با نوروز بیا

با نوروز بیا
by LalehGillani

تک سوار افسانه ها،
رستم داستان سرا،
نه در خواب و نه در رویا،
حمل کن پیغام ما
آرزوی صلح و صفا.

ای اهورا مزدا
دریافت کن خفته گان آریا.
با نوروز بیا،
پاک کن شبنم اشک ما.
واژگون کن تخت دیوها.
سرنگون کن خاقان کدخدا،
آنچنان کن انتقام خون فرزندان ما.

سر سوار ارتش آریا،
ای رهنما،
اتمام کن این ماجرا.
آزاد کن سرزمین باغچه ها
ز دست رئیس رؤسا،
سرور چابک ادا.

سنبل سرخ لجنگاه سیا
ای توانا،
بر پا کن هفت سین آریا.
با نوروز بیا،
تطهیر کن گنبد یکتا.

ای خیر خوا،
جار زن نَسک پنجگا.
ساز زن اوستای دعا.

ای ایزد یکتا،
با نوروز بیا،
رام کن تاز موج آسیا.
دور کن جور کفا.
ریشه کن خار چشم آریا.

قاصد قران عجم
ای پارسا،
سهم کن آجیل مشکل گشا.
دست در دست لاله بیا،
دیدار عید باستان ما.


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نوروزتان خجسته


از نظرات و عقاید همگی سپاسگزارم. آرزوی آزادی ایران و همبستگی ایرانیان را دارم. سال نو مبارک.

مسعود از امریکا

لاله جان

مسعود از امریکا

عشق به وطن هیچ عیب نیست - ایران درست، یعنی ایران قوی ... ایرانی که ما می خواهیم، از روی 'تئوری' درست نمی شود. هیچ از خودت شرم نداشته باش برای احساسات و افکاری که راجع به ایران داری - همانطور که در فارسی ما می گوییم، 'ایده الیزم' بی جا برای فاطی تنبون نمیشه ... موفق باشی!


betterment of a country

by Anonymously on

...comes first and foremost from betterment of the individual, one with openness to new ideas (that's NEW ideas!), devoid of racism and prejudices of the past.

we make our own utopia, and apparently yours resides back in the past, in a particular era, at a particular time, a particular religious beliefs, a particular culture, history, mythology (your precious rostam).

here's to the day when the majority of us are looking FORWARD, and not backwards (and preserve our humanity while doing it!)


Selling a Utopia?

by LalehGillani on

Not at all. I have made a conscious choice to devote my life to the betterment of my homeland. Perhaps I am a dreamer, but my dream is by no means rooted in fantasy. Please watch Seven Faces of Civilization to understand the glory and grace of ancient Persia.


we've nothing if not humanity.

by Anonymously on

but let it be understood, you choose to lose your humanity for the glory of a dreamt-up utopia, one that never really existed, nor can ever exist. you preach the same glorified gospel every preacher preaches--buy my brand of utopia!--when they've got nothing else to sell but false hope.

be not so ready to surrender your larger humanity... one that spans borders, peoples, beliefs, times. it is never justifiable! (or rational)

(pardon me for injecting a little of my beliefs here, for preaching -- but i 'preach' to a person, not to a crowd -- and there is a difference in that.) (guess we all got something to sell!)



by FarhadZ. (not verified) on

This melody comes
From heart,
Strutting like
A proud horse,
Or a truthful wave
Blasting shorlines,
Or teardrops
Rolling down in blood,
But comes from the
Glorious mountain of heart.


A Question of Humanity

by LalehGillani on

Anonymously asked, “Does pure, simple "humanity" mean anything to you? One devoid of a particular culture, history, or god?”

With humility, I thank you for your candid question and comment. I too struggle with the choices that I make, the topics I write about, and the battles that I pick.

In our lifetime, the essence of our humanity, our common bond as the citizens of a global community, is overshadowed by a homeland that cries for freedom, a nation that is bleeding in the clutches of oppression. Not surprisingly, I answer to a higher calling, one that is reverberated across an ocean everyday, a wretched cry that tears my humanity apart. Does humanity devoid of a particular culture, history, or God mean anything to me? No, it doesn’t.

Perhaps in another life, another time, another world… Perhaps by another me!

Multiple Personality Disorder

Nice poem

by Multiple Personality Disorder on

It's got too much agenda in it, but it sounds good.


nice poem

by Anonymously on

it would stand even stronger without the fascist racism inherent in it. does pure, simple "humanity" mean anything to you? one devoid of a particular culture, history, or god? i'm sure i'm talking to a wall... but would, oh so, want to be proven wrong!

respecting your art & opinion, as narrow, focused, oblique and different as it may be than mine.

مسعود از امریکا

لاله جان

مسعود از امریکا

بسیار قشنگ - انشالله ما همه برگردیم یک روز به 'ايـــران بــزرگ' ... افرین!