Brutal denial

Ahmadinejad shows political Islam at its best


Brutal denial
by dgolriz

The presence of the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at University of Columbia reminded me of the act of another extremist figure, the well-known Imam Suhayb Salam in the Netherlands.

On 31th of July I was invited to a Dutch TV-program called Bimbos & Burqas, this title refers to the post-modern hedonistic Paris-Hilton-culture (Bimbo) on one hand and the orthodox-religious be-afraid-for-the-hell culture (Burqa) on the other hand.

One of the Burqa members was the Orthodox Imam Suhayb Salam, who had brought along his wife who was wearing a Burqa, looking like a human-penguin in studio 52 of Hilversum television station.

Fortunately I sat on the couch with two other Bimbos fighting the Burqas of our time. Three times I asked the Salfistic Imam Salam about the position of homosexuals in Islam.

I asked him a very simple question: Is being homosexual a disease in your eyes? As most Imams do, he used a classical rhetoric (read: sophistry) by not answering the question but giving a fallacious reason to mislead the attention of the audience.

Obviously the secular public was so educated and well informed to know the real opinion of the Islam about this issue: lavat being an homosexual act is considered a disease and for those who have committed same-sex intercourse, Islam has a death penalty waiting for them.

Back to Ahmadinejad and his speech at Columbia University. When asked about the harsh treatment of women, homosexuals and academics who challenge Iran's government, Ahmadinejad painted a rosy picture, saying, "Women in Iran enjoy the highest level of freedom".

He elicited laughter and boos from the audience when he said, "In Iran, we don't have homosexuals, like in your country." He brutally denied that homosexuality is a non-existing phenomenon in Iran, and his stupid proposition became world news.

When you watch Ahmadinejad's vicious smile during this denial, you can feel his disgraced non-verbal reaction by implicitly calling (homosexual) Americans sick and at the same time approaching the Muslim world.

In the minds of the two extremists, President Ahmadinejad and Imam Salam, a Muslim cannot be a homosexual. And those who are homosexual must be ‘healed’. This is their truth inspirited by Qur’an and made into legal discourse in Sunnah, hadith and so on…

"If any of your women are guilty of lewdness, Take the evidence of four (Reliable) witnesses from amongst you against them; and if they testify, confine them to houses until death do claim them, or Allah ordain for them some (other) way. If two men among you are guilty of lewdness, punish them both. If they repent and amend, Leave them alone; for Allah is Oft-returning, Most Merciful." ~ Qur'an 4:15-16

In April 2007 Mr. Bozorgmerh Ziaran, the Iranian diplomat in The Netherlands typified Iran as democracy. "There are different types of democracy," he said. "You have criteria of your own to judge which society is democratic or not," he added later on. After this analysis the diplomat concluded that therefore "Iran is a democracy".

Meanwhile Two years earlier, on 18th of May 2005 in the runoff elections for presidency, Ahmadinjead made his statement about the place of democracy in Iran with these words: "We did not have a revolution in order to have democracy."

It is not very difficult to see the contradictions and similarities. That’s political Islam in its best practical implementation!


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Homosexuality and Islam

by jasem robatian (not verified) on

I find it very ironic that that actually Islamic countries are fertile breeding grounds for growth and perpetuation of homosexuality . In fact Saudi Arabia is like a haven for the gays . Many gay foreign workers go there because they become intimate with Arab clients . In Newsweek magazin , there was a huge article dedicated to this phenomenon . Many of the Arab guys who romanced younger more effiminate men stated that they were normal heterosexuals but they chose homosexual acts because it was easier to hook up with someone of your own sex . Because of strict Islamic mores , dating or even socializing with the opposit sex is a taboo and the male -female relationship is highly restricted that it leaves them no other choice .
Homosexuality has existed in Iran and exists today . It has an ancient hisory in Islamic societies the only difference is that the culture of homosexuality is different there than the west .


Please, Don't Insult

by amazed (not verified) on

Please, Don't Insult Genocidal Tyrants. oh no. Let's praise this monster thug whose regime hangs dissidents, gays, stones uppity women and finances terrorists and rapes and plunders Iranian national wealth and lines his pockets in Canada, Dubai, etc.

The rhetoric by pro-mullahs here is disgusting and immoral. You people are not fooling anyone but yourself. You people are not on the side fo truth and justice. Anyone who supports this criminal regime is either linked to the regime economically or socially (reformer or agent) or is just plain brainwashed by religious zealotry and hard core indoctrination in their upbringing.


Thank you Amoo for great post

by Anonymous 2 (not verified) on

Well said Amoo...this whole charade was a publicity stunt by the Jewish lobby and as usual it ended up with the disgrace. Ahmadi for whatever reason, did fight in the war, has seen things first hand and said all the right things. I also do agree that his gay comment was meant as though in US gays are organized group which runs for city councils (as in San Francisco) or other offices in Iran and other 200+ countries, that is not the case. Iranians (Mujahedins specially who were present protesting at the event, interestingly no Saltanat talabi)sure must know that the zionist regime was funding the protest and even fieled the questions....Hoora for Ahmadinejad!!!!!!!!


Just came from NY

by Daryush (not verified) on

I just came back from a trip to NY and DC and boy I tell you, most of the cap drivers, hard workers and even bartenders were all, to my surprise, supportive of President Ahmadinezhad's comments at the UN. It made me feel proud to be an Iranian who at this time is the only country standing up to the bullies.


The Iranian Stain September

by sca (not verified) on

The Iranian Stain
September 25th, 2007
He came, he spoke, he left.

In the end, the Mahmoud Ahmadenijad confirmed the bigotry, hate and brutality that he, the regime he represents. More importantly, those who even remotely support his ideologies and beliefs have been exposed for what they are.

Let’s look at some of those beliefs and ideologies.

The Iranian leader wants continued academic study on the Holocaust. This self proclaimed ’scientist’ and ‘academic’ has made clear his academic bona fides by appointing David Duke and other, similarly credentialed individuals as a honored guests at the Holocaust Conference in Iran.

Ahmadenijad has embraced those who continue to be proponents of ugly racist ideologies. The leftists who embrace Ahmadenijad and turn a blind eye to his support of anti Semitic ideologues need to consider a few realities. The support of oppressive and dysfunctional Middle East regimes for whom anti Semitism is mothers milk, is also an expression of support for the purveyors of other kinds of hate. When the left, via Mahmoud Ahmadenijad gives David Duke a free pass on Jew hatred, they are willingly aligning themselves with Duke’s other ugly ideologies. Embrace Ahmadenijad and you are embracing David Duke.

Let’s put it this way. There are those who are willing to turn a blind eye to the evil directed against the Jews in World War Two. Denying that Holocaust is to deny the evil committed against the Gypsies, homosexuals, mentally ill, terminally ill and physically deformed individuals.

Have you ever noticed how those who deny the Holocaust are the same people who think racial or religious holocausts are a good idea?

While David Duke and an assortment of renowned racists and anti semites are Mahmoud Ahmadenijad’s idea of ‘academics,’ it bears noting that there were none from the more traditional Halls of Academia, either here or in academia. The idea promulgated by the Iranian leader that academics are ‘intimidated’ in the west is absurd. American universities are replete with fringe professors and teachers who are advocates for all kinds of ideas, including anti Semitic and anti Israel causes. Professors who regularly promote deceit, advocate violence and even genocide are tolerated on American and European campuses.

The left has embraced the likes Ahmadenijad, the man who welcomed David Duke and other racists and bigots with open arms. Their moral, political and ethical ideologies speak as to who they really are.

Ahmadenijad’s absurd assertion that there are no gays in Iran just like saying there is no persecution of women, Jews, Bahai’s and Christians in that nation. His psychopathic remarks fly in the face of reality. If he can look at the audience at Columbia and shamelessly make such ridiculous remarks, to believe his other remarks speaks to the stupidity of those who find him credible.

There were those in the audience at Columbia who applauded the Iranian leader when he took umbrage when called on the persecution of woman, gays and Baha’i in Iran.
They applauded Ahmadenijad’s response when he said Bolliger was ‘rude’ to do so.

Newsflash! Addressing the persecution of minorities in Iran (something Ahmadenijad did not explicitly refute) or anywhere is more important than diplomatic niceties. For two decades, the slaughter in Sudan that has resulted in the death of over 2 million has been the result of diplomatic niceties.

Mahmoud Ahmadenijad also declared that he ‘loves’ the Jewish people.

If that were true, why would he surround himself with racists, bigots and anti Semities? You are indeed known by the company you keep. Ahmadenijad has aligned himself with bigots like Hassan Nasrallah (’let the Jews gather in Israel. It will save us the trouble of rounding them up’ ) who regularly refers to Jews as descendants of apes and pigs’ and Syria’s Bashar Assad, where references to Jewish blood libels and other forms of vile hate are an integral part of state sponsored media and educational curriculum.

Like all the other dysfunctional and tyrannical leaders in the Middle East, Mahmoud Ahmadenijad ran like a cockroach in the night when the lights came on. He and others like him, are like the pedophiles who say they love children.

The nation of Iran does have a great history and culture- and it is an outrage that the likes of Mahmoud Ahmadenijad and the mullahs have hijacked and shamed thousands of years of that history and culture. Ahmadenijad, declaring himself the guardian of Iranian culture is like David Duke declaring himself the guardian of American culture or Adolph Hitler declaring himself the representative of German culture. Ahmadenijad and the mullahs that pull his strings are no more a representative of Iranian and Persian history, heritage and culture that Arafat, Osama bin Laden and every single dysfunctional Arab leader are representative of Arab and Muslim culture.

It is an outrage that the likes of Ahmadenijad and the mullahs have denigrated the culture and history of Iran.

Ahmadenijad and the mullahs have shamed the Iranians on the world stage. There will be a time when the Iranians will give Ahmadenijad and the mullahs exactly what they deserve.


How appalling and morally

by Amazed (not verified) on

How appalling and morally bankrupt and unethical can you get stupid Amoo to support such a murderous and ruinous regime...And idiot 70-year old how do you know what we have done or not done for Iran. You should be ashamed of yourself and your longevity is a disgrace to humanity.

The man was an executioner and a torturer in Evin prison and is wanted in Europe for being involved in series of assassinations including the Kurdish-Iranian leader. He is a low life thug and represents other corrupt low life thugs that are descending Iran into its final destruction. Wake up people.



The Islamic Republic is not a sovereign nation, period. It's a client state of China, Russia, and the EU moftkhors. It's a puppet of serveral nations instead of only one during the Shah's time.

It's governance doesn't represent and reinforce the true will of the people, who are the true source of all sovereignty, and the only legitimating base for any state.

In a country where the government cannot, yet, publicly account for the serial killings of the most prominent intellectuals and writers; in a country where thousands of political prisoners have vanished without any culpability (massacring dissidents); in a country where the government manifestly lacks any accountability for its methods and means when it comes to providing for its people (except when it comes to pursuing, terrorizing and killing dissidents); in a resourceful country that almost half of the population lives in poverty, in a country where the future generation of Iranians are going to be left destitude because of massive corruption and thievary of its ruling class, the government that has thus thoroughly proven its incompetence in governance has no right to demand respect. It has not earned it.

Shame on all of you IR supporters. You don't have the interest of Iran or Iranians at heart; only lining your pockets and getting a free ride from IRI. Disgusting.


I am Proud of Ahmadinejad

by Amoo (not verified) on

For the following reasons:
(1) Ahmadinejad fought for Iran behind the enemyline in Iran-Iraq war. He put his life on the line for Iran. What have you done for Iran?
(2) His speech at the UN was a landmark speech. Anyone who has an ounce of brain would realize that every sentence of the speech was correct.
(3) As far as his gay comment. This is what he said: “we do not have homosexual LIKE you do. That means that gays might be present in Iran but they are not holding hands in street and do not go to court to get a marriage license. I am over 70 years old and I have not yet seen a homosexual in Iran LIKE I have seen in America


Excellent post. Thank you.

by Anonymousaqp (not verified) on

Excellent post. Thank you. There is a global movement against political Islam that is increasing in popularity all over Europe. Many European nations are lobbying to remove the violent parts of quoran since it does not correspond to the constitution of Western nation. They are given a choice either get rid of the violent parts or you'll have to go back. Election of Sarkozy was just a start.



Political islam will be soon

by Ramin Az Tehran (not verified) on

Political islam will be soon destroyed at the hand of Iranians that are sick and tired by this senseless religion. From the day that Arab nomads attacked our beloved land in 7th century, and killed and raped and stole, until this very day, this religion has taken away our pride and happiness and instead has inflicted enormous pain and shame on us.
And shame on us if we don't stand up.
Mohammad and other Arabs who lived 1400 years ago have no right to tell us how to live and what to eat. It is time for our version of civil right movement to destroy Arab Imperialism that is usually called islam.

Ramin, Tehran


* will make you

by Anonymous-v (not verified) on

* will make you


"In the minds of the two

by Anonymous-v (not verified) on

"In the minds of the two extremists, President Ahmadinejad and Imam Salam, a Muslim cannot be a homosexual. And those who are homosexual must be ‘healed’. This is their truth inspirited by Qur’an and made into legal discourse in Sunnah, hadith and so on…"

go back to the history of my religion and quote me a single story when the Prophet had executed gays before using the usual " evilllllllll imam tried to deny homosexuals crap". And don't tell me " gays didn't exist in the time of the Prophet", because that will you make sound exactly like Ahmadinejad.

secondly,go to your nearest book store in your country and look for the book : "Desiring Arabs" by Joseph Massad.

from his book:
""By inciting discourse about homosexuals where none existed before," he writes (p. 188), "the Gay International is in fact heterosexualizing a world that is being forced to be fixed by a Western binary" -- gay or straight.

He continues, "Because most non-Western civilizations, including Muslim Arab civilization, have not subscribed historically to these categories, their imposition is producing less than liberatory outcomes: men who are considered the passive or receptive parties in male-male sexual contacts are forced to have one object choice and identify as homosexual or gay, just as men who are the 'active' partners are also forced to limit their sexual aim to one object choice, women or men. Most 'active' partners see themselves as part of a societal norm, so heterosexuality becomes compulsory given that the alternative, as presented by the Gay International, means becoming marked outside the norm -- with all the attendant risks and disadvantages of such a marking."

so secular liberal Dutch, shut up and don't force your western ethnocentrism on the Muslim world. Democracy in America and Australia do not allow gay marriage to take does it mean that America and Australia are less democratic that Netherlands?

I wonder what will the answer given by the patriotic Dutch like your politician who demanded that Holy Qur'an to be banned to this question:

Is being Muslim a disease in your eyes?