Standing with Israel

A necessary alliance to ensure that Iran reaches democracy


Standing with Israel
by mansours

I knew that my article arguing for a debate about the merits of military action against Iran instead of a defamation campaign against those opposing war would cause a lot of hot emotions to come out ["Bombing Iran is the only path forward"]. But never did I expect the attacks I received from my fellow monarchists, both public and private attacks. What bewilders me is that many of them know that my line of thinking has a lot of support in our circles – even at the very top.

But instead of engaging in a debate, and discussing the crimes of the Islamic Republic and the manner in which groups like NIAC delay the arrival of democracy by opposing war, they chose to attack me. Interestingly, I wasn’t attacked by the pro-NIAC crowd in the same manner.

I now realize that the problem I face is a microcosm of what is taking place in the US as a whole. Extremists groups descend on Capitol Hill and call Obama Hitler instead of debating his truly horrific health plan. These extremists then claim to talk for all of us Republicans, and if the majority Republicans raises their voice, we get attacked and slandered.

The exact same phenomena can be found among Iranian monarchists. A few extremists are out there pretending to speak for us all, and if anyone from our own circles protest, he or she gets attacked. This way, the extremists manage to steal our agenda and control our movement.

But as I wrote in my earlier article ["Bombing Iran is the only path forward"], this is not the time to be silent. If the extremists in our circles win, we will once again lose the opportunity to bring real change to Iran.

Now more than ever, instead of attacking other groups, we should articulate why Obama’s diplomacy with Iran is so erroneous.

Now more than ever, we should explain to American politicians why new sanctions must be imposed on Iran, not to cripple, but to destroy. The Iranian economy is throughout sick. Whoever takes over Iran will be forced to destroy it before it can be rebuilt. That won’t be a popular project. Better to have the US destroy the Iranian economy now so that the government that will take over from the Sepah and the akhounds can focus on positive rebuilding.

Now is the time to explain exactly why the Iranian-American community should ally itself with AIPAC, instead of treating American Jews as embarrassing cousins from the dahat who we don’t want to associate with, even though it’s their power and influence that we need to liberate Iran.

Now is the time to discuss the number of people that will get killed over decades if the regime survives vs the number of people who will get killed in a few moments if we or the Israelis bomb Iran.

Now is the time to discuss why it is so dangerous if Ahmadinejad gets the bomb. It’s not just about Iran, it’s about democracy as a whole. If Ahmadinejad gets the bomb, it will be an existential threat to the only democracy in the Middle East, Israel. If the Israeli democracy collapses and Islamists take over, then not only wont Iran reach democracy – the entire region will be denied democracy. Standing with Israel against Iran has less to do with Israel and more to do with a necessary alliance to ensure that Iran reaches democracy.

The choice is simple – liberate Palestine or liberate Iran. If we ally with the tree huggers and socialists, Iran will remain a prison, but the Palestinians may get a deal. If we ally with the Israeli Right, the Palestinians will be screwed, but Iran will be liberated.

I don’t care what happens to the Palestinians. I am Iranian first, so my choice is clear. What is yours?

These are the debates we should have. And they should be initiated not by me but by Reza Pahlavi.


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گهی لُف لُف خورد، گاه دانه دانه


The idea of International consensus on the subject of military action against Iran is a highly dubious notion.

World Jewry should, and will, understand that it can not afford the

ramifications of another failed central government in the region. 

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

Given this sick, bigoted climate of hatred towards Israel and Jews in general that has infested the maintream Iranian diaspora and has infected more people than syphillis in a whorehouse, any alliance with Israel with the aim of bringing freedom and democracy to Iran will be the geopolitical equivalent of pissing into a tornado.

And although I vehemently disagree with your views that Iran should be attacked, it seems that you at least conducted some sort of analysis and gave it some thought. Your observations are pretty accurate. The economy, the regime, the overall conditions in Iran,..make it easy to see why you believe in military action.

Anything less than this being a complete "inside job" would be illegitimate, in my opinion.


Are you kidding me????

by tsinoizit on

Go and bomb yourself you mofo.

As an American taxpayer, the last thing I want to do is to unite with AIPAC, the shyster group that forces that US to initiate foreign policies that don't benefit the US at all!  They cost us blood and dollars, while they benefit israel.  We're getting jipped right & left by that little country.

Go and bomb yourself you mofo.

You are mixing the healthcare debate with the Iran issue???? 

You are a neocon.  You are NOT a Republican.  So go and try to fool others.  As those great Germans and Austrians used to say - GEH RAUS.

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

do you guy think palistinian,lebanis and all other akhvan moslem brothers give a... about Iran or Iranian cause ? I don't think so.

We have to unite finding a non confrontational way to get the mollah out of Iran first.

united states of Iran is at its reaching point,

no need to burn any other nations'flag .

Israel IS and WAS and WILL always be a friend to Iran and Iranians; Iranian should thank them on every qods day for destroying Iraqi (french made) nuclear facility in 1980 and supplying american parts so the tanks,jets,artilerries could run for 8 sensless years .

peace on earth

but hope fully there will be no more of IR and may peace come to middleast too.              Maziar


work for peace in the middle east

by fouadk on

  i think the best solution is to have the extremists on both sides deterred from the very idea of waging wars. you have to agree that there are extremists in iranian as well as the israeli leadership. and it seems to me that we need the middle east to become some day like the european union, a region of peace where iranians, jews, arabs, bahais, kurds, beluchis, armenians, assyrians, and turks (i am sorry if i left out anyone) will all live in peace and harmony. for that to happen, we need to do away with extremist rhetoric on all sides. just drop all anti-semitism, anti-arab racism, and anti-iranian rhetoric, and we can all get along.     


sure sheeshaki!

by kharmagas on

Proud to be a chalehmeidoni Mr. Aristocrat! Thanks for calling me a chalehmeydoni! 



by KouroshS on

Jooooooooooosh nazan

I know that for chaleh meydoonis like you its unbearably hard. But you are doing good.

The most important thing is for you to get it, which is happening from the top and the bottom and well... behind as well.

So it is all good sonny boy.


Mola Nasredeen

Israeli flags are carried on every Qods day and then they pi**

by Mola Nasredeen on

on it and burn it. I just thought you wanted to know.

American Dream

Israeli flags should be carried at every Qods day Protest

by American Dream on

I will be at the Qods Day protests with my Israeli flag and my Lion and Sun Flag.  If people don't like it they can suffer.


no worries Mr. Sheeshaki!

by kharmagas on

Mr. Kashani is right behind you ... make sure he gets it!



by KouroshS on

Joooooooooooooooooosh nazan. shavad sheere to khoshk


Farhad jaan

by KouroshS on

Velesh kon. Mental issues dare.

cheekaresh dari let him drive himself nuts.


yes Kashani

by kharmagas on

... there are many bihamechiz in IRI, from Rafsanjani to Khamenehi... and in all levels of IRI .... khodies of various color and type, but those of you who side with the enemy are no different. ... using your own terminology I am ashamed to call people such as Kashani Iranians.

Farhad Kashani

Kharmagas, The only

by Farhad Kashani on


The only “bihamechize” people are IRI and its supporters, because if you support a “bihamechiz” person like Khomeini, who destroyed Iran, you must be “bihamechiz” yourself. Kabootar ba kabootar, baaz ba baaz. You must be like them also: dictator, thug, fundamentalist, impolite, intolerant, no character, violent..Just like them.

 SamSam1111 jaan,

Aziz jaan, ghorbanat beram.

 KoroushS jaan,

I’m sure you know this better than me, but most IRI officials are former thugs, “laats”, criminals and uneducated and uncivilized violent traditionalists. You have to have those traits in you order to commit crimes that IRI does.

Based on that, if you approve of those crimes and actions, like these IRI supporters do on this site, well, the reality is that they also carry those traits and attitudes in them. It’s as simple as that. Maybe not every single one, but most of them do. People like Shah Gholam are definitely like that. Why do you think the Left support Fascist regimes such as IRI? Because Leftist are themselves nothing but intolerant thugs.


Persian light bulb dance helps also (to Kourosh)

by kharmagas on

... that will also help you calm down Kourosh.


Calm down boy.... easy...

by KouroshS on

Calm down boy.... easy... there.. that is it.


Lost it again Mr. Sheeshaki!

by kharmagas on

..... lost it again?


Two different Thing

by darius on

Dear Mansour,

I know for sure many people are trying to reason with you  but you 

know , what they  "toye delseshoon be to migan" is something else and is really juicy and you kno w, how Iranian are.

I am just pasting few  section of  New York Times quoting Ehud Barak.

The AIPAC crowd is going to have a hard time with this. Israel's
uber-hawk Defense Minister (and the most highly decorated soldier in
its history), Ehud Barak, says that an Iranian nuclear weapon would not
pose an existential threat to Israel.

Barak concluded: "Israel is strong, I don't see anyone who could pose an existential threat,"

The threat, of course, is not to Israel's existence but to Israel's
status as the region's only superpower, able to do whatever it wants
whenever it wants to.

But don't expect this to mean that the "Bomb Iran" crowd here -- which is the lobby and its cutouts -- is going to shut up.

Read more at: //


Contrary to what many believe, the lobby does not always follow the Israel line.

Read more at: //

Read more at: //

Only to a degree does the lobby operate in support of Israel. Mostly it is about preserving and extending its own power.

The Iran issue is its latest ticket. It will use it to raise money
-- it just built an eight story building in Washington complete with a
gym and catering facilities -- and, best of all, to make the United
States government do what it wants.

As someone who worked at AIPAC for four years (before I came to my
senses), I can personally attest to the fact that the organization is
most decidely not about Israel. It is about AIPAC.

Read more at: //

Ehud is telling the truth  but we also need to accept the truth,Iran

will not  survive and progress with Mullas but  that is for us to find out a way toget rid of them.

Every one including all Israelis knows all these tactics are to avoid

a recurring  nightmare ( which is justified) that has happened to The Jews through history , ancient an dmodern time, but it has gone a bit too far ,it is hurting israelis and it is hurting the region and ultimately there will be  no winners.


But for us Iranian ,should be the last time ever ask any foreigners

help us in any way to find our way out. It is our job and we will

get rid of mullas  ,simply because ,they are as corrupt as your idea of Standing with Israel,attacking Iran and making comparison of # ofpeople killed By the mullas to the attack by Israel.






by kharmagas on

Kourosh, you are a good natured (albeit very often cranky) individual .... don't keep dancing to the tune of this bihamechiz. The following is dedicated to you, make sure you bAyegAny this:

the Cranky bA  chakhAn beneshasht

khAndAne nabovvatash gom shod! 



Farhad jan

by KouroshS on

The 5 points you mentioned in this comment are so valid.

Unfortunately, there are certain individuals who have made it their mission to insult, denigrate and demean characters based on the most distasteful and dogmatic  way of making their points. The most recent instance of which you were a witness of yourself. They become jooshi so much and so soon that they do not realize you can not possibly worship a country. Their bullishness and arrogance has found a way to come to surface right here on this site.

They should take their sensless and dry sense of humor to the doghouse.


Farhad jaan

by SamSamIIII on


 Well said, patriot.



Path of Kiaan Resurrection of True Iran Hoisting Drafshe Kaviaan






Kashani, where is Zion?

by kharmagas on

Kashani says: "I am ashamed to call these people like XerXes and Shah Gholam and kharmagas Iranians"

With all due disrespect the feeling is mutual. More specifically I am ashamed of Israeli worshiper bihamechiz "Iranains", although I respect Israelis such as Zion. I regard them as enemy, but respectable enemy.

Can you tell Zion to come back if you see her in AIPAC hallways?



Farhad Kashani

KoroushS jaan, Aziz,

by Farhad Kashani on

KoroushS jaan,

Aziz, first off, I am ashamed to call these people like XerXes and Shah Gholam and kharmagas Iranians since they are supporting a regime and an ideology that has resulted in the destruction of Iran.

Second, as you know, and as I said in my first posting, anti Semitism by these people is part of a very hellish propaganda agenda perpetuated by Islamists with the help of their Leftist allies worldwide. My stance is very clear on the Israeli Palestinian issue, and that is Israel needs to give back occupied land, let the Palestinians return to homeland and make peace with the Arabs, but I admire Israel’s achievements and I recognize it to be a free and independent state, just like Iran; and since I know you to be a fair, logical and intelligent person, I’m sure that’s your stance too.


However, when a devilish regime like IRI claims to care for the Palestinian people, and takes this irrational stance towards Israel and Jews and all who have relationships with Israel, we can easily see that its anti Israeli stance is a VITAL survival tool for the regime for obvious reasons, including: 1- Since IRI is a fundamentalist regime, it has revitalized old feuds between Muslims and others. Feuds that  were forgotten about until Khomeini came to power, namely early Islam Muslims – Jews feud 2- IRI anti Israelism is a tool to recruit young Muslim thugs to act as its muscles in the Middle East. 3- Anti Israelism is part of IRI irresponsible and unnecessary  provocation against U.S since it sees Israel and U.S as one 4- By bashing Israel, it diverts attention from its own crimes. Making Israel look bad makes it look good. 5- Israel’s economic, technological and military supremacy angering IRI making it jealous, and a few other reasons that Iranians are well aware off. As far as the Left goes, it all surrounds around anti Americanism.


So aziz, these folks don’t have the smallest amount of logic in them. They are nothing but brainwashed propagandist and in order for us as Iranians to get rid of the regime, we need to fight IRIs anti Israeli survival tool everywhere and at anytime. Like I said, IRIs anti Semitism is not about Israel, it’s about IRI itself.  IRI and its supporters know the regime is collapsing


Your efforts in doing that is not only admired by myself and all others true Iranians who read your postings, but it should be set as a model for all of us to make sure we stand up to IRI propaganda and take way its surviving tools at everywhere and at anytime.


I will support always you aziz.


Well done Mansours

by mahmoudg on

Well said, and the reality of the world politics.  We need to stand with Israel and support it, for the cause of freeing Iran from the islamists.


Two words

by KouroshS on

Blood Pressure.


Explosive Personality Disorder (to KouroshS)

by kharmagas on

Kourosh jAn, I said your EPD was of khoosh kheem type...., and you are a good natured guy. I did not display any hostility towards you. Your uncalled for statement is going to be bAyegAnied! :)


Kharmagas the asabai man

by KouroshS on

As i always say:

Blood pressure level ro be pa. Asabani nasho.

Did you have sweet Nuclear dreams last night?


Explosive Personality Disorder (to Anonymous8)

by kharmagas on

Anonymous8, just like Mansours, Kourosh has EPD, however Kourosh is a good natured guy, and his kind of EPD is mild (khosh kheem).

Hopefully the medications work and Mansours' EPD will change to the mild type as well, he might even enjoy his Disorder then!


Standing with Iran

by XerXes on

That's the right thing to do


There is simply NO DEBATE on

by Siavash31 on

There is simply NO DEBATE on this issue. Anyone who promotes bombing Iran ranks among the enemies of the people. Period.