Bidding for Biden

Dealing with Iran and the next democratic Vice Presidential candidate


Bidding for Biden
by Goudarz Eghtedari

By the time you read this article, you might have already heard who the actual VP is on the Senator Obama’s ticket. And I'll bet a dollar to a doughnut tonight that there is a good chance that my phone will ring early morning on Wednesday, like two million other phones to say that Joe Biden is the presumptive Democratic nominee for the Vice Presidency of the United States of America. As an American with Iranian ethnicity, who like many others has followed the US’s foreign policy toward Iran in the past decades I can say Joe is the best choice.

This judgment is not only based on the fact that Senator Biden has foreign policy experience as the chair of the Senate’s Foreign Affairs Committee, but also because of his unmatched actions and interest in opening up with Iran. During the past many years and all the way from the Clinton era, Joe Biden with Chuck Hagel were the only senators who were open to discuss foreign policy issues about Iran without chewing on what was given to them by AIPAC and later the Bush’s numerous neoconservative think tanks.

To know about Joe Biden’s record when dealing with Iran, nothing is better than to go right into the heart of neoconservatives and war mongers. For example Jerome Corsi, in his 2005 book "Atomic Iran," contends that Biden should be assessed in the context of his "long track record of appeasement and double talk on the Iran nuclear risk." "The mullahs have known that Biden is their No. 1 go-to guy in the Senate whenever they want their bidding done to fool the American people," Corsi charges. He continues to say that "He's being played for a fool and doesn't recognize that conciliatory strategy failed in North Korea, and it's going to fail here again."

Three years later, it is a well known fact that Bush’s reborn administration negotiated with North Koreans in order to resolve their issues. Today North Korea is off the terrorist list and all the nine yards. Jerome Corsi however is the person now being interviewed on every FOX show and every conservative radio program promoting his swift boating book about Senator Obama.

In a speech before an event sponsored by American Iranian Council in March 2002, Biden gave his prescription for U.S.-Iran relations. The address, later entered into the Congressional Record, offered a five-step program for U.S. policy to improve relations with Iran. Biden said the United States should allow non-governmental organizations to support a range of civil society and democracy building activities in Iran; continue to work with Tehran on matters of mutual interest; should go along with Iran's bid to join the World Trade Organization; should work to "indirectly assist" the Tehran regime in the fields of refugees and anti-narcotics efforts; and should encourage citizen exchanges with Iran.

Back in 2004, Biden held a high-level, 90-minute meeting with Iranian Foreign Minister Kamal Kharrazi, which took place during the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. The U.S. has had no official meeting with Iran at that level since the 1979 Islamic Revolution. Of that unprecedented meeting IRNA, the state Iranian news agency, reported Biden "stressed the importance of Iran and the role which it can play in the sensitive and volatile region" and said "he hoped the existing problems between the Islamic Republic of Iran and America would be removed someday." After expressing concern about Tehran's nuclear intentions, Biden reportedly told Kharrazi he also is urging his own government to rethink its positions. "You have to grow up, and my administration has to grow up, with all due respect, and find out if there is any common ground," the senator said. "We are on the course of unintended consequences." Biden criticized Bush's unwillingness to rule out an armed response, according to the report.

Today these words seem very reasonable and not too controversial, but back in 2004 it required a whole lot more guts.

Early in 2005, Biden was cited by Boston Globe columnist Greenway, who wrote that President Bush's rhetoric about freedom and specific references to Iran is making people wonder if Tehran will be the next target, after Iraq. Iran's historical nightmare is foreign intervention he asserted, whether it be by the Soviets and British in the past, or the American coup against a democratically elected government in the 1950s. With American armies on their borders in Afghanistan and Iraq, and with Bush calling them part of an ''axis of evil," some believe that nuclear weapons have become an emotional necessity for Iranians. "Senator Joseph Biden said that even if Iran was a full democracy like India, it would want nuclear capability, like India. What the world needed to address was Iran's emotional needs, he said, with a nonaggression pact."

The columnist added that the U.S. and Europe might not succeed in preventing an Iranian nuclear bomb "unless they are willing to address Iran's nightmares and guarantee its safety. But that runs contrary to the reigning theology in Washington that divides the world into good and evil, and believes in the benefits of using force."

In February of 2005 right when the Iran-EU negotiations had reached a stalemate, Biden said the Bush administration, which says it does not rule out any option to stop Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons, had to be willing to sign on to a "genuine nonaggression pact." "This is a case where we're remaining to sit on the sidelines," Biden said. "The three European countries that are negotiating with the Iranians are saying, 'Look, we've got to get in the deal with them. We can't just sit on the sidelines."'

He criticized Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice for saying the U.S. might not sign on to a deal even if Iran promised to eschew missiles and nuclear weapons in a verifiable way. Shortly after those comments Iran and EU stopped the negotiations and few months later when Khatami was ready to transfer the office to Ahmadinejad, Iranian party started the Uranium Enrichment activities.

Later in December of last year, in a blog on Huffington Post Joe Biden wrote: “War with Iran is not just a bad option. It would be a disaster. We're talking about a country with nearly three times the population of Iraq - 70 million people - and infinitely more problems waiting for us if we attack. The regime is unpopular, but it has millions of fervent supporters it will mobilize for war. If you thought going to war with Iraq would be a "cakewalk" maybe that wouldn't deter you. But if you are a part of the reality-based community, it should – “

He continued eloquently to say: “It is precisely because the consequences of war - intended or otherwise - can be so profound and complicated that our Founding Fathers vested in Congress, not the President, the power to initiate war, except to repel an imminent attack on the United States or its citizens. They reasoned that requiring the President to come to Congress first would slow things down... allow for more careful decision making before sending Americans to fight and die... and ensure broader public support."

Senator added "The Founding Fathers were, as in most things, profoundly right. That's why I want to be very clear: if the President takes us to war with Iran without Congressional approval, I will call for his impeachment. I do not say this lightly or to be provocative. I am dead serious. I have chaired the Senate Judiciary Committee. I still teach constitutional law. I've consulted with some of our leading constitutional scholars. The Constitution is clear. And so am I."

Biden concluded: "I'm saying this now to put the administration on notice and hopefully to deter the President from taking unilateral action in the last year of his administration. If war is warranted with a nation of 70 million people, it warrants coming to Congress and the American people first.“

I really hope that tomorrow I wake up with that text message!


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Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

If necessary, I will pull each and every one of your comments and repost them in a separate blog, in order for the truth to be told about you once and for all. There are those with much shorter memories than myself, who might get a big kick out it.

You lack a fundamental knowledge of various forms of government, including the very one you happen to live under. On one hand, it's comical, and on the other hand it's pathetic to see you act the fool and not realize the degree of embarassment you are causing yourself because of your lack of knowledge. In this country, with its system of free public education, there's frankly no excuse for the ignorance you display with such pride.

You don't like monarchies? That's great. No one says you should. But frankly, anyone who advocates the legalization of drugs and prostitution as you do and for the reason that you do can hardly be taken with any degree of seriousness whatsoever. My paper cut analogy that you render as nonsense proves my point about you beyond any shadow of a doubt.

Something seems to prevent you from being able to discuss any subject without resorting to cliches and statements that quite simply are ridiculous and are not relevant to a given subject. If this is indeed a genuine affliction, you should seek assistance to alleviate this.


To make it simple

by John Carpenter III (not verified) on

I never promoted the IRI. I just said the IRI is better than any sort of monarchy.

The IRI is not a perfect government.

If my form of government was implemented in Iran there would be no IRI.

As I said, Prostitution and drugs should be legal in Iran. This will decrease the amount of people in prison in Iran.

And Iran should have a government like the US.

That's all.

Any type of Monarchy is wrong for Iran.

What is this about paper cuts? nonsense.

Kaveh Nouraee

No, Carpenter. I Am Bringing You BACK to Reality

by Kaveh Nouraee on

Your first sentence is quite amusing, considering how you invariably impart your pro-IRI/anti-monarchy stance and never comment on the subject matter of any issue contained in a thread, regardless of its relevance to the subject at hand.

You have claimed Amsterdam to be a country and a democratic republic at that, when it is in fact the capital city of a parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy.

As far as your assertion that drugs and prostitution should be legalized in Iran in order to reduce prison populations, that's clearly indicative of your total lack of personal values. I suppose you are also an advocate of amputation of a limb in the case of a paper cut or an ingrown nail.

How do you reconcile the advocacy of legalizing drugs and prostitution with your avowed love for the Islamic Republic?

Additionally , Mr. Carpenter, the form of government in the United States is a Federal Republic, not a democratic republic.

My final question is: Are you for real or is this your idea of a joke?


Kaveh Nouraee distorts reality

by John Carpenter III (not verified) on

We are talking about issues not nonsense.

Kaveh Nouraee distorts reality.

I have said that the social freedoms of Amsterdam if they could be established on a country level would be a plus to Iran. In stating such, I mean that drugs and prostitution should be legalized in Iran. Less people would be in jail.

As for the type of government for Iran, it would be a democratic repubblic, like the United States.

Monarchy in any form is wrong for Iran. I would question anyone who wants a monarchy as a future government for Iran.

Anyhow, monarchy for Iran is impossible. There was talk of monarchy in Iraq after the fall of Saddam in Iraq. The cousin of the King of Jordan was the candidate for king of Iraq. The US prevented that act.

US intervention, thank God, will prevent the re-emergence of any type of monarchy in Iran.

As for Obama, wasn't the convention's first day great or what?

Check out this article:


As for the comment about Obama's middle name, that was just plain stupid and I will not comment on such idiocy. Grow up Kaveh.

Kaveh Nouraee

Anonymous Observer

by Kaveh Nouraee on

No, Carpenter is not from this planet.

He comes from an alternate universe, where Amsterdam is a country and not a city in Holland.

Where Holland is not a constitutional monarchy but a democratic republic that Iran should aspire to be emulate.

He sees reality the way you and I and normal people see things when you look in one of those carnival mirrors that warp everything.

He night even support Obama because of his middle name, thinking that Americans should vote for Imam Hossein.



The Overall picture

by John Carpenter III (not verified) on

the overall picture says otherwise. Who in his right mind would want 4 more years of the Bush policy? Gasoline prices will hit $10 a gallon and that is for regular unleaded gasoline. It is time for change. A democrat must enter the white house. It is the only way to make the US great again.


John Carpenter - Are You From This Planet?

by Anonymous Observer (not verified) on

What are you talking about?!!! Obama was actually ahead in the polls by a few points before he selected Biden. But after selecting him, McCain tied him the polls. Here's the link:


oof...this guy is killing us...


News media already show Obama and Biden ahead in Polls

by John Carpenter III (not verified) on

It is great to hear that Obama and Biden are the Democratic ticket. No matter who McCain choses, he will lose. In the end, it will be the best for all. And why not? God bless America.

Kaveh Nouraee

Hey Fido

by Kaveh Nouraee on

Personal limited knowledge? You are obviously a Democrat. You presume to think that you know better than I do.

News Flash: You don't know jack.

You clearly don't have even the slightest clue as to my background or knowledge on the subject. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt this one time, but don't let it happen again.

Joe Biden is hardly a proponent for change. He is, in fact, a proponent as well as an enthusiastic subscriber and adherent to the Democratic Party status quo.

I am not going to go into detail here, as I have already made my position concerning the Democratic Party Platform quite clear. And it has nothing to do with abortion, or gay rights.

Being that you are a poodle, you should know better than to snap at your master like that.

Now behave before I hit you on your cold wet nose with a rolled up newspaper.  :)


Kaveh Nourane

by Left lap poodle (not verified) on

Biden IS a proponent for change. Haven't you been listening or reading the news? Or are you just using your own personal limited knowledge to make the claim that Biden is NOT an agent of change? Read his bio properly.

If you look at his tenure in Senate you'll see that he has been consistent in his views as far as going with the flow is concerned. Something that it is hard for many to do. They preach it but don't do it.

Not everything is a simple throw rug carpet. Then again use your judgement and I am sure it will be different than mine. Just like you voted for Bush twice and I didn't.

Kaveh Nouraee

By A Democrat

by Kaveh Nouraee on

Who is badmouthing Joe Biden? If you want to participate in a debate, then participate without having to resort to nonsense.

As far as "there goes change", I'm pointing out the fact that Barack Obama has chosen Joe Biden, a longtime member of Capitol Hill, as his running mate. A choice which effectively nullifies the core of his candidacy platform.

Obama has been marketing himself as a proponent for change. He has been pitching himself as a candidate with a fresh perspective on the issues, and as someone who can orchestrate actual fundamental change in Washington.

(Absolutely impossible and hopelessly naive, but a nice thought nonetheless).

The choice of Biden underscores the fact that Obama the candidate (and if elected, Obama the president) is under the thumb of the Democratic Party Machine.

He might as well be a Muppet.

At least The Democratic Party (oops, I meant Obama) didn't pick Hillary Clinton.



Ali1 - Iranians Falling In Love With Obama

by Anonymous Observer (not verified) on

You raised the point of Iranians tripping over each other to support Obama. First, as a life long Democrat, I can assure you that Obama will NOT be lected this fall. Middle America is not yet ready for a black President, espacially one with a Muslim middle name. Regardless on how much you want to ignore this obvious fact, it is the reality of the situation.

Second, It's funny how Iranians are flocking to Obama. Back in the early 1990's and again in 2000 when I volunteered for President Clinto and Al Gore's campaigns, every Iranian that I met chastised me for doing so because they claimed that the Democrats were too close to the "Jewish lobby" and Israel. They were all under the mistaken understanding that the Republican Party was still the same Republican Party of 30 years earlier. I guess my reponse to them that if you think that Israel now has influence in the US government, wait till the Republicans take over actually came through.

Now all the buzz is about Obama....becuase they think that if Obama is elected, all of a sudden everything is going to be honky dory, there will be a U.S. embassy opened in Tehran immediately, they can have their relatives get visas to come visit them, they can do business with Iran, Obama will tell Israel to stop its threats, etc....Well, I have news for you, IT AIN'T GOING TO HAPPEN!! Even in the unlikely event that Obama is elected, U.S. foreign policy will NOT change dramatically. There are just too many interests involved to allow a drastic change. A tweak here and there, sure, but a noticeable change, no way...

So, cool your jets about Mr. Obama...he is not the Messiah that you think he is....


good luck lefties....

by ali1 (not verified) on

I find it scary to see how many so called iranians- or those who pretend to love iran- would actually think an obama/biden ticket is actually positive????
biden has repeatedly pushed for "talks" with the mullahs and obama has carter's foreign policy advisor as his own!!!
now it's interesting to think what these guys want to accomplish by talking to the akhoonds??? does anyone in their right mind actually believe that the mullahs are going to all of the sudden stop arming hezbollah, or chasing nukes????
the lefties can keep dreaming, but it's gonna be MCCAIN/ROMENY in the white house in jan 09- I bet a soltani on that one!!LOL


thank god for zionism!

by bidenisgood (not verified) on

Does saying "I'm a militant Khomeinist Islamists" really matter?

Those of us who are familiar with the state of sorry affairs in the Islamic Republic election process know very well you wouldn't get beyond an elected position in the equivalent of something like the Jamakaran chah without publicly and loudly announcing, several times a year, "DEATH TO AMERICA", "DEATH TO ISRAEL" and move on. Having Islamofascist credentials is a box which MUST be checked when you're being "vetted".


it's even funnier

by democrat- (not verified) on

it's even funnier when Bush/Cheney supporters call anyone else a corrupt politician :-)
so entertaining to see how much you guys have in common with the likes of Jaleh0 and shining head on this website.
Go ahead and bash Biden, it only makes more sense to vote for Obama/Biden considering the panic we see from the GWB/IRI supporters.

programmer craig


by programmer craig on

It's really fun to watch all you republicans and McCain supporters come in here and badmouth Biden!

I'm sure no Obama supporter has ever badmouthed McCain on this webiste! lol.

I've been badmouthing Biden since 1989. Some of the commenters on this webiste probably weren't even born yet in 1989. Surely you are not trying to shut anyone up? In my opinion, Biden represents everything that is WRONG with American politics. And that is a subject that comes up quite frequently on so I feel it is quite relevant to point out that some of the people who are praising Biden in this thread have attacked the corrupt American political system quite aggressively in the past. Corrupt and dishonest politicians are OK now? Really?


It's fun to watch

by a democrat (not verified) on

It's really fun to watch all you republicans and McCain supporters come in here and badmouth Biden!
If he's the wrong man and he's going to cost Obama the election then why are you so frustrated? if it looks like the "change" is not happening, why do you care? if you had wanted change you would have at least pretended to support Obama, now you're crying there goes the change? LOL
you guys are too funny!

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

So much for "change".



Does saying "I'm a Zionist" really matter?

by Shadooneh (not verified) on

Those of us who are familiar with the state of sorry affairs in the US electoral process know very well you wouldn't get beyond an elected position in the equivalent of something like the California Prune Board without publicly and loudly announcing, several times a year, "ich bin ein Zionist" and move on. Having Zionist credentials is a box which MUST be checked when you're being "vetted". Biden was just doing the "right thing". I fully support his role as Obama's running mate.


Ali, are you saying Cheney-Bush policies were helping Iran...

by Shadooneh (not verified) on

and hurting the "akhoonds"?!!! I would not even consider McCain-X to be elected as the dog-catcher-in-chief. Your rants about the Carter, Brzezinski (whose name you can't spell correctly), etc. reveal your right wing GOP bias coupled by some unsubstantiated charges. To top it off you have the nerve to shout your baseless and worthless prediction (in caps) as if you knew what you're talking about. Opponents like you give me hope. The pendulum is obviously swinging towards more rational people and away from the unsound. But I'd like you to know that I feel your pain, buddy.



by ali1348 (not verified) on

right about now, rafsanjani, khamenenie, and the rest of the akhoond thugs are toasting champagne in their fortified mansions! THIS IS THEIR DREAM TICKET!
obama + biden + brezynski + other morons who helped usher in the mullahs in the first place= disaster for iran, but paradise for the akhoonds.
like someone stated earlier, biden has some serious fishy ties with the brits and he has always tried very hard to legitimize these mullahs by sitting down and talking to them as if they were rational human beings! GIVE ME A BREAK!!
the string of gaffes that started with carter- who grilled the shah for being a monster- will continue if these guys are elected(which I seriously doubt)
where is carter and brezynski now to defend the 60000 political prisoners being tortured in the mullahs' dungeons????where were they when khomeini ordered 6500 young prisoner to be massacred in 1988???

Asghar Taragheh

Goudarz- Looks like you had it Right!

by Asghar Taragheh on

To be honest, when I saw your post a couple of days ago, I though you were dead wrong. I am watching CNN now and everyone thinks its Biden. Good Job!

Now, can you tell me which stock to buy on Monday? :))))





by Roshanbeen (not verified) on

Republicans do not like socialist governments who distribute the wealth as fair as possible among ordinary citizens, provide social services for needy. But when government using tax payers money(social money) bails out republican favorite corporations i.e Bear Stern, CitiGroup, Enron and.... alot more costlier than providing universal health care and making life more managable for working class, none of republican object they keep quite.Only people who grumble are ordinary working people whom voice no one hears.


Biden's Great Grandfather Was An Iraqi Jew

by Sadaia_qesa on


March 28, 2007 



Who Cares If Biden Is Jewish?

Biden is a Zionist fanatic, and he sends your kids to die in Iraq.

The Israeli fanatic American Zionist Senator Joseph Biden insisted to vote in Babylon (Not the Green Zone) in remembrance of his great grandfathers’ exile in Iraq. Unfortunately, he does not have any official Iraqi document to prove that he ascended from Iraqi Jewry, but he relied on his Torah to validate his claim to the Iraqi election committee (//

I am a Zionist. You don't have to be a Jew to be a Zionist. 

Joe Biden: "I am a Zionist"


programmer craig


by programmer craig on

Instead of having a number of welfare recipients abuse the system, the
republicans would just let all the poor roam about the streets
homeless, hungry and penny-less.

Welfare abuse was the most rampant during the 1980s. Homelessness was also at the highest levels in US history during the 1980s. You are connecting dots that don't exist. And by the way, welfare reform is something Bill Clinton likes to take credit for. Bill Clinton is and was a democrat.



why should those who earn more pay more taxes!!???

by alis (not verified) on

see, the problem with democrats is that, like kaveh said perfectly, they want to tax the heck out of "rich" people and give to the poor.
why does someone who earn 200 or 300Gs per year have to pay more tax than someone who earn 10G per year???
how do u justify this?? for me, someone who has worked very hard by spending 8 or 10 years in college to get a professional degree while others chose NOT to study and took the easy way out deserves EVERY PENNY he/she earns.
In this country, if you have ambition and "poshtekar" you can become very successful.
of course, this may be generic example, but the point is that people that "live off the system" should go get a job or a degree like others and try to become successful.
I have seem many many individuals who come in to the grocery store with food stamps and 7 kids, and gold chains around their necks to get 400 bucks worth of groceries for free!!!
bottom line, there should be a flat tax rate of 10%....if you earn more, you pay more....
that's my take on it

Kaveh Nouraee

IRANdokht my dear

by Kaveh Nouraee on

These social programs have been in place for years. Decades even. They are beyond broken. If you owned a car or other merchandise that constantly broke down, never functioned as designed and bled your pockets dry you would get rid of it, wouldn't you? They have lemon laws for such cars, but we are still forced to put up with a system that is defective to the core.

The system is designed in a way that is ripe for abuse. And that abuse takes away from those who truly have a need and can benefit from its intended purpose. The abuse has become the accepted norm.

You are absolutely right about the lack of after-care for war veterans. The Veterans Administration is another broken down disaster.

GWB blew it. I'll be the first to admit it. But it's not about him as much as it is the ideology. And even GWB has strayed from the ideology.

My position on taxes is that people shouldn't be penalized by paying a higher percentage because of their incomes. Personally I prefer a flat tax rate. Everyone pays an equal proportion.

Like I said, the GOP isn't firing on all cylinders lately either.

Oh, by the way.....I doubt I could make you do anything. First thing I'd do if that was possible would be to admit the Democrats suck!!



Kaveh jan

by IRANdokht on

Obviously you're a republican and you will not support a democrat in the office.

I am only going to mention some of the points you made and the so-called problems you stated. This article is about Joe Biden's qualifications for the Democratic VP position and I don't want to side track.

I haven't seen a republican alternative to the social programs that admittedly do not work well yet. Instead of having a number of welfare recipients abuse the system, the republicans would just let all the poor roam about the streets homeless, hungry and penny-less. They are not even giving proper health care to the survivors of the young group of people they sent to war! They do not believe in subsidized housing, food stamps, social security and assistance for the elderly and disabled, medicare, state regulated student loans or anything that would benefit people who need assistance. They don't even like to increase the minumum wage to help the honest hard working people.

The Republicans believe in small government only when the people need their help. Otherwise they're running the biggest and strongest government in years. GWB grew the government by adding new offices (NSA, Homeland security etc) and increased the Pentagon and CIA budgets, made spying on people and torture acceptable means for the government to acquire data etc...

The republican style of small government is only in the ways these PUBLICLY ELECTED OFFICIALS deny helping the public and yes the private matters like abortion or gay marriage... they don't like to be small in those areas...

Anyway, if you have a problem with democrats, their social programs and tax cuts only for people who own less than 200G a year, then you must be heading towards owning your 4th or 5th home and you just may want to enjoy the tax breaks for the wealthy and the tax loopholes for yaught owners...

if not, then maybe you should reconsider giving those who are enjoying the tax breaks such a free ride.

ok I really didn't mean to side track this article but you made me!





by ali1348 (not verified) on

you are one seriously misinformed dude! to say it's funny that you call yourself american- personally, even though I have been here for 25 years, I still consider myself iranian only.
any person who is hoping obama wins the election has no clue that the mullahs will basically be guaranteed another fifty years- to rape, pillage, and oppress our people. on top of that, this guy is hoping that biden gets the vp nod! it seems you are wishing for carter's second term- which started this whole mess in the first place-
why do want to legitimize these brutal mullahs who hang people from cranes, stone women, and have been stealing our country's wealth for 30 years??
you think if you sit down and talk to them they are going to stop arming hezbollah??or hold free elections????
wake up people, khomeini forced his brutal, backward philosphy down the throats of iranians- the akhoonds are no more legitimate than any other dictatorship-
people who advocate "talking and negotiating" with a bunch of murderers, thieves, and rapists are simply ignorant and their philosphy will only prolong the suffering of our people.
may god free iran in 2008

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

It's not so much that I think McCain is better, as much as I think Obama is worse.

Obama has very little experience at the national level and honestly zero experience on an international level. When it comes to running a company or an entire country of 300 million, there's something to be said for having experience.

Take the IRI as the perfect example. 70 million people under the "care" of a collecton of idiots who lack even a shred of managerial experience. They couldn't even balance a checkbook if they had 5 dollars in the bank.

Now, I'm not one of those who say that McCain was a POW therefore he has experience. That's a lame argument from anyone who uses it. He does however have more experience than Obama on many levels.

My main opposition to Obama has to do with the Democratic Party in general. I know you are a "liberal", and on a social level, I'm very liberal as well. Live and let live. What people do with their own lives, especially in private is none of my concern, so long as no one else is affected.

But for a bunch of people who call themselves liberals, they are in fact a large collection of micromanaging hypocrites. Their symbol is appropriately the donkey because they believe their constituents to be a bunch of jackasses who don't know any better and need their so-called "leaders" to tell them what to do and how to live their lives.

With the Democrats, personal accountability is non-existent. The myriad social programs they created over they years have done absolutely nothing to create a real solution for anything that afflicts the very people the Democrats claim to represent.

Example: Welfare is a total failure. There is no incentive for anyone on welfare to get up off their butts and get a job.

The Democratic Party's answer for eveything is more taxes. Tax the rich and give it to the poor. I'm sorry, but the story of Robin Hood is a work of fiction and the Democrats think it's a "how-to" documentary.

The Democrats orchestrated Obama's ascent to where he is right now. Hillary Clinton never stood a chance because she has burned so many bridges in Washington she is as hated as she is liked. Obama will be nothing but the mouthpiece for his party's greater agenda, which is bigger government, more useless social programs that have no hope for success and increased taxes on the middle and higher incomes, that will only succeed in keeping money OUT of the free market economy, which is the LAST thing anyone needs.

You know, I'd like to be rich enough to afford so many houses and forget how many I have. Deep down, a lot of people would like that.