What happened?

Those adrift in exile see the distant glory of the Persian Empire but can not make sense of the present misery


What happened?
by A.S.Mostafanejad

There are millions of Iranians, inside and outside of Iran, who are still trying to make sense of what happened to them and their country almost 30 years ago. Some blame it on the British, some on the Americans and some on location of Iran being the crossroads between East and West and therefore more at risk of being the victim of the whims of external forces and their interests.

There are also those who have a fatalistic view of this all being the will of Allah and it all becoming very clear soon, an “Aha!” moment in the future. Surely Allah must have a plan in mind to allow all this misery to visit this historic land and these noble people. This is usually a view shared by the least fortunate and the least educated, those who, largely, did not have the resources to escape the insane Islamic Republic.

It is Ironic that those who are most savagely subjugated and converted turn out to be the most fundamentalist adherents of the conqueror oppressor’s faith. It is as if once the shock and trauma of the defeat and butchery has waned there has to be an explanation for “why?” Why did it happen to us? Obviously if our God was as powerful as we believed, he would not have allowed this to happen. If it did happen then their God is not probably, but most certainly the most supreme.

This fundamentalist view shared by the common Moslem Iranian, is similar to the beliefs of the common Pilipino and Central and South American indigenous peoples who were just as savagely conquered by Catholic Spain, Portugal and Protestant Europe. Since we are endowed with a rational brain, we have to find a reason for all events, good and bad. We have to fit in God’s ultimate plan and if “shit happens” then it happens for a reason. If things happen without reason and or without God’s ultimate intervention, then this is truly a very scary universe.

Prior to my retirement, I had the opportunity of being a member of a rehabilitation team on a psychiatric ward. The mission of our team was to provide physical and cognitive retraining to individuals who had experienced various forms of traumatic brain injuries. Due to the nature of brain injury, many of our patients had good long term memory but almost no short term memory. They were constantly trying to make sense of the present. They saw themselves in the past but could not fathom the present.

This, to me, bears a striking similarity to what is happening to the Iranian psyche today. Those at home and those adrift in exile see their former lives and the distant glory of the Persian Empire but can not make sense of the present misery. They, therefore, have to ascribe some meaning to the present state of affairs in order to satisfactorily explain it to themselves and their dependents. In order to make it fit in the continuum of their life and history; in order to compartmentalize it. A specific example of this internal conflict comes to mind.

On a field trip with a group of patients in Sonoma County, a patient pointed to a large house on a hill and exclaimed “There’s my house!”

A staff member asked, “Where are you John?”

“Macon, Georgia”, John stated.

“No John, we’re in Sonoma.”

“Yep, Sonoma, Georgia.”

“No John, Sonoma, California.”

John thought for a minute or so and finally exclaimed in disbelief,” Damn, we made good time!”

It is time that we Iranians begin to deal with present events in their own context. Perhaps Omar Khayyam said it best:

“And if the Cup you drink, the lip you press,
End in what all begins and ends in - - Yes;
Imagine then you are what therefore

You were - - hereafter you shall not be less.”




by Mehdi on

Of course, as was the case was with your patients, your advice may appear correct but it has no workability. This advice is coming from someone who has not been subject to that shock so his advice has no workability for those who have suffered the shock. Your advice only works for individuals who have not suffered from the shock - but they don't need it, do they?


I have to agree with that.

by Ampbreia (not verified) on

I have to agree with that. I can see no hope for Iran or any of those other barbarism-ridden nations in the Middle-East but the eradication of the Islam that makes them so. But how? It's a very tenacious beast.


RT nokhodi

by antiRT (not verified) on

Baz een "nokhode har ash" sar o kalash peyda shod! Nemizare mardom nafas rahat bekeshan, baba joon, khanoom jan, "boyfriend" mikhayi inja jash nist. Sad rahmat be azam nemati, baz personality jalebi dasht!


Briton arrested for alleged

by Anonymous2341 (not verified) on

Briton arrested for alleged Islam insult



To: A.S.Mostafanejad - What about this concept?

by OFM (not verified) on

You correctly say that "It is Ironic that those who are most savagely subjugated and converted turn out to be the most fundamentalist adherents of the conqueror oppressor’s faith." The reason could be explained as "Stockholm Syndrome". In Iran, defeated, battered, subjugated, tortured, despaired Iranians that forced to convert to Islam became sympathetic to their captors in Iran. Today in Iran, you see the same savagery of conversion to Islam and you also see battered self-esteemed Iranians.

You can read more here:



Soroush Traumatic brain

by A.S.Mostafanejad on


Traumatic brain injury can result from falls, auto or motorcycle accidents, aneurisms, strokes, anoxia due to drug overdoses or suffocation and drownings, etc. The effects are multiple and are evident in emotional and behavioral manifestations. Short term memory loss and splinter skills are very common in this catagory of patients.


Re: A.S.Mostafanejad

by Toranj (not verified) on

Thank you for an interesting and more pragmatic view.

These patients: Are their injury phisical, mental or chemical?


The "Future" of Our Country

by Shaer on

The "Tyrrany" of The "Mullahs" ..
All But 29 Years Old ..


The "Masses" Awaiting ..
A "Positve" change For Our "Country" ..


Youth Being "Born", With "No Idea" of The "Past" ..
No "Shah", No "Savak" ..


All Their "Experience" ..
Encircled With "Tyranny" ..


The "Great" People Of "Iran" ..
Wondering When Is "Ever" This Going To come To An "End" ..


When Are The "Mullahs" Leaving ..
When Is The "Breeze" of Freedom Passing By ..


When Is The "Aspiration Of The "Masses" Restored ..
The "Dark" Cloud "Removed" ..


I "wonder" ..
I "Cry" ..
The "Spirits" of "Iran" Past "Beckon" Me ..
The Glory of What It "Was" Hound Me ..


The "Arabs" ruled Us For 200 Years ..
But The Greatness of Our "Culture" Defeated Them ..


Although We Are A "Muslim" Nation ..
We Were "Always" Iranian First ..


The "Tyranny" of These "Mullahs" ..
Has "Prostituted" A Great "Religion" Like "Islam" ..


With Masses "Shivering" With "Disgust" ..
Prophet Muhammad Is "shaking" In His "Grave" ..


O' Mullahs' O' Wrath Of The "Earth" ..
May The "Curse" of God Wrap You around ..
With "No" Mercy Upon The "Masses" ..
The "Cruelty" of One human To "Another" ..


Even If "Hussein" came Back to "Life" ..
The "Martyr" of All Martyrs ..
He Would prefer "Yazid" To You ..
The Wrath of "God" all Upon You ..


May God's Justice Find You in "Shame" ..
May the "Cruelty" of Your Actions Despise You To "Eternity" ..
May The "People" of The World Realize ..
That You Are "NOT" The "Representative" of A Great "Religion" Like "Islam" ..


Our "Country" Is In "Pain" because of "You" ..
The World Is In Horror From Your "Actions" ..
The "Peace" of "God" Is "Not" seen Through You ..
Tha "Agony" of The "Masses" Reflect That ..


Do Not "Destroy" Our Country ..
Do Not Bring "Shame" To Our "Civilization" ..
"Kourosh", "Dariush", and all Our "Great" Patriots ..
"Mossadeq", "Amir Kabir", and "Nezamol Molk" ..
Their Bloods "run" Through "Us" ..
Their "Spirits" Dwell Within Us ..


My "Brothers" and "Sisters" ..
These "Bastard" Mullahs Will "Stay" ..
Not Until This "generation" Has "Died" ..
Would There Ever Be A "New" Iran ..


The War in "Iraq",
Has "Strengthened" Them ..
The War In "Afghanistan",
Has "Consolidated" them ..


My "Brothers" and "Sisters" ..
The "Folly" Of "America" ..
Has "Played" directly In to Their "Hands" ..


These "Akhoonds" ..
Will "Undoubtedly" Remain ..
For "At Least" Another "Generation" ..


I "Grieve" For My "Country" ..
How "Could" we "Allow" For "Such" A Thing ..
But "WE DID" ..


We Were "Fooled" ..
We Were "Tricked" ..
But We "Are", Where We "Are" ..


May God Almighty "Forgive" Us For "This" ..
May He "Restore" Our "Great" Nation That We Had ..
May His "Blessings" Never Leave Our "People" ..
May His "Grace" Abound Us "All" ..


My "Brothers" and "Sisters" ..
Many of Us Will "Not" See The Great Iran That Is To Come ..
But Remember ..
Just As A "Seed" Is Put In The "Ground",
And It Will "Grow" In To A "Glorious" Tree ..
So Will Our "Beloved" Iran ..


Do Not Lose "Hope" ..
Do Not Lose "Faith" ..


Your Brother ..


Aryamehr, pahmymer ...

by mama (not verified) on


It is really funny that you identify with Aryamehr whom was the main American instrument to implement the green belt around Soviet Union. It was the weakling, puppet Aryamehr that acted as lackey of the US to bring up the level of shiaism in the Iranian society as a buffer to communism. Do you remember his Excellency talking to Imam Reza in his dreams?


I like your analysis

by confused (not verified) on

This is a good analogy but I am surprised to see the comments posted. It seems no matter what the author is saying we dance to the same old song.


Islam out of Iran!

by aryamehr11 on

"It is time that we Iranians begin to deal with present events in their own context. "

The present context has its roots 1400 years back when the Arabo-Muslim hordes invaded Persia and brutally imposed their savage and anti-Iranian ideology upon the population through lethal force or heavy taxation. Throughout these 1400 years the adverseries of this filthy ideology (mullah's) have held an iron-fist around the Iranian populace through brainwashing and indoctrination. If we are to deal with the present events we need to undo what should have been undone long time ago - we should finish the work of national heroes like Babak Khorramdin and Yagob Leis Saffarid who fought these barbaric invaders and their anti-human ideology. It's time to free the Iranian people from the shackles of Islam! 1400 years of death, destruction, rape, pillage, cultural genocide and a thousand other "badbakhti's" must come to an end!


Bedaaneem, Beandeesheem, Bepaakheezeem!
Beedari, Paaydari, Peeroozi!



Omar Khayyam brought pacifism for Iranians.

by My View (not verified) on

"It is time that we Iranians begin to deal with present events in their own context." True. It is time to root out this Allah from Iran.


You damn RIGHT!!!!

by Ali (not verified) on

You damn RIGHT!!!!