New missile tests

Iran test fires short range missiles

BBC: Iran has tested two short-range missiles and announced plans for a controversial long-range missile test, state TV reports. It says the short-range missiles were the Tondar and Fateh, with a reported range of up to 170km (100 miles). Tehran said it would test a long-range Shahab-3 missile, believed to be capable of reaching Israel, on Monday. The tests come amid mounting tensions between Iran and the West over Tehran's nuclear ambitions. The tests are likely to be seen as a gesture of defiance by Iran, says the BBC's Tehran correspondent, Jon Leyne.


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There are is only one reason

by alimostofi on

There are is only one reason why this whole nuclear and missile sagas have shown their ugly heads. It is Oil. It looked as if the price was slowing down and in fact getting ready to drop.

Overall most people would prefer it to be lower. But the arms/oil traders, who rule the terrorists, would rather see it trend higher. They make money on the trends.

Everything else you all might say is academic. Keep it simple. It's all about oil -has been, is, and will be. Boring, but true nevertheless.

Ali Mostofi




Shushtari jan

by KouroshS on

There is someone who can answer your question on thisvery thread. If you listen closely you can hear him flying:) Veeezzzz....


Hey, Hey guys

by KouroshS on

Let's not Veez Veez this place up now.

Only iran:

You are so very close to be labled as An Pro-Israeli, Living in Jerusalem or Haifa. Watch out brother:)

You see. There is absolutely no talking with the "Iran should have Nuclear technology" and "the right to develope weapons " advocates, So don't sweat it man. It just goes down the wrong hole.

They claim That US and Israel have no respect for the international law and All other good and rigtheous stuff, Yet they side with a regime that has written The "how to violate the laws... nationally and internationally". DO You really have nothing better to do than chak o choone zadan ba in daste afrad?:))



by Onlyiran on

"BTW Toghol Mogholy, thanks for comparing me with mola but this hagheer is just a magas although its intellectual capacity surpasses yours."

only if you say so yourself cupcake!!


why is it ....

by shushtari on

that these vicious akhoonds keep getting a pass while they are obviously building a bomb????

the french and british ridiculed the shah as being a monster just to ensure khomeini would take over and ruin iran....

now these b##$ds kill, murder, rape, and plunder, and the 'western powers' keep giving them the respect that they clearly don't deserve.


may god free us from this plague called the islamic republic so we can have our iranian republic!@ 


as it applies to US invasion of Iraq (to mola)

by kharmagas on

Mola: Here is the parallel (your take on it is better though):


they (US and allies) went to plunder Iraq and then move to Iran,

they got stuck in Iraq, with several $trillion debt and more


be hesAbe kabAb raftand,

    deedand khar dAgh mikonand


BTW Toghol Mogholy, thanks for comparing me with mola but this hagheer is just a magas although its intellectual capacity surpasses yours.



by Onlyiran on

I think that you and "Mola" have the same "intellectual capacity".  You are both childish, irrelevant and, generally, idiots.  I'm talking about Iranian people not giving a S**t about IRI's posturing any longer, and you two "dumb and dumber" are dicsussing Afghanistan and Iraq.  You are made for one another.  As we say: "khoda dar va takhta ra baraye-e ham misazeh".  Why don't the two of you move to Vermont and make it official? Mobarak basheh. 

Mola Nasredeen


by Mola Nasredeen on

By saying:

"be hesAbe kabAb raftand,

deedand khar dAgh mikonand"

You mean "They went to have a free lunch but were taken as donkeys and were captured. And as captured donkeys they were marked by hot Iron". 



dAghe khar versus the kabob (to Mola)

by kharmagas on

Mola, I don't think the intellectual capacity of Toghol Mogholy is any higher than my NRA republican neighbor .... Toghol Mogholy and rest of these .... forgot that US went to Iraq for a war that was going to pay for itself! As we say:

be hesAbe kabAb raftand,

    deedand khar dAgh mikonand

Mola Nasredeen

Kharmagas, Let's talk to them about "Human Rights"

by Mola Nasredeen on

Lets talk to them about International Law, Lets talk to them about Human Life, Lets talk to them Peace. Lets tell them we've seen this movie before and we don't like its ending in Afghanistan, Iraq and Palestine. 

Mola Nasredeen

Onlyiran, Iranians "left the Trash Can of History" 30 years ago

by Mola Nasredeen on

and have been confronting the "Trash Can of Gholdory" Toghol Mogholy.


Don't get me wrong Mola

by kharmagas on

Mola, I do have some worries regarding Iran's rediness .... however I know that US and their mad pitbull (Israel), would have already attacked Iran if they could manage and afford another war ... these A** holes don't give a damn about international laws, peace, human life or anything else.

VIVA IRAN green or not


Islamic toys...

by Emil on

The USA 747 airborne laser could destroy all these missiles just a few seconds after lunch...good luck with all the Islamic toys...



by Onlyiran on

you can bask in joy for now at seeing a bunch of cheap Norh Korean knock offs being shot in the air by a ruthless and brutal regime.  But the reality in Iran is this:


which happened the day after this muscle flexing by IRI thugs.  Iranian people don't care anymore about this hart-o-poort.  They would rather have freedom than to watch a bunch of pasdaars try to pick a fight with Israel.  The only ones who are stupid enough to cheer this spectacle are a bunch of fossil, revolutionary has beens like you who are still stuck in 1979.  That's OK though.  Just like any other relic, you will soon end up in the trash bin of history (where you belong), and no one would even know, or care for that matter, that you even exist. 

javad agha esfahani

Iranian military machine

by javad agha esfahani on

     Let us not forget that the stronger the government's military machine is , the more brutal the suppression of iranian people is going to be .  Interestingly , all this so called military prowess , that is displayed with pride will not stand a chance , in case of an American or israelee attack . We all know that but the dictators of the current regime are drunk , intoxicated and inebriated on the wines of power , fraud and greed .

     What happened to Saddam and his officeres who were talking tough and making inflated rhettorics while Iraq was being heavily  bombed into total destruction ?  

       What happened to Shah's strongest  army of the middle east , when all people united and  put an end to  his dictatorship? 

      The time has come for us all to get united again . 


pissing match

by capt_ayhab on



"Obviously these were pre-planned military exercises," White House spokesman Robert Gibbs told reporters. 


Mola Nasredeen

Why didn't we ask the same questions When Saddam attacked Iran

by Mola Nasredeen on

Iran, this ancient civilization should get whatever weapons she can get her hands on to defend herself. Period. If not then What would be the difference between Iran, Afghanistan or Iraq?

Deal with it.


I agree Abarmard

by kharmagas on

The photo shop part of my comment was a reference to what Red Wine said below. ... if I am not mistaken, we are both worried how much IRI has in its chanteh!? (Personally I hope it has enough ....)


American Dream

Just one big Joke

by American Dream on

Iran has no weapons

just like 

Muammar al-Qaddafi

can't make a real coherant speech.

All Iran has is a lice ridden theocracy.



by Abarmard on

I am not saying that these are photo shops. These are real missiles developed by Iranians. My thoughts are based on leveraging what Iran has to gain the most in the future negotiations.They must be based on realistic objectives that realizes best possible options for the Iranian nation, based on economy and stability.

I am not certain that Iran's policy is based on that objective.


It depends Abarmard!

by kharmagas on

... if these missile tests are photo shop and everything is Chinese (as the guy below claims).... and more importantly if all that nuclear talk of past several years is khAli bandi ..... you are right and Iran might end up a big looser ....... Personally I hope Iranian scientists have actually done something,.....,  BUT it is difficult to say.


Mollah Nasreddin

by choghok on

An entity that steals an election, torture, rape and kill the people of country is not representing the nation. But maybe for some deranged people it is ok to be represented by their murderers.

Mola Nasredeen

Every nation has the right to defend herself so does Iran

by Mola Nasredeen on

Deal with.


Again and again

by Abarmard on

Nothing new here. Same failed policy. The biggest weapon for any nation is approaching their population welfare as an asset.

It is possible that many people inside the country enjoy these maneuvering and sense some sort of pride, similar to president Bush's tactics but in the long run, the issues in hand is economy and stability, which is only possible by friendship and negotiations.

Iran has created enough cards to be able to sit on a negotiating table with other power nations and try to resolve differences. If Iran is unwilling or incapable to move forward, meaning stepping up the policy ladder, it will be the biggest loser in the future outcome.

Although President Obama is following old US policies towards Iran and the Middle East, but he can be viewed as an opportunity to develop contact and possibly resolutions to the current hostilities.

However, at this point one can't be too optimistic about the Iranian situation and the US policies. Iran had some chances during president Bush to come out of the dead end and gain some rights in nuclear deal and economic benefits, and now Iran has that chance again. This time if they miss, the result will not be pretty (for Iran).

United States has the power and cards in hand to make Iran very insignificant. Recalling Iran-Iraq war, when Iran refused a peace treaty and lost the opportunity to collect funds for damages, similarly today Iran will lose the opportunity to gain a tremendous amount of possibilities and capital, which I believe might never be recoverable.


Time changes fast JJ

by choghok on

Last time Sepah did some Rocket testing and you put its clip online you and almost everyone else were entusiastic about it and cheered it on. I was almost the only one who said that it was nothing to celebrate. This time nobody is cheering.. Think just what happened with readers in this short time.

I say the same thing as I said earlier Rockets in the hand of IRI is no good news.


Well said Faramarz_Fateh.

by پیام on

I totally agree with you.

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

funny .......Mr. red vine I was thinking exactly the same thing.

If they were only at 50 cents or  $ 1.50 a pop just like other chinese tarraghe (4th of july) fire crackers; well maybe they need to have fun too.

pars 35, allah himself is a killer too.                Maziar



by pars35 on

Funny thing is when they all yell "Allah of Akbar". What does god have to do with Weapons that  kills people?

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

خاک بر سرشان کنند،مردم از گرسنگی میمیرند و ۲۲ میلیون ایرانی‌ در زیر خط فقرند و این مذهبیون حیوان صفت به این نحو ثروت ما را حیف و میل میکنند.

هر چند که این‌ها تماماً فوتوشاپ است و ساخت چین !!! با این حال این‌ها نباید صاحب نیروی هسته و غیر هسته شوند که نه ظرفیت آن را دارند و نه به افکارشان خیر ! هیچ ایرانی‌ همچین چیزی برای ایران نمیخواهد،هر که بخواهد دشمن است و خائن و نوکر.



masghareh bazi

by MRX1 on

This stuff doesn't even scare tiny cit state of Dubai much less U.S militery power or even Isreal. The day comes that they decide to bomb these  nuclear facilities (which of course is for peacfull purposes!) there is nothing the regime can do that makes any difference.