Are you Persian?

Growing pains that accompany becoming part of society outside Iran


by hossein.hosseini

Are you Persian? Asked the lady bank teller with dyed blond hair and otherwise very Iranian complexion. I answered “Baale Khanoom, Haletoon Khoobeh?”. Other times I have been asked “Are you Iranian?” It kind of dawned on me that as Iranians living in America, we might be facing an ‘identity’ crisis. Are we Persians, Iranians, Iranian Americans, Persian Americans, or Americans? I have seen all variations used many times. With our beloved homeland country Iran being in the news so often and almost always negatively, perhaps we want to somehow disassociate our selves from anything Iranian thus referring to ourselves as Persians or Persian Americans.

How we got to this point might not seem obvious to all, but in a nutshell we have an image problem. Most ordinary Americans know very little of ancient Persia's proud and cultured history, but they've heard a lot about Iran's radical leaders and nuclear ambitions. Things were ok up until a few years ago when events in the United States and abroad begun to crash in on our adopted homeland. The terrorist attacks of New York and Washington, election of Ahmadinejad in Iran and his provocative speeches, and President Bush labeling Iran part of an "axis of evil" with Iraq and North Korea made being Iranian in America seem so difficult. As a result, many of us Iranians who had long viewed ourselves as respected, assimilated Americans began to feel the heat of hostility. So when it came down to it, some felt we are not exactly cradle of civilization; rather axis of evil. So we decided to introduce ourselves as “Persians” as well as “Persian Americans” and the creation of heated disputes in the exile community that we cannot even agree on whether to call ourselves Persian or Iranian.

If you think this is confusing consider the fact that there is even a dispute on the country’s name change in1935 from “Persia” to “Iran”. According to Wikipedia, the name "Persia" until 1935 was the "official" name of Iran in the Western world, but Persian people inside their country since the Sassanid period (226–651 A.D.) have called it "Iran" meaning "the land of Aryans". In 1935 Reza Shah asked foreign countries to use "Iran" in other languages as well. Some believe he made this decision in order to be closer to Germany, by trying to emphasize the Aryan connection between Hitler's idealistic German Aryan race and the Persian Aryan race, given that "Iran" means "land of Aryans", at a time where the German empire was slowly becoming an unstoppable superpower.

Then there are others who believed he changed "Persia" to "Iran" to present a new and modern face of the country in the world. During World War II, Winston Churchill ordered that the name "Persia" be used in all British government documents to avoid confusion. Interestingly in 1959 Mohammad Reza Shah announced that both "Persia" and "Iran" could officially be used interchangeably. Now both terms are common; "Persia" mostly for historical and cultural texts, "Iran" mostly for political texts. In modern times, many of those exiled or alienated by the post-revolution Iranian government often refer to themselves as Persians. This is done to distance themselves from the current government of Iran.

Just like any other immigrant community, we have also experienced and continue to experience the growing pains that accompany becoming part of this society. Many communities have struggled to define themselves. There are those who define themselves as Mexicans, Hispanic, and Latino -- and yet their grandparents all emigrated from Mexico. All these terms in my mind function as symbols of identity and in some ways can serve as a glimpse into a person's worldview. I still have a difficult time understanding the fixation of some Iranians living in America with identifying themselves as 'Persian.' The name is obviously attractive and desirable for many reasons and there are those, mostly in the Monarchist camp, for whom it can be a way to associate with a period of Iranian history that many see as a Golden Age and symbol of our importance and power in the world.

For some, being 'Persian' maybe a way to help some clueless Americans distinguish between Arab and non-Arab peoples in the Middle East and that we aren't all the same 'over there.' Then again for the clueless and lay person, I submit it really does not matter. There is a segment that will always refer to “African Americans” as “blacks”, to Mexican Americans as “Mexicans” or “Latinos” and to Persian or Iranian Americans as “Eye-ranians”; you get the point. I can see that at times we sacrifice being 'Iranian' because being 'Persian' is easier, more glamorous, less painful and provocative in these hard times. Besides, being 'Persian' allows us to exist here without feeling bad or attracting unwanted attention. Please do not get me wrong, there are many great things that are associated with the word “Persia” and “Persian” the least of which is our proud history and civilization. Who can not accept that “Persian Rugs” are still the best in the world, that Persian Food is now well accepted here in America? I am only suggesting that the time has come for us, to accept the fact and start calling ourselves 'Iranian'. This might even force us to rethink our own role as a community and feel a greater sense of responsibility and attachment to a place we have become comfortable avoiding.

So finally who are we? The best scientific answer I could find for you was the result of a survey of Iranian Americans done by Iranian Studies Group at MIT in 2004. This is how we described ourselves: Iranian (44%), Persian (26%), Iranian American (13%), Persian American (5%), American (2%), and 10% said “Depends on the Situation”. The fact is that my generation might never settle the “Persian” vs. “Iranian” debate, but I think my children will. I am guessing that if someone asks my children where they are from, their answer might be “I am American of Iranian Descent”. If probed to explain their background and heritage, they should know enough about their parents ‘home’ country to explain the glory of Persia and the land it occupied in History. If all else failed, they might even show the pictures they took at Pasargad and the ruins of Persepolis last year when they visited their grand mother in Shiraz. Just remember, no matter who we think we are, we still love “Persian Food” adore “Persian Rugs” and at least among our own people we are “Iranians and proud of it”.


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I will always love my

by Secret (not verified) on

I will always love my brother and sisters in Iran regardless of what ethnicity they belong to.

Farsi should be the main language like English in the United States, but other languages should be allowed to flourish so that Iran becomes a great nation, harboring the beauty of its ancient peoples and provinces.


I support Ehsan

by Anonymous_mouse980 (not verified) on

"I agree with Ehsan-USA. We should free ourself from chauvinism.

Ehsan, I am blond and green-eyed like our Turkic ancestors, are you too?
Are you Ali Daei and Rezazadeh look alike or Ayatollah Musavi Ardabili look alike?

If you are like the third, I would love you more. I think Ali Daei and Rezazadeh are intrusive, somehow like the "fifth pillar". Specially Rezazadeh flatters Khamenei very much, so he should not be a Turk. I think Elham Aliyef is also not acceptable, but his father was.

You are right about Ayatollah Khamenei. He is Ashtiyani, not a Turk. These are my other discoveries which I can back them up with reliable references:

"Sheykh Mohammad Khiyabani" was from Mashhad (He wanted to rename our land to "Azadistan"!),
"Kasravi" was a jew (I think Ostad Pourpirar would also agree),
"Mir Hossein Musavi" is from Esfahan,
"Khalkhali" was from Tafresh.
"Saidi" the close friend of Ahmadinezhad is from Birjand.

I have more names if you and supportive viewers wish for."

___Ayatollah Musavi Ardebili (From Iranian Azerbaijan) is responsible for butchering many oppositions.

___To Kurdish-warrior (if you are really a Kurd): Most governmental officials in West Azerbaijan province are Azeris, while Kurds are the majority there. So quest for a part of your miseries (if any) where it is due.


Those jokes are a reality in

by Anon555777999 (not verified) on

Those jokes are a reality in Iran and that "donkey" thing that actually dates back to Ottoman empire and not Iran. The jokes are more told in Tehran and not the other parts of Iran. Unfortunately Ehsan_USA, along with his other lies (like UNESCO) wants to infer that only Persian speakers are the ones who tell those jokes. That is a blatant lie. A part of all ethnic groups in Tehran tell these jokes including Azeris themselves. A big part of Persian speakers don't tell, except a part of them who has a sense of humor. These are actually excuses for separatism.

Kurdish_warrior (if he is really a Kurd) and Ehsan_USA, at first need to settle their own issues first. In the unrests after the victory of the revolution in Naqadeh/Naghade, actually the Persian speakers were the ones who brought peace in there, otherwise some Kurds and some Azeris in the city might have ripped each other apart.

Ehsan_USA, I have a question if you are still around. How do you feel when you are in a gathering where all those present are blonds?


Mr Hossini : Persian vs Iranian identity

by Salar (not verified) on

If you are truly looking for answers I suggest you read the writings of Dr Ali Nadooshan on Iranian Identity. He gave a very fine and analytical speed about it in Ottawa university 2 years ago, 22 may of 2006 , if I recall correctly. The short answer to this reactionary behavior is that much like Iranians that lost power after arab invasion 1400 years ago and started building new culture and identity (from gnostic to esraghi identities and culture) to the Iranians of today under siege and powerless are reacting the only way they can to achieve the cultural superiority and identity that they deserve. That is building culture and new identities and some of it is digging up some old pride and identity as symbolized by the word Persia and Persian. Behind it lies a culture of power, order and Iranian freedom. Who wouldn’t want that? This may not give real power and freedom now but it gives us cultural superiority and freedom of the mind from the hostilities outside. People are the ones who build the culture and identity not the other way around. This is what our people subconsciously doing and desiring when they say I am Persian even though if they are ethnically and technically belong to other groups, which by the way historically can be argued their origins and culture is the same. Btw, this is happening inside iran even more than what you observe outside.

Arya Esraghi: I totally agree with you for the reasons you said and I mentioned above.


Muslim Identity

by Arya Eshraghi (not verified) on

When you say to somebody you are an Iranian, you also say you adhere and obey Islamic values, which in many cases is not true. This is because "Iran" is technically the "Islamic Republic of Iran", which I may add, has accomplished very little in any field. In fact, we seem to be on a downward trend, be it the government, or the lack of motivation to change. You would be tagged as anti-progressive by the culturally rounded people of America, which I will mention is very few of them, and for the rest, you will just be a turban wearing jihadist, because that is the image created by the media for the entire Middle East.

When we identify ourselves as Persian, we respecting our true heritage before oppression by a facio-islamic government. It is notable to mention how original Farsi, or actually Parsi, lacked an accusative way of indicating gender. There was no "He", or "She", there was just "oo" meaning you/him/her without discriminating on sex. We had gender equality, advanced culture, exceptional literary and poetic fluency and perhaps one of the greatest ancient empires. When we identify ourselves as Persian, we show to the more intelligent people our true selves and great former culture, and simply stay anonymous to the ones who think that Chile is a food.

Also don't argue with people who say, "HAHA the Spartans kicked your asses in 300", because with morons like those, when you argue, they first drag you down to their level, and then beat you with experience.


Anonymous88, Salam

by Mitra from khuzistan (not verified) on

Anonymous88, Salam Khorzemal
Be moe gosh koon, to ham persiani. Ema Sade o pak delim , ama gool nikhorim. Iran mal khomone choon ema Persianim. Deeh ham harfi nadarom see goftan.
I wish my Lori Bakhtiary was better!
I have never had any difficulties identifing, myself as a persian. Looking at Zagroos Mountains is enough for me to know ,who I am.

To Persis, my borther, Thank you for your kind words. I am very impressed by your knowledge of our motherland. So accurate and to the point. when I said zadi to Shakhehesh is true. I am so proud to be your sister.


Am I Iranian/Persian/Bakhtiari/???

by Anonymous88 (not verified) on

Now I'm starting to wonder what the heck issss my background (from Iran). How would I know?


We ALL "love Persian food"?

by Anonymous77 (not verified) on

I don't even like it and not too hot on rugs and carpets either. Neither am I proud of being Persian or Iranian. For one, I didn't choose to drop out of my mum's tummy in a specific geographical area of the globe.

Get over it.


To Ehsan-USA

by Anonymous20000000 (not verified) on

That is first time that I post my comment on this article and I have read all your comments! You use a very insulting language that shows either your immaturity or your weakness. Azeris history in Iran had their good sites and also their ugly sites. For example they Killed many Iranians (Persians) and forced them to accept an arab religion which destroyed their progressive culture. That was genocide against Persians and I hope you know what genocied is! Even today we see the result of this ugly crime in Iran and how IRI regime uses the barbaric Islamic law to continue the killing policy of safavid and Qajars. And also you are well aware of what the Qajars did to Iran and Iranians. Mohamad Qajar killed 1000s of Kermanies and blinded more than 40000 of them just in one day. He killed all members of the Zand dynasty, a group of 1000s of men, women and children. They also sold 1/3 of Iran to other countries.

To their contribution belongs defending Iran many times against the Turkish Army which saved Iran from turkification, there is no doubt about those heroic acts. You should know that Iran had more than 300 wars with turkish army (Turkey) in the last 1100 years, and each time our Azeris, your/my fathers and brothers defended Azerbaijan and kicked the turkish Army out of Iran. I don't understand if the Azerbaijaniez are in favor of Turks then why they fought them back each time when they attacked Iran? Wasn't because of the love for Iran and their patriatismus toward Iran and Iranians?
If you start insulting other people then you will recieve the same degree of disrespect and this is normal. All the people that you mentioned were Iranians and they used Persian language and practiced the Persian culture because we do not have any turkish people in Iran. Azeris are Iranians who their language is changed by Turkish-mongolic invadors. That is the only difference between Azeris and other Iranians and it does not make them less Iranian. Please think and act with logic. For your information I'm half Azeri and half Kozestany, but I consider myself as somebody who belongs to the Persian family which consists of all ethnicities living in Iran or Persia.


To Mirta

by Ehsan-USA (not verified) on

Mitra khanom. I respect your and your adopted identity. I know that Lori is related to Farsi but is different dialect and language. Persians are diferent than Lors. You have been simply assimmilated by Persians and that is not your fault.These Persians have been systematically trying to assimmilate us by means of humulation, opression and not letting us educated in our language and force their lanbguage upon us.
You better look up the word " Assimmilation" in a good dictionary and see what does it mean . You might change your mind.

Ba tashakorate faravan

Zende Bad Lorhaye Aziz , anyway ! many of Lors have been already assimmilated unfortunately ! you gotta wake up like Azeri Turks are waking up. This is 21 th century and they can not force their language on us anymore!


To Persis (shame On You)

by Ehsan-USA (not verified) on

Shame on you Persis!! You either are really stupid and do not know the contribuation of Azeri Turks to iranian civilazation and even Persian language or intentionally ignore it. I suppose when you say " unlike some ethnic groups that in the last 1400 years have done a lot of damage to our beloved country and its culture" you are refering to Turks? right?
Shame on you man! contribuation of Turks to Iranian culture and civilation is not comparable to Lors and other ethnics. with saying this you are disrespecting Nezami, Ghatrane Tabrizi , Saebe Tabrizi , Shahriar Parvine Etesami and , Molavi and many many others contributed to Persian literature and Shah Abbase Kabir(who united Iran and fought with his blood-brothers) , Sattarkhan , Bagher Khan (the two national hero) , Sheikh Mohamade Khiabani , Seghatol Eslam , Nader Shahe Afshar , Mohamad Taghi Khane Pesian and many many others.Actually these people are very great and are respected extremely by Azerbaycani and don't need respect and recognition from dumb-ass people like you . You are really a morron and Jooje Fashist and extremely Pan Fars that are in love with "romantic" Persian language and can not think logically .What Lors contribuation was? please wake up from your nice dreams and think logically and try not to have hatred to Turks becasue of your jealousness or historical Oghdeh.
Also arabs contribuated a lot to persian language and your llangauge empowered by borrowing words and expressions from arabic , you can see now 50 % of Farsi is arabic. also your poems and literaute is based on Arabic literaure(go and study , I am honestly saying the reality). I think there is no problem for a language to have words from other languages . Like Turkish has many words from diferent languages.

Yashasin Menim Gozel Azerbaycanim. Ana Dilim Olen degil Fars Diline Chonen degil


To Mitra, Banooyeh Persian

by Anonymous-persis (not verified) on

I love Lory people not only they are nice and very patriotic but also because they have a very clean record in Iran history (in regard of defending Iran, being loyal to Persia, their contribution to flourishing, sustaining and preserving Persian culture and heritage etc.) unlike some ethnic groups that in the last 1400 years have done a lot of damage to our beloved country and its culture.


Mitra from khuzistan

by sanazi on

with pleasure! We are here for each other! And we will never let anyone humiliate us. We ALL belong to one nation.


Zadin to Shakhesh! To all

by Mitra from khuzistan (not verified) on

Zadin to Shakhesh!
To all my Persian brothers and sisters
Beh tamami Baradarha va khaharhaye Iraniam,

Dorood bar hamagi Shomaha, I am proud of you.
Special thanks to:
Anonymous Persis, Anonymous 1234, Sanazi
If I missed someone, Please forgive me!

I have nothing but sisterly love for all
of you. Even for Kordish worrior, I always have consider kordish people another branch of Persian family.


Wait A minute! I am dokhtare

by Mitra from khuzistan (not verified) on

Wait A minute!

I am dokhtare Lore! Lori is a dialect of Persian Language. I wish I could speak it better! It is the sweetest dialect and it is easy for most persians to undersatand. I am proud to be a persian. I have always called my self a persian way before the revolution. It is not confusing to me at all. I get it. Persian is the name that covers many tribes and people of Iranian (Persia) plateau. We might have different names, because we come from different region ,but we all are persians. My Grandparents come from Shahrekord. We are all diffrent branches of the same tree.
Lore, Kord, Baluchi, Mazandarani, Gillaki, Even Azerbadeganis.
Lets fight the IRI, not ourselves


Unfortunately people like

by Anonymous1234 (not verified) on

Unfortunately people like Ehsan who are very gullible and do not know what is going on can easily be used. I wish this person puts away his emotionalism and studies these matters without bias.
Approximately 62 years ago when you and I were not born, the USSR was building separatist organizations
to help disintegrate Iran or get some oil concessions.
These sources speak for themselves so I do not need to comment more

Lets now fast forward:

Deputy Secretary of State Richard L. Armitage of the Bush Administration in 2004 states:
"Q: What about Iran?
A: Iran is much more difficult. There are some things internal to Iran that one has to look at. Demographics
are one. The Persians are almost a minority in their own country now -- they're like 52% or something.
There are many more Azeris in Tabriz than there are in Azerbaijan, just for the record. So that has an effect
over time of changing things."
Iran: A Tougher Nut than North Korea, September 7, 2004.

Seymour Hersh, the award winning journalist states:

"As of early winter, I was told by the government consultant with close ties to civilians in the Pentagon,
the units were also working with minority groups in Iran, including the Azeris, in the north,
the Baluchis, in the southeast, and the Kurds, in the northeast. The troops “are studying the terrain,
and giving away walking-around money to ethnic tribes, and recruiting scouts from local tribes and shepherds,”
the consultant said. One goal is to get “eyes on the ground”—quoting a line from “Othello,” he said,
“Give me the ocular proof.” The broader aim, the consultant said, is to “encourage ethnic tensions”
and undermine the regime."
(Seymour M. Hersh, the Iran Plan, The New Yorker, April 2006)

In her new book, Barbara Slavin states:
"US opponents of the Iranian government, such as Michael Ledeen,
have suggested that these minorities may be the key to overturning the regime.
Others doubt that ethnic unrest alone would trigger regime change.
..That has not kept the Bush administration from seeking to use Iranian minorities
to pressure the Tehran regime, or ethnic groups from asking for help from Washington.
Abadian said he had applied for US government funds to broadcast in Arabic into Khuzestan.
US officials have met frequently with Iranian Kurdish dissents in Iraqi Kurdistan and
are said to be encouraging them to step up insurgent acitivities on Iranian border.
ABC News reported in April 2007 that the Bush admnistration had been secretly aiding
the Baluch dissendent group, Jondollah, laundering funds through Europe"
(Barbara Slavin, Bitter Friends, Bosom Enemies: Iran, the U.S., and the Twisted Path to Confrontation,Macmillan,
2007. pg 165)

Scott Ritter, a well known political commentator states:
"Former United Nations weapons inspector Scott Ritter suggested in an article for Al Jazeera
last summer that the US military is setting up the infrastructure for an enormous military presence in
Azerbaijan that will be utilised for a land-based campaign designed to capture Tehran.
He believes CIA paramilitary operatives and US Special Forces are training Azerbaijani forces into special
force units capable of operating within Iran and mobilising the large Azeri ethnic minority within Iran."
(Simon Whelan, Bush courts Azerbaijani President as Part of Build-Up against Iran, Global Research, May 9, 2006)

The Sunday Telegraph in an article titled "US funds terror groups to sow chaos in Iran" on February 25, 2007, wrote:
“ In a move that reflects Washington's growing concern with the failure of diplomatic initiatives,
CIA officials are understood to be helping opposition militias among the numerous ethnic minority groups
clustered in Iran's border regions. The operations are controversial because they involve dealing with movements that resort to terrorist methods in pursuit of their grievances against the Iranian regime. Funding for their separatist causes comes directly from the CIA's classified budget but is now "no great secret", according to one former high-ranking CIA official in Washington who spoke anonymously to The Sunday Telegraph.
His claims were backed by Fred Burton, a former US state department counter-terrorism agent, who said: "The latest attacks inside Iran fall in line with US efforts to supply and train Iran 's ethnic minorities to destabilise the Iranian regime."
(William Lowther in Washington DC and Colin Freeman, Sunday Telegraph, 25/02/2007)

James Woolsey, former director of CIA:

"Woolsey : As we try, one hopes, over the next year or so to bring about a regime change without
needing to go to war, we should keep Iran’s imperial nature in mind. A bare majority of Persians rule restive minorities of Arabs, Azeris, Kurds, Baluch, and others. Just as we need to exploit the resistance to the regime among young people, reformers, and women, we also need to pay attention to its geographic and ethnic fissures - a large share of Iran’s oil, e g, is in the restive Arab-populated south."
(ContreInfo :: Débat sur l’Iran : James Woolsey, Tom McInerney and Ken Timmerman
In the article "Foreign plots and cockroaches in Iran"Iason Athanasiadis quotes a CIA operative:

(Thus destabilizing Iran's leadership through exploiting resentments felt by some of the groups making up the country's
complex ethnic mosaic has been an increasingly popular strategy in Washington over the past year.
And targeting the Azeris is not a new idea either. Writing in his seminal book Know Thine Enemy in the mid-1990s,
former CIA operative Reuel Marc Gerecht suggested that "Iranian Azerbaijan was rich in possibilities" for "covert
action mischief".
"Accessible through Turkey and ex-Soviet Azerbaijan, eyed already by nationalists in Baku, more westward-looking
than most [of] Iran, and economically going nowhere, Iran's richest agricultural province was an ideal CIA
[covert action] theater," Gerecht wrote. )

Pakistan May Turn Over U.S. 'Spies' to Iran
Iran Claims Jundullah Militants, Led by Abdel Malik Regi, Are 'Spies' for the CIA
ABC News
("The CIA has denied any direct ties with the group, but U.S. officials tell ABC News U.S. intelligence
officers frequently meet and advise Jundullah leaders, and current and former intelligence officers are
working to prevent the men from being sent to Iran. ")


To Reza_Tabrizi

by Ehsan-USA (not verified) on

You know Mr . Tabrizi , I have seen many lors that don't even respect their ethnicity , language and history. I know that they are different than Persian but related.But all the Lors I have seen , they don't know their language and speak always Persian and identify themselves Persian.That means easily get assimmilated. What you would think if an ethnic people get assimmilated and deny and insult their identity. I respect all languages , cultures and I believe Iran is beautiful with its plural ethnics and languages. And I think the reason for their assimmilation is Persian chovounism that promotes Persianism and denies and humulate other ethnics like Lors , Azeri Turks and Arabs.
I know Khamenee is from Khamenee , I have been to Khamene myself. But His parents migrated to Khameneh from Ashtian for business purposes. Ok! no problem he still can be considered Azeri since he was born there but the proble is that he dosn't consider himself an Azeri and he is much more worse than Persians to us. After 10 years of his birth he moved to Mashad and lived there many part of his life. So He Is Not Azeri Turk. Ok??

bir de ki senin turkce yazmagindan aydindir ki sen ya turk deyirsen ya da ki Khameene tekin bir adamsan ki bir az turkce basharisan ve ya da ki o mankurt turklerdensen ki assimmile olupsen ve avaz inke milletivin hakindan ve dilinden difa eliyesen , farslardan terefdarchiligin eliyesen.

Anyways, wish you the best menim tebrizli vatandashim.


thanks Anony...

by urstruly (not verified) on

Kinda get it! Thanks for taking the time. Tell you the truth, until this post, I had never heard of Azeri either.

Well, whatever.

I also hope some day we can all go to beautiful Iran and enjoy everything about it in peace.


Regarding your question

by Anony... (not verified) on


Iran and Persia are the names of a same ancient country. Iran to this day is also called and known as Persia in some countries (in their languages).

In 1935 the government of Iran requested that the official name of the country to be changed to Iran instead of Persia. Persia and Persians for many centuries this specific country (one of the few oldest in the world) and her people 9all of them) have been known as Perisa and Persians.

Those who look at the name of this country ethnically, or per the name of a region of the country, are looking at this name incorrectly (the name is under the context of the name of an entire nation and people and has been known by it for many hundreds of years).

There are those who also would like to create ethnic divisions among Iranians (usually fanatic racists, or foreigners trying to create division among Iranians and to weaken Iran). These are very active in Iranian-related internet sites.

As for country names, England as an example, majority are not Anglon ethnically, there are (ethnically) Saxons, a lot of Nords (the Vikings, who conquered the south and migrated since some 1000 years ago), etc. France, not all are Franks, etc.

In my opinion Iran, ethnically, is a rich and beautiful ancient nation.

My two cents


General Comment

by Reza_Tabrizi (not verified) on

As an Iranian Azeri/Azari ( pronounced exactly the same ) I just thought I should put in my two cents.

First of all, Iran's a diverse country, we have diversity but we also have commonalities. Mr. Ehsan says that lurs or whomever don't have anything to feel proud of that's why they call themselves persian. lol Mr. Ehsan does this mean if there were no such turkic people except Azari's that you would have nothing to feel proud of too?

The problem is when people feel overly-proud of themselves, what for? what is the purpose of it?

Well I'm Azari from northwest Iran, I like my culture from there and I like other Iranian's cultures. Stop trying to create differences when we all are quite similar overall.

We should be promoting regional cultures and languages, we're still Iranian!

Mr. Eshan, Khamenei is from Khamenah! it's a small town near Tabriz! that's where he gets the name from.

Zendeh baad Mardoom e Iran ..Yashasin insanlara Iran'dan va Allah Komak elasin hamisha


kurdish warrior

by sanazi on

I understand what u are saying. and there is nothing wrong w/ an ethnic Iranian group to be proud of their local language, history & heritage. I belong to an ethnic Iranian group myself, and a lot of times I refer to myself as Persian. As I said, Iran (or formerly known as Persia) has a history of harboring different ethnicities. and to this day, Iran is composed of different ethncities, all of which are closely related, THAT IS we are all relatives!

also, I know many armenians that go by as Persian Armenians or Iranian Armenians. And there is nothing wrong w/ that,,,to specify ur ethnic Iranian background. But, there is something wrong when some ppl feel superior to other Iranian ethnicities. and usually when they try to convince others that they are superior to other Iranian ethnicities, it is only because deep down inside they feel INFERIOR. We are all from the same roots and we are very closey related.


Dear sanazi

by Kurdish Warrior (not verified) on

I wish it was that simple that all Iranians call themselves Persians but the reality is that all Iranian groups are proud of their ethnicity, their mother language and culture and won't trade it with others.You never see an Iranian_armenian say I'm Persian..That wouldn't make sense. At the end of the day we are all Iranians whom are proud to of their country as well as their ethnicity. Hopefully one day we will have a democratic system in Iran where all Iranians live in peace with eachother and won't discuss these issues.


To Persis

by Ehsan-USA (not verified) on

I am not separatist and and don't like to be. But If you oppress my people that might be the only solution to get rid of you. I hate Persiasn Fascists that have no respect to other ethnic 's rights and see Iran as Persian country and can not understand that they only make up 50% of the poplulation. I am just worried about the possible inter-ethnic conflicts and possible seperation of Iran.You should change your attitude and the way you think. We should wait to see what is gonna happen.

Zende Bad Azarbayjan.



by Kurdish Warrior (not verified) on

I need help?? For what?? For expressing my opinion??? What you need is an anger management so that you can control your anger and emotions. I’m glad that I live in country where ignorant racist people like you have no political power in order to suppress others. As I said before I’m Iranian Kurd and I’m proud of that. I think you suffer from something called in Persian (oghdeh). I feel sorry for you. Instead of showing respect to your fellow Iranian you are good at creating tafraghe between us. However I’m have something that you don’t have…Tolerance…So I will ignore your racist comment.


ME2, you ask

by As is (not verified) on

ME2, you ask "... someone tell me why in this day and age I should be so proud?", that is of being Iranian.
Let me tell you this day and age will pass... as it has done in the thousands of years of history of the Iranian/Persian nation.
I imagine you MAY want to come back then and claim being Iranian again!!?
I do not want to start a debate here.
But I'd rather remain Iranian through thick and thin!


If you are NOT proud to be

by tt (not verified) on

If you are NOT proud to be
Iranian/Persian that's your loss!

................... C'est tout!


I'm not proud to be Iranian EITHER

by ME2 (not verified) on

What's there to be proud of? That we have a bunch of weird crappy people ruling the country and those Iranians abroad who never support each other or help each other?

Should I be proud of the Persian food? Or the "Persian" Rugs, or are they "Iranian" Rugs?

I never deny where I was born, but really someone tell me why in this day and age I should be so proud?



by Anonymous-persis (not verified) on

Finally you showed your real face and have introduced yourself as a separatist. I got you there where I wished to. I have to inform you that Lors, Mazandaraniz, Balocheis, and all others ethnic groups belong to a great country that is called Persia (Iran). Lors are Persians who have their own dialect, culture and like others are the people of Persia. The only people who do not belong to Persia are the traitors and separatists. And you should know that Iran has enuogh Emshie to get rid of them. It is good that you discuss all your problems and complexes on but the real help can come from a Psychologist. Anyway, If there were no fools in the world, all people would agree on everything.

Your life is like a grindstone, whether it grinds you down or polishes you depends on the stuff he is made of it, then work on the quality of your life and solve your problems with logic, wisdom and intellect, as always: good thoughts, good words and good deeds. Be the son of Persia (Iran), the country with a great history and progressive culture.
That is my last comment, please do yourself a favor, go back and read all my comments again and try to think about all facts in a logical way.
P.S. I like to see that you ends your comment with a Yashasin Persia (Iran).


I am not proud of being Iranian

by Ehsan-USA (not verified) on

Mr Hosseini
I highly respect your opinion and the fact that you said Iran is for all ethnics not Persians. But As an Azeri turk I am not proud of being Iranian anymore. The reason is that in Iran , my language , my culture my heritage is ignored and people are oppressed by fascists. I hope you understand me.

Best regards


To Persis

by Ehsan-USA (not verified) on

Dream on Mr Persis. You know that people of Azerbaycan call themselves Turk and identify themselves as Azerbayjani. or may be Iranian Azerbaycani and they never say they are Persian.It sounds very stupid to say this. I have seen Lors calling them Persian but the problem with them is that they don't have actually a good Lori culture,language and history to be proud of. So this is OK for them. As I said Persians are just 50 % of Iran' population. The problem with some fascist persians is that they live in 2500 years ago. My friends , we live in 21 th century and you better respect other ethnic rights. Believe me I am pretty sure that If this situation goes on Iran will be seperated and there will be very bad conflicts in near future between Azerbayjanies and fascist Persians. Already statred of course. I know that almost all Azeri Turk students in universities hate Persians and are not satisfied with their cultural and social situation in Iran. I am telling this honestly. I think the best thing for Iran is a federal system in which every ethnic group can enjoy cultural and economical freedom and build a great Iran. This can happen only if these fascist persian think logically and wake up(no dream please). You see we Azeri Turks are not alone. Here my friend "kurdish Warrior" share the same problem with me and I can understand his/her feeling. Becasue we both are under opression. Also we have Baluch and Arab and Turkmen people that will help us in uprisings agains Persian fascism. Ishallah we will free Iran from fascism and chovounism.
Persis dream on . Persia and Persian are romantic .I know that You are in love with it and hope that live together happily ever after.

Yashasin Azerbajnan