I’ll make you humble…

History of rape in Iranian prisons


I’ll make you humble…
by Siamack Baniameri

In mid '80s while I was in college, Iron Sheik was still roaming the professional wrestling scene and his famous phrase was a big hit in our college campus. The phrase went something like this, “I’ll fuck you in the ass and make you humble.”

For American students in my college, the phrase was a sensation because it was wacky and freaky. It was obvious that American students did not get it. Why would anybody, especially a big wrestler, admit that he is gay? Why a man would want to fuck another man in the ass and publicize it? In American culture, threatening to fuck another man in the ass is considered self incriminating and it might signal your own homosexual tendencies which can backfire and turn the spotlight on you. I, on the other hand, got it. This was a literal translation from Parsi. It made total sense to me.

The ultimate act of humbling another man in our culture can be achieved by fucking him in the ass--a practice that has been popular in Iranian prison system for centuries. But the practice is not exclusive to Iran alone; many other countries utilize the method as an effective measure of breaking a man’s will and self-respect. Lawrence of Arabia passed through the Turkish prison system and walked funny for the rest of his short life. Even Americans in Abu Gharib exposed Iraqi prisoners to sexual acts and role-plays.

Raping a man is a definitive act of callousness which breaks his spirit and completely drains him from self respect and worthiness. It so badly screws up the man’s mental state that “overthrowing a government” will be the last thing on his shit-list. A man with no self-worth is no danger to society. That’s why addicts are considered no threat to countries’ national security.

The acts of gang rape in Iranian prisons should not come as a shock to anybody. I’m baffled at how Iranians act so staggered about this everyday occurrence. As a 12-year-old, growing up in the streets of Tehran, like many of my friends, my top priority was to protect myself against pedophiles. The streets were full of them. In every street corner you could run into one. Staying away from those fuckers was a full-time job. Like many other sick things in our society, pedophilia is swept under the rug. Boys and teens who are molested by family members are often accused by their own parents of provoking the act and are encouraged to keep their mouths shut for the fear of embarrassing the family. The same is true with the majority of political prisoners.

Fucking another man in the ass is a national infatuation that is imbedded in our culture. It’s not so much about sexuality as it is about power and control. Oh yeah, and denial is another Iranian national heritage that is as old as raping men in prison.


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Thank you

by MinaNil on

This is absolutely true. My first exposure to the rape of men/boys was in reading the Kiterunner, by Khaled Hosseini, and I was absolutely revolted and shocked, and immediately realized its significance in middle eastern culture.

As much as I love my culture, my country, and my people, it pains me to admit that we are a country of repeating igorance and denial. If only we could let go of some of these old habits, we could go so much farther. The problem with the Iranian people is their inability to sacrifice the oldest parts of their culture; in order for people to advance, sacrifice is needed.


Very good article. I wish other writers were as honest and unafraid in spreading awareness.




American Dream

by MiNeum71 on

Iron Sheikh has never won an Olympic medal, also because he has never participated at any games. He had competed to become part of the Iranian Olympic Greco Roman team for the 1968 Summer Olympics but was eliminated during Iran's trials; nonetheless wrestling promoters later billed him as having won a medal at these Olympics.




by KouroshS on

"Remember the story of the " The Kite Runner?" Our society is not much different from Afganistan may be by few minor degrees. But oh no, I've been told over and over by my fellow Iranians that we are the most baa atefeh people on earth. "

Pardon me, but what does one have to do with the other? Granted, that i havenot read the Kite runner story, But the fact that our people are one of the most, if not the most, affectionate people in the world , is indisputable.

I know that Siamak is limiting his blog only to Our culture, But who is to deny that such things do not go on in other countries? Can you honestly tell me that you have never heard stories about little boys or girls getting raped by Uncle bob , Cousin Sal, or even Mom or Dad Right here?

The Truth is, as was mentioned in the text is very well-known, but only as family secrets.

It would be very unfair of you to think it takes a far and long journey for our people to learn all the good things you mentioned. Driving properly... Some do, Most do not. SO it is not all that bad.

Getting educated? The quality of it is one of the best in the world. The problem is that the government is not making it accessible to All.

Get a job? Find one and then let people know. Then i would like to be there to see the look on your face when you see the Long ass line forming to fill that job.

Dating and romancing? First of all Who the hell cares! But when it really comes down to it we can be as romantic as romeo and Juliet.

Dr. houlakoee, if you have been listening and payin close attention, gets the bulk of his most important calls from IRan. Those that matter. And Taxes come out of your paychecks especially if you work for the government. Pretty much like here in the west.

Use your brain waves constructively before you throw in some philosophically controversial term, such as "supremely Fucked up".

American Dream

I’ll make you humble…

by American Dream on

Reminds me of a term used by one of Shah's main body guards, the Iron Sheikh, a devout Iranian Shia Muslim who immigrated to the United States of America many years ago in the early 1970s.  Iron Sheikh earned a Bronze medal in the Olympics in Mexico City.  After he became an American Citizen he became the coach of the American Olympic Wrestling team.



Iron Sheikh was the most effective body guard of Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi.  It is interesting how he does not like homosexuals.  His view of gays is not that far off from Ahmadinejad's.


Also what the Iron Sheikh believes about the greatest country in the world:



IRR's official rapists

by Fred on

The concept of same sex sexual experiences including the crimes of pedophilia and rape of men and women is not exclusive to Iran; it is quite prevalent in that part of the world. In neighboring Afghanistan it is an open secret. The Taliban would travel/fight with their boy concubine who also acts as their cook and ammo mule.

What should be distinguished here is that in IRR the rapists of the detainees are government paid employees and officials carrying out their superiors’ direct order, ergo the Islamist Rapist Republic.

For those who are interested in the subject and its presence in Persian literature, Sirius Shamisa’s groundbreaking scholarly book would be of interest.

The Shahed Bazi dar adabiat Farsi can be read on line here:





Kill Mouse Traps

Damn if you do, damn if you don't

by Kill Mouse Traps on

This article leaves no room for debating the issue, because if you say 'no, I don't believe fucking a man in the ass ia a national infatualtion', then you fall under the category of "denial is another Iranian national heritage", and if you don't say anything against it then you fall under the category of those who believe "fucking another man in the ass is a national infatuation that is imbedded in our culture."

Great job of creating a situation where you are damn if you do, damn if you don't.   


True Words!

by MiNeum71 on

And, it's "funny" that the men fucking the victim's asses
are the same guys, who execute the death sentence concerning the gays.



lost in trans-continent

by Lili on

I never knew of what boys went thru till some of my male relatives and family members shared their stories from their childhoods in Iran--and that was 20+ years after they had left the country.

[By the way, if you ever go to Holakouee's sex seminars he has some horrifying stories about his former male patients--very disturbing!]

What I am trying to say is that the truth about our cultural (and sexual) issues are not known till we spend most of our lives abroad. In Iran pedophilia is the same as homosexuality. They don't even know nor acknowledge the difference.

Our people suffer from total ignorance till they/we spend most of our lives some where far from Iran across the continents; when we get educated, drive properly, learn romance, date, get a job, pay our taxes, try to blend in, listen to Holakouee, and then we reach a point of realization. That our society is supremely fucked up.

Remember the story of the " The Kite Runner?" Our society is not much different from Afganistan may be by few minor degrees. But oh no, I've been told over and over by my fellow Iranians that we are the most baa atefeh people on earth.

khaleh mosheh


by khaleh mosheh on

'Fucking another man in the ass is a national infatuation that is imbedded in our culture. It’s not so much about sexuality as it is about power and control. Oh yeah, and denial is another Iranian national heritage..'

I dont hear any cries of disagreement..Are all Iranian men dreaming of raping other men to fulfil some alfa male fantasy? What a sick individual.

Yes- Raping is going on in the prisons by a regime that has come to war with its people.. But to ascribe the desire to all Iranian men is is unfair. Looks like This Baniameri guy has some issues he needs to get over.  



by Abarmard on

Lotfan vaghti in chizaaro minevisid beh farsi sobat konid chun farsi shekar ast.


khoob goftee....

by shushtari on

that's exactly what the akhoonds want- to make people intro soul-less beings that would never threaten their grab on power....

and the sad thing is that vultures like china and russia are training their basijis on what to do to crush people's spirit....


i hope god is watching and swift justice is coming to these bastards!

javid iran 

Shazde Asdola Mirza

Thanks for giving a voice to the victims

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

Every voice counts! Every action counts!


Waw, no one could have said it better!

by Yana on

shad zee