled with displease and said “where are you going? This isn’t how it’s done.” I knew how it’s done, but once in my life time I wanted to stop going with the flow and act based on reality and truth. I wasn’t sure what the cabby learned from the experience but evidently people’s perception of truth is like day and night or black and white. Take an example of a car accident. A Police officer arrives and begins an interview. Driver of one vehicle’s perception is that the other driver cut him off and caused the collision and vice versa. So, how can the officer figure out what’s actually happened? If there are witnesses, perhaps they can shed some light and make the officer’s job easier. Interestingly, a common event like an accident can be viewed with differing point of views and requires an expert of some sort to come up with the truth. How could this be? I thought that truth doesn’t have versions. Apparently, it does and by nature truth is only your perception of facts and it can only be truth to you. Another words what is known to you as the truth may not be shared by others and their perception of what they find to be the facts.
Truth can never be absolute and it is only a perception. I once saw a kid who thought that some animals could speak. He‘d seen a TV sho and his perception of a donkey was that it could speak. When this kid found out that donkey did not speak words and only made donkey sound, he was confused. Truth to him had changed. This is exactly how all of us perceive things.
Dr. Deepak Chopra a world known Physicists and an educator of subjects about mind, body and spirituality had this theory; what you see with your eyes is not any more real and truth as when you don’t see it first hand. When I heard this statement I was blown away. I always heard that “Seeing was believing.” Apparently, this was wrong and seeing is no more believing as not seeing it. Here is the philosophy; Imagine if you told 3 people to vision in their mind, a green field near a mountain with a stream on one side and a large field of kettles on the other. Then you show a picture of the same thing to 3 other persons. When you ask the first 3 about what they visioned in their mind, you’ll hear about the same explanation from all 3. When you ask the other 3 who saw the picture, you will probably get somewhat different descriptions. How could this be? When everyone sees the same thing, shouldn’t they be stating the same description? Apparently what people see is only their perception and due to differing thought process, they may describe it differently. Seeing can be deceptive to the point that it can fool the believer. Take a Magician’s act. Most of us know that what we see is an illusion. The magician uses his technique to deceive everyone’s mind in believing in his act. At the end what the magician does is believed by majority wondering, how did he do that? And few sit back and know that this wasn’t any real than Mickey Mouse, Bugs bunny or peter pan. There are those who have never seen or heard anything and they are fooled. Take a simple to these people but extremely complicated subject, like religion. Most people believe in their religion not because they‘ve seen anything, experienced anything or researched it, it‘s because they are told by someone they trust such as parent, friend or clergy that their religion is based on the truth. In reality these religions and what they represent are far from the truth that they may have intended in their time of inception. How could this be? People believe in things they only perceive to be truth without any fact. This is where faith comes in and that is a totally different subject. However faith does supersede the truth to the point that they will ignore any and all facts to make sure they don’t lose the focus of their faith. Then truth is no longer important when there is faith, WOW. Lastly, in our world, finding truth has become scarce and a difficult task. There are courts full of people trying to find the truth. There are video cameras installed to show the truth. There are endless tests, examinations and interrogations going on right now to find the truth. At the end, we will never know the truth and have to settle for a version of it. As for myself, I can only truthfully try to be close to what everyones feel and think to be the truth so that they can understand me. But I will always be truthful to myself. After all when it’s all said and I have to live with myself.
With Love, Aliafandi

Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez really

by Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez on

You can do way better than that. Okay, so it was a funny comment too



Just A Personal Observation

by darius on

The truth is directly related to the time . What is valid now, it might become partialy  valid or completely  irrelevant at any other point of time. Truth to me is like a complex number . It has  a real and an imaginary part to it. Although real numbers are the one that we seeking ,but  for all practical purposes ,it comes with the imaginary part  included.

So ,for the rest of  our life ,we are, and ought to consider ourselves as a thumbling body travelling into space and at any given time we are facing the difficulties finding the true ourselves and true others and sometimes we have to wait to find the truth.

Should we listen to what Khayam says?

Pendar ke nisti, cho hasti khosh bash !




Truth is a collection of realities

by Nosratallah on

Truth is a collection of realities. Think of realities as snap shot of events in time, place, status, people,... They are real valid and they exist 100% at a thin slice of time sections of moment, these snap shots are static. Now, look at the whole sequence in motion, this would be a dynamic element that you call the "Truth" about an element. One catchy thing about it is that that right ingredients must come together to make the Truth valid, if these snap shots do not have the right ingredients (time, place, status, people, ...) then Truth is becoming partial one, and is a tool for manipulations. Patial Truth is False and void.Check on Boolean logic (George Boole).




Truth? You can't handle the truth! (Jack Nicholson ;-)

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred.

Islam goes to Hell .

What is Truth ?

by Islam goes to Hell . on

If i can say something about Truth , it all depends what kind of Truth are you trying to search the answer for ?


Are you meaning the Truth of life and why we are here in this world ? Are you searching for a Universal or a Particular truth ? 

So one can answer you as long as you ask a specific question ,there are Universal truth and there are Particular Truth , Universal Truth are accepted and commonly shared by all beings (all Human beings on Earth ! ) , these facts / Truth are undeniable and no one can refute and deny them , such as every body would one day die ! this would be a universal truth accepted by all Beings every where , or another example would be , there are days and nights, sun ,stars and galaxies , etc ..and so on ..

However in my opinion a Particular truth could be VALID only and only for a Specifc situation or for a Specific person , lets say each human being has his/ her own unique (genetic / emtional / family statuts[wealth], childhood environment / family / intellectual abilities / sexual drives, and all the other psychological traumas one suffers in life ) ,complexities which are so unique and unlike other human being , therefore the truth in this Particularity of a given Person involved is charactristic of that given person , each individual given the above conditions would have his / her own unique Conception of truth about a thing or things of life (in fact that would be a person's world views and how he/she feels to BE in this world ) . It is one's uinque way of feeling and being in this world like no other beings .  

My truth ( rather view points of life and the way i see life and others )  therefore would be completly different as a unique individual whith my own unique past history (my unique culture , my childhood environment , family , political problems in my country ,so on ...) which would affect my views of life later on , some people are born with the propensity to depression and sadness or even suicidal tendencies ,you must as well consider these inclinasions into your own world views in search of your OWN PERSONAL TRUTH  or other Universal truth  .

It seems to me you are searching for your own particular truth in life your kind of puzzled by all other Human beings ,being artificially happy in life however knowing one day they perrish ! however from your writting i feel that you are depressed and trying t find an ABOLUTE answer for anything , one thing you were right about , people are all putting a mask and some are very good actors at life and some are poor actors at life's game , as your final questions boils down to WHY ARE WE HERE IN THIS WORLD ? AND WHAT IS IT THERE TO BE HAPPY ABOUT IN THIS WORLD / LIFE ?( definitley there is a Suicidal/depressive tendency in you in my opinion )which makes you see everything as realistic as possible , in fact your questioning is all right and you are accurate in your observation and assessment of the life's futility where other search for happiness and wealth and more pleasure when it all ends in the Tomb ! 

Well ! no one can answer those FUNDAMENTAL questions , those same questions due to your depression and sensitivity to this CRUEL life among other insensitive human being, these same questions had brought people like Buddha and many others to search for an answer , at the end they just found the NOTHINGNESS was the answer , which means , they achieved a state of total emptiness in their Being that stopped asking quesitons and just gave up all the questions for good .

One main factor contributing to US Iranian being depressed and sad in this world is our Political situation in our country due to Islam and not having freedom and democracy since 1400. ! ... which would lower our Moral and makes us depressed , imagine we live in Exile , having lost our mother land , and pleasure of living among our warm family members and social warmth of our nation , more on this later on .     

Ma loobateh ganimo falak loobat baz , az royeh haghighat inja hastim na majaz . [Khayam] 

Ro badeh avar ey saghi ,

Keh in dam baz aram ,

Maalom nist keh key bar aram .


I suggest you read Khayam And Sohrab Sephri .

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

Very nice. I enjoyed it. Truth is one of my favorite subjects. I think about it a lot. To me it's everything. It paralyzes and liberates. I can't describe it. I don't seek the truth. Maybe I did when I was in my teens and twenties. Now the truth is always there or I feel it's there, everywhere, although I don't pay a lot of attention.


Maybe you don't want to know the truth

by Mehdi on

Think about it. If you did something really bad - something you yourself thought was really bad, would you not try to forget it? Would you not try to block it out of your mind completely? Would you not set "traps" to trap you or distract you or misdirect you every time you tried to find the truth? Just consider the possibility that maybe you don't truly want to know the truth. Are you really willing to face the consequences of finding the truth? Deep down you should know ;)


Pay close attention

by XerXes on

Stay in school. Study hard, learn all that you need to learn with highest grades. You have PLENTY of time to day dream and be all you can be. You got plenty of time to philosophize everything and anything. For now, pay attention to your teachers, books and assignments. Take them seriously so you can succeed. It's no fun being a bum or go job to job while thinking you are more aware than others. it;s more fun if you have accomplished something and have something to say. all the things that you need to say and want to say you can say in time. they dont go anywhere and you got a lot of time to express yourself. for now, look at the walls of school as a holly place of wisdom rather than prison if you want to go up the ladder of life and knowledge.
Finish all the stages of schooling and make us proud to have another wise Iranian with us.

Azarin Sadegh

You remind me of myself!

by Azarin Sadegh on

Dear Morvarid,

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us! I have always enjoyed your writing, and I particularly love its natural flow and the intensty of the passion which sounds so real, so organic.

Your search for "Truth", reminds me of my own wondering each time I read one of my old red little diaries (I started writing them at 15 and at 22. I gave them up (along with my dream of becoming a writer at the same time) because of the war and the blackness of the outside world,.. it wasn't easy to stay truthful to myself and still to survive. Almost as if I had to choose between life and death.

 I think at some point, later, I even stopped looking for an absolute truth, and instead I tried to grasp some pieces of it here and there, but I found them to be so slippery, and fluid. Almost misty!

Looking forward to reading more from you, Azarin


Flying Solo


by Flying Solo on