Drill (somewhere else) baby! Drill!

We are kidding ourselves in believing that oil companies are interested in anything but their profits


Drill (somewhere else) baby! Drill!
by hamidbak

Ok, there is this old dude, T. Boone Pickens.  He’s an old oil dude, or as they say it in Texas, “ole” to replace “oil” not “old”.  He’s been yapping about alternative energy, dependency on “foren” oil, which is actually “foreign” oil, solar energy, natural gas…blah blah blah….

He started this fine concern about our air and dependency just last year.  He is 80 years old, mind you, and just last year, after 54 years of being in the oil business, he just realized that we should look for alternative energy.

After years of producing, oil and knowing what it does to the environment he had an epiphany in 2007 and started talking.  Couple of years, few months, or even a few days from meeting his maker he became an environmentalist.

For years he pushed the Republican agenda and “drill baby, drill” crap.  He donated 3million dollars to the “swift vets and POWs for truth” attacking Bush’s rival, John Kerry, and 5million dollars total to 527 Republican groups since the 80’s.  All of these groups were very much against any environmental protection.  In fact George Bush wouldn’t even accept the fact that there is a climate crisis and global warming until it was force-fed to him this last year.  T. Boone contributed plenty to “W” in first running and for his second inauguration.

So for a guy who was technically a “pusher” of this drug we call oil and made us dependent on it for years, is now the advocate of us quitting the drug.  It is like the dope head entertainers who come out “against drugs”.  But then again what’s new in this hypocritical society?

He, “T” Bob, is pushing for natural gas and keeps talking about using our own oil here in America.  They are all jumping on this band wagon wanting to push for own oil and natural gas in this country.  No one is asking them the question that are the oil companies willing and ready to pay the salaries of a US oil worker who draws salaries in the $60-$100 per hour versus the salary of a foreign worker, which is probably in the neighborhood of $10-$20 per hour.  I’m not sure about the correct figures, but we know that an American oil worker is going to demand much higher salary than a non-American.

Is it going to cost the same to pump oil on American soil as aborad? Will there be much less profit for the oil companies?  I think we know the answer.

As far as natural gas, will the oil companies benefit more from raising and lowering the oil prices, thus increasing the gasoline prices, or do they want to pump for liquid natural gas and sell it for a measly $1.40 a gallon and have us fill up a lot less often than gasoline?

We are kidding ourselves in believing that oil companies are interested in anything but their profits and disconcern about the environment.  We are also kidding ourselves in believing that old, senile men like T. Boone have woken up from a 79-year-old deep sleep, rolling in the oil they push into our veins and want to fix things now.

I am tired of this crap being forced down my throat when I know it is bull patties.  Oil companies make more money when they drill in the land where my father and his father came from than where their own fathers came.  They rape lands in the Middle East and Eastern Europe, get the oil out for a fraction of what it is worth and destroy what they need in the midst of their run.
So, T. Bo, just hush up and enjoy yer “retarr-ment”, crazy old fart.


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by hamidbak on

Thank you for defending the truth. 



by Anonymously (not verified) on

Perhaps that should be your title...

Where did Canada come into this? What's "tripe"?

Are you talking about the same US oil companies who wipe out a whole rain forest in Brazil to dig for oil or destroy communities, kill villagers and change governments to dig for oil? They pay equally for oil workers everywhere in the world ha?

Were you looking in the mirror when you said "idiotic"?

By the way it's nobody "owes" you anything not "ownes". And yes, they do owe us, a lot.


That is such an idiotic

by Anonymous2222 (not verified) on

That is such an idiotic statement: "We are kidding ourselves in believing that oil companies are interested in anything but their profits".

With regards to your other silly questions, US companies will pay the going rate in the same manner that they pay the Canadian oil workers. It is simply a matter of economics.

In case you forgot you live in a Capitalist society. Nobody ownes you anything.

This is just tripe, why waste bandwidht?