Life is cheap(er)

Mykonos murderers released too early


Life is cheap(er)
by Tina Ehrami

On September 17th 1992 four members of the Democratic Kurdish-Iranian Party were shot to death in a Greek restaurant ‘Mykonos’ in Berlin. Dr. Sadegh Sharafkandi, Fattah Abdoli, Homayoun Ardakan and Nouri Dehkordi who were in Berlin for a conference of the Socialist International were brutally killed on bright daylight.

The murders were traced back to the VEVAK, the Iranian secret service, which was even linked to Rafsanjani, Velayati, Fallahian and Ayatollah Khamenei. Due to these political murders, the diplomatic relations between Germany and the Islamic Republic Iran deteriorated.

The hit men were sentenced to life long imprisonment. In Germany a life sentence is a maximum of 23 years. According to article 456a of German Criminal Law, detainees can be released after 15 years to spend the rest of their sentence in their own home country.

Besides the fact that the chance is very small that these hit men would actually be sent to prison when returned back to Iran, they are being released 5 years too early! They are being released after only 10 years of imprisonment, this week!

It seems that Germany has made a deal with Iran in order to ‘swop’ these two hit men for the German detainee in Iran, Donald Klein. Klein, a fisherman who was detained after being caught fishing in Iran’s territorial waters, has already spent 1,5 years in prison in Iran.

This ‘diplomatic transition’ is not only an insult to human rights, it also shows very little respect and justice for the relatives of the victims. The victims of the ‘Mykonos murders’ died in their struggle for basic human rights and they paid for it with their lives!

Now Germany and Iran seemingly are trying to improve their diplomatic relations by swopping detainees. This occurrence reminds us that in politics it’s all about interests, meaning making sure you are guaranteed of your current and future existence. It’s a very basic need and usually results into cruel unethical conduct.

It seems that whatever happens alongside the objective of obtaining one’s own interest has no relevancy or meaning. It’s sad that on the fortnight of the international day of human rights (December 10th) the value of humanity has been degraded in such a vulgar and unethical way.


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Long Live USA. Death to

by iraninan4 (not verified) on

Long Live USA. Death to dictatorship! I love the USA and I love freedom. That's it!


TO: AnonymousUser

by Anonymous231 (not verified) on

Are you crazy?! The KDPI has never wanted separation. They just want to have the same right as other Iranians, that's all. Next time don't write BS in this website.


Tehran university

by tehran (not verified) on


Yes, life is cheap when

by thanks (not verified) on

Yes, life is cheap when Iranians are concerned. Iranians are entitled to the same rights as everyone else. Don't be deterred by anti-women comments.



Tina Khanoom, Shohar dari ya nadari? Agar nadari ....

by Shaboon Bamokh (not verified) on

Then we can talk...


What Mr. Rashidian says

by Farhad Kashani (not verified) on

What Mr. Rashidian says about pro-IRI Iranians being all over this site is very true. Remember now, lot of these sempathyzier and "justifiers" are actually democracy, free market, non-leftist basher leftists, who are a minoty among Iranian people but one of the most vocal and active among them, and who are allies and backers of the IRI. And since they bash the U.S on 24/7 basis (And for the last decade or two Israel, but they never open their mouth to mention anything about what Russia (Communist and Non), France, Arab governments,...and others have done to us), we are in process of arranging their immigration to Cuba and North Korea so they can free themseves from the "worker hating, people enslaving, Iran hating" United States. They do not deserve to live in democracy and with dignity, lets help them move to their "worker's paradise". We wanna do this favor for them.


hypocrisy knows no boundary

by Anonymous-haha (not verified) on

"Good article, keep up your words for Human Rights and democracy, as long as your articles are published on this site. This is a popular site on which many pro-IRI lurk."

so all the anti-Islam comments made by who?Misplaced westerners like you?

so will Germany take any action to defend its citizens that were kidnapped by CIA?I think not.

Jahanshah Rashidian

Germany’s lucrative

by Jahanshah Rashidian on

Germany’s lucrative dealings reached billions of dollars during the 1980-1988 Iran-Iraq war, while at the same time German firms supplied Saddam’s industrial and military war machine, especially chemical weapons used against both Iranian troops and civilian Iraqi Kurds. Until 1988, German export of technology and military parts to Iran were over DM 45 billion (Deutsch Mark, old German currency= half euro).


After the war, Iranian infrastructures ruined partly by German weapons in the hands of Iraqis, needed German technology to rebuild. Germany reached a primary trading partner with Iran, and remains still Iran’s greatest trading partner, with total goods worth about 3.6 billion euros imported into Iran despite the increasing standoff between Iran and the West. The IRI is the one sore spot in an otherwise highly cooperative EU. Since the Iranian revolution, the EU’s share of Iran’s total imports is over 40%. EU trade with Iran has even expanded since Iran’s secret nuclear programme was exposed. Russia and China fall far behind with only 15% of Iran’s total imports. Under such economic factors, the perspective of moral factors like human rights, IRI’s sponsored terrorism, and the fate of oppressed people in Iran do not seem to play an important role for the EU.


Although, Germany is the first European partner of Iran, the German-Iranian relations were periodically affected by the following events:


–Mykonos Court in Germany– in 1992 several Iranian dissidents were assassinated by an IRI’s terrorist commando in Mykonos restaurant in Berlin. The court condemned many IRI’s seniors for plotting the act.

_ ...

This is a part of my article  (Immoral Trades) which was not published by the site  on the main page, but you can surf on it on my blog below.

 Good article, keep up your words for Human Rights and democracy, as long as your articles are published on this site. This is a popular site on which many pro-IRI lurk.




by AnonymousUser (not verified) on

Kill anyone who conspires to promote separatism in Iran and to commit violence. Israel does, why should not Iran?


Tina, thanks for the

by Farhad Kashani (not verified) on

Tina, thanks for the enlightening article. Unfortunately, European hypocrites keep support the IRI because of economic interests. They couldn’t care less about the human rights situation in Iran. But mark my word, one day, if the regime stays in power, because of the growing Islamic movement in Europe as a result of the inspirational and material support of the IRI, they’re gonna come back and bite the socialist Europeans in the you know where. 7/7/05 in London and then in Madrid was just the start. Did you know that the FBI has helped France and Germany foil numerous catastrophic terrorist attacks in those countries? And how do they repay the U.S back, by bashing it ! I guess Socialism equals injustice and unfairness ! And backwardness !



by Saeed Kafili (not verified) on

Good looks & great penmanship!
You go girl :-)


was ever z Germans do iz better zan zee French

by Das Kaput (not verified) on

zis is true, zee Germans are better zan zee British and zee French whores.


Once you were Natzi, you

by Hamid Willie (not verified) on

Once you were Natzi, you always be a Natzi. Hitler gave German government a thumps up from his grave.