The Journey

The Journey
by Gomnam

I too left the cave one day
Drawn by light to go ‘n play
Journeyed much to get this far
Really though I’ve lost my way

The roads are turning left and riht
Pebbles shine so very bright
At the banks of River Time
Which time to time flows away from sight

Dark clouds fill the sky some days
I get lost in mist and haze
It rains and snows and chills my bones
But I’m ofyten warmed by shining rays

And on some days the passing breeze
Puts my worried mind at ease
Flowers growing all around
Gathered round the hungry bees

Some may choose to work and save
Some will choose to rant and rave
Regardless of which one you choose
Every road ends at the cave

Every great thinker has played his part
While some have searched for something through their art
What most of these great minds forgot
Was the question they had at the very start

You who sits and thinks all day
I know how sometimes every colour turns gray
While the blind man sees nothing but forms
And the believer with a bowed head kneels down to pray


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Tacky and unforgettable.

by Becker (not verified) on

Tacky and unforgettable. Definitely one of the worst poems I have ever read, if you can call it that.


love the poem, light,

by !!! (not verified) on

love the poem, light, hopeful, realistic, positive
youv found The Way