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American Dream

She was so right about Ganji

by American Dream on

She was so right in calling Ganji a dud in New York. It is my firm belief that the whole reform movement became a dud when they accepted Iranian President Ahmadinejad's cabinet members. We must all look for another avenue to create change in Iran. Like President Obama said its all about change.


Marvelous Woman

by mehdi2009 on

Every time that I hear this Marvelous and Brave Young Woman's ideas, I become more and more hopeful about the future of Free and Democratic Iran.

There are many like her in Iran who are just as Sophisticated and Brilliant, and to those who still do not see the extreme harsh conditions which these women have to struggle against the Inhumane Regime currently in power in Iran, I would say: "Please take your heads out of the sand and take a good look, maybe finally you will see the truth".

The realities in Iran are so different today for the people who are living in our imprisoned nation, and to stand up and struggle against this EVIL REGIME takes a great deal of GUTS.

All the power to Masih Alinejad and her fellow woman of Iran.

Salutations to all the TURE sons and daughters of Iran.



Just one more thing, DK...

by sima on

I would not be surprised about Mithraic connections of bonnet Phrygien. As you know, the revolutionaries in France were very much inspired by Roman history and Mithraism was quite strong in ancient Rome. Remember the togas they wore during Robespierre's Supreme Being festival? Those were not Iranian but maybe le bonnet rouge was!


Well well well!

by sima on

DK jan of course you and I know that everything (everything that's worth anything, that is) is originally Iranian. "Honar nazd-e Iranian ast o bas." That's that of course -- but I'm very happy to add the bonnet phygien to the list!

And BTW you're right. Masih does have a gamin-esque aspect.

(Whenever I'm here commenting a lot means that I'm avoiding my work. So bye, I really have to go do that! Nice to meet you, DK.)

Darius Kadivar

sima jaan this should interest you then

by Darius Kadivar on

check out my comment on the origine of the Bonnet Phrygien:






by benross on

If this is, say it. Otherwise please explain what the hell NIAC is and why should we care?



by sima on

I just realized I partly misred you, DK! Sorry.


No no no, DK!

by sima on

Hugo hated Louis Napoleon but he had good things to say about Louis Philippe in Les Mis. In fact, during Louis Philippe's time Hugo was finally elected to Academie francaise and was actually politically active too, though he was quite "left." After the 1851 coup of Louis Napoleon (when he became emperor Nap III) Hugo went into exile again and even refused to come back when he was given amnesty -- hence "Napoleon Le Petit"... of which Marx has a brief but good critique.

I'm sure about Gavroche and 1832 -- look it up in the St. Denis part of Les Mis.

I adore Dayi Jan of course, but I can't stand watching the TV series. They yell too much.

Ah, isn't it nice to talk about the French Revolution?! I'm turning into a Dayi Jan myself.

Darius Kadivar

Thanks sima Jaan But Dorough Chera ? ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Are you sure ?

Maybe your right.

Yes Hugo Admired Napoleon Bonapart since his own father was a general in his army.

He used to call Napoleon III : Napoleon "Le Petit" aka "Napoleon the midget" ...

cause he felt he was not as Great as his "Imperial" predecessor.

It was also a pirouetter cause Napoleon Bonapart was actually much smaller But in Hugo's view a Greater ( thus Bigger) Man than Louis Napoleon.

Ahgha Sima, Dorough Chera ?


Ta Gabre,



Ma Beesavadom ... Shoma Aghel ...

In Any case she is a Bright Girl and I like her outspokeness !





Correction, DK!

by sima on

Gavroche dies in the emeute of 1832 (June 5, to be precise!)--a long way to go before 1848. What was so good about 1848 anyway? The bankers just switched sides: from Louis Philippe to Louis Napoleon. (Hugo preferred the July Monarchy!)

Sorry, as a French Revolution (the long view) buff I had to show off.

Masih is wonderful. All power to her. Now back to real life: Les Mis...


She wants fame - like any "good" "journalist"

by Mehdi on

She is also very snobish. Why does she think she is better than anyone else?

Darius Kadivar

Also notice she has no problem with the Sun & Lion Flag ...

by Darius Kadivar on

She welcomes support from where it comes.


NIAC/AIC/CASMII Eat Your Heart Out !



Darius Kadivar

I like Her "Gavroche" Style hat ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Notice her "Gavroche" Hat.

Gavroche was the heroic street boy character in Victor Hugo's famous novel "Les Miserables". He helps the Revolutionaries during the upheavel of 1848 in Paris. He is shot while trying to bring ammunition to the protestors.

Les Misérables - Film avec Jean Gabin - Mort de Gavroche:


His character used to sing " C'Est La Faute a Voltaire" :


English Version:


J"e suis tombé par terre, c'est la faute à Voltaire
Le nez dans le ruisseau, c'est la faute à Rousseau
Je ne suis pas notaire, c'est la faute à Voltaire
Je suis petit oiseau, c'est la faute à Rousseau" ( See Lyrics)





Masih Alinejad FOR PRESIDENT

by BIKAR on



Darius Kadivar

Didn't NIAC say VOA Persian was a nest for NeoCon WarMongerers ?

by Darius Kadivar on

Well, Well I wonder Why NIAC people Never accepted to speak on VOA persian despite being invited to debate ? ... 

Khalaji highlights problems with US Persian-language broadcasts by Babak Talebi (Co Founder of NIAC)

Please Have Your Own Protest, Please  Have Your Own Protest ... Huh ?


It Seems to me that UNLIKE NIAC, VOA PERSIAN Truly gives Voice to "GRASS ROOT" Iranians !


Maryam Hojjat

Intelligent, Brave, Cute SHIRZAN e IRANI

by Maryam Hojjat on

She is great And I hope we have more of like her in IRAN. She made me proud of her outspoken.

Payandeh IRAN & Iranians


May be its babol's water!My friend is baboli,very smart,High IQ

by gol-dust on

comes from a very political family, talks very fast, hard working, passionate, and caring about people.

Actually, she is just like her mom. Couple of years ago when i visited home her mom was hopitalized. After the surgery she kept cursing the regime. She was being warned by her family, but she never stopped. We were very worried.

She beonged to the national front. In fact, her relatives had been killed by the government decades ago. Shomali ha kheili political hastand. I heard that  Kalleh mahi makes them smart, since they have the highest scores in university admittance exams.

Denver Tinbender

Go Amy go

by Denver Tinbender on

Go Masih go, She is truly independent grassroot political journalist that brings to millions of Iranian the alternative voice that are often excluded by the Tehran mainstream media.


She's very Good!!

by Jaleho on

A perfect sample of how Iranians inside are 10 times smarter, more political savvy, and in short much superior to majority of IRRELEVANT boring expats who in comparison look like bunch of immature political wannabes! She is a perfect example of "mosht nemooneh kharvar ast," since so many young Iranians are just as bright, brave, politically savvy, and full of healthy fight...all of which because they are grown up in the  independent  and self confident Iran after a young revolution which made it free from colonial yoke... unfortunately, despite all its good, it limited its women. But, even that has made great lioness out of them trying to get their natural rights. She's wonderful to listen to!

Now, as good as this young lady is, I hope when she matures a bit more, she becomes just like her wise father! She has all the aptitude for it and she clearly comes from an intelligent papa :-)


What a wonderfull person

by sobh on

I love her generation, very out spoken, fresh and not scared.


Her website is //

by oktaby on

Her SF speech of 25th of JUly protests are on her website and I recall it was posted on this site also. That speech showed who she is. Among others, she has made an important point about what has happened in Iran. The fear has been transferred from the people to the regime. Even if victory is not here yet. She repeats that point in this interview as well. She and likes of her are the future of Iran, if a united Iran is to survive the islamic tyranny. She is passionate to a fault, articulate and intelligenet and the likely layer that will contribute to the post islamic government and direction of Iran. I hope her extended stay in U.S. does not dampen her fire.



by MRX1 on

Articulate and inteligent. Nice to listern to her and the best part of it is the fact that she pisses the hell out of ommatis in here and in Iran, and that my firends is priceless!

American Dream


by American Dream on

Dear Mr. Masoud

Remember that it was the same Pahlavi dynasty that gave doctorates to the Shia Muslim Clergy by giving them the title 


And let us not forget today Iranian women out number men at the University level in Iran 

Also, some doctorate degrees are closed to men and women can only apply 

For example

students wanting to become an obgyn

That being said, one can not say that progress by the Pahlavis or the theocracy will lead to a democratic republic

Other avenues will lead to a democratic republic

Even in the despotic tyranny of the U.S.S.R. a lot of people were educated

What is the use of being educated when the country is a jail

As one American so bravely said

Give me liberty or give me death

Ari Siletz

Sharp, realistic, in touch

by Ari Siletz on

methodical, analytical, insightful, cultured, savvy, aggressive, undaunted, eloquent, honest, creative, charismatic, compelling, hopeful, energizing, inspiring.  


American Dream

by masoudA on

Trying to fish in muddy waters eye?  

When the Pahlavis took over - we did not have schools in Iran - only some maktabs and education was mainly provided in Ghoraan teaching sessions.   When the Pahlavis left Iran we had 16 million students alone.  


This girl should get

by vildemose on

This girl should get married, raise a few kids and help people, instead of trying to create chaos in a society. She will be ACTUALLY valuable that way. Right now, she is being destructive.

Did you know that the right wing, reactionary christians subscribe to the same attitue as your...


There are hundreds if not

by vildemose on

There are hundreds if not thousands of villager's sons and daughters, who became successful doctors, pioneer scientist, authors,  scholars, surgeons, engineers, programmers, aerospace engineers, nuclear scientists and so on before the Islamic Republic came to power. Some of them tried to go back after the revolution to serve their country but they could not stand the stifling and backwardness of the regime.

Those I mentioned above, I know personally. Most hail from my father's village.

Your assertion is not based on reality. 


American Dream

Back in the time of Reza Khan

by American Dream on

Back in the time of Reza Shah, villagers were not allowed to be educated.  30 years after the Iranian Revolution children of these villagers are journalists.  During the time of Reza Khan, if a villager said anything they would get a bullet in their head and their body would be dropped in the running rivers called "joubs" in the great city capital of Tehran.  Go figure.  How times have changed!

Iraneh Azad

She is good

by Iraneh Azad on

But she needs to take some classes on how to properly deliver a speech or present herself on tv. It would help her sell her point much better.


She is Great

by masoudA on

Those of you who have not lived in the post revoly Iran may not be able to relate to her "reformist" sentiments - but reform is the only way to fight IRI for the population inside Iran.    Great girl - very sharp.