Funny Persian

Video clips from Maz Jobrani's stand-up performance

Funny Persian
by Jahanshah Javid

Once again Maz Jobrani proved he is the funniest Iranian-American comedian, and among the very best in the field. His performance was flawless and very funny at the San Francisco State University's Iranian Culture Club Norooz party Friday night (March 7, 2008)
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Lalé Shahparaki Welsh

Thanks for posting this

by Lalé Shahparaki Welsh on

When a culture and/or a people is comfortable with itself, it can withstand a little self deprecating humor.  As Nader and Martha point out, all other nationalities do it, and that's what makes it funny.  It's not cool for someone else to say it, but it's very funny when we make fun of ourselves.  IMHO it is an absolute sign of personal power and comfort with who we are, that has catapulted Maz to such success.  His jokes are not sinister, quite the contrary, they are sweet and his pride in us as a collective is actually more obvious to me, than his jabs. I'd rather this were our dominant image rather than the angry terrorists we're portrayed to be on FOX.

But each person has to arrive at that comfort level in their own time. In the meanwhile, I agree that Maz and the like are doing more to promote rather than harm our image and culture, as they bring us to light as an intelligent, educated, wealthy, and warm subculture within the larger mainstream culture abroad. 

Go Persians! 

PS. Maz! Thanks for not objecting to the post of almost your entire act. Because now even more people will come to see you!


To Farry...

by Nader on


So, you are telling me that you never use Cologne in access?

Do you really prefer A Ford to a BMW, Benz or an Audi?

Do you use your discrete name "Farry" when you use airports around the country or your real name Hassan, Abdollah, or Mohammad?

How about Norooz?

Don't tell me your relatives have "never" given you a signed bank-note before?!

I don't understand you buddy?

And lastly, Americans don't make fun of their own culture?

Have you ever watched "You must be a redneck" series?

How about National Lampoon, Benny Hill and scores of others in U.K. who made all those funny shows making fun of their own culture so often?  

Come on man. Lighten up!

I am proud of Maz, Omid, and the rest who make us laugh. They are promoting us if you ask me!




Almost all of the great

by Martha (not verified) on

Almost all of the great comedians make jokes about their own ethnicity. Jon Stewart jokes about Judaism... Chris Rock jokes about African Americans... George Carlin and Conan O'Brien get some hysterical jokes out of their Irish Catholic upbringing.



by farry (not verified) on

How could those comediyans in your view are brilliant? whereas those two make fun of you and me and other iraninas? how could they be funy and brilliant when they make fun of our culutre, arts, troditoins and everything about iran? how they are funny when they make you to lough at yourself? they are trying so hard to be accepted as american, enghlish and trying so hard to make fun of their own people and iran and irani. this is so hard for me to see those clever comdians making money and fame just becuse they make jokes and make fun of iranians? is everything about usa and uk is brilliant and everything about iran is funy and loughable? is this the idea behaind those stupid comediyans?



by farry (not verified) on

Funny Persians!!

I have tried so hard to understand why these comedians in order to be funny make fun of their own people? how it could be funny to make fun of your own culture, arts, traditions and yourselves. what is funny about laughing at yourselves. Everything about usa and europe is great but everything about iran is funny. is this the idea? I am sick of those comedians who making money from Iranians who go to thes shows and laughing at themselves.

Darius Kadivar

Maz Rocks ! ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Love your humor and loved your appearance in the Interpreter:


Can't wait to see you more often on the Silver Screen !



He Looks like our friend

by Dash Ahmad (not verified) on

He Looks like our friend Mori, who lives here in San Jose. But believe me Mori is way funnier than he is.


Maz is telling it like a true Iranian

by ramintork on

Good comedy is a powerful tool.

After years of being vilified, it is so nice to have someone sharp, and funny like Maz giving the Western audience our side of the story.

I also like Omid Jalili, they are both brilliant.

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

Khosh beh haletun keh harfasho mifahmin va mikhandin, ma keh halimun niss !


interview with maz jobrani

by Amir0 (not verified) on

He's amazing and refreshing
You can read a recent interview of him on //


I love Maz!

by Mariam on

He's always hilarious. :D


Omid Djalili

by bored Iranian dude (not verified) on


This says it all.. :) Asheghe jokash mishi, google him!

Mola Nasredeen

He must be from Ghazvin

by Mola Nasredeen on



Agha Maziar,

You are funny, 


and original.

Damet Garm.




by Nader on

Just brilliant!!