In defence of nude protest

Dim-witted idiocy or revolutionary?

28-Mar-2012 (8 comments)
Azar Majedi of the Organisation of Women’s Liberation - Iran has attacked the Nude Photo Revolutionary Calendar and supporting video of Iranian women as being similar to the tabloids (namely the Sun’s page 3), ‘dim-witted idiocy’ and ‘buffoonery’ and Golshifteh Farahani’s nudity as ‘commercial’ whilst supporting Egyptian blogger Aliaa Magda Elmahdy’s nudity. Her attack is a masterpiece in dishonesty, hypocrisy, and regressive politics. Let me explain>>>


30 Years Later

Where did the dreams go?

28-Mar-2012 (9 comments)
This writing is not about my life but about a generation of Iranians between the ages of 45-55 who left Iran around the revolution. It’s the naked truth about an entire generation of exiled people who have lost their identity, their hopes and dreams, feel alone and lost and for the most part live in severe undiagnosed depression>>>


In Bloom

In Bloom

Photo essay: Arrival of spring in and around Lahijan, Gilan Province

by MahReza Tavakoli
26-Mar-2012 (8 comments)



Shahs of Tehrangeles

I kind of wish what happened in Vegas stayed in Vegas

24-Mar-2012 (11 comments)
I watched two very different Iranian worlds depicted in the powerful medium of film: one reality meticulously masked as fiction, one semi-fiction frivolously packaged as reality. Bear with me. 1. The first is the 2012 Academy Award winner for Best Foreign Language Film -- A Separation -- written and directed by Asghar Farhadi. 2. The second is episode 2 of the reality TV show Shahs of Sunset: It's My Birthday Bitches produced by Ryan Seacrest Productions for Bravo>>>


Get a freakin' life, people!

Don't be hating "Shahs of Sunset"

24-Mar-2012 (8 comments)
The problem with Iranians is, number one, that we are a very critical bunch. We're very quick to criticize one another and point out inadequacies and deficiencies. Secondly, we are so image conscious (and, frankly, pompous) that we think that a reality show about our community must necessarily feature doctors, lawyers, and Silicon Valley entrepreneurs. After all, we're one of the most highly educated and successful groups in the US>>>


Cultural Lumpenism (2)

Not an exception, but a norm in Iran

24-Mar-2012 (17 comments)
Considering how well Dowlat-Abadi is aware of the corruption of the intellectuals of the regime and the regime itself, one wonders why he is so adamant to support this regime and remain one of its lumpen intellectuals who is occasionally used and abused by other lumpen intellectuals. (Here, I remember the story of a famous female filmmaker who used a female writer’s scenario without her permission to make a film, and was sued by her)>>>


Royal Green Norooz

Royal Green Norooz

Photo essay: Pahlavi family gathering for the new year

by Darius Kadivar
22-Mar-2012 (130 comments)



We are Persians… Hello!

Why we hate Shahs of Sunset

22-Mar-2012 (25 comments)
What upsets us most about the Shahs of Sunset is its accurate depiction of the Iranian psyche. The Shahs are real. Like many of us, they are a group of fun-loving, hard-drinking, backstabbing, money-worshiping, showoffs who spend every minute of the day reminding each other how much they know about everything. The only difference between Shahs and the rest of us is that we fake the funk and they hump the trunk. Shahs are vain and unapologetic. They do not seem to be constrained by a typical double life that the rest of us lead>>>


Escape from Iran

One Man's Journey From Riches to the Torture Chamber to Freedom

22-Mar-2012 (13 comments)
Older Iranian homes usually have traditional squat toilets, porcelain holes in the ground with overhead flush tanks. So do the torture chambers in Tehran's Evin prison, as Houshang Bouzari discovered on a sweltering summer night in 1993. His interrogator pulled Bouzari out of his six-by-four-foot cell and forced him to crawl down the bloodstained stairs that lead to the basement of Section 209 -- the cell block reserved for political detainees. When they reached the basement, the interrogator lifted Bouzari up from the ground and pushed him into a tiny bathroom stall>>>


Cultural Lumpenism

Origins and beliefs (part 1)

22-Mar-2012 (14 comments)
In today’s under-developed societies such as Iran, the formation of this opportunistic group as a significant layer of society takes place when a rural /agricultural/non-industrial society is heading towards consumerism, industrialization and capitalism, with its lack of a definite assortment of classes, its class confusion, its chronic unemployment, its permanent tendency to increase the workers’ misery. Lumpens are the remnants of the pre-industrial and pre-capitalist society who cannot adapt themselves to this transformation>>>


نوروز و عید و بهار

فکر کردم دوکلمه ای راجع به نوروز بنویسم و مقداری از عصبانیت هام رو هم خالی کنم

20-Mar-2012 (5 comments)
اینی که ملت سال 2571 رو بجای 1391 تبریک می گند، اینی که ایمیل دریافت می کنیم که بجای «یا مقلب القلوب...» باید یسنای چند و چون رو خوند، این که سرکوفت می زنند که چرا بجای تبریک «فارسی» نوروز پیروز، از جمله «تازی» عید شما مبارک استفاده می کنیم. خیلی از اینها عصبی کننده اند برای اینکه نشون دهنده ساده اندیش بودن کسانی که ابرازشون می کنند هستند و نشونه ای از یک نژادپرستی مسخره>>>


Washington Smear Campaign

Immoral defamation against MEK's powerful backers

18-Mar-2012 (10 comments)
The State Department's hysterical animosity towards the MEK reminds many Iranians of the story of the late Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadegh who nationalised Iran's oil industry only to be toppled by a US-led coup in 1953. At that time, the CIA sponsored coup was seen by Iranians as an unjustified US intervention to keep Shah Mohammad-Reza Pahlavi in power, in spite of public detestation of his regime>>>


بهاریه ۱۳۹۱

به یاد هایده ۱۳۶۸ ـ ۱۳۲۱

18-Mar-2012 (10 comments)
چند روز پیش وقتی در بین آرشیو موسیقی ام دنبال آهنگی می گشتم به ترانه مهمانی بهار هایده رسیدم. بعد به ذهنم رسید که در بین همه خواننده ها ما هیچ کس به اندازه هایده از بهار و عید و نوروز نخوانده و هیچ خواننده ای (حتی ویگن و پوران) به اندازه او برای ما تلقین کننده حس نوروزی نیست٬ بگذارید مثالهایش را برایتان بگوییم >>>


  خدمت بزرگ آقای شهید

گزارش حقوق بشر و واکنش خصمانه مقامات ایران

16-Mar-2012 (5 comments)
گزارش مستند و تفصیلی احمد شهید تکان دهنده بود و رژیم ایران را سخت عصبانی کرد. عوامل رژیم در واکنش به گزارش او انواع اتهام‌ها و دشنام‌ها را نثار او کردند. او را گرگ صفت، مزدور و جاسوس خواندند. جواد لاریجانی که به عنوان نماینده رژیم در اجلاس شورای حقوق بشر سازمان ملل شرکت کرده بود او را متهم کرد که «با شرورترین گروه‌های تروریستی» همکاری کرده است و گزارش او را «مملو از اتهامات بی‌پایه و اساس» خواند>>>


Money vs. Facts

Spending millions on lobbying to get off the terrorist list

16-Mar-2012 (45 comments)
Since NIAC launched its information campaign on the MEK nearly one year ago, I have been in close and continuing contact with the State Department. They are bewildered by the freedom of movement that a designated terrorist organization enjoys on Capitol Hill; disgusted by former U.S. government officials willing to make a quick buck by shilling for the MEK; and exasperated by senior-level political appointees who have allowed partisan politics to trump making an otherwise obvious decision that was not controversial a few short years ago>>>


نماد ناپسند نوروزی

حاجی فیروز چه فرآورده اسلام و چه ایران باشد پیامش انسانی و امروزی نیست

16-Mar-2012 (39 comments)
چگونه در این قرن که بشر به دست آوردهای شایان توجه و چشمگیری درزمینه های گوناگون علم وهنر، صنعت و فن آوری، و اختراع ستلایت شبکه های تلویزیون و اینترنت که جهان ما را به دهکده ای کوچک تبدیل کرده است نایل آمده ما ایرانیها میتوانیم به آسانی از کنار حاجی فیروز و پیام توهین آمیزش بگذریم و به پیامد یا تاثیرناگواری که بر دیگران میگذارد نیندیشیم؟>>>


Eye Opener

Reza Allamehzadeh’s documentary about Bahai persecution

14-Mar-2012 (21 comments)
On the way to viewing Iranian Taboo the car radio program was about a 340 ton rock being dragged 60 miles to the Los Angeles County Museum of Modern Art. A surreal waste of effort, perhaps to make that very point! As it turns out, this extravagant expenditure of energy isn’t nearly as absurd as the efforts of the Islamic Republic to create terror and frustration for Iran’s Bahais. The difference is that while the artistic statement is a capricious waste, the Regime’s political statement is a malicious overexertion>>>


Persia in Crisis

Interview with Professor Rudi Matthee

14-Mar-2012 (2 comments)
Rudi Matthee finished his BA in 1975 in the Netherlands in Arabic and Persian language and literature, and subsequently spent a year in Iran as an exchange student, studying and traveling to various places in the country. He has authored three books and co-edited as many; all on the subject of Iranian history. His latest book, Persia in Crisis: Safavid Decline and the Fall of Isfahan, was just published. Rudi speaks fluent Persian and Arabic and reads in both languages>>>


The bad, the worse and the ugly

Bravo's "Shahs of Sunset"

12-Mar-2012 (23 comments)
To say that the “Shahs of Sunset” is “bad” would be a redundancy, given that it’s a so-called “reality show.” These days, even the most trusting television viewer knows there’s nothing “real” about reality TV. As Time magazine put it six years ago, “Quotes are manufactured, crushes and feuds constructed out of whole cloth, episodes planned in multi-act ‘storyboards’ before taping, scenes stitched together out of footage shot days apart.”>>>


داستان سیاوش: آیا جنگ و خونریزی اجتناب ناپذیر بود؟

آیا می‌شد از فاجعه جلوگیری کرد؟

12-Mar-2012 (one comment)
سیاوش، شاهزاده‌ی ایرانی، در جنگی که بین ایران و توران در می‌گیرد، فرمانده‌ی سپاه ایران است. پس از سه روز جنگ، سپاه توران وادار به عقب‌نشینی می‌شود. افراسیاب، شاه توران، پیشنهاد صلح می‌کند. سیاوش از او می‌خواهد برای تضمین صلح، صد نفر گروگان نزد او بفرستند و شهرهای ایران را که قبلاً تصرف کرده باز پس دهد>>>