Separation of mosque & citizens

Dutch Committee of Ex-Muslims


Separation of mosque & citizens
by Tina Ehrami

Today, September 11th 2007, the Committee of Ex-Muslims is officially founded in The Netherlands. Ehsan Jami (22), a young Iranian member of the city council from Leidschendam, wants to raise awareness about apostasy in Islam. He is worried about the human rights of those who are born into the religion of Islam, but who no longer wish to believe. In Islam apostasy is not accepted and is punished with the death sentence.

In The Netherlands where the number of Muslims is growing more than any other religion, there are growing numbers of honor killings and violence in cases when Muslims chose to turn their backs to the Islam. According to a recent poll, 30% of Muslims living in The Netherlands are willing to have the Sharia implemented as the legal system. This worrisome fact has raised some discussions about the dangers within this religion and the behavior of Muslims.

It was only 5 years ago when Theo van Gogh, a Islam- bashing satirist was stabbed to death by a Muslim extremist with a note attached to the knife saying that this killing was done to punish him for insulting the Islam and the prophet. Because of this and the existence of an underground Muslim extremist terrorist organization in The Netherlands, called the Hofstad Groep, the Dutch are becoming worried about Islam extremism. Recently, a government budget of 20 million was spent on educating teachers so that they could detect signs of extremism among their pupils.

The founding of the Committee of Ex-Muslims has raised some eyebrows with the multi-culturist and socialist parties in the Netherlands who wish to act more prudently with the Islam-issue than the method chosen by young Jami. The Netherlands on the other hand is not the first country in which such a committee has been founded. In other European countries, such as Germany, France and Sweden, such committees have been created and are working as a societal movement to institutionalize freedom of religion, especially within Islam.

The Committee of Ex-Muslims wish to institutionalize freedom of religion within the Islamic population of The Netherlands, by starting a dialogue with imams in mosques and by asking politicians to support this movement. By raising awareness about the current situation of Islamic apostates in The Netherlands, this committee hopes to improve the human rights position of apostates and to increase the value of freedom of thought and religion.


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-there will come a time

by -- (not verified) on

The time will come when having looked
at the far bigger picture, and having
comprehended the true facts... then
we will gradually see 'Reason'.


Q: Tell that to the Catholic

by 1800 (not verified) on

Q: Tell that to the Catholic Church while the Islamic Armies were at the gates of Vienna to turn Europe into a moslem land. You are entitled to your opinion but not facts. Remember, conqueres always re-write history in their own favor. You should practice what you preach about reading:

History of Islam in Christian Land


Wow... it's like someone threw a stinkbomb in here

by Q on

Our religious friend sounds angry. Other people who attacked him are even more angry and unreasonable. Insults are flying in both directions. I don't agree with everything in Anonymous post but he's right on the basic facts. The Arab army had major help and Islam was mostly spread peacefully (not always, but mostly). But people are reacting to his positive image of Arabs, not the main point.


Oh and Isn't anybody actually reading the articles anymore?


Having said what I have said

by khanumhana77 (not verified) on

Having said what I have said below, let me add this:
It is by no means acceptable to use islam as another excuse to discriminate against people. Racism based on religion is wrong. Freedom of religion is what Iran should be known for...We've helped jewish, babylonian, armenians people throgout history because we are peaceful people by intellect. And fun loving by heart.
In this day and age, if everyone just chills out about Islam, it will reshape itself or die out like many other religions. Debate is good.


Murtads... They can leave, we don't need them

by Anonymous007 (not verified) on

Who the f**K cares if someone leaves islam. F**K them. We don't need them. They are not traitors. They are people with low self esteem. Cassius Clay converted to Islam many years ago becoming Muhammad Ali, the greatest boxer of time. Cat Stevens, famous singer converted to Islam to become Yusef Islam. We don't need no frills people who leave Islam. Let them leave. No one cares. Good riddance to bad rubbish.


The vast majority of Muslims

by 1800 (not verified) on

The vast majority of Muslims treat murtads [ex-Muslims] as traitors. In their eyes, the life of an apostate is worthless. From the closest relatives to the entire Ummah, an apostate has little to no shelter. Murtads are surrounded by a climate of suffocation in Islamic societies. That is why so many countless apostates keep their thinking to themselves. If caught, their only recourse is to profess maniacal allegiance to Islam. Otherwise, a tight noose or a sword welcomes them.

Muslims are immensely proud of their timeless religion. The Quran is respected and revered instead of being recognized for what it is -- a glorified encyclopedia of asininity. Islamic laws such as punishments for stealing, adultery, murder, rape, and apostasy remain the same across time and space. These laws are unreformable by definition.

The only hope is for Muslims to ignore such laws. Sadly, the past fourteen centuries don't offer much in that direction. Terror, both psychological and physical, is the very soul of Islam. For what would you say to "continue to believe or die"?


I can guarantee you that his

by Hi (not verified) on

I can guarantee you that his arab "brethern" don't feel the same way about Iranian. They might pretend that they care about Iran as long as they're receiving their welfare from the treasury of Islamic Republic (read hizballah mercenaries and Hamas Mercenaries) but as soon the welfare, they will call you "Ajam Kalb (dog), jahal safavid". They will never learn Persian or accept Zoroastrian as their religion or have an Persian word on their flag. These people are quisling who have aided and abetted the occupiers of Iran for many years...their end is near, once and for all.



by HI (not verified) on

Excellent reply Khanum Hannah: It's the guilt that makes them deny the indefensible.


Tina jan if you take

by Anony (not verified) on

Tina jan if you take yourself seriously, change that picture. Unless you want to gher and naz and find a husband. You started a debate, great. Now you should look like someone who can handle it.


Jamshid Rocks

by KhanumHana77 (not verified) on

Jamshid jan you are right in everything you say. These idiots are either blind with faith or so mad at colonialism that they cannot emotionally bear to face what islam did and continues to do to us.

There is a post down blow saying "As Mohammad marrying a 9 year old, I am not disputing that. I too disagree with it and question it but that is not sufficient enough to call Mohammad a criminal."
WHAT THE F????? Who cares what the normes of society were 1400 years ago. We live TODAY and we follow a religion and its rules TODAY and we worship the acts of the Prophet TODAY! So what he did 1400 has to be judged TODAY. If you follow that logic...then "zende be goor kardan" was also the tradition back then. Why did Mohammad try to stop it?

Jamshid jan, muslims are insulted easily just as zionists are. Here is the reason. Deep down, if one commits horrible acts without acknowledging, accpeting, seeing or apologizing, one becomes defensive. Israelis are the same. You criticize anything they or their governments ciminal actions and you are labeled an anti semite. But the fact is, they are taking part in Palestinian genocide. Muslim believers that are logical, know that it is criminal to kill an infidel or to rape a 9 year old va va va....but they can't bring themselves to admit it. So they become defensive. This is good. It means change is happening: muslim renaissance.

I hate all religions equally. Even athiests who take it too far are religious and fanatical. I hate western imperialism just as much as muslim fanaticism. The 3 plagues of our time are nationalism racism and religion.


Re: Anonymous Arab lover

by InvaderResistor (not verified) on

Hey Anonymous,

you are saying that since the ruling class during Sassanid dynasty were corrupt and the people were fed up with them, when the arab invaders attacked Iran with the message of "equal under god", Iranians cheerfully greeded the arabs as their liberator. They even helped the arabs with their invasion. That is what you said.
Now fast forward to the 21 century. Since the ruling class of mullahs are corrupt too and the people are fed up with them, then if the Americans attack Iran with the message of "democracy for all", Iranians should cheerfully greed the Americans as their liberators?? they should even help them with the invasion???
Do you see the parallels here? So you advocate helping the Americans invade Iran????? if not the americans then why the arabs? you may say that the American message is fake, but one could say that the Arab message was equally fake, as history proved it by the great many atrocities the arabs committed against Iranians.
Now go figure the utter stupidity and idiocy of what you are saying about Iranians accepting the arab invaders with cheers. You are offending Iran, Iranians and our ancestors who gave their blood to resist the arabs. If you feel "honored" by the Iranians who helped the arabs, then be honored today too by the Iranians that are helping Americans.
You are the embodiment of treason and selling one's self out to foreigners, be it Arab/Islam or USA/democracy or whatever else. I too am ashamed to call you my countryman.


Anonymous Exposed.... Re: Jamshid's Laughable "comeback"...

by Rostam on

It is so sad to see an Iranian taking pride in the Arab's conquest of Iran. This guy is worst than even the IRI lackeys who visit this site. At least those pro-IRI lackeys still may have some Iranian pride left in them, but this guy.... He is beyond redemption. He is at a point where his Iranian citizenship should be revoked.


The "khod bakhteh" on ham az noe be arab bakhatash, claims that if an Iranian is disturbed by the unspeakable crimes the Arabs committed against Iranians, then he must be a "racist". What a joke! What a nokar sefat, on ham az noe nokare arabesh.


Mr. "khod bakhteh" no body hates the Arabs' race. But as a proud Iranian I too am disturbed when I read about the atrocities the Arabs committed against the Iranians. That does not make me a racist or with feelings of superiority over Arabs. But when you justify, defend and even take pride in the Arab invasion, it reminds me of world war II and those French women who were serving their German "invaders" as whores, and did so with such pleasure and "pride". You are at the same level than them.


Incidently, once the Germans were thrown out of France, the French people took good care of those whores. A yet unfinished business between the Iranian people and the "proud" whores like yourselves.


I read this revolting piece

by Anonymous2 (not verified) on

I read this revolting piece in one of the comments:

... who do you think was supplying the "invaders" thousands of miles from home? Who was building them swords? Who was tending to their wounds? Who was feeding them, giving them horses and trading with them? Who was giving them intelligenc? It was Iranians.

He was refering to the Arab "invaders" who invaded Iran in the 7the century and some of the Iranians who betrayed Iran by helping the Arabs.

I can tell you who were the Iranians who supplied the Arab "invaders", who build them swords to shed the blood of Iranians, who were feeding them, giving them horses and so on. It was Salman Fars and a small group of his followers, the greatest traitors of the entire Iranian history.

You are today's Salman Fars continuing his legacy but this time it is Khomeini and his followers. Just as Salman hated anything Iranian, Khomeini and you hate anything that is Iranian.

I honestly and totally agree with the other reader who wrote he is ashamed that one such as you could consider himself Iranian.


Arab nocheh

by khashmgin1 on

Anonymous, why don't you put a pen-name at the bottom of your comments so it would be easier to refer to them. I am responding to your comments titled "Jamshid's Laughable "comeback"..."


STOPPPP! Stop eating your arabs "goh" with appetite. baba halemoon be ham khord. It is unbelievable that such creatures exist among Iranians. This dude actually takes pride in the atrocities that the Arabs committed in Iran. If not in a mola home, I wonder in what kind of home were you raised? Where did you learn this crap?


You son of @#$ you dare to say that Iranians made swords for Arabs, so they can come in Iran and kill fellow Iranians? Those were not Iranians you son of @#$, they were "be arab az aghab bedeh" like your type and salmane farsi who wanted to profit and benefit from the demise of Iran.


Your "fased" mind starts with your rapist, killer, pedophile self-delcared prophet Mohamad (may hell be upon him) who teaches who to hate, when to kill and how to rape.


What can you expect from someone who says "If you are accused me of having Arab blood, that is an honor..."   ?????!!!!!  akheh ey tokhme arab kamtar vaseye arab ghonbol kon, kesafat. akheh baba maro be ogh zadan andakhti to.


I wrongly thought that there must be a limit to how low your types can go. But you have gone even farther below. You are less than a whore who sells her body. You have sold your soul. I am ashamed that you have an Iranian passport, ashamed that you can even speak Farsi, ashamed that a kesafat like you can even exist.


So save all the "historic crap" none-sense you presented for you own self and go busy yourself with your job of pimping for arabs.


Islam is a failed and

by Anonymous on

Islam is a failed and bankrupt ideology since its very inception, and we see the proof on a daily basis with our own eyes. The Western world is just beginning to wake up. There is growing counter-movement against this totalitarian ideology and it's spreading like wilfire...remember Islamists don't have a monopoly on dogma, revenge, and fighting for one's religon. In fact, there more non-muslims in the world than muslims. Remember Pope Urban II. Bring it on...


Jamshid's Laughable "comeback"...

by Anonymous on

Dear Jamshid,

Your bold-italics are funny. Anyone can look at these and see who is losing more sleep over this debate. I've done more research on this subject that you and "jado abadet" put together. You are truly ignorant and a racist on top of that. You have not one reasoned response to the multiple arguments I made based on historical facts. You are so blinded by your own fury and cannot grasp reality. It is you who are stuck in 7th century politcs yourself and cannot see the enormous waste of time that you have become. The kind of division, hatred, racism, whatever you have in your heart, is the residues of Western colonial policy in the region. The sheer hatred that you have for any "bande khoda" who happens to be Arab or Muslim is unprecedented in Iranian history. It's only during the late Ghajar and Pahlavist era that it became prevelent among the elites of Iran to espouse such vile hatred for their Arab brothers in the region in such racist terms as you are doing. You accuse Muslim Iranians (the vast majority of Iranians) of worshipping rapists of their ancestors. I only worship Allah, you should know that. But in who's benefit is it for you to accuse your neighbors (not to mention the vast majority of the people of Iran, who are Muslim by choice) of being the product of "rape"? This only benefits the colonialists who are too busy stealing the oil while "tooti's" like yourself are trying to "out-civilize" each other by throwing "fohshe khaher madar" toward anyone who has made a personal choice in practicing Islam. Just like a house-slave immitating his master by putting down his own kind. During the Pahlavi dicatarship, the CIA owned SAVAK pushed this kind of "we're better than Arabs," elitism in Iran because America was afraid of some kind of Middle Eastern unity around Islam. The Shah himself was scared like a dog of Muslim intellectuals and community leaders who continued to have more influence with the average person than he did. He managed to kill most of them, but some like Khomeini survived. But of course you don't want to hear any of this, because you can't understand it. So, I will say goodbye to you and leave you to your ignorant misery. Your writing example, however does not have to be waste like yourself. Immitating the prophet Mohammad (Peace be Upon Him), however, I will use it in an attempt to educate anyone else who may be reading.

No invasion is a good thing. But there are reasons for success and failures of invasions. Jamshid is claiming that I said the Arab invasion was a "good thing." Only morons ascribe such binary (good/bad) values to historical facts that happen over a 1000 years ago. I'm saying that the spread of Islam in Iran was in large part due to it's being welcome by the exploited masses of the Persian empire. He says he agrees but he seems to not understand how that disconent would manifest itself with the Arab invasion. Without their active support, the invasion could not have taken place. The central Arabian penninsula where the attackers were from is an inhospitable place. It could only sustain a small, sparsely populted settlement. The size of the Persian empire alone was at least 50 times that of the entire Hejazi tribes. A simple invasion based on superiority of force (which was not even the case), could never have worked, or else it would've happened years prior to Islam already. It occurred becaues there was a proto-modern and sophisticated diplomacy that the forces of Islam conducted flawlessly with regional tribes. Throughout all the major battles defeating the Sassanids, who do you think was supplying the "invaders" thousands of miles from home? Who was building them swords? Who was tending to their wounds? Who was feeding them, giving them horses and trading with them? Who was giving them intelligenc? It was Iranians. It's not unique to us, however, the same pattern repeated for the Byzantines, Egyptians, Libyans and others.

Today, of course, Iranians inside Iran have the capability and the means to welcome a US occupation. But they have not, dispite all the negativity associated with the Islamic Republic. Iranians are more than capable of overthrowing the government on their own, as they did with Shah's repressive regime that had much better weapons and western support. They can do it, if they wish. They don't need buffoons out of America telling them how to think and who to hate. They don't need angry ignorant elitists telling them their own history and why they should hate their own community leaders. That's what makes today different. That's what Jamshid is incapapble of grasping.

Jamshid's only answer to Islam's presence in East Asia and Sub-saharan Africa is that this happened CENTURIES after the initial violence. This, of course, is bullshit. He doesn't know jack about this issue and is pulling this right out of his fat behind. Tiny Armenia and Ethiopia (Habashe) are examples of two nations that were invaded but remained Christian. Many pockets of Christians, Jews and Zoroastrians remained in the area at large which completely destroys Jamshid's argument. Christian Spain and parts of Europe were conqured CENTURIES after Mohammad as well but they remain Christian by large. What's the explanation? If we accept Jamshid's flawed "brute force" theory, the explanation can only be that Iranians are weaker, more susceptable to suggestion and overall, more cowardly than all these other nations that didn't convert to Islam. And that makes perfect sense because Jamshid has no respect for Iranians and sees them as innocent victims of "rape" and invasions. Exactly the kind of mentality that would beg a Western power for help and guidance in being "civilized." This is why Jamshid and the many self-proclaimed "Iranians" who think like him (especially at this site), are so brainwashed.

The truth is that Islam's spread was mostly non-violent. Sure there were invasions and occupations just as there had been in other times in History. But the spreading of the religion was by large valuntary. Since Jamshid is a racist who is brainwashed, he's not concerned about the much more violent invasions by Changiz Khan, Taimur Lang and Alexander the Great. He's not accusing any greek or Mongolian of having "raped his grandmother", and in general does not spend any of his worthless time fuming over those invasions which killed and raped many many more people and have left much legacy in Iran. Why you may ask? He is too stupid to realize it himself, but it's because nobody spent billions of dollars demonizing Mongols, Turks or Greeks while he was growing up, and thus his familiy never instilled those values in him, but not so for Arabs and Islam!

increadbily he says: "Besides Christianity too was spread in many areas of the world without violence. What's your point?" That's my point, you idiot! As I said in my first post, you can't single out Islam as being a violent religion. All religions have the potential to be used and misused for good and bad and someone's current beliefs in them should be respected (not viciously attacked).

Jamshid clearly loses it (it's "lose" with one "o") toward the end of his rant. He just got finished saying how Islam is so evil and was imposed down by force into Iran, and then he turns around and claims that Muslim leaders are in trouble because "for the first time they are being the oppressors themselves." So thanks for saying that they have never been the oppressors in the past! Whatever... He also says that he agrees with me about the brutal corruption and oppression in pre-Islamic Iran, yet he thinks Islam is a tool "to keep Iranians from their glorious past." So all these bad things are "glorious" if we're talking about pre-Islam, but not if they happen after Islam. Of course he closes with a classic classic racist tactic. Accusing me of being genetically polluted by being the "illegitimate child" of those "Arab Savages."

Arabs are our brothers in Iran and they have been since pre-Islam. If you accuse me of having Arab blood, that is an honor, not an insult, just as much as my Persian blood is. If you are outraged by this statement (I can tell you are Jamshid), you have to face the facts: You are racist. It's that simple.


Islamic Imperialism

by Anonymous on

Fixed the broken link:

Islamic Imperialism:



freedom and denial with the

by Anonymous on

freedom and denial with the Muslim novelist and exile Tahir Aslam Gora.


An interesting bit:

It seems that the Qur’an is a pretty political book, and inconsistent. It treats issues differently from one instance to another. This huge inconsistency can make Muslims confused. Based on this confusion, many Muslims have for centuries excluded non-Muslims from their orbit. In addition, the traditional script of the Qur’an exhorts repulsion of ‘others’ much more than acceptance. Many Muslims are unwilling to realise that the Qur’an was written and compiled by the pioneers of Islam through different political stages. Instead, many take the book as the final verdict of God. These Qur’anic teachings have been enforced by Sharia even more strictly than the Qur’an itself over the centuries. Now, for many, the whole essence of Islam is repulsion of others.



Muhammad and Ommar

by Anonymous on

They say these two had gay sex!?


Re: Iranians accepting the Arabs with "open arms" ????

by jamshid on

Just take a look at the comments by anonymous right below mine and you'll see one of those scumbags who worship the rapists of his ancestors. He is responding to my previous remarks on how I feel about Iranians who worship the Arab hordes who invaded, looted, raped, enslaved and killed Iranians 1400 years ago.


Lets dissect his comments...  He says that I accuse Muslims of living in the past, in the 7th century, yet I and my kind advocate living in 5th century BC... NO! I did not say any of these! Just go ahead and cut and paste any part of my comments that would prove your point. If you are referring to me talking about 1400 years ago, this is not advocating living in then, it is just talking about history.


More of his remarks: "You can't possibly be so stupid as to think there was no exploitation, injustice and wide discrimination was going on in pre-Islamic Iran which is exactly what led to its miserable downfall...." No anonymous, you are correct! I am not that stupid. I know my history and I am fully aware of the misery that the Zoroastrian priests and incompetent kings were causing at the end of the Sasanid dynasty.


Very much like today! Isn't it? Moslem mullahs and incompetent rulers now. Zoroastrian mullahs and incompetent rulers then. There is one difference though. Today, you and your likes say that war is bad with foreign invaders, i.e. the US, oh but 1400 years ago it was just fine for the foreign hordes of Arab to invade Iran.


Anonymous, you say Iranians were never "enslaved" by Arabs. What about all the Iranian girls who were dragged out of their home and sold in the slave markets of Mecca and Medina? Even Arab historians have documented this. Heck even the Arab historians of 1000+ years ago have documented this. I find you so disgusting. You are such a sellout. You are unwilling to even do some research in this area.


You also say "Islam could not have HOPED to penetrate Iran had it not been for its widespread welcome and acceptance inside." Did you mean to say that Islam could not have hoped to penetrate Iran had it not been for its widespread USE OF SWORD, BLOODSHED, LOOTING, AND KILLING of the brave Iranians who resisted them?


You tell me I am repeating Pahlavi=CIA stuff? What does CIA has to do with any of this? And what are you repeating? You are repeating the teachings of the "lajan" mullahs.


As far as Islam spreading into Far East without violence, that was CENTURIES after the initial violence. Besides Christianity too was spread in many areas of the world without violence. What's your point? What any of this has to do with my "flawed" education as you said it?


This is ironic, but he says that Islam is just an excuse for "elitists like me" to claim I am "better" or "more enlightened" than the impoverished masses in Iran. ARE YOU SERIOUS? HAVEN'T YOU GOTTEN THIS IN REVERSE? It was Islam has always been and still is an excuse for YOU and your mullahs to claim that they were/are better than the masses, more knowledgeable that the masses, and use this as a tool to keep the people in ignorance and away from the truth.


He finishes by saying that he wants to take a few more years off my life by proudly proclaiming again that Islam is a wonderful religion. Well I have bad news for you pal. Let ME take a few years off YOUR life by proclaiming that Islam is one the worst religions in the world AND IT IS LOOSING ITS GRIP IN IRAN AMONG BOTH ELITE AND IMPROVISHED. That's because for the first time in the history of Iran, the mullahs can't fool the masses with their (=your) lies by using their greatest tool: hiding behind the mask of victimhood and sainthood. You see, for the first time they are being the oppressors themselves. The greatest force against anything that is Iranian has lost its greatest tool to keep Iranians from their glorious past.


I am so disgusted at the likes of you who worship those who raped their mothers and murdered their fathers. It really is "chendesh aavar". I SAY IT AGAIN: YOU AND YOUR LIKES ARE NOT IRANIANS. You are the illegitimate children and remains of those Arab savages, and soon you will be eradicated from Iran. Not you, not the mullahs, not anyone can stop the massive wave that was set in motion by the enlightenment that the nationalists (pahlavis, mosadegh, kasravi, shafaa...) have set in motion. That wave WILL wash your likes off of Iran's face.


Myth of peaceful spread of Islam

by Anonymous on

Islamic Imperialism
A History


Another way was through trade and bribing people with lower taxes.

There are thousands upon thousands of other references, which have not been written by the Arab conqueres. Please educate yourself. Use your google generously. No need to stay ignorant anymore in this day and age!


Jami yek Charlatane

by Anonymous on

In jaro Jami fekr mikone Hirshi Ali hast! In anjomani ke dorost karde maslan in hast ke moslem haye ke dige nemikhan mosalmon bashan komak kone! vali ta hala tanha kari ke in aghaye Jami karde, chert o pert goftan az islam! Yek chiz haye mige ke aslan to hich jaye ghoran ina ro nagofte! Jami hey toye matbo'at mige man yek alame email gereftam, vali hich kas rasman ozve anjomanesh nist! In agha moorcharo fiel kard!
Agar kesi toye Holland tavajo mikhad begire, biyad cherto pert bege darbareye Islam! 100% yek alame tavajo migiri va hame darbarat sohbat khahan kard!!


to Jamshid: You make me laugh with your lunacy...

by Anonymous on

It's really funny that you and your kind resort to name calling and personal attacks so fast. My first sentence was right, it is killing you that I called Islam a wonderful religion. Well, here's some more truth for you.

You accuse Muslims of living in the past (presumably 7th century), yet you and your kind advocate living in 5th century BC! You can't possibly be so stupid as to think there was no exploitation, injustice and wide discrimination was going on in pre-Islamic Iran which is exactly what led to its miserable downfall.

I know idiots like yourself well. You think you know your history, but you're simply parroting Pahlavist=CIA propaganda. Iranians were never "enslaved" by Arabs. If you had the slightest understanding of history, you would note that Islam could not have HOPED to penetrate Iran had it not been for its widespread welcome and acceptance inside. There was so much corruption and "fasad" and exploitation by the Absolute rulers of Sassanid Iran, that any ideology that actually treated everyone equal under god was welcomed with open arms by the masses. Iran wasn't even the only example.

This is the primary way Islam was spread. No "invading Muslim army" ever set foot in China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh or sub-Saharan Africa, yet these places have some of most populous Muslim nations in the world. How does your flawed education explain this? It's simple, you've never thought about it before, because you've never really thought before.

By contrast, Christianity was often spread by the sharpest of swords. In Latin America alone, the inquisition was responsible for millions of death because of forced conversions and literal enslavement of Native Americans. Do you see your own version of Mexican or Peruvian person running around yelling "Christianity is not my religion?" Do you see the British give up Christianity in favor of prehistoric faiths that they had? Get a life, loser! Islam is just an excuse for elitists like yourself to claim you are "better" or "more enlightened" than the impoverished masses in your own country. That's a colonialists tool. And so are you!

So, let me take a few more years off your life by proudly proclaiming again that Islam is a wonderful religion. What you're doing is blindly accepting a point of conflict manufactured by the west in order to foster disunity in the middle east and make exploitation easier. Thanks for you service, idiot.


Re: Xivaro

by jamshid on

Yes, it is pathetic to defend your own rapists and even hang their pictures on your wall. It is worst than pathetic. But if you tell them this, they will reply by saying that Iranians accepted the arabs with "open arms". Yes, they accepted having their daughters sold as slaves (kaniz) in Medina. They accepted being slaughtered by tens of thousands. They accpeted their cities being looted. They accepted their wives being dragged away form their home to sexually server the arab victors. They accepted being called "mojavas" and be treated as second class citizens. They accepted all of these and worst with "open arms".


They not only defend their own ancestors' rapists, they justify it too! I honestly don't consider them Iranians. It is as though a thousand years in the future, a Jew hang Hitler's picture on his wall and claim that the jews accepted the Nazis with "open arm".


Take emam Ali for instance. During his short period of "khelaafat", when the Persian population of the city called Estakhr rised against the arab victors and then defeated the arab occupiers, it was Ali who ordered his most blood thristy "Amir" to stop the invasion of Sistan and move back west toward Estakhr and "put the Persians" in their place. And he did. He massacred the population of Estakhr. From that point forward there are no further references in history books to the great city of Estakhr. Just like that, NO REFERENCES, as though that city just vanished from the face of the earth. that's because that city's population was anihilated in less than a few weeks by the arab hordes.


And today Iranians hang Ali's picture on their wall.


Re: Sadaf

by jamshid on

you forgot to mention that in order to be a good moslem you have to considere your mother, sister, wife and daughters second class citizens, and you have to also kill the infidels if they choose not to to become moslems (direct orders of allah in koran).


Jamshid: Isn't that amazing

by xivaro on

Jamshid: Isn't that amazing that the Islamic colonization of mind and body endures to this date and has been a millionth time more devestating to our nation than any Westeren colonization ever could inflict upon a nation?!!


Anonymous mindlessly defends Islamic occupiers of Iran who raped, pillaged, ethnic cleansed , cultural cleansed, and caused great damage to our national psyche to this day. How pathetic to defend your own rapist????



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#09 Wed Sep 12, 2007 06:12 AM PDT

"There are basically so many rules and regulations in the religion of Islam that if you keep following it all, you would lose your spirit and livelihood and become a miserable person to others( which I have seen in all Ibrahimian religions) or else if you stop following all the regulations, according to orthodox translation of Islam, you would go to hell."

damn, how true it is!!just look at how Islam brainwashed Rumi and Saadi !!



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There are basically so many rules and regulations in the religion of Islam that if you keep following it all, you would lose your spirit and livelihood and become a miserable person to others( which I have seen in all Ibrahimian religions) or else if you stop following all the regulations, according to orthodox translation of Islam, you would go to hell.
Bottom line is that in either case, you end up in hell.
Basically you can be a bad person as long as you can justify it by some quote from Prophet? Mohammad or etc. You can sleep with as many prostitutes as you want, as long as they are your Sigheh. You can even sleep with animals( according to Islam) as long as you follow the Islamic prescribed ritual in regards to sex with animals. On the other hand, if a young couple follow their heart for pure love, you accuse them of inchastity and do the most terrible things to them.
You are so fucked up basically, all of you Muslims. The real God of the Universe( I am not talking about your mind-constructed dummy God) would eventually pay your dues.


Response to "islam is a wonderful religion..."

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Anonymous, you say that by being against Islam, and I am quoting your own words: "You are helping those who colonized, enslaved and robbed most of the world, continue their racist menality of self-superiority. 200 years ago they called such people house slaves..."


Obviously you were refering to the White Americans. But don't these exact words ring any other bell for you? 


Ey badbakht! These same words also describe the islam that you are defending, in other words those arabs that "colonized, enslaved and robbed" most of Iran, "continued their racist mentality and self superiority for 200 years", and they called us Iranians slaves and "mojavas". 


Ey bi gheyrat, you are insensitive to the devastating pain and misery that your own ancestors endured, but at the same time, you are sooo sensitive about what happned here in america?


be naazam be bi gheyrati ...


Islam is a wonderful religion

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So I said it. I know I must be killing some of you inside by saying this but this is reality.

Islam has nothing less or nothing more than any other religion. All have violent strains, good and bad. If you are against all religions, you have a respectable point of disagreement.

If you are only against Islam, you are simply falling into the "clash of civilizations" trap that has been prepared mainly by Christian nations.

You are helping those who colonized, enslaved and robbed most of the world, continue their racist menality of self-superiority. 200 years ago they called such people "house slaves." They were black slaves that got to sleep indoors and were allowed to wear shoes in exchange for acting "White" and exploiting the other slaves on behalf of their White master. They were humored by the Slave-owning family into thinking they are "one of the them", and tried their best to lose all their "uncivilized" black qualities.

But they were the real suckers. The White man never accepted them. He only used them to control their own people and laughed at their stupidity. And so they are laughing at you now.