One More Past Midnight

One More Past Midnight
by Gomnam

We're all innocent, yes we are

The soldier shooting at the innocent in fright

The woman riding in the back of a police car

The rapist that got his heart filled with envy, with filth

The heartless tycoons who built weapons to feed their greed

The little girl raped and left on the sidewalk

The children who play in the pool to cool off from the heat


We are innocent, you and I

And have you ever wondered why

The unreflecting eye

Looks deliberately away from the sky?

What is wrong with the unflinching eye

That stares out protrusively as its beholder tells a putrid lie?

While the  bewildered eyesearhes, asks, and wonders why

When did we lose the courage to cry?

And is this the reason why

We don't see the birds that used to fly high up in the sky?

Is this why we no longer hear the nightingale's soothing cry

Think of the joy that we can harvest

Look at the immense love that can be reaped

If we only plant the seeds, you and I

We are all innocent regardles of what we've done, or thought

And this is the thought or intuition that is going through my mind

So I thought I should write it down

Before it faded flickering into the midnight sky


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Nasrin Sasanpour

The ultimate in empathy & compassion

by Nasrin Sasanpour on

towards all unconditionally is what humanity strives for.

Nonetheless, the person who chooses, under whatever
unfortunate circumstance, to inflict atrocities on another human
being(s), regardless of his/her situation and the ensuing lack of awareness, is responsible for the consequence of pain & suffering that those individual(s) have had to live through.

So yes, while all humanity gears to reach up for love & understanding, the will & the actions of all humans, no matter what their conditions, still count, just like the ones that "deliberately look away from the sky".

Thank you for a touching poem.

Soheyla Marzvaan

Absolutley Beautiful

by Soheyla Marzvaan on

You should not remain Gomnam. Your poem was absolutely beautiful. Let mystery be reflected from the verses . I enjoyed it, thank you.