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She is crazy, just like any other "revolutionary"

by Mehdi on

Revolutionaries are sufferring from a mental malady. They see things that are not real (hallucination). They have this viewpoint that there is an "evil" regime that oppressing a population that is made up of pure angels! If this "evil regime" gives people some freedom, they say it was because of fear not because the regime was improving. Any improvement will be considered a "trick" to postpone the "uprising of the masses." They can never clearly define who the regime is and who the people is.

The fact is EVERY government in the WHOLE world is being run by a mafia. This has been going on for AS LONG AS we know - tousands of years. NOBODY has clearly understood how this mafia does this and who they really are. EVERY time that this mafia was supposedly identified, it turned out later to be a mistake!

This girl should get married, raise a few kids and help people, instead of trying to create chaos in a society. She will be ACTUALLY valuable that way. Right now, she is being destructive.


Robo "Jesus"

by Demo on

Could not stand watching more than 2 minutes. She talks super fast like a robot devoid of any emotions. Is the big hat she is wearing a new short cut for "Hijob??"



by Proud_To_Be_Anonymous on

She is an amazing woman.  There is something about her that I can not put my fingure on.  She comes across very sincere and a strong believer of what she is doing.  She could be a catalyst to organizing our people in diaspora as well as people in Iran.


Please someone transcribe

by vildemose on

Please someone transcribe her interview.


She should be the leader of

by vildemose on

She should be the leader of this movement. She is amazing.