(Delicious) Mixed nutz

Babak is back! Funny new animation series on Tapesh TV

30-Apr-2008 (one comment)
Mixed Nutz is a television comedy about a group of kids who feel like they just don’t fit in. Much like our hero Babak, who is shy to tell people he is from Iran, Michael, the redhead feels he is boring and no one wants to be his friend. Two new immigrants include Sanjay, who just came from Mumbai and Adele, a half-American, half-Austrian girl who has traveled the world so much, she doesn’t even know how to make friends. Jae, Briana, Saman, Sousanne and the parents round out the fun cast of a show that is simple in style but has a strong message for people of all ages >>>


Bon voyage

Bon voyage

Photo essay: Group trip to nine Iranian cities

by Mary Loosemore
24-Apr-2008 (26 comments)



What a night!

What a night!

Photo essay: benefit dinner/concert

by kfravon
21-Apr-2008 (30 comments)



The Knock of Love

A gathering of Cardinal elements ruling my being and actions

21-Apr-2008 (one comment)
In a late afternoon, at a spacious hotel room with a large balcony facing the high rising waves of ‘Coogee Beach’, making surfers looking like driftwood, in Sydney, I heard a knock on my door. Immediately, a smile broke upon my face as I was getting to the door, just to confirm that no one was out there. You see…for a few moments prior to that knock, my ‘Heart’ and my ‘Mind’, accompanied by my ‘Intuition’ had gotten together on an intimate chat (that soon would become almost a public chat forum among all the elements of my Being), discussing the arrival of my beloved>>>


How I Became My Older Brother

Living in the United States for so long has given me inflated expectations

18-Apr-2008 (11 comments)
I am sure there is a problem that can hopefully be rectified, said my sixth grade teacher. While he was patting my back gently as the sign of support, he told me you should be able to take the final exams when we correct the mistake. After nearly fifty nine years of age, I still think about the boyhood memories and cherish them with an open heart. May be the weird and wonderful stories that happened in my life in a very distant past are reawakening my mind to the childhood era. Past memories appear like crystal clear drops of water providing me with interesting subjects to write about. They are like burning clean natural gas creating clear blue flames; they are like acid reflux at the middle of night keeping you awake and thinking>>>


 یک سوزن به خودت بزن یک جوال دوز به مردم

ضرب المثل نهم

18-Apr-2008 (26 comments)
خیلی ازایرانیها میگویند که خارجیها (اروپائی و آمریکائها) نژاد پرست هستند و ما مهمان دوستیم. من تا حالا افغانی ندیدم که از مهمان نوازی ایرانیها تعریف کند! از لحنی که درباره اعراب صحبت میکنیم که نمیگم. قبول اونام به ما میگن عجم ولی این هر دوش نژاد پرستی است. تا حال چند نفر ایرانی دهید ه اید که با یک سیاه پو ست یا عرب ازدواج کرده باشه؟ چاپلوسی به خارجیان پولدار را بجای مهمان نوازی جلوه دادن هنریست که نزد ایرانیان است و بس.>>>


Normal, in a weird way

How blessed I am to be borne from this soil

17-Apr-2008 (10 comments)
Today was the first day of Spring, which is also the Persian New Year. I've been trying to adjust to the time difference and get my sleep pattern back in order but otherwise, it hasn't really been difficult acclimating to Iran. Although the Islamic regime is still the ruling governing body, a lot of things have changed since my last trip 5 years ago. I haven't felt weird about being here since I arrived and it's actually a little strange that I haven't felt that way. It feels very normal as when I would fly to L.A. from NY to visit my being at home even though I didn't grow up here.>>>


Theory of survival

Theory of survival

Archiving political documents and publications from critical years before and after 1979

11-Apr-2008 (22 comments)




در هر چهار شنبه سوری از تابش سرخی ی آتش بر چهره های کودکانمان گرمی و جانی نو خواهند گرفت

11-Apr-2008 (5 comments)
نامه ای است تلخ و غم انگیز.......نمی توانم خودم را نگاه دارم.... یعنی کسی که این همه عاشق بهار و نوروز بود می بایستی در آن روز به خاک سپرده شود؟ نه ، بر عکِس برادرم من نمی خواهم که هر شب چهارشنبه سوری و هر روز نو روز باشد. اصلا می خواهم بهار را پاره کنم و بریزم دور... و باز فکر میکنم که آیا ثمین این را می خواهد؟ او که آرزویش زنده نگهداشتن چهارشنبه سوری و نوروز است این را از ما می خواهد؟>>>


Empire strikes back

Empire strikes back

Historic designs on t-shirts

by Farhad
09-Apr-2008 (11 comments)



Close Up

Siamak Ghahremani of the Noor Film Festival

The ever growing pool of exceptional talents offers a great opportunity to bridge the Iranian film community at large working both within the Diaspora or in Iran with that of Hollywood and the independent film society across North America. Iranian American Producer Siamak Ghahremani has filled in this necessary gap by founding the Noor Film Festival (NFF) which will be holding its 2nd annual this weekend in Hollywood. A glittering event and much welcomed initiative that acknowledges contemporary film and acting achievements while paving the way for future aspiring talents. I had the opportunity to talk to Mr. Ghahremani and learn more about his Noor Film Festival. >>>


Teresa's Secret

I wanted to hide somewhere far away and dark so I could cry aloud and not be heard or seen

26-Mar-2008 (2 comments)
Teresa baby sat my children for eight months until my project, which lasted till late in the evenings, ended. On leaving her job with me, Teresa baby sat for one of my neighbors whom I knew well. It was this neighbors who telephoned me one evening to let me know that Teresa had overdosed on sleeping pills and was taken to a nearby hospital. On hearing this news, I knew I had to go and visit her right away. When I entered the room I almost did not recognize her. She was lying on her back with oxygen tubes stuffed into her nose and she was connected to an IV bag. She looked pale and frail. She opened her eyes and gave me a quick glance. Sorrow and despair had replaced the smile on her face and the twinkles in her eyes>>>


An evening to be proud of

Musicians showing our best face to the world

25-Mar-2008 (7 comments)
On March 14, the Oakland East Bay Symphony across San Francisco held a very special classical performance dedicated to Iranian composers of the modern era. I don't know of any other symphony in the west that has done this, or at least in a long time. This program was called "Notes from Persia", and featured a wonderful Iranian piano soloist, Tara Kamangar; an extraordinary vocalist, Raeeka Shehabi-Yaghmai; and the work of two important Iranian composers: Aminollah Hossein and Loris Tjeknavorian. Michael Morgan, the extremely talented and innovative conductor of Oakland East Bay Symphony, got the idea for this concert from one of his staff members, who is Iranian>>>


“You are an American, you don’t know anything.”

25-Mar-2008 (3 comments)
Contrary to my expectations, my ten years old nephew who was not surprised to see the slinky I’d brought him as a souvenir from the Unite States said, “We have slinky too. Next time we go to the bazaar, I’ll show it to you amoo jaan or as you Americans say dear uncle. Whatever you find in America we have it right here in Iran.” And he was right. To my surprise, the next day in the market he showed me many colorful versions of slinky sold at much lower prices than the US, all home grown and unauthorized reproductions of the genuine article>>>


دریغ و صد دریغ از پارسالت

اندر احوالات آلبوم جدید گوداد ( گروه هنری-عشقی نوه و مادربزرگ)

24-Mar-2008 (51 comments)
نگاهی به هنرمندان وطنی بندازیم که با این همه چین و چروک و در حالی که نا و توانی هم براشون نمونده عینک های ته استکانی شون رو پشت صحنه در می آرن و با هفت قلم رنگ و روغن و مژهای مصنوعی پنج سانتی و دندان های عاریتی به رنگ برف مثل طاوس با هزار عشوه و کرشمه عین از اونجای فیل افتاده ها میرن روی صحنه تا خیل عظیم مردمی که بیش از سی ساله در این قحط الرجال هنری حیرون و سرگردون موندن رو سرگرم کنن. علیا مخدرات بدلیل اینکه در همون دقایق اولیه اجرای برنامه خمیازه ها رو یکی پس از دیگری در میون جمعیت مشاهده می کنن وسط کنسرت مجبورن چندین بار به پشت صحنه برگردن تا برای ایجاد تنوع هم که شده کلاه گیس ها و لباس هاشون را تند و تند عوض کنن.>>>