Separation of mosque & citizens

Dutch Committee of Ex-Muslims


Separation of mosque & citizens
by Tina Ehrami

Today, September 11th 2007, the Committee of Ex-Muslims is officially founded in The Netherlands. Ehsan Jami (22), a young Iranian member of the city council from Leidschendam, wants to raise awareness about apostasy in Islam. He is worried about the human rights of those who are born into the religion of Islam, but who no longer wish to believe. In Islam apostasy is not accepted and is punished with the death sentence.

In The Netherlands where the number of Muslims is growing more than any other religion, there are growing numbers of honor killings and violence in cases when Muslims chose to turn their backs to the Islam. According to a recent poll, 30% of Muslims living in The Netherlands are willing to have the Sharia implemented as the legal system. This worrisome fact has raised some discussions about the dangers within this religion and the behavior of Muslims.

It was only 5 years ago when Theo van Gogh, a Islam- bashing satirist was stabbed to death by a Muslim extremist with a note attached to the knife saying that this killing was done to punish him for insulting the Islam and the prophet. Because of this and the existence of an underground Muslim extremist terrorist organization in The Netherlands, called the Hofstad Groep, the Dutch are becoming worried about Islam extremism. Recently, a government budget of 20 million was spent on educating teachers so that they could detect signs of extremism among their pupils.

The founding of the Committee of Ex-Muslims has raised some eyebrows with the multi-culturist and socialist parties in the Netherlands who wish to act more prudently with the Islam-issue than the method chosen by young Jami. The Netherlands on the other hand is not the first country in which such a committee has been founded. In other European countries, such as Germany, France and Sweden, such committees have been created and are working as a societal movement to institutionalize freedom of religion, especially within Islam.

The Committee of Ex-Muslims wish to institutionalize freedom of religion within the Islamic population of The Netherlands, by starting a dialogue with imams in mosques and by asking politicians to support this movement. By raising awareness about the current situation of Islamic apostates in The Netherlands, this committee hopes to improve the human rights position of apostates and to increase the value of freedom of thought and religion.


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Who is going to save Islam?

by Anonymous on

Who is going to save Islam? Pakistanis, Saudis, or one of African countries? Or may be you are thinking Reza Aslan in USA? Come to your senses please. Islam is a cult. And, it is dead. It belongs to history’s trash bin. Do not consider it on recycle bin! Can you say Nazis going through refinement?

Iranians will not help this time. Last time against the aggression of fascist Islam on Iran, they created Shiaism. This time Iranians will boot it out completely.

Islam is not in our blood and soul. Every Iranian dispels Islam deep in his/her heart. Our DNA is for free spirit.

Liberty and democracy to Iran will only come when Iranians declare Iran a non-religion country.

Iran is land of braves with mix of love and poetry.


Evolution of Islam

by Anonymous on

For the first time in its history Islam is going through its evolution and refinement and it's all for good. A few hundred years from now it will most likely become a very peaceful and tolerant religion.

It's not however only religion that needs to evolve, it is the ones that holed the rigid opinions and interpretations that need to better themselves and in this regard all religions have more fanatics in its embodiment than true believers.

We are suffering and in deep trouble because of those who believe they are closer to god than the rest of us.

Jeesh Daram


Tina, you are great. I loved your "Stockholm Syndrome” article.

by Anonymous on

Tina, I loved your "Stockholm Syndrome” article. Every Iranian must read it. By understanding it, we can free ourselves from chain and dogma of Islam. Liberty comes to us when we declare Iran a non-religion nation.



Islam is a cult

by Anonymous on

Islam is a cult. It is a very dark, backward, and repressive dogma.


Be Brave; Say Islam out of Iran

by Anonymous on

The early Islamic invaders ruined ancient Iran and its advanced civilization. They imposed Islam on people through massive massacres and enslaving of our ancestors.

Iranians who cannot or do not hypocritically want to point out the religious roots of our ills cannot be honestly Iranian.



by Anonymous on




hope they are not funded by western inteligence services

by Anonymous on

These days those who are anit Islam and Mulsim are getting very well support and covered by mass Media.

However , at the same time that I respect their rigths due to freedom of speech < we have to wait in the futrue to find out are their independant or motivated and supported by righ wings christians and US NEo cons and allied.

unfortunaltely the hostility with Islam rather than critisim of Islam just will help those muslim who are in favor of violence and exterism.
in the past the US policy has boosted Bin ladan rather than weakning them

hope they will get the reallity before it is too late to recover.

Saeed Soltanpour
Free Lance Journalist/Canada



by Anonymous on

I learned the true meaning of the word Respect here in the West. Yes, we respected our parents, teachers,religion, but now I realize it was more fear than respect. Those leaving Islam have in their own way overcome their fear, but should realize that they need not agree with something in order to respect it.


Prophet Muhammad liked to....

by Abgousht on

It is a well known fact that Prophet Muhammad had sex with camels. He prefered a single-hump camel since it was easier to hold on to it.


Dutch Committee of Ex-Muslims

by Anonymous on

It is your right to be what you want to be. Instead of being Ex-muslims, define yourself as what you are now. Being ex-muslim is neither here nor there. Furthermore, how could one "institutionalize freedom of religion within the Islamic population..." while condeming the entire Islam and Muslims to begin with.

Please go get a life or keep smooking what you smooking in Holand.

Happy Ramadan,



Re: asefati

by jamshid on

I guess we both agree on the subject of tolerance, but not on the subject of whether Mohamad committed a crime by having sex with a nine years old girl.


In order to excuse Mohamad for this act, you, and most other moslems I have spoken with, say that although it is not acceptable today, but getting married with young children was common in those days.


Well even today, it is a common practice in many countries and even in some parts of our own country. Nevertheless, we find it disgusting when a 50 years old man has sex with a nine years old girl despite of the tradition "status." Frankly, I think that even in those times it should have been considered a crime and rooted out of society. Even 1400 years ago, there were many areas of the world that such act was banned and even punishable.


After all, wasn't Mohamad sent to root out the wrong traditions? Didn't he outlaw wrong traditions such as drinking, gambling or getting married with one's siblings, to name a few? Maybe for an average arab back then it could be considered less of a crime to marry and have sex with a nine years old girl, but not for someone who claimed to be God's prophet and who already had several wives.


Re: jamshid

by asefati on

Answering your third questions first, I haven't insulted you so far and
won't need to insult you. I don't about you but I think we are having mature
conversation here so no need for insults.

As Mohammad marrying a 9 year old, I am not disputing that. I too disagree
with it and question it but that is not sufficient enough to call Mohammad a
criminal. And yes it is a crime today according to our current standards, our
current laws, and our norm. But it wasn't a crime back then and according to
that culture and that time.

Again, I disagree with it at all time as I would never allow my daughter to
marry under 18 but this is the norm and standard of societies we believe in

Don't forget that Mohammad's daughter married Ali at a young age and by the
time she died, she was only 18 year old with 4 children. Marrying young wives
were common and acceptable then, but its not acceptable now and in fact is a
crime. Mohammad did not commit a crime according to his cultural rules and
standards, so he was not a criminal.

My main point to this was, that, we humans need to learn to tolerate each
other and each other beliefs. Yes many Muslims are guilty of intolerance but so
are many non-Muslims and “Ex-Muslism”

And I am pretty much over this topic as I have clearly indicated my points

- Ali


What is your alternative?

by Aladin on

What is your alternative soultion?


Re: asefati

by jamshid on



Regarding my first question, (Why moslems have the right to go much farther than to insult, and they can even execute a born moslem who has rejected Islam?), I was NOT refering to you or your posts! I was just asking a general question. If you want to answer it then don't state what YOU personaly think about it, instead I want to know why you think MOSLEMS in general feel that way.


As far as my second question, Mohamad having sex with 9 years old Ayesheh is information that is unrefutable. It is a FACT. Ask any Suni or Shi'a mullah or scholar, read any book, religious or historic from any period, read Ayesheh's writings, and you'll find out that the answer is the same. Why do you think Suni and Shi'a mullahs believe that girls could be married starting at age 9? Where did this magic number "9" came from? When I was still a believer, I too had difficulty believing this historic fact. In fact in order to hang on to my beliefs, I rejected any true and factual reference to this subject.


Why don't you go ahead and google it yourself. Type "muhammad (ayesha OR aisha)" (without the quotes), ignore the anti-islam posts and concentrate on the pro-islam posts. You can add the word "iran" to the search and see what Iranian scholars have said about this. However, I would start with Wikipedia or other online encyclopedias.


A crime committed 1400 or 400 or 40 years ago is still a crime. I do not know what other word to use for a 52 years old man with already several wives who then married another one who was only six years old, and then had sex with her when she was nine. If you don't like the words criminal or child abuser, then what word do you suggest should be used?


I now have a third question. What part of what I just said is an "insult" to Islam? What part of this dicussion is jumping on the band wagon and calling all moslems terrorists? Respond only if you can refrain from labeling or insulting me.


well said!

by asefati on

yup..well said...just jump on the bandwagon calling islam an
evil religion, Muslims the terrorists, and Iran a state sponsoring terrorism,
do it around the same time of year where everyone else is doing that… then you
should make it here in west pretty good!


Moral of the story:

by Alinsr on

If you are a young ambitious Iranian kid wanting to make it quick and easy in the competitve world of politics, journalism, arts..etc in the "post 9-11 era", a great (and always available) option for you is to jump on the ongoing wave of Islamophobia and racism.

You don't need any real qualifications or even to speak your own language.. All you need is a middle-eastern face, a little story (with a few cliches and a little sensationalism) about how and when you realized that your religion is evil, and the willingness to say whatever the local racists themselves can not and will not say in public by the fear of hurting their careers and being labeled as bigots.





you should have read my post a bit more carefully!

by asefati on


had you read my post, you would not have asked your first question because I
too disagree with it and I am not trying to defend Islam or Moslem! Again you
should have read my post more carefully.

And to answer your second question, how would you feel if someone called
someone you hold dear a criminal? Specially based on some information you are
not certain of? i am yet to be convinced that Prophet Mohammad indeed had sex
with a 9 year old girl. A 1400 year old man written history is not significant
enough for me to insult someone I have never met! And if so, don't you think it
can be discussed in more respectful manners without calling the man criminal or
draw disrespectful cartoons of him?


Re: Islam and insult

by jamshid on

Asefati, you say that one should not insult Islam. So please answer these 2 questions:


1. Why, by irefutable Islamic law (etched as verses of koran), moslems have the right to go much farther than to insult, and they can even "righteously" EXECUTE a born moslem who has rejected Islam? Remember, this is a undisputable law of Islam about ex-moslems. There are many Baha'is out there that would glady take the insult of being told to clean their *** with their holy book than to be executed.


2. Why the majority of moslems are insulted when one criticises Islam or Mohamad? Why can't I say Mohamad was a criminal for having sex with a 9 years old gril (Ayesheh)??? Why should this be considered an insult?


When moslems learn to be tolerant, then they have "earned" the right to complain about insults.


leaving islam is one thing, insulting it is another

by asefati on

I am a Muslim born but I personally don't subscribe to many beliefs and
practices of the religion. Or at least the way it’s practiced today. And let me be CLEAR. I don't believe don't
believe in punishment of anyone who wishes to leave or disagree with the religion.

But I have problem with those who disrespect it.

I remember when I invited someone to my apartment back in college time; I
had a verse of Quran on the wall that actually talked about equality of
humanity. This guest of mine was a fellow Iranian hamvatan, who had left Islam
long time ago. He made fun of me when he saw it, and without even reading it or
knowing what it meant, he suggested I should open my mind and flush it down the
toilet after wiping my *** with it.

I was angry by what he said. I was offended not only because he
offended something I held dear, but he offended me. But he was my guest so I
decided to keep my calm and change the conversation.

Same thing happens to the people who leave Islam They don’t just leave it or
disagree with it, but they insult it. Perhaps it’s due to their bad experienced
with the religion but they must acknowledge one thing, that by insulting the
religion they are insulting its followers. And now all Muslims are open minded
and will be able to keep their calm like I did.

Humanity today, more than ever, needs tolerance and mutual respect. I agree
Muslims need to realize that BUT so do non-Muslims and ex-Muslims


any chance for the committee of ex-prostitutes?

by Eli-NewHaven on

Given the history of mayhem Dutch has inflicted in the Muslim world,especially Indonesia, I could not giggle more at the Karma that follows the Dutch.

Ehsan Jami has the full right to leave Islam. There are many Iranians here in America who have left Islam. They only thing they didn't do is to leave Islam in order to bash it.Listen to this, Ehsan Jami called the Prophet as a criminal. Why didn't you bother to address that and what credibility does he have to start a dialogue with Imams when he believes the very Prophet of Islam was a criminal?

While I do not condone the attack on Ehsan Jami, I am just curious to see whether you have read about the news of death threats sent to the artists who depict Jesus as Bin laden or the one who crafted jesus from chocolate? Or the death threats sent to J.K Rowling by American Christians?

You have the right to say anything you want,regardless how filthy your mouth is,but to assume the rest of us will take you seriously is pathetic.

What sicken me is this, in European socities, there's no such thing as Arabs,Iranians or African Muslims. They are all mere "Muslims" and if they beat their wives, it is called "part of Muslim culture".So when a Dutch man beats his wife , why is that is not "part of the white culture"?

I do believe all Muslims should leave Dutch. I can't believe any sane Muslim will call Netherland as his/her homeland. A nation that legalized prostitution should be the last nation on the face of earth for Muslims to live.